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Butterfly Phenology Archives 2006 & 2005

Below are some of the records and observations etc. by species:
All are adult butterfly records unless stated otherwise.

hesperidae     Pieridae     lycaenidae     nymphalidae     satyridae     mIGRANTS

 Indigenous species



Dingy Skipper

Dingy Skipper

 David Nash: Dingy Skipper(1), Royal Canal,
 Moyvalley, Offaly, 

Maurice Simms: Dingy Skipper(1), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 14/5/05

 B Aldwell & D Nash: (6), Sheskinmore: (2),
 Pound Lake. Donegal, 27/5

Ken Bond: Dingy Skipper(1), on bare peat, Peatland’s Park (N22), Offaly, 14/5/05

Geoffrey Hunt:(1), Aughinish Nature Reserve, 

Michael Quirke: Dingy Skipper(a few), Annacotty, Limerick, 14/5/05

 Ken Bond: (6), Clooncose, The Burren, Clare, 29/5

Frank Smyth:: (9),Rockhill, Ballintra, 15/5

Freddie Walsh: (20+), Clooncoose, Burren, Clare, 30/5 

Geoff Hunt: (30), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5 

Geoff Hunt & Shanagolden NS:Aughinish Island, Limerick, 2/6

Ralph & Liz Sheppard: Burren, Clare (Glen of Clab & Cathair Chomain), 14/5 & 15/5 

 Kevin Hannan: (1), Kilnaboy-Boston Area, Burren, Clare, 5/6; 

Frank Smyth: Dromore, Donegal, 21/5 

 Ken Bond:(10), Clorhane, Offaly, 5/6; 
 (2), Ardnacloon, Co Roscommon, 5/6; 
 (3), Ballynamona Bog, Co Roscommon, 5/6
Robert Northridge: Morerah, Leitrim, 21/5
 Deirdre Hardiman: (3),Corranellistrum, Galway,
 5/6; (6+), Aughinish, Limerick, 7/6;
 (5), Ballyeighter. Co. Clare, 8/6; 
 (10+), Gortlecka, Clare, 8/6;

Deirdre Hardiman: (15+), Lullymore, Kildare, 6/6 

 David Nash: Dingy Skipper(3+), Esker Hills, W of
 Tyrellpass, 9/6
 Michael Salter: (many), Clooncoose, Clare, 6/6
 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, S&Gail
 Jeffcoate: at most sites visited in Burren, Co
 Clare; Castlesampson, Co Roscommon; Killeglan
 grassland, Co Roscommon. 6-9th/6
 Ken Bond: (2), Mullagh, nr Barrigone, Limerick,
 Kevin Hannan: (1), Burren (R39), Co Clare, 11/6;  
 DS(2), Caher Upper, Clare, 14/6

Ken Bond: (7), Hurney’s Point, nr Moycullen, W. Galway, 9/6

 Ken Bond, Dingy Skipper(2), Ballindooly, NE of
 Galway City, 10/6

D Hardiman & D Nash: (many), Clooncoose, Burren, Clare, 11/6

   Ken Bond: Lough Carra, nr Partry,  (E & W
 Mayo), 11/6

Ken Bond: nr large limestone quarry, Cong, E. Mayo, 11/6

   Adrian Phelan: Lullymore, Kildare, c.11/6
   D Hardiman & D Nash: (1), nr
 Laghtyshaughnessey, Galway, 12/6 
   Ken Bond: (2), Rocklands, nr Oranmore, SE  
 Galway, 13/6
   Ian Rippey: 
 (1), Rinnamona, NE of Kilnaboy, Co. Clare 14/6;
 (1), Clooncoose, Kilnaboy, Co. Clare 14/6;
 (3-4), Rinroe Marsh, S of Lough Bunny, Co.  
 Clare, 15/6;
 (1), Coolorta, NW of Lough Bunny 15/6;
 (1), (New county record), disused limestone
 quarry N of Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny 16/6

ESSEX Skipper

ESSEX Skipper

 Jim Goodwin:  Essex Skipper(10), 5/8/06
 Essex Skipper(3), 7/8; Essex Skipper(1), 8/8; 
 Essex Skipper(2),18/8. 
 All recorded in Co Wexford  




Wood White

Wood White

  David Nash: Wood White(1), Royal Canal,
 Moyvalley, Offaly, 

 Ken Bond: Wood White near Killimor Co. Galway 

  B Aldwell and F Smyth: WW(1), Knader, Donegal,

 Eamonn McGlinchey: Glencar, Letterkenny, 13/5

  Paul Walsh: WW(1), Ballygarran/Lissahane;  
 WW(2+), Gortnalaght Wood, nr Lemybrien.  
 Waterford, 11/6

 Brian Hodkinson: Wood White, Annaholty, Birdhill,
 Tipperary, 14/5

 Ken Bond: WW(2), Dromore Wood, Clare, 28/5; 
WW(1), Carran, The Burren, 29/5; 
WW(4), Clooncose, The Burren, Clare, 29/5;
WW(1), Lough Cullaunyheeda, Clare, 29/5

 Michael Quirke: (plenitful), Annacotty, Limerick,

 Geoff Hunt & Shanagolden NS: WW, Aughinish
 Island, Limerick, 2/6

 Frank Smyth: (1), Dromore, Donegal, 16/5 

 Kevin Hannan: WW(30+), Kilnaboy-Boston Area,
 Burren, Clare, 5/6

 Geoff Hunt: (6), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5

 Bob Aldwell: WW(6), Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 6/6

 Tina Aughney: (3), Portumna Forest Park,
 Galway, 14/5 

 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, S&Gail
 Jeffcoate: WW(numerous), also
 Burren, Co Clare; 
 WW, Castlesampson, Roscommon; 
 WW, Killeglan grassland, Co Roscommon. 6-9th/6

 B Aldwell & D Nash: (1), Dalkey Quarry, Co Dublin, 

 David Nash,(6+): Clonsilla, Dublin, 29/5

 Deirdre Hardiman: (6), Lullymore, Kildare, 6/6

  Ken Bond: (probably reali): 
 WW(1), Heatherside, Ballyhoura Mts,Co.Cork,3/6; 
 WW(2), Lisardon Wood (NW of Thurles), 4/6; 
 WW(3), Tipperary, 4/6; 
 WW(1), S of Templemore, Co Tipperary, 4/6; 
 WW(6), Clorhane, Offaly, 5/6;
 WW(3), Moore, Co Roscommon, 5/6;
 WW(2), Ardnacloon [M94], Co Roscommon, 5/6; 
 WW(4), (F) ovipositing on Lath. pratensis),
  Ballynamona Bog [M94], Roscommon, 5/6; 
 WW(1), Eskerbeg, Co Roscommon, 5/6;
 WW(1), Lough Fergus, Co Roscommon, 6/6;
 WW(4), Lough O’Flynn, Co Roscommon, 6/6.

 (sinapis or reali?): 
 WW(1), Kilrush Wood, Clare, 9/6
 (first recent record of Leptidea from this area
 and from non-limestone part of Clare).
 Brian Hodkinson: (many), Annaholty Bog, 
 Tipperary, 6/6/05
 Brian Nelson: WW, Pallas Lake, Offaly, 9/6 

 Ken Bond: WW, Coolagh & Ballindooly
 Hill, both NE of Galway City, 10/6

 D Hardiman & D Nash: WW(1), Clooniff, Moycullen,
 Galway, 11/6

 D Hardiman & D Nash, WW(many), Clooncoose, Burren, Clare,11/6 

 Brian Nelson: WW, Doo Lough, Muckross, Killarney
 National Park, 12/6

 Kevin Hannan: WW(4), Burren (R39), 11/6

 Brian Nelson, Lough Derg, Scarriff, Clare, 13/6

 Paul Walsh: WW(2+), Gortnalaght Wood, 
 N Lemybrien, Waterford, 11/6; 
 WW(1), Ballygarran/Lissahane, Waterford, 11/6 

 B Aldwell & F Smyth, WW(2), Pettigo, 11/6

 Ken Bond: WW(7),  Lough Carra, nr Partry (E & W
 Mayo), 11/6
 Deirdre Hardiman: WW(1), Knockans Upper.
 WW(3), Ballyeighter. Co.Clare, 8/6;  
 WW(4),Coolorta, Co.Clare, 9/6; 
 WW(10+),Clooncoose, Co.Clare, 13/6.

Ken Bond: WW(4), Lavally, between  Ardrahan and
Craughwell, SE Galway, 13/6

 Ken Bond: WW(4 'reali'), Carrigeanon, Boggeragh
 Mts, Cork, 370 metres, 14/6; 
 WW(1), Kenmare, Kerry, 14/6
 Ian Rippey: 
 WW(1), Rinnamona, NE of Kilnaboy, Co. Clare, 
 WW(1), Templebannagh,  SE of Lough Bunny, Co.  
 Clare, 15/6; 
 WW(4), roadside, Coolorta, NW of Lough
 Bunny,Co. Clare, 15/6; 
 WW(1 male), Drumadeevna, Co. Clare, 15/6
 Kevin Hannan: WW(2), Rinroe Pond, Burren,
 Clare, 14/6; WW(3), R315944, Clare, 14/6;
 WW(6), Caher Upper, Clare, 14/6
 Kevin Hannan: WW(3), Burren, Smithstown,
 Shannon, Clare, 22/6

 Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: WW, Knocklahard,
 Mayo, 18/6

 David Nash: WW(1), Mongan's Bog, Offaly, 25/6;
 WW(2), Sharavogue Bog, Offaly, 25/6; 
 WW(1), Annagh Bog, N. Tipperary, 25/6

 Bob Aldwell: WW(6), Dalkey, Dublin, 18/6

 Kevin Hannan: WW(2), Maughan Fort,
 Newmarket-on-Fergus, Clare, 9/7

 Ian Rippey:
 WW(1-2), disused gravel pit, Monklands 
 Industrial Estate, Athlone, Rosccommon, 13/6;
 WW(3-4), disused limestone quarry, N of
 Thomastown, Kilkenny 16/6;  
 WW(c.8), Raven Dunes, Curracloe, Wexford, 17/6;
 WW(1+), roadside at Dowdstown Bog, Kells, 
 Meath, 19/6 

 Deirdre Hardiman: WW(4), Tyrrelspass,
 Westmeath, 13/7
 Kevin Hannan: WW(1), Limerick City, 20/7;
 WW(1), the Burren, Co.Clare, 25/7
   David Nash: WW(c.6), Girlay Bog, nr. Athboy,
   Angus Tyner: WW, Ashford, Wicklow, 19/6 

 Ken Bond: 
 WW(1), Leptidea reali confirmed, Heathlawn Bog,  
 Cork, -/5; 
 WW(5), Knocknaskagh & (2) Rahan Mtn, Cork, 
 WW(1), Knocacullata Plantation, Cork, 22/6


 Deirdre Hardiman: WW(10+), Hugginstown Fen,
 Kilkenny, 27/6


 Ian Rippey: WW, Ballyeighter Wood,
 Clare, 2/8


 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 WW(1m,1f), Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 6/8; 
 WW, nr Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 







Geoff Hunt: Brimstone(1), Creeves, Limerick, 14/4/06

 Geoff Hunt: Wood White(2), Adare, Limerick,

 Ken Bond: (1), Ballyscanlan, Clare. 
 (1), Inchicronana Lough, Clare. 
 (2 m), Curtaun, Clare. 21/4

 D Hardiman: (15+), Burren, Clare, 2/4

 Geoff Hunt: (1), Curragh Chase, Limerick, 23/4

 Robert Northridge: (1), nr Aglish,Tipperary 2/4

 Ken Bond: (1), Deelin Beg & Perfumery,
 Ballyvaughan, Burren, Clare, 29/4

 Robert Northridge: (2), east of Banagher, Offaly, 

 Caroline Mhic Daeid: E of Lough Key, Roscommon,

 Ken Bond: Craggard, nr Barefield, Clare, 16/4; 

 Ken Bond: (2), Dromore Wood, Clare, 28/5; 
 (4), Lough Cullaunyheeda, Clare, 29/5

 Ken Bond: Clooncat, Clare [R28], 1/5; 
 Cloonoolia North, SE of Woodford,  Galway, 2/5;
 Rosturra Wood, nr Woodford, Galway, 2/5. 

 Kevin Hannan:  (30+), Kilnaboy-Boston Area,
 Burren, Clare, 5/6
 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, S&Gail
 Jeffcoate: east end of Clooncoose, Co Clare.

 Geoff Hunt: (1), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5 

 Ken Bond: B(6), two females ovipositing. 
Ova seen on Buckthorn leaves,
 Clorhane, Offaly, 5/6; 
 B(1), Sugarloaf Hill, Co Roscommon, 5/6; 
 B(1), Ardnacloon, Co Roscommon, 5/6

 Tina Aughney: many, Portumna Forest Park, 
 Galway, 14/5 

 Deirdre Hardiman: (1), Lullymore, Kildare, 6/6 
 Deirdre Hardiman: (5), Gortlecka, Co.Clare, 8/6

Ken Bond: Brimstone ovipositing on R. catharticus, 
Hurney’s Point, nr Moycullen, W. Galway, 9/6

 Paul Hillis: (1 m), shore of Lough Derg, Tipperary, 10/6

Ian Rippey: (1, probably female), Rinnamona,
NE of Kilnaboy, Co. Clare 14/6

 Kevin Hannan: B(5), Rinroe Pond, Burren, Clare, 
 14/6; B(12), R315944, Clare, 14/6

BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: 
Lough Bunny, Co Clare, 7/8 & nr Kilcorkan, Co
Clare, 7/8 

 David Nash: B(1), Annagh, Tipperary, 17/7;
 B(1), Moneygall, Offaly, 18/7

Adrian Phelan: (20), Dromore Woods, Clare, 8/8

 Kevin Hannan: B, the Burren, Co.Clare, 25/7

D Hardiman & D Nash: (1), Brigit's Garden,
Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8

 Maurice Hughes: B(1), forest park, Portumna,
 Galway, 4-7/8

Ian Rippey: Brimstone (some in the Burren
including double figures at 1 site), 4-11/09 

 Butterfly Conservation Meeting:
 B(2), nr Corranelistrum, Galway, 5/8; 
 B(2), Ballykine Wood, nr Clonbur, 6/8; 
 B(15), Keel Bridge, Partry, Mayo, 6/8; 
 B(2), Derrymore Bridge, nr Partry, Mayo, 6/8.
 Brian Danaher: B, Annaghdown, Lough Corrib,
 Galway, 4-6/8
 Ken Bond: B(1), Cragard, near Barefield, Clare, 
 Ian Rippey: B(c.5m), Newtown, Gort, South-east
 Galway, 3/9; 
 B(5m + 5f), Ballyeighter Wood , Clare, 5/9 
 Kevin Hannan: B(2), Green Road (R2795), The
 Burren, Clare, 9/9


 Large White

 Large White

 Frank Smyth: Large White(1), Sutton, Dublin, 4/4/06 

 Angus Tyner: Large White, JFK Arboretum, New
 Ross, Wexford,

 Ken Bond: LW(1), ovipositing on oil-seed rape,
 Sunday's Well, Cork, 27/4

Frank Smyth: LW(2), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 

 Brian Danaher: LW(1), Shankill, Co.Dublin, 12/5

Eamonn McGlinchey: LW(2), Glencar, Letterkenny, 

 Bob Aldwell and Frank Smyth: LW(1), Murvagh,
 Donegal, 13/5

Frank Smyth: LW(1), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5 

 David Cooke: LW(1), Doolieve wood near
 Carrigaline, Co. Cork, 26/5

David Nash: LW, Rush, Dublin, 8/6

 B Aldwell & D Nash: LW(1), Bonny Glen,
 Clooney. Donegal, 27/5

Ken Bond: LW, Lough Carra, nr Partry 
(E & W Mayo), 11/6

 Frank Smyth: (2), Bailey, Howth, 31/5; (2), Red
 Rock, Howth, Dublin,1/6

Angus Tyner: LW, Ashford, Wicklow, 17/6 

 Kevin Hannan: LW(4), Carrrigaholt, Clare, 4/6;  
 (8), Kilnaboy-Boston Area, Burren, Clare, 5/6

Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: LW, Roundstone, 
Galway, 18/6

 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, S&Gail
 Jeffcoate: LW, Burren, Co Clare.  6-9th/6

 Ian Rippey: 
 LW(1-2), disused gravel pit, Monklands 
 Industrial Estate, Athlone, Co Westmeath, 13/6;
 LW(2 male), small wooded area, Ballard S of Lough 
 Bunny, Co. Clare, 15/6;
 LW(1), disused limestone quarry, N of 
 Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny 16/6;
 LW(1), Whitegate crossroads, Virginia & (1), near 
 Cloghbally Bog, Mullagh, Co Cavan, 19/6

 Frank Smyth: LW, Kildoney Point, Donegal, c10/6
 David Cooke: LW(3), Garrettstown wood near
 Kinsale, Co.Cork, 15/6
 Deirdre Hardiman: LW(1), Island Golf Club,
 Donabate, Co.Dublin, 1/7
 DNFC: LW, Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin, 1/7
 David Dillon: LW(1), Sluice Marsh, Portmarnock,
 Dublin, 7/7

David Nash: LW(1), Girley Bog, nr. Athboy,
Meath, 19/6

 D Hardiman & D Nash: LW(1), Glenmalure, Wicklow,

 B Aldwell and D Nash: LW larvae, Donegal, 

 Freddie Walsh: LW(10), Ballyteigue Burrows,
 Wexford, 7/8

 Angus Tyner: LW(5), Cronykeery, Wicklow,

 Dermot & Danny McLaughlin: LW(numerous), Inch
 Lake, Donegal, 6/8 

 D Hardiman & D Nash: LW(5), Inisheer, Aran
 Islands, Galway, 10/7 

 Liam Feeney: LW(1), brown field site, nr Donabate,
 Dublin, 27/8

Deirdre Hardiman: LW(1), Sth Mooghaun Wood,
Co.Clare, 14/7 

 Kevin Hannan: LW(1), Grand Canal, Limerick, 2/9 

Adrian Phelan: LW(3), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 15/7

 Ian Rippey: LW(1m), Kildreelig, S Kerry, 7/9; 
 LW(1), Kenmare, S Kerry, 7/9; 
 LW(1), Esker at Bunthulla, Offaly, 10/9; 
 LW(1), end of Bunthulla Esker, Offaly, 10/9

Deirdre Hardiman: LW(1), roadside near Mooghaun 
Ringfort, Co. Clare, 16/7.

 Bob Aldwell: LW (1), Killiney, Dublin, 19/9

David Cooke: LW, Dunderrow Wood near Kinsale, 


BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: 
LW, nr Kilcorkan, Co.Clare,7/8; LW, Holistic Centre, 
Ballyeighter, Co.Clare,7/8 


Niall Keogh: (numerous), Jigginstown, Naas,
Kildare, 16/8  


D Hardiman & D Nash: (1), Brigit's Garden,
Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8


Frank Smyth: LW(8), The Baily, Howth, Dublin, 5/9; 
LW(1), The Baily, Howth, Dublin,13/9


B Aldwell & D Nash: (1), The Needles, Howth,
Dublin, 18/9;

   Niall & Noel Keogh: (1), Hook Head, Wexford,

Bob Aldwell: (1), Blackrock, Dublin, 5/10

   George McDermott: Large White larvae in a
 garden, Buncrana, Donegal, 30/10

Small White

Small White

Angus Tyner: Small White(1), Ashford, Wicklow, c.3/4/06

 Angus Tyner: Small White, Kilcroney, Wicklow,

Deirdre Hardiman: SW(1), Donnybrook, 25/4

 Frank Smyth: SW(1), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 

Angus Tyner:  Ashford, Wicklow, (1) 21/4 & (c4) 22-25/4

 Eamonn McGlinchey: SW(1), Glencar, Letterkenny, 

Geoff Hunt: SW(2), Tarbert, Kerry, 28/4

 Frank Smyth: SW(3), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5 

 Deirdre Hardiman: SW(2) Corballis, Dublin, 5/5

 David Nash: SW, Rush, Dublin, 8/6

 David Dillon: SW(3), Rogerstown, Dublin, 7/5  Ian Rippey: SW(Possibly 1 or 2), S of Lough Bunny,
 Co. Clare, 15/6;
 SW(1), disused limestone quarry N of
 Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny 16/6;
 SW(1), Caim, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford 16/6; 
 Paul Walsh: SW(1+), Brownstown Head, Waterford,
 Deirdre Hardiman: SW(1),  Portrane, Co Dublin, 1/6 
 Frank Smyth: SW(2), Bailey, Howth, 31/5; SW(1),
 Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,1/6

 David Nash: SW, Girlay Bog, nr. Athboy, Meath,

 B Aldwell & D Nash: SW(1), Inch Levels, Donegal,

 Angus Tyner: SW, Ashford, Wicklow, 17/6 & 19/6 

 Freddie Walsh: SW(many), Clooncoose, Burren,
 Clare, 30/5

 Frank Smyth & Family: SW(2), Cliff walk (Needles) 
 Howth, 19/6; 
 SW(2), Claremount Strand, Sutton, Dublin 20/6

 Kevin Hannan: SW(4), Poulasherry, Clare, 4/6

 Angus Tyner: SW(c.6), Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6

 Deirdre Hardiman: SW(2), Poolagh, Galway, 4/6; 
 SW(2), Clooniff, Galway, 6/6; SW(4), Aughinish,
 Limerick, 7/6

 B Aldwell and D Nash: SW & larvae, Donegal,
 June 30-July 5

 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, S&Gail
 Jeffcoate: SW, Burren, Co Clare.  6-9th/6

 Angus Tyner, SW(1), Cronykeery, Wicklow, 9/7

 DNFC: SW, Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin, 1/7

 Ian Rippey: SW(~4), Termonfeckin, Louth, 16/7 

 D Hardiman & D Nash: SW(1), Donnybrook, Dublin,

 Deirdre Hardiman: SW(2), Mooghaun Ringfort, 
 Co. Clare, 16/7.

 Deirdre Hardiman: SW(1), Dundrum, Dublin,
 11/7; SW(1), Thomastown, Kilkenny, 16/7

 Deirdre Hardiman: SW(4), Mooghaun Wood, 
 (near Ringfort), Co. Clare, 16/7.

 Deirdre Hardiman: SW(7), Herbert Park, Dublin,18/7;
 SW(1), RHK (IMMA), Dublin, 18/7; 
 SW(4), Bray Head (South), Co Wicklow, 19/7

 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: 
 SW, nr Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 

 Paul Walsh: SW(12+), Goish Bridge near Aglish,
 Waterford, 23/7

 D Nash & D Hardiman:Gormanstown, Meath, 3/9

 David Cooke: SW(many), Russel Hill, near Brinny,
 Co.Cork, 24/7; SW, Currabinny Wood, Carrigaline,
 Cork, 25/7

 Frank Smyth: SW(2),The Baily, Howth,Dublin, 5/9 

 Bob Aldwell: SW(2), Mullaghdoo, Donegal, 27/7;
 SW(6), Port an Chaisleain, Donegal, 27/7

 B Aldwell & D Nash: SW(2+), Irishtown, Dublin, 18/9

 Kevin Hannan: SW, Doonass, Co.Clare 27/7

 B Aldwell & D Nash: SW(1+), The Needles, Howth, 
 Dublin, 18/9

 D Hardiman & D Nash: SW(2), Glenmalure, Wicklow,

 Deirdre Hardiman: SW(2), Bog Meadow, Enniskerry, 
 Wicklow, 18/9

 D Hodgers & E Flynn: SW, Howth, Dublin, 26/8  Bob Aldwell: SW(1), Blackrock, Dublin, 5/10
 Kevin Hannan: SW(1), near The Bridges of Ross,
 Clare, 25/8; SW(8), Grand Canal, Limerick, 2/9
 Deirdre Hardiman: SW(4+), Bog Meadow, 
 Enniskerry, Wicklow, 5/9; 
 SW(2), Warrington, Kilkenny, 9/9;
 SW(15+), Knockadrinna, Kilkenny, 10/9; 
 SW(2), Dunnamaggin, Kilkenny, 10/9
 Bob Aldwell: SW(1), Killiney, Dublin, 19/9  
 Con O'Donnell: SW(1+), Greencastle, Donegal,
 12/10 & 14/10




 Green-veined White

Green-veined White

 Geoff Hunt: Green-veined White(1), Creeves,
 Limerick, 14/4/06

 Angus Tyner, Green-veined White(2), Kilcroney,
 Wicklow, 10/04/05

 Derek Scott: GVW(4),Dursey Cork,15/4;
 GVW(1), Dursey Island, Cork, 23/4

 Steve Wing, Cape Clear Bird Observatory, Cork

 Ken Bond: GVW(1), Doon Loug, E.Clare, 21/4; 
 GVW(1 m), Carrigaline, Cork, 23/4

 Frank Smyth,(7), Murvagh, Donegal

 Angus Tyner: GVW(1), Ashford, Wicklow, 25/4

 Eamonn McGlinchey, Glencar, Letterkenny, 13/5 

 Geoff Hunt: GVW(3), Tarbert, Kerry, 28/4

 Angus Tyner, (15+), Blackditch, Newcastle,
 Wicklow, 10/5 

 Deirdre Hardiman: GVW(1), Glenmalure, Wicklow,

 Eamonn McGlinchey, Green-veined Whites, 
 Glencar, Letterkenny, 13/5 

 David Cooke: GVW(several), Dursey Island, Cork,

 Geoff Hunt, (3), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5 

 Caroline Mhic Daeid: GVW(2), Fyanstown, Kells,
 Meath, 21/4

 Tina Aughney, Portumna Forest Park, Galway,

 David Dillon: GVW(8), Rogerstown, Dublin, 7/5

 Ken Bond, GVW several, Knockbrack, N. Cork, 31/5

 David Nash: GVW, Royal Canal, Moyvalley,

 Deirdre Hardiman, (1), Lullymore, Kildare, 6/6 

 Noel Keogh: (GVW2), Irishtown Nature Park, 
 Dublin, 11/5

 Brian Nelson, nr Galway's Bridge, Kerry, 10/6 

 Angus Tyner: GVW(3), Ballyvolan, Newcastle,
 Wicklow, 11/5

 B Aldwell & F Smyth, (2), Pettigo, 11/6

 Maurice Simms: GVW(9), Adderwal Glen, Donegal,

 B Aldwell, F Smyth & E McGlinchey, (3), 
 Irivinestown Lough, Donegal, 12/6 

 B Aldwell and F Smyth: GVW(widespread &
 numerous), Donegal, 9-13/5

 Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: (1),Knocklahard,
 Mayo, 18/6

 Deirdre Hardiman: GVW(8+), Portrane, Co.Dublin,

 Ian Rippey: (1), Rinroe Marsh & (1) Ballard, S of
 Lough Bunny, Co. Clare, 15/6;
 (1 faded), Cloroge More, Co. Wexford, 16/6;
 (1), Knockananna Bog & (2-3) at Holdenstown 
 Bog near Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow 18/6

 R & L Sheppard: GVW(10), Lisnagra, Inishowen;  
 GVW(1), Drung, Inishowen; 
 GVW(5), Vance's Point, Inishowen. Donegal, 28/5
 B Aldwell & D Nash: GVW(1), Sheskinmore, 
 GVW(2), Cleengort Lane. Donegal, 27/5; 
 GVW(6+), Burdooey, Donegal, 28/5; 
 GVW(20+), Carndonagh Wood; 
 GVW(4), north of Malin Town. Donegal, 29/5
 B Aldwell and D Nash: Donegal, June 30-July 5

 Angus Tyner, (4), Cronykeery, Wicklow, 9/7

 Frank Smyth: GVW(1), Bailey, Howth, 31/5; 
 GVW(2), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,1/6

 Deirdre Hardiman:(3), Ballyeighter, Co.Clare,

 B Aldwell & D Nash: GVW(1), N Port Lough Donegal;
 GVW(4) Inch Levels, Donegal, 30/5; 
 GVW(1), along Tyrone border, Donegal, 30/5;
 GVW(2), St Johns Point, Donegal, 31/ 5; 
 GVW(2), Derrydruel, Donegal, 1/6

 Deirdre Hardiman:(15+), Cratloe Wood, Co.Clare,

 Deirdre Hardiman: (10+), Sth Mooghaun Wood,
 Co.Clare, 14/7 
 Geoff Hunt & Shanagolden NS: GVW, Aughinish
 Island, Limerick, 2/6

 Deirdre Hardiman: (>5), Mooghaun Ringfort,  
 Co.Clare, 16/7.

 N T & N Keogh: GVW(many), Great Saltee, Wexford,

 David Cooke: Dunderrow Wood near Kinsale, 

 Kevin Hannan: GVW(2), Carrrigaholt, Clare, 4/6;
 GVW(10), Kilnaboy/Boston Area, Burren, Clare,5/6; 
 GVW(1), Annaholty, Limerick/Tipperary, 6/6

 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: nr
 Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 

 Bob Aldwell: GVW(1), Meenagowan, Donegal,
 14/6;  GVW(1), Glashagh. Donegal, 14/6;
 GVW(1), Glenree, Donegal, 15/6

 Adrian Phelan: (3), Dromore Woods, Clare, 8/8

 Niall Keogh: (numerous), Jigginstown, Naas,
 Kildare, 16/8

 David Cooke: GVW(2), Dursey Island, Cork, 16/6;
 GVW(2), Dursey Island, Cork, 23-26/6

 D Hardiman & D Nash: (2), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8

 Deirdre Hardiman: GVW(6, two seen puddling),
 Glenfane Woods, Kilkenny, 16/7

 D Nash & D Hardiman: (2)Gormanstown, Meath,

 David Cooke: GVW(many), Russel Hill, near Brinny,
 Co.Cork, 24/7; GVW, Currabinny Wood, Carrigaline,
 Cork, 25/7
 D Hardiman & D Nash: GVW(5), Dargle Valley,
 Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, 3/8; 
 GVW(8), Glen of the Downs, Co. Wicklow, 3/8
 D Hardiman & D Nash: GVW(30+), Glenmalure,
 Wicklow, 7/8
 Freddie Walsh: GVW(20), Ballyteigue Burrows,
 Wexford, 7/8
 Dermot & Danny McLaughlin: GVW(1000+), Inch
 Lake, Donegal, 6/8
  Bob Aldwell: GVW(2), Kinnegoe Bay, Donegal, 27/8   
 Paul Walsh: GVW(1), Inchydoney Isd, Cork, 29/8   
 Deirdre Hardiman: GVW(1), Knockadrinna, Kilkenny,
 Ken Bond: 
 GVW(2), Bunnow Marsh, nr Ennis, Clare, 15/9;
 GVW, Lough Availe, Sligo, 17/9
 Kevin Hannan: 
 GVW(1), Grand Canal, Limerick,  2/9; 
 GVW(6), Green Road, The Burren, Clare, 9/9;
 GVW(10), nr Killorglin, Kerry, 10/9;
 GVW(many), Limerick, 11/9; 
 GVW(1), Farranfore,  Co Kerry, 24/9
 Kevin Hannan: GVW(1), Plassey, Limerick, 15/10  




 Ken Bond: Orange Tip(1 male), Sunday's Well, Cork
 City, 19/4/06

 Michael Quirke: Orange Tip(1), Murroe, Limerick,

 Bob Aldwell: OT(1), Vico Rd. Dalkey, Co. Dublin

 Oran O'Sullivan: Blackditch Wood, Newcastle, 
 Wicklow, 15/4

 Angus Tyner: OT(1), Ashford, Wicklow, 
 21/4; OT(c4), Ashford, Wicklow, 22-25/4

 Frank Smyth: Orange Tips widespread in south 
 Donegal, Orange Tip(4) Murvagh, Donegal, 19/4

 Geoff Hunt: OT(2), Curragh Chase, Limerick, 23/4; 
 (4), Tarbert, Kerry, 28/4

 Ken Bond: Craggard, nr Barefield, Clare, 16/4;

 Ken Bond:  OT(2) ova, Bawnmore, N of Macroom,
 Cork, 30/4

 Ken Bond: Lyre, nr Banteer, Cork, 20/4

 Frank Smyth: OT(1), Bailey, Howth, Dublin, 5/5

 Niall Mac Coitir: Swords, Dublin, 4/5

 Deirdre Hardiman: OT(1) Corballis, Dublin, 5/5

 Ken Bond: males, females and ova on Cardamine 
 pratensis, Islandmore Bog, near Gort, Co Galway, 

 David Dillon: OT(13m + 8f)), Rogerstown, Dublin, 
 David Nash: OT, Royal Canal, Moyvalley, Offaly,  

 D Hardiman: Bohernabreena,(6) & Brittas (1) 
 Co. Dublin,10/5  

 Noel Keogh: OT(6), Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin,

 Frank Smyth: Orange Tip(3), Cliff Walk, Howth, 
 Dublin, 10/5 

 Angus Tyner: OT(5), Ballyvolan,  Newcastle,
 Wicklow, 11/5

 Eamonn McGlinchey: Glencar, Letterkenny, 13/5

 Maurice Simms: OT(8), Adderwal Glen, Donegal,

 Angus Tyner: (15 + many ova), Blackditch, 
 Newcastle, Wicklow, 10/5

 Brian Danaher: OT(3), Newcastle Rd. Wicklow, 11/5

 Ken Bond: G60 and N47, 12/5,
 new 10 km records for OT.

 B Aldwell and F Smyth: OT (many & widespread),
 Donegal, 9-13/5

 Tina Aughney: Portumna Forest Park, Galway, 14/5

 Kevin Hannan: OT (2), Derryfada Bog, Clare, 25/5

 Frank Smyth: (1), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5 

 Angus Tyner: OT (c6), East Coast Nature Reserve,
 Co.Wicklow, 27/5

 Ken Bond: 2 males & ova about to hatch, on 
 C.pratensis, Knockbrack, N. Cork, 31/5

  B Aldwell & D Nash: OT (3), Kilmacreddan, 
 Donegal, 26/5; OT ( 6+), Burdooey, Donegal, 28/5; 
 OT(2), Carndonagh Wood, Donegal, 29/5

 Brian Nelson: nr Galway's Bridge, Kerry, 10/6 

 Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: Pettigo, 11/6

 Ralph & Liz Sheppard: OT(1), Lisnagra, Inishowen,
 Donegal, 28/5

 B Aldwell, F Smyth & E McGlinchey: (6),
 Irivinestown Lough, Donegal, 12/6

 Frank Smyth: OT(3), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,1/6

 Angus Tyner: Ashford, Wicklow, 17/6 

 B Aldwell & D Nash: OT(4), Inch Levels, Donegal; 
 OT(2), nr Port Lough, Donegal; 
 OT(2), along Tyrone border, Donegal; 
 OT(2), nr Raws House, Donegal; 
ovum(1), Falgarrow. Donegal, 30/5; 
 OT(3), Derrydruel, Donegal, 1/6

 Ian Rippey: larva on Ladys Smock, Poulroe, 
 S of Lough Bunny, Co. Clare, 15/6;
 OT(1 male), Ballylusk, Co. Wicklow, 18/6

 B Aldwell and D Nash: larvae, Donegal, 30/7
 Deirdre Hardiman: OT(10+m, 2f), Portrane, Co
 Dublin, 1/6; OT(3), Moyascragh, Galway, 5/6
 Bob Aldwell: OT, Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 6/6


 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, S&Gail
 Jeffcoate: OT(2), Caher valley, N Clare. 6-9th/6
 Ken Bond: OT(1) female & Ova on Hesperis
 matronalis, Sugarloaf Hill [esker], Co Roscommon,

OT Ova on Cardamine pratensis & Hesperis
 matronalis, Buncrowey, Co Sligo, 6/6; 

OT Ovum on H. matronalis, Calf Island lane [L82], 
 Co Galway, 7/6



Green Hairstreak

Green Hairstreak

 Derek Scott: Green Hairstreak(2), Dursey Island, 
 Cork, 3/4/06

 Frank Smyth: Green Hairstreak, 
nr Ballyshannon, Donegal, 22/4/05

 Frank Smyth: GH(4), south of Barnesmore Gap,
 Donegal, 29/4

Tina Aughney: Killyconny Bog, Cavan, 27/4

 David Cooke: GH(1), Dursey Island, Cork, 29/4

Ken Bond: near Killimor Co. Galway 2/5

 D Hardiman & D Nash, GH(2),Tyrrells Pass bog,  
 Westmeath. 1/5

Alex Copland:(1), Ashton's Callows, North Tipperary, 25/4

 Inishowen Wildlife Club: GH(40+), Ballyargus,
 Inishowen, Donegal, 6/5

Ken Bond: Green Hairstreak on E. slopes of Mt Brandon, Kerry, 10/5 

 Josephine O’Donnell: GH(2), Crolly, Donegal, 10/5

Maurice Simms: Adderwal Glen [B80],10/5 & 14/5;
& Glendowan [C01], along Lough Barra-Doocchary road, 16/5;  

 Maurice Simms: GH(6), Adderwal Glen, Donegal,
 B Aldwell and F Smyth: GH(13), Nr Barnesmore; 
 GH(1), Nr Irvines Lough; GH(2), Nr Lough Salt;
 GH(1), Nr Lackagh Bridge. Donegal, 10/5

Terry Tedstone: (50+), The Illies, Inishowen, Donegal, [Inishowen Wildlife Club], 21/5  

 B Aldwell and F Smyth: GH(2), Bonny Glen; 
 GH(2), Nr Carrick; GH(2), Meenaneery. Donegal, 11/5

Brian Nelson: (1), nr Galway's Bridge, Kerry, 10/6 

 B Aldwell and F Smyth: GH(6), Sessiaghkeelta; 
 GH(2) W of Lough Derg; 
 GH(2), Meenasona. Donegal, 12/5

Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: Derrydrouel nr
Dungloe, 11/6;

 Kevin Hannan: GH(30+), Annaholty Bog, Tipperary,

Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: Lough
Nalawney,Galway, 19/6

 Emer Magee: GH, Meenacarn, south of Dungloe,
 Donegal, 17/5

Geoff Hunt: Toohana (Q93) & Dysert(Q83) 
marshes nr Ballyduff, Kerry, 19/6

 Kevin Hannan: GH(3), Derryfada Bog, Clare, 25/5

David Cooke: (30+), Dursey Island, Cork, 25/6

 B Aldwell & D Nash: GH(1), Pound Lake, Donegal;  
 GH(2), Bonny Glen, Clooney. Donegal, 27/5; 
 GH(10+). Ballyargus, Donegal, 28/5


 Ralph & Liz Sheppard: GH(2), Doon, Inishowen,
 Donegal, 28/5 
 Emmett Johnston: GH (1), Doagh Isle, Donegal,
 B Aldwell & D Nash: GH(2), Kilbeg. Donegal, 31/5  
 Freddie Walsh: GH(12+), Shronowen Bog, Kerry, 
 Geoff Hunt & Veroncia Santorum: GH(2),
 Carrigkerry Bog, West Limerick, 2/6
 Deirdre Hardiman: GH(10+), Poolagh, Galway,4/6  
 Kevin Hannan: GH(2), Annaholty,  Limerick
 /Tipperary, 6/6
 Ken Bond: Green Hairstreak: GH(1), Moore [M93],
 Co Roscommon, 5/6; 
 GH(1), Erriff Bridge, Mayo, 7/6;
 GH(1), Derrintin Plantation (Erriff valley), Mayo,
 Bob Aldwell: GH(1) on BFT, Crohyboyle, Donegal,
 David Cooke: GH(21), Dursey Island, Cork, 16/6; 
 GH(8), Dursey Island, Cork, 23-26/6
 David Nash: GH(2-3) in good condition, Annagh,
 Tipperary, 17/7

Brown Hairstreak

Brown Hairstreak

 Ken Bond: Brown Hairstreak eggs(45) on
 blackthorn, Dromore Woods, Clare. 18/2

Ken Bond:  Brown Hairstreak eggs, Lough Corrib, Galway, 24/1;
(6) Brown Hairstreak
eggs, The Commons of Carney, Borrisokane, Tipperary,  19/2

 Butterfly Conservation Meeting:
Brown Hairstreak(20),  nr Corranelistrum, Galway,
 Brad Robson and Matthew Tickner: BH(1),
 Corranellistrum, Galway, 7-8/8

Ian Rippey: Brown Hairstreak, nr Gort, Galway, and several sites in the Burren. 2/8/05

 Ken Bond: BH(1), Clooncoose, Burren, 29/8

BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
BH(2f), Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 6/8; 
BH, Ballyeighter Wood, Co Clare, 7/8;  
BH, Lough Bunny, Co Clare, 7/8

 Ian Rippey: BH(2), Newtown, Gort, SE Galway, 3/9;
BH(1), Knockaunatook, Gort, SE Galway, 3/9; 
 BH(2 - 1f), Kilcorkan, Boston, Clare, 5/9; 
BH(c.5), Ballyeighter Wood , Clare, 5/9
 Kevin Hannan: BH(5), Green Road (R2795), The
 Burren, Clare, 9/9

Adrian Phelan: (1), Dromore Woods, Clare, 8/8


Fred Walsh: (>3) Brown Hairstreaks, Cooloorta,
Co.Clare, 27/8


D Hardiman & D Nash: (2), Brigit's Garden,
Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8


Ian Rippey: (small numbers), SE Galway, Clare
and North Tipperary, 4-11/09 


Purple Hairstreak

Purple Hairstreak

 David Nash: PH ova(3), Glen of the Downs,
 Wicklow, 18/3/06

Ian Rippey: Purple Hairstreak, St. John's Wood, Roscommon; PH, Derryled Wood, Roscommon. 1/8/05

 Deirdre Hardiman: Egg shell of PH on oak, 
 Glenmalure, Co Wicklow, 27/4

BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: 
PH, Ballyeighter Wood, Ballyeighter, Co Clare, 7/8

 Sean Geraty: Purple Hairstreak(3+), Phoenix 
 Park, Dublin, 
17/7/06 & 20/7

Pat Brennan: PH(3+), Grove Wood, Fethard, Tipperary, 7/8

 D Hardiman & D Nash: PH(4), Glen of the Downs;
 PH(6) Dargle Valley, Enniskerry, Wicklow, 3/8/06

Ian Rippey: PH(1), Abbeyleix Estate, Laois. [New
(vice-)county record]. 11/8 

 D Hardiman & D Nash: PH(4), Glenmalure, Wicklow,

Ian Rippey: PH(c.6), SE Galway; 
PH(2), site in Co. Clare, 4-11/09 

 Butterfly Conservation Meeting: 
 PH(4+), Spidéal Thiar, Galway, 5/8; 
 PH(2+), Derrymore Bridge, nr Partry, Mayo, 6/8


 Cóilín MacLochlainn: 
 PH(24+), Clara Nature Reserve, Wicklow, 5/8; 
 PH(6), Oldbridge, Lough Dan, Wicklow, 20/8; 
 PH(3), Laragh Woods, Wicklow, [8.15pm], 20/8;
 PH(7), Ballygannon Wood, Rathdrum, Wicklow,
 [7.00pm], 22/8


 D Hodgers & E Flynn: PH(6), Clara Lara Nature
 Reserve, Wicklow, 26/8 


 Ian Rippey: PH(1), Garryland Wood, Gort, SE
 Galway, 3/9; 
 PH(c.18), Gortnagan Beg, L. Caragh, S Kerry 6/9; 
 PH(2+), Feorus Bridge, Kenmare, S Kerry, 7/9


 Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: PH(5) ova, Glen of 
 the Downs, Wicklow, c.1/11; 
ova, Glenmalure, Wicklow, c.1/11; 
ova, Ballygannon Wood, Wicklow, c.1/11


Small Copper

Small Copper

 David Cooke: Small Copper(1), Dursey Island,  

 Ken Bond: Small Coppernear Killimor, Co. Galway, 2/5/05

 Bob Aldwell and Frank Smyth: SC(3), Inver Dunes,
 Donegal, 11/5

Frank Smyth: (1), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 10/5

 Frank Smyth: SC(7) Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,1/6

Maurice Simms: (3), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 14/5

 Paul Walsh: SC(5), Brownstown Head, Waterford,

Frank Smyth: (17), Inver Dunes, 16/5

 Frank Smyth: (1), S of Rock Hill, nr Ballintra,
 Donegal 11/6

Ken Bond: (1), Knockbrack, N. Cork, 31/5 

 David Cooke: SC(1), Doolieve wood near
 Carrigaline, Co. Cork, 26/5

Ken Bond: Mauricemills, Clare, 7/6

 Angus Tyner: SC(1), 6 mile point, Co.Wicklow, 27/5

Ken Bond: Small Copper, Luimnagh, nr Headford, NE Galway, 10/6

 B Aldwell & D Nash: SC(4), Sheskinmore, Donegal,

D Hardiman & D Nash: (1), Clooniff, Moycullen, Galway, 11/6

 Ken Bond: SC(3), Dromore Wood, Clare, 28/5

Adrian Phelan: Lullymore, Kildare, c.11/6

 Ralph & Liz Sheppard: SC(1), Doon, Inishowen,
 Donegal, 28/5

Ian Rippey: (1 faded), Ballymahon, Co. Longford on 13/6

 Frank Smyth: SC(7), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,1/6

Deirdre Hardiman: (1 worn), Corbally, Co.Dublin, 16/6

 B Aldwell & D Nash: SC(1), nr Port Lough,  Donegal,

Deirdre Hardiman: Small Copper(1), Cloonaherna, Co.Clare, 15/7 

 N T & N Keogh: SC(2), Carnsore, Wexford, 4/6

BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: 
(1), Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 6/8; nr Kilcorkan,
Co Clare, 7/8  

 Ken Bond: SC(1), Clorhane, Offaly, 5/6; 
 SC(1), Ballynamona Bog, Co Roscommon, 5/6;
 SC(2), Owengarve River Bridge, Mayo, 6/6
 Freddie Walsh: SC(2), Ballytiegue Burrow, Kilmore
 Quay, Wexford, 10/6

Freddie Walsh: (5), nr Kilmore Quay, Wexford, 

 Paul Walsh: (5), Brownstown Head, Waterford,

Tony Murray, Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford, 10/8

 Frank Smyth: SC(1), nr Ballintra, Donegal, 11/6

Niall Keogh: (1), Jigginstown, Naas, Kildare, 16/8

 Bob Aldwell: SC(1), Aranmore, Donegal, 13/6

D Hardiman & D Nash: (2), Brigit's Garden,
Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8

 David Cooke: SC(1), Garrettstown wood near
 Kinsale, Co.Cork, 15/6

Tom Cooney: (1), Timahoe, Co. Laois, 30/8

 Paul Walsh: SC(1), Brownstown Head, Waterford,

Frank Smyth: (3), 5/9 & (1 larva), 13/9, The
Baily, Howth, Dublin,

 David Cooke: SC(1), Knoppoge Wood, near
 Kilbrittain, Cork, 17/7

Deirdre Hardiman:  (1), Bog Meadow, Enniskerry,
Wicklow, 18/9

 Kevin Hannan: SC(1), Shannon Fields, Limerick
 City, 24/7

Niall Keogh & Brian Porter: (1), Fodry, Loop   
Head, Clare, 22/9; 

 Kevin Hannan: SC(1), Doonass, Co.Clare 27/7;
 SC(1), meadow, Limerick, 30/7
 Niall Keogh, Peter Doyle, Harry Hussey & Shane
 Farrell: (1), slightly ragged Small Copper, Schull,
 Cork, 13/10
 Paul Walsh: SC(5), Brownstown Hd. Co.Waterford,
 D Hardiman & D Nash: 
 SC(4),Ballynagard, Clare, 25/7

 SC(2), Clooniff, Moycullen, Galway, 30/7; 
 SC(1), Ballyquirke Lake, Moycullen, Galway, 30/7
 Ken Bond: SC, Listrolin, Kilkenny, 5/8; 
 SC (3), Knockakeo: E. Cork, 5/8;
 SC(3), Ballydoogan Bog, Galway, 7/8
 D Hardiman & D Nash: SC(1), Glenmalure,
 Wicklow, 7/8
 Freddie Walsh: SC(4), Ballyteigue Burrows,
 Wexford, 7/8
 D Hodgers & E Flynn: SC(4), Howth, Dublin, 26/8  
 Paul Walsh: SC(1), Brownstown Hd, Waterford,
 Ian Rippey: SC(1 faded), Ballymore, Ballinderreen,
 SE Galway, 4/9; 
 SC(1), Lough Nambrackdarrig, S Kerry, 6/9;
 SC(2 faded), Clorhane, Offaly, 10/9
 Bob Aldwell: SC, Sheskinmore, Donegal, 11/9;
 SC(1), Dooey, Donegal, 11/9
 Ken Bond: SC, Cloonalin Bridge, Roscommon, 9/9;
 SC, Kesh Corann, Bricklieve Mts, Sligo, 10/9; 
 SC, Lough Availe, Sligo, 17/9
 Kevin Hannan: SC(1), Farranfore, Co Kerry, 24/9  
 Frank Smyth: SC(1), Red Rock. Howth, Co. Dublin,
 Ken Bond: SC(2), Ballagh, near Tacumshin, 
 Co. Wexford, 4/10
 Bob Aldwell: SC(1), Kilmichael Dunes, Wexford,
 Kevin Hannan: SC(1), Plassey, Limerick, 15/10;
 SC(1), near Newmarket-on-Fergus, Clare, 22/10

Small Blue

Small Blue

 Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: Small Blue(6), St.
 John's Point, Donegal,

Maurice Simms: Small Blue(1), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 14/5/05 

 Geoffrey Hunt: SB(1), Aughinish Nature Reserve,

Frank Smyth: SB(6), St John's Point, Donegal, 15/5 

 B Aldwell & D Nash: SB(3), Sheskinmore, Donegal,
 27/5; (5), St Johns Point, Donegal, 31/5

Frank Smyth: SB(2+), Port, Inver, 16/5

 Geoff Hunt & Shanagolden NS: SB, Aughinish
 Island, Limerick, 2/6

Geoff Hunt: SB(15), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5 

 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, S&Gail
 SB, near Black Head, Co.Clare; SB west of Slieve
 Carran NR, Co Clare; 
 SB, above Newtown Castle at Ballyvaughan,
 SB, Castlesampson, Co.Roscommon. 6-9th/6

Colm Ronayne: SB(3), Ballast Pit, Skerries, Dublin, 26/5

Robert Northridge: SB(15+), St. John's Point, Donegal, c.29/5

Ken Bond: SB(20), Mullagh, nr Barrigone,  
Limerick, 6/6 

 Deirdre Hardiman: SB(1), Corranellistrum, Galway,
 5/6; (4), Aughinish, Limerick, 7/6

David Nash: SB(8+), Rush, Dublin, 8/6

 Ken Bond: 
 SB(14), Tory Hill, near Croom, Co. Limerick, 3/6;
  SB(2), Newtown (Burren), 8/6;
 SB(14), Lahinch, Co Clare, 9/6

Ken Bond: SB, Small Blue, Cong, Mayo, 11/6 

 Adrian Phelan: SB, Lullymore, Kildare, c.11/6

 Bob Aldwell: SB(1), Cruit Island, Donegal, 13/6

 Ian Rippey: 
 SB(c.7), disused gravel pit, Monklands Industrial
 Estate, Athlone, Co. Roscommon,13/6; 
 SB(1), Coolorta, NW Lough Bunny Co. Clare,
 SB(c.15) Raven Dunes, Curracloe, Co. Wexford

 Kevin Hannan: SB(1), Caher Upper, Clare, 14/6
 Aisling nic an tSithigh: SB(mostly tattered),
 Inismeain, Co.Galway 21-25/6
 Deirdre Hardiman: SB(4), mostly ragged but 1
 female very fresh, Island Golf Club, Donabate,
 Co.Dublin, 1/7


 D Hardiman & D Nash: SB(8) & larva(1), Skerries,
 Co.Dublin, 2/7


 Ken Bond: SB larvae,  Dog's Head &
 Kilmurvey, Inishmore, Aran Islands, Galway, 5/7


 Ken Bond: SB larvae(2), in quarry, Blackwater
 Head, Wexford, 15/7


Common Blue

Common Blue

 Angus Tyner: Common Blue(1), Killoughter, Co.

 Alex Copland: Common Blue(1), Ashton's
 Callows, North Tipperary,

 Geoffrey Hunt: CB(8), Aughinish Nature Reserve,

 David Cooke: CB, Dursey Island, Cork, 14/5 

 Paul Walsh: CB(9), Brownstown Head, Waterford,

 Geoff Hunt: CB(4), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5 

 Geoffrey Hunt: CB(8), Aughinish Nature Reserve,

Colm Ronayne: CB(many), Ballast Pit, Skerries, Dublin, 26/5 

 Freddie Walsh: CB(1), Shronowen Bog, Kerry, 31/5

 David Nash: CB(150+), Gormanston, Meath, 26/5

 Frank Smyth: CB(2), Bailey, Howth,31/5; 
(3), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,1/6

 Frank Smyth: CB(1), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5 

 Adrian Phelan: CB(1), nr Kilnaboy, Burren, Clare,

 Ken Bond: CB(43), Mullagh, nr Barrigone, 
 Limerick,  6/6

 Kevin Hannan: CB(20+), nr Dunbeg Golf 
 Clubhouse, Clare, 4/6; 
 CB(40), Kilnaboy-Boston Area, Burren, Clare, 5/6; 
 CB(1), Annaholty, Limerick/Tipperary, 6/6

 David Nash: CB, Rush, Dublin, 8/6

 Ken Bond: CB(3), Clorhane, Offaly,
 5/6; CB(2), Eskerbeg, Co Roscommon, 5/6

 Ken Bond: CB(5), Hurney’s Point, nr  Moycullen, 
 W. Galway, 9/6

 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, S&Gail
 Jeffcoate: CB(2), Clooncoose (Burren), Clare, 8/6;
 CB(3), Lahinch, Co Clare, 9/6

 D Hardiman & D Nash: CB(many), Clooncoose,  
 Burren, Clare, 11/6

 Geoff Hunt: CB(15), Westfields,  Limerick City,
 10/6; CB(3), Castleconnell Bog, Limerick, 10/6

 D Hardiman & D Nash: CB(2), Clooniff, Moycullen,
 Galway, 11/6

 Deirdre Hardiman: CB(1), Moyascragh,Galway,  5/6;  CB(9), Corranellistrum, Galway, 5/6; 
 CB(50+), Aughinish, Limerick, 7/6; 
(8), Gortlecka, Clare, 8/6; 
(8), Coolorta, Clare, 9/6; 
(2), Clooncoose, Clare, 13/6

 D Hardiman & D Nash: CB(2), nr 
 Laghtyshaughnessey, Galway, 12/6 

 Ken Bond: CB(2), Rocklands, nr
 Oranmore, SE Galway, 13/6

 Ian Rippey:
 CB(8-10), disused gravel pit, Athlone, Co. 
 Westmeath, 13/6;
 CB(6-8), Rinnamona; (2), Clooncoose, Co. Clare,  
 CB(1), Templebannagh; (3-4), Rinroe Marsh; 
 CB( 4-5), Coolorta, Co. Clare 15/6;
 CB(c.12), limestone quarry, N of Thomastown, 
 Co. Kilkenny, 16/6;
 CB(3-4), disused quarry, Ballymoon, Co. Carlow, 

 Bob Aldwell: CB(1), Aranmore, Donegal, 13/6 
 Kevin Hannan: CB(14), Rinroe Pond, Burren,
 Clare, 14/6; CB(3), R315944, Clare,14/6; 
 CB(20+), R292945, Clare, 14/6
 Kevin Hannan: CB(numerous), Burren, Co.Clare,
 Paul Walsh: CB(14), Brownstown Head, Waterford,
CB(3), disused quarry, nr Clashmore,
 Waterford, 25/6
 David Nash: CB, Mongan's Bog, Offaly, 25/6; 
 CB, Mongan's Bog,Offaly, 25/6

 Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: CB(1 fresh),
 Knocklahard, Mayo, 18/6

 Aisling nic an tSithigh: CB(many), Inismeain,
 Co.Galway 21-25/6

 Bob Aldwell: CB, Irishtown, Dublin, 18/6

 DNFC: CB, Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin, 1/7

 Ian Rippey:
 CB(30-40), Raven Dunes, Co. Wexford, 17/6;
 CB(8-10), Buckroney dunes, Brittas Bay, Co. 
 Wicklow, 17/6;
 CB(1 male), Knockananna Bog, Co. Wicklow,18/6;
 CB(25+) north shore of Lough Derravarragh, Co.
 Westmeath, 19/6;

 D Hardiman & D Nash: CB(1), Skerries, Co.Dublin,
 Ken Bond: CB(2 sites adults & larvae), Dog's Head
 & Kilmurvey. Inishmore, Aran Islands, Galway, 5/7
 Bob Aldwell: CB(2), Ringsend/Irishtown, Dublin, 
 5/7; CB(1), Kilcoole, Wicklow, 7/7
 David Dillon CB(2), Sluice Marsh, Portmarnock,
 Dublin, 7/7

 Angus Tyner: CB(c.10), Clonmannon, Wicklow,

 Deirdre Hardiman: CB(4), Tyrrelspass, Westmeath,

 Frank Smyth & Family: CB, Dart Station, Howth,
 18/6; CB(2), Claremount Strand, Sutton,  Dublin

 Frank Smyth: CB, Glen Lough River Valley, Donegal,
 Ken Bond: CB(3), near Abbeyleix, Laois, 17/7

 David Cooke: CB, Dursey Island, Cork, 25/6

 David Cooke: CB(2), Russel Hill, near Brinny,
 Co.Cork, 24/7

 Angus Tyner: CB(3), Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6

 DNFC: CB(50+), North Bull Island, Dublin, 26/6

 Kevin Hannan: CB(10+), the Burren, Co.Clare, 25/7

 Ken Bond: CB(1) Knockcullata Plantation, Cork, 

 Bob Aldwell: CB(1), Malinbeg, Donegal, 26/7;
 CB(4), South side of Glen Head, Donegal, 26/7;
 CB(4), Port an Chaisleain, Donegal, 27/7

 Deirdre Hardiman: CB(1) Hugginstown Fen, 
 27/6; (2), Knockadrina Woods, Kilkenny, 28/6 

 Paul Walsh: CB(5), Brownstown Hd. Co.Waterford,

 B Aldwell and D Nash: CB, Donegal, 30/6-5/7

 Angus Tyner: CB(1), Kilcroney, Ashford, Wicklow,

 Angus Tyner: CB(1), Cronykeery, Wicklow,

  Freddie Walsh: CB(60), Ballyteigue Burrows,
 Wexford, 7/8

 D Hardiman & D Nash: CB(1), Inisheer, 
 Aran Islands, Galway, 10/7; 

  Frank Smyth: CB(50), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,
 14/8; CB(1), Ceanncor Road/Bailey Cliff Walk,
 Howth, Dublin, 16/8

 Deirdre Hardiman: CB(4), Ballyeighter, Co.Clare,  11/7

  Bob Aldwell: CB(1), Binion [C34], Donegal; 
 CB(7) Doagh Isle [C45], Donegal; 
 CB(1), Pollan Bay [C35], Donegal;
 CB(2), Pollan Bay [C45], Donegal;
 CB(15), Doagh Isle [C45], Donegal. 26/8

 Ian Rippey: CB(1f), Termonfeckin,Co.Louth, 16/7

 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 CB, Knockaunroe, Co Clare, 7/8 

 D.Hardiman: CB(8), Irishtown, Co.Dublin 7/8

 D Hodgers & E Flynn: CB(3), Howth, Dublin, 26/8;
 CB(many), Clogher Head, Louth, 27/8

 Freddie Walsh: CB(20), nr Kilmore Quay,
 Wexford, 7/8

 Kevin Hannan: CB(2), near The Bridges of Ross,
 Clare, 25/8; CB(3), Grand Canal, Limerick, 2/9

 Tony Murray: CB, Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford, 

 Don Hodgers: CB(1), Ganderstown Beach, Co.
 Louth, 3/9

 D Hardiman & D Nash: CB(1), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8

 Liam Feeney: CB(3), Donabate, Co.Dublin, 8/9

 Ian Rippey: CB(many), 4-11/09 

 Ian Rippey: 
 CB(1m), Newtown, Gort, SE Galway, 3/9; 
 CB(1m), Knockaunatook, Gort, SE Galway 3/9;
 CB(16), Ballymore, Ballinderreen, SE Galway, 4/9;
 CB(1), Rockvale Bridge, Boston, Clare 5/9;
 CB(3-4m), Kilcorkan, Boston, Clare, 5/9; 
 CB(1), Enagh West, Kilmurry, Clare, 5/9; 
 CB(3m), Rossbehy Dunes, S Kerry, 6/9; 
 CB(1m), Derrynane Bay, S Kerry, 7/9; 
 CB(1), Derrynane Dunes, S Kerry , 7/9; 
 CB(1m&1f) Derreenrickard Lake, S Kerry, 7/96;
 CB(1-3), Kenmare, S Kerry, 7/9; 
 CB(2m), Dohyle Lough, Rathkeale, Limerick, 9/9;
 CB(4), Aughinish E., Barrigone Limerick, 9/9; 
 CB(1), Aughinish W., Barrigone, Limerick, 9/9;
 CB(3m), Craggs, Barrigone, Limerick, 9/9; 
 CB(4), Ardaneer, Foynes, Limerick, 9/9; 
 CB(1), Esker at Bunthulla, Offaly, 10/9; 
 CB(1), end Bunthulla Esker, Offaly, 10/9; 
 CB(4), Clorhane, Offaly, 10/9; 
 CB(1), Blackwater Railway, Offaly, 10/9; 
 CB(2), Castlesampson Esker, Roscommon, 10/9;
 CB(3-4), Breeole, Taghmaconnell, Roscommon,

 Frank Smyth: CB(4), The Baily, Howth, Dublin,
 5/9; CB(1), The Baily, Howth, Dublin, 13/9 

 D Nash & D Hardiman: CB(50+), Gormanstown,
 Meath, 3/9

 Deirdre Hardiman: CB(1), Bog Meadow, 
 Enniskerry, Wicklow, 18/9




Holly Blue

Holly Blue

Bob Aldwell & David Nash: Holly BLue(1), Seapoint Avenue, Monkstown, Dublin, 1/4/06

 Frank Smith: Holly Blue(2), Sutton, Dublin; 
  HB(2), Howth, Dublin,

Bob Aldwell: HB(4), Seapoint, Monkstown, Dublin, 11/4

 David Cooke: HB(3), garden, Douglas, Cork, 2/4 

Ken Bond: HB(1), Sunday's Well, Cork City, 19/4

 D Hardiman: HB(1), Burren, Clare, 2/4

Adrian Phelan: HB(6), Grangegorman, Dublin, 21/4

 Frank Smyth: HB(7), Knader Wood, East of 
 Ballyshannon, Donegal, 21/4

Stephen McCormack: Holly Blue, Sydney Parade, Dublin, 21/4

 Ralph Sheppard: HB(20), Ard na Mona, L Eske,  
 Donegal, 22/4 

Derek Scott: HB(3-4), Dursey Island, Cork, 23/4

 Ken Bond: HB(3), Sunday's Well,  Cork City 

 D Hardiman & D Nash: HB(4), Glen of the Downs,  
 Wicklow, 24/4

 Niall Mac Coitir: HB, Swords, Dublin, 4/5

 Angus Tyner: HB(2), Ashford, Wicklow, 25/4

 Ken Bond: HB(1 Male), Rosturra Wood, near  
 Woodford, Co. Galway 1/5; 
 HB(2), Heathlawn Wood, near Killimor, Co
 Galway, 1/5; HB(1),  North Cork, W69, [new
 square record], 7/5. 

 Bob Aldwell: HB(3), Merrion Square, Dublin; 
 HB(6), Stephens Green, Dublin, 27/4
 Frank Smyth: HB, butterfly(1), eggs(3) on 
 pyracantha buds, in his garden, 25/4

 David Nash: HB(2/3), Irishtown, Dublin, 4/5

 Deirdre Hardiman: HB(1), Shelbourne Rd. Dublin,
 26/4; HB(1), Glenmalure, Wicklow, 27/4

 D Hardiman: HB(1), Bohernabreena, Co. Dublin, 

 Ken Bond: HB(1), Island Wood, Newmarket, Cork, 

 Frank Smyth: HB(10), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 10/5 

 Caroline Mhic Daeid: HB(2), Botanic Gardens,
 Glasnevin, Dublin, 22/4; HB(1), Mullagh-Virginia
 Road, Cavan, 28/4

 Angus Tyner: HB(3), Blackditch, Newcastle,  
 Wicklow, 10/5

 Geoff Hunt: HB(2), Tarbert, Kerry, 28/4.
 [new 10 km  record in R04]

 Maurice Simms: HB, Adderwal Glen(B80),
 10/5 & 14/5, 

 Frank Smyth: HB(15), Ardnamona, Lough Eske; 
 (1), Knader, Ballyshannon, Donegal, 28/4

 Frank Smyth: HB(2), Ardnamona, 16/5

 Frank Smyth: HB(7), Bailey, Howth, Dublin, 5/5

 Frank Smyth: HB(3), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5

 Deirdre Hardiman: HB(2) Corballis, Dublin, 5/5

 Brian Nelson: HB, nr Galway's Bridge, Kerry, 10/6

 David Dillon: HB(5), Portmarnock, Dublin, 7/5; 
 (9), Rogerstown, Dublin, 7/5

 Adrian Phelan: HB(1), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 15/7

 Peter Doyle: HB(many), Killiney, Dublin, 7/5

 Ian Rippey: HB, Coolburnet Hill, Kildare, 

 Sean O Gaoithin: HB, Glenveagh Gardens, 
 Donegal, 10 & 11/5

 Gerry Sharkey: HB(1) Drumcondra, Dublin;
 HB(2) at different sites, Finglas, Co.Dublin. 

 Maurice Simms: HB(8), Adderwal Glen, Donegal,

 Pat Brennan: HB(2), Grove Wood, Fethard,  
 Tipperary, 7/8

 Niall T Keogh: HB(5+), Dalkey Quarry, 
 Dublin, 11/5

 Niall Keogh: HB(numerous), Jigginstown, Naas, 
 Kildare, 16/8, 

 Bob Aldwell and Frank Smyth: HB(4), Knader, 
 Donegal, 12/5

 Ian Rippey: HB(1), near Balbriggan in North Co. 
 Dublin on 11/09  

 Ken Bond: HB(1), Dublin City (Bachelor’s Walk),

 D Nash & D Hardiman: HB(1), Iveagh Gardens,  
 Dublin, 2/9 

 Bob Aldwell: HB(2), Sorrento Terrace, Dalkey,
 Dublin, 19/5

 Frank Smyth: HB(2), The Baily,  Howth, Dublin, 
 5/9; HB(4), The Baily, Howth, Dublin, 13/9, 

 Frank Smyth: HB(3), Bailey, Howth, 31/5;
 (3), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,1/6

 B Aldwell & D Nash: HB(1), The Needles, Howth,
 Dublin, 18/9;

 David Dillon: HB(4), Portmarnock, Dublin, 18/7

 B Aldwell & D Nash: HB larvae, (10+), Blackrock,
 Dublin, 18/9

 Deirdre Hardiman: HB(2), RHK (IMMA), Dublin, 18/7

 Bob Aldwell: HB(1+) [3rd generation], Brighton
 Vale, Monkstown, Dublin, 25/9

 Ken Bond: HB(2), Curraghbinny, Cork, 20/7

 Bob Aldwell: HB larvae seen on ivy in the
 Blackrock area of Dublin, 2/10

 William Brush: HB(1), female laying eggs on ivy, 
 nr Emyvale, Monaghan, 22/7

Frank Smyth: HB(1), Sutton, Dublin, 14/10; 
 (1), Baldoyle, Dublin,  15/10

 David Cooke: HB(1), Currabinny Wood, Carrigaline,
 Cork, 25/7

 Margaret Finn: HB(3), Seapoint Ave, Monkstown, 
 Blackrock, Co Dublin, 2/10;
 HB(2) Seapoint Avenue, Blackrock, Co.Dublin,

 David Dillon: HB(2), Turvey, Donabate, Dublin, 30/7
 D Hardiman & D Nash: 
 HB(1), Ballynagard, Clare, 25/7

 HB(6), Glen of the Downs,  Wicklow, 3/8; 
 HB(30+), Dargle Valley, Enniskerry, Wicklow, 3/8

 David Nash: HB(1), Serpentine Avenue,
 Ballsbridge, Dublin, 23/10

 Angus Tyner: HB(2), Kilcroney, Ashford, Wicklow,

 Jim O'Connor: HB(1), Castleknock, Dublin, 6/11

 Adrian Phelan: HB(1), Ballycuggeran, Killaloe,
 Clare, 4/8; HB(5), National Botanic Gardens,
 Glasnevin, Dublin, 7/8

 Bob Aldwell: HB(3), Seapoint, Dublin, 26/10;
 HB(1), beside Blackrock RC Church, Dublin;
 HB(1 m), Seapoint Avenue, Blackrock,Dublin,1/11;
 HB(2-3), Seapoint, Dublin, 2/11; 
 HB(1 male), Seapoint, Dublin, 20/11.

 Frank Smyth: HB(30), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,
 14/8; HB(14), Ceanncor Road/Bailey Cliff Walk,
 Howth, Dublin, 16/8
 D Hodgers & E Flynn: HB(15+), Howth, Dublin, 26/8


 Liam Feeney: HB(3), Donabate, Co.Dublin, 8/9


 Ken Bond: HB(2), University College Cork, 9/10


 Bob Aldwell: 
 HB(1), Seapoint Avenue, Monkstown, Dublin, 9/10; 
 HB(2), Seapoint Avenue, Blackrock, Dublin, 21/10; 
 HB(1), Brighton Vale Bridge, Blackrock, Dublin,
 Bob Aldwell: 
 HB(1), Newtownpark Avenue, Dublin, 24/10; 
 HB(5), Brighton Vale, Monkstown, Dublin, 24/10;
 HB(2m + 1f), Seapoint, Dublin, 24/10 
 HB(1), Brighton Vale, Monkstown, Dublin, 26/10



Small Tortoiseshell

Small Tortoiseshell

John Ryan: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Piltown, Kilkenny, 1/3/06

 Bob Aldwell: Small Tortoiseshell(2), Blackrock, Dublin,

Frank Smyth: SmT(1), Red Rock, Howth Head, Dublin; SmT(2) The Needles, Howth, Dublin; 
SmT(1), Dart Station, Howth, Dublin. 22/3

 Ken Bond: SmT(1), nr Carrigaline, Cork, 5/2.

Stuart Dunlop: SmT, along river Deele, Donegal, 22/3

 David Nash: SmT(1), Tullamore, Offaly, 16/2.

Noel Keogh & Hugh Delaney: SmT(1), Blackturf Landing, Raven Wood, Wexford, 1/4

 Chris Wilson: SmT(2), North Slob, Wexford, 10/3

Angus Tyner: SmT(1), Ashford, Wicklow, c.3/4

 John Tyner: SmT(1), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 13/3.

Ken Bond: SmT(1), Sunday's Well, Cork City, 3/4; SmT(1) Gorteen, Waterford, 4/4; 
SmT(4), Granny Bridge, Kilkenny, 4/4; 
SmT(6), Sunday's Well, Cork City, 5/4

 Angus Tyner:
 SmT(2), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 17/3; 
 SmT(5), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 18/3

 Angus Tyner: SmT(1), Ashford, Wicklow, 21/4 

 Frank Smyth: SmT, Sutton/Howth, Dublin, 18/3

 Derek Scott: SmT(1), Dursey Island, Cork, 23/4

 D Hardiman: SmT(1), Burren, Clare, 2/4

 Ken Bond: SmT(2 mating), Derry nr Tubber, SE  
 Galway, 21/4; SmT(1), Carrigaline, Cork,  23/4; 
 SmT(1), Sunday's Well, Cork, 27/4

 Steve Wing: SmT, Cape Clear Bird Observatory,

 David Cooke: SmT(1), Dursey Island, Cork, 29/4

 Ken Bond: SmT(2): Craggard, nr Barefield, Clare,16/4

 Frank Smyth: SmT(1), Bailey, Howth, Dublin, 5/5

 Ken Bond: SmT(4) Sunday's Well, Cork City

 David Dillon: SmT(4), Rogerstown, Dublin, 7/5

 Frank Smyth: SmT(4), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 10/5

 Noel Keogh: SmT(3), Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin,

 Angus Tyner: SmT(3), Blackditch, Newcastle, 
 Wicklow, 10/5

 Maurice Simms: SmT(2), Adderwal Glen, Donegal,

 Bob Aldwell: SmT larvae in two groups on
 different clumps of nettles, Blackrock, Dublin,12/5

 B Aldwell and F Smyth: SmT(2), Kilmacreddan,
 Donegal, 9/5;  SmT(10), Nr Lackagh Br. Donegal, 
SmT(1), Inver Dunes, Donegal. 11/5

 Brian Hodkinson & Geoff Hunt et al: 
 SmT(1 fresh), Castleconnell Bog, Tipperary, 19/6

 Frank Smyth: SmT(2), Bailey, Howth, 31/5; 
 (2), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin, 1/6

 Bob Aldwell: SmT(fresh), Blackrock, Dublin, 18/6

 B Aldwell & D Nash: SmT(1), Inch Levels, Donegal,
 30/5; SmT
larvae, Maghery, Donegal, 1/6 

 Angus Tyner: SmT(4 fresh), Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6

 Paul Walsh: SmT(1), Brownstown Head, Waterford,

 B Aldwell and D Nash: SmT, butterflies & larvae,
Donegal, June 30-July 5

 David Nash: SmT(1), Sharavogue Bog, Offaly, 25/6

 Angus Tyner: SmT(5), Cronykeery, Wicklow,

 David Cooke: SmT(4), Dursey Island, Cork,

 D Hardiman & D Nash: SmT(6+), Inisheer, Aran
 Islands, Galway, 10/7 

 Bob Aldwell: SmT(2), Ringsend/Irishtown, 5/7;
 SmT(2), Kilcoole, Wicklow, 7/7

 Ian Rippey: SmT(1), sand dunes, Baltray, Co. Louth,

 Deirdre Hardiman: SmT(15+), Bog Meadow,
 Wicklow, 10/7; SmT(2), Nutley Park, Dublin.

 Deirdre Hardiman: SmT(8), Cloonaherna, Co.Clare,

 Deirdre Hardiman: 
SmT(2), Tyrrelspass, Westmeath, 13/7; 
 SmT(1), Ballynacally, Clare,14/7;
 SmT(2), Ballynagard, Clare, 14/7; 
 SmT(2), Thomastown, Kilkenny, 16/7

 Deirdre Hardiman: SmT(2), Quin Abbey, Co. Clare,

 David Cooke: SmT(1), Dunderrow Wood near
 Kinsale, 22/7

 David Cooke: SmT(5), Knoppoge Wood, near
 Kilbrittain, Cork, 17/7

 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 SmT, (Holistic Centre), Ballyeighter, Co Clare,

 Deirdre Hardiman: SmT(2), Herbert Park,
 Dublin,18/7; SmT(2), Bray Head (South), Co
 Wicklow, 19/7

 Adrian Phelan: SmT(2), Dromore Woods, Clare,

 Paul Walsh: SmT(2), near Kilclooney Forest,
 Waterford, 2/7; 
 SmT(3), Kilmeaden Pools, Waterford, 9/7; 
 SmT(1), Ardmore Head, Waterford, 13/7; 
 SmT(1), Ballyrafter Wood near Lismore,
 Waterford, 19/7; 
 SmT(2), near Kilmeaden Pools, Waterford, 22/7;
 SmT(2), Goish Bridge near Aglish, Waterford, 23/7

 Niall Keogh: SmT(numerous), Jigginstown, Naas,
 Kildare, 16/8

 D Hardiman & D Nash: SmT(2), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8

 D Nash & D Hardiman: SmT, Gormanstown, Meath, 3/9

 Ian Rippey: SmT(many), with up to 30 seen at
 one site in Co. Waterford. 4-11/09 

 Bob Aldwell: SmT(1), nr Pettigoe, Donegal, 22/7; 
 SmT(1), Lettercran Rd, Donegal, 22/7;
 SmT(1), Sth of Grousehall, Donegal, 22/7;
 SmT(6), Meenaveale, Donegal, 24/7;
 SmT(6), Curraghamoan, Donegal, 24/7;
 SmT(1), Derries, Donegal, 24/7;
 SmT(10),  Nr Ballybotemple, Donegal, 25/7;  
 SmT(10+), Curraghamoan, Donegal, 25/7;
 SmT(6), Meenaneary, Donegal, 26/7;
 SmT(3), Malinbeg, Donegal, 26/7;
 SmT(1), Machaire Chlochair, Donegal, 27/7 ;
 SmT(1), Brinlack, Donegal, 27/7

 Angus Tyner: SmT(many), Ashford, Wicklow, 12/9

 Frank Smyth: 
 SmT(4), The Baily, Howth, Dublin, 5/9; 
 SmT(1), The Baily, Howth, Dublin,13/9, 

 Deirdre Hardiman: SmT(>30), Bog Meadow,  
 Enniskerry, Wicklow, 18/9

  H Cloney: SmT(>70), Cahore, Wexford, 22/9 

 Niall Keogh, Peter Doyle, Harry Hussey & Shane
 Farrell: SmT(1), Schull,  Cork,13/10

 Dermot & Danny McLaughlin: SmT(25), Inch Lake,
 Donegal, 6/8 

 Bob Aldwell: SmT(1), Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 13/10

 D Hardiman & D Nash: SmT(1), Glenmalure, Wicklow,

 Frank & Joan Smyth: SmT(1), Red Rock, Howth,

 Freddie Walsh: SmT(8), Ballyteigue Burrows,
 Wexford, 7/8

 Anthony Mooney: SmT(1), Bryanstown,
 Maynooth, Kildare, 10/12

 D Hodgers & E Flynn: SmT(100's), Clogher Head,
 Louth, 27/8

 Geoff Hunt: SmT, University of Limerick, Limerick, 

 Paul Walsh: 
 SmT(1), Brownstown Hd, Waterford, 26/8; 
 SmT(25), Dunmore East, Waterford, 28/8;
 SmT(8), Inchydoney Isd, Cork, 29/8


 Don Hodgers: SmT(3+), Mill St, Dundalk, Co Louth,
 31/8; SmT(numerous), Ganderstown Beach, Co
 Louth, 3/9


 Ethna Diver: SmT(10), Glenveagh Gardens, Donegal,
 Kevin Hannan: SmT(4), Farranfore, Co Kerry, 24/9;
 SmT(6), University of Limerick, Limerick, 27/9
 Con O'Donnell: SmT(1), Greencastle,  Donegal,
 David Cooke: SmT, Dursey Island, Cork, 4/11  
 Chris Wilson: SmT(1), Wexford Wildlife Reserve,
 Derek Scott: SmT(1), Dursey Island, Cork, 16/12  
 Dorothy Smallwood: SmT(1), Lackan, Caim,
 Enniscorthy, Wexford, 18/12
 Oscar Merne: SmT(1), Ardmore Point, Wicklow,



Derek Scott: Peacock, Dursey Island, Cork, 14/1/06 & 21/1

 Noel Keogh: Peacock(1), River Dodder, Lansdowne, Dublin,

Frank Smyth: P(1), The Needles, Howth Head, Dublin, 22/3

 Chris Wilson: Raven Wood, Curracloe, Wexford, 12/3

Niall Keogh: P(1), Cabinteely, Dublin, 29/3

 Angus Tyner: nr Ashford, Wicklow, 
(2) 16/3, (1) 17/3 & (1) 18/3

Ken Bond: P(1), Cork City, 3/4; P(1), Sunday's Well, Cork City, 5/4

 Joan Smyth: Howth Golf Club, Dublin, 16/3

Geoff Hunt: P(1), Creeves, Limerick, 14/4

 Frank Smyth: Sutton/Howth, Dublin, 18/3

Frank Smyth: P(3), Knader Wood & (1), Murvagh Wood, Donegal, 14/4

 Steve Wing: Cape Clear Bird Observatory, Cork 25/3(2), 30/3(8)

 Ken Bond: P(5), Doon Loug, E. Clare,21/4; 
 Peacock(3), Kylenahoory, N Cork, 23/4

 D Hardiman: (1), Burren, Clare, 2/4

 DHardiman & DNash: P(>20), Bellvue Woods, Glen 
 of the Downs, Wicklow, 24/4

 Frank Smyth: (3), Knader, Ballyshannon, Donegal, 19/4

 Angus Tyner: P(5)Ashford, Wicklow, 22-25/4

 Ken Bond: (3), Craggard, nr Barefield, Clare, 16/4 

 Deirdre Hardiman: P(3), Glenmalure, Wicklow, 27/4

 D Hardiman: (1), Brittas, Co. Dublin,10/5 

 Ken Bond:
(1), Island Wood, Newmarket, Cork, 27/4; 
P(1), Derrymore Stand, Dingle Peninsula, Kerry;
P(1), Tullabrack Lough, nr Kilrush, Clare. 28/4

 Frank Smyth: Peacock(6), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 10/5 

 Eamonn McGlinchey: Glencar, Letterkenny, 13/5 

 Frank Smyth: P(4), Bailey, Howth, Dublin, 5/5

 Angus Tyner: (~6), Blackditch, Newcastle, Wicklow, 10/5

 Deirdre Hardiman: P(6) Corballis, Dublin, 5/5

 Geoff Hunt: (4), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5

 David Dillon: P(1), Rogerstown, Dublin, 7/5

 Robert Northridge: (1 v.worn), St. John's Point, Donegal, c.29/5

 David Nash: P(1), Royal Canal, Moyvalley,

 Ken Bond: (2), Knockbrack, N. Cork, 31/5 

 Angus Tyner: P(4), Ballyvolan, Newcastle,
 Wicklow, 11/5

 D Hardiman & D Nash: (1 v.worn), Clooncoose, Burren, Clare, 11/6

 Maurice Simms: P(5), Adderwal Glen, Donegal,

 Brian Nelson: Doo Lough, Muckross, Killarney National Park, 
 Kerry, 10/6

 Brian Danaher: P(2) , Kilcoole, Wicklow, 11/5; 

 Ken Bond: (v.worn), Hurney’s Point, nr  
 Moycullen, W.Galway, 9/6

 Niall T Keogh: P(2), Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 11/5

 Angus Tyner: Peacock, Ashford, Wicklow, 17/6 

 B Aldwell and F Smyth: P(widespread in small
 numbers), Donegal, 9-13/5

 Deirdre Hardiman: Hugginstown Fen, Kilkenny,

 Angus Tyner: P(2), East Coast Nature Reserve.
 Co.Wicklow, 27/5

 B Aldwell and D Nash: larvae, Donegal, 
 June 30-July 5

 B Aldwell & D Nash: P(1), Sheskinmore; 
 P(1), Bonny Glen, Clooney. Donegal, 27/5

 David Cooke: (2), Dunderrow Wood near Kinsale,

 Ken Bond: P(1 worn), Lough Cullaunyheeda, Clare,

 Adrian Phelan: (8), Dromore Woods, Clare, 8/8

 Freddie Walsh: P(6), Clooncoose, Burren, Clare,

 Tony Murray: (1), Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford,

 Frank Smyth: P(5), Bailey, Howth, 31/5; 
P(8), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin, 1/6

 Niall Keogh: (numerous), Jigginstown, Naas,
 Kildare, 16/8,

 George McDermott: P(1 laying eggs), Inch Island,
 Donegal, 5/6

 D Hardiman & D Nash: (3), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8

 Kevin Hannan: P(1), Carrrigaholt, Clare, 4/6; 
P(2), Kilnaboy-Boston Area, Burren, Clare, 5/6

 D Nash & D Hardiman: (several), Gormanstown,
 Meath, 3/9

 Ken Bond: P(1), Clorhane, Offaly, 5/6: 
(1), Moore Co Roscommon, 5/6: 
(1), Lough Fergus, Co Roscommon, 6/6; 
P(1), Clooncoose (Burren), Clare, 8/6

 Angus Tyner: (1), Ashford, Wicklow, 12/9

 John Cromie: (2), foothills of Blue Stack
 Mountains, Donegal, 13/10

 Deirdre Hardiman: P(1), Oakfield, Co.Galway,4/6;  P(2), Clooniff, Co.Galway, 6/6; 
(1), Aughinish, Co.Limerick, 7/6; 
P(1), Knockans Upper. Co.Clare;
P(1), Glenro. Ballyeighter. Co. Clare, 8/6; 
P(2), Gortlecka, Co.Clare, 8/6; 
(1), Cloonaherna, Co.Clare, 13/6
 Frank Smyth: (1), Sutton, Dublin, 14/10
 Ken Bond: (1), SE of Charleville, N Cork, 5/11

 Eamonn McGlinchey: Lisnenan, N of
 Letterkenny, 19/12

 Kevin Hannan: P(4), R315944, Clare, 14/6;   
 David Nash: P larvae, Mongan's Bog, Offaly, 25/6; 
larvae, Sharavogue Bog, Offaly, 25/6


 Ken Bond: P(2), fresh brood, Curraghbinny,
 Cork, 20/7
 Kevin Hannan: P(2), Curragh Chase, Limerick, 23/7  
 David Cooke: P(5), Russel Hill, near Brinny, Co.Cork,
 24/7; P(20+), Currabinny Wood, Carrigaline, Cork,
 David Dillon: P(80),Turvey, Donabate, Dublin, 30/7  
 D Hardiman & D Nash: P(2), Glenmalure, Wicklow,
 Freddie Walsh: P(6), Ballyteigue Burrows, Wexford,
 Paddy McCrossan: P(100+), Ballyargus, Donegal,


 D Hodgers & E Flynn: P, Howth, Dublin, 26/8;
 P(50+), Clogher Head, Louth, 27/8
 Liam Feeney: P(10), brown field site, nr Donabate,
 Dublin, 27/8
 Paul Walsh:  P, Lough Ine, Co.Cork, 6/9; 
 P(1), Crookhaven/Mizen Head area, Cork, 8/9
 Ethna Diver: P(60+), Glenveagh Gardens, Donegal,
 Ken Bond: P(3), Cloonalin Bridge, Roscommon, 9/9   
 Bob Aldwell: P(6), Salthill Gardens, Donegal, 9/9;
 P(1), Buncronan Port, Donegal, 9/9; 
 P(2), Inver Dunes, Donegal, 9/9; 
 P(4), St John’s Point, Donegal, 9/9; 
 P(1), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 11/9; 
 P(6), Doonan, Donegal, 11/9; 
 P 6+, Arragil, nr Carrick, Donegal, 12/9
 Frank Smyth: P(1), Red Rock, Howth, 22/10  
 Kevin Hannan: P(1), Newmarket-on-Fergus, Clare,
 Con O'Donnell: P(1), Greencastle, Donegal, 27/11  
 Bob Aldwell: P(1), Seapoint, Dublin, 26/11  
 David Cooke: P(1), Kilbrittain, Cork, 18/12  

Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Freddie Walsh: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(4),   Clooncoose, Burren, Clare, 30/5/06

 Michael Salter: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2),
 Clooncoose, Clare,

 Adrian Phelan: (2), nr Kilnaboy, Burren, Clare,

 D Hardiman & D Nash: (4+), Clooncoose, Burren,
 Clare, 11/6

 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, S&Gail
Jeffcoate: (1), east end of Clooncoose; 
(2), above Newtown Castle at Ballyvaghan; 
(1),west of Slieve Carran NR; near Poulnabrone
dolmen; (1), Carran field centre. Co Clare.

 Freddie Walshe: (1), Burren, Clare, 26/6 


Deirdre Hardiman: (7)[four ragged, one very fresh], Clooncoose, Clare, 13/6.



Dark Green Fritillary

Dark Green Fritillary

Con O'Donnell: Dark Green Fritillary(6+), Greencastle Golf Links, Donegal, 11/6/06

 Ian Rippey: Holly BLue(1 fresh male),
 Buckroney near Brittas Bay, Wicklow,

Kevin Hannan: (27), Burren, Co.Clare, 22/6

 David Cooke: Dark Green Fritillary(1),  Dursey
 Island, Cork, 25/6

Tony Murray: DGF(numerous), Ballyteige NNR,
Wexford, 4/7

 Maurice Simms: Sheskinmore, Donegal, (1) 25/6 &
 (5) 26/6

Fred Walsh: DGF(2), Ballagh, Wexford, 15/7

 Terry Tedstone: (2+), Lagg nr Malin, Donegal,

Ken Bond: DGF(12), Cahore Point, Wexford, 15/7

 B Aldwell and D Nash: Donegal, June 30-July 5

 Paddy McCrossan: DGF(numerous), Doagh Isle,
 Donegal, July 15/7

 D Hardiman & D Nash: (2), Inisheer, Aran Islands,
 Galway, 10/7 

 Pat Whelan: DGF(10+), Sheep’s Head, West Cork,

 Maurice Simms: (150), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 11/7

 Kevin Hannan: DGF(30-40), the Burren, Co.Clare,

 Ian Rippey: (4-5), sand dunes, Baltray, Louth, 

 Bob Aldwell: DGF(2), Machaire Chlochair, Donegal,
 27/7;  DGF(1), Glashagh, Donegal, 27/7

 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: nr
 Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 

 Freddie Walsh: DGF(1 faded), Ballyteigue Burrows,
 Wexford, 7/8

 Freddie Walsh: (20), nr Kilmore Quay, Wexford,


 Tony Murray: (2+), Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford,


 Niall Keogh: (1), Jigginstown, Naas, Kildare, 16/8,



SiLver-washed Fritillary

SiLver-washed Fritillary

 Kevin Hannan: Silver-washed Fritillary(21),
 MaughanFort, (
Mooghaun), Newmarket-on-Fergus, 

  David Cooke, Silver-washed fritillary(1),
 Skanagore Wood near Inishannon, Co.Cork,

 Ken Bond: Silver-washed Fritillary(1), nr
 Minane Bridge, Cork,

 David Cooke: SWF(many), Inishannon, Cork, 10/7 

 Angus Tyner: SWF(3), Bolger's Cottate, Upper
 Lake Glendalough, 11/7

 Angus Tyner: SWF(c.5), Nun's Cross, Ashford, Wicklow, 11/7

 Anne Kilmer: Silver-washed Fritillary(1), [M06],
 Mayo, c.12/6

 D Hardiman & D Nash: SWF(2), Garryland, Gort, Galway, 11/7

 Kevin Hannan: SWF(10), Kildysert(R2456), Clare,

 Adrian Phelan: SWF(4), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 15/7

 Deirdre Hardiman: 
 SWF(6), Ballynagard (R278620), Clare, 14/7;
 SWF(1), Ballyduneen (R157627), Clare, 14/7; 
 SWF(20+), Thomastown (S595401), Kilkenny,16/7;  SWF(10+), Glenfane Woods (S613450), Kilkenny,

 Deirdre Hardiman: SWF(>31), Cratloe Wood, Co.
 Clare, 13/7;  SWF(>18), Sth Mooghaun Wood, 
 Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co.Clare,14/7;
 SWF(7), Deerpark Nth. Co. Clare, 15/7; 
 SWF(1), Cloonaherna, Co.Clare,  15/7

 Ralph Sheppard: SWF(1), Carnowen, Donegal,15/7

 Deirdre Hardiman: SWF(>30), Mooghaun Ringfort, 
 Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co.Clare; SWF(5+) at roadside 
 hedgerow by Ringfort, 16/7

 Stuart Dunlop: SWF(1), Steeple Wood, Donegal,
 Fred Walsh: SWF(10), laneway near Waterford
 Airport, 16/7; SWF(40), Castlemorris Wood,
 Kilkenny, 16/7

Deirdre Hardiman: SWF(14), Mooghaun Wood, (near Ringfort), Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co.Clare, 16/7.

 Pat Whelan: SWF(2), Killarney Nat. Pk, Kerry, 16/7

BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: 
SWF, nr Kilcorkan, Co.Clare; SWF, Ballyeighter Wood, Co.Clare, 7/8

 David Cooke: SWF(3), Knoppoge Wood, near
 Kilbrittain, Cork, 17/7
 Ken Bond: SWF(4), Ballymackesy Wood, Clonroche,
 Wexford, 16/7; 
 SWF(3), near Abbeyleix, Laois, 17/7; 
 SWF(1), near Camross, Laois, 17/7

Adrian Phelan: SWF(4), Dromore Woods, Clare, 8/8

Pat Brennan: SWF(c.5), Grove Wood, Fethard,
Tipperary, 7/8

 Paul Walsh: 
 SWF(5), Portlaw/Curraghmore, 15/7; 
 SWF(4+), Lowry Bridge/Whitestown, 16/7; 
 SWF(1), Curraghtaggart,16/7; 
 SWF(2), Ballyrafter Wood, Lismore, 19/7

Bob Aldwell: SWF, nr Crolly, Co. Donegal, c26/8
[new 10km site] 

D Hardiman & D Nash: SWF(2), Brigit's Garden,
Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8

 Kevin Hannan: SWF(3), Curragh Chase, Limerick,
 23/7; SWF(9), Cratloe, Co.CLare, 25/7

Ian Rippey: SWF(1), Burren, Co.Clare, 4-11/09 

  Bob Aldwell: SWF(3), Cleengort Lane , Donegal,
 25/7; SWF(6), Cleengort Lane, Donegal, 27/7;
 SWF(1), Cleengort Lane, Donegal, 27/7
 Ethna Diver: SWF(16), Lough Eske, Donegal,
 26/7; SWF (70+), Cleengort Lane, Donegal, 28/7
 D Hardiman & D Nash: 
 SWF(3), Ballyeighter, Clare, 24/7

 SWF (10), Ballynagard, Clare, 25/7; 
 SWF (2), Clooncoose, Clare, 29/7; 
SWF (3), Ballyquirke Lake, Moycullen, Galway, 30/7 
 Kevin Hannan: SWF(2), pathway to UL by the
 Shannon, Limerick, 30/7
 D Hardiman & D Nash: SWF(2), Dargle Valley,
 Enniskerry, Co Wicklow, 3/8
 Butterfly Conservation Meeting: 
 SWF(7), nr Roscahill Wood, Galway, 5/8;
 SWF(15+), nr Corranelistrum, Galway, 5/8; 
 SWF(15+), Ballykine Wood, nr Clonbur, 6/8;  
 SWF(6), Derrymore Bridge, nr Partry, Mayo, 6/8
 Maurice Simms: SWF(widespread), Portnoo area,
 Donegal, 18-21/8
 Ken Bond: SWF(2), Dromore Wood, Clare, 29/8  
 Ian Rippey: SWF(1m v.worn), Ballymore,
 Ballinderreen, SE Galway, 4/9 
 Ethna Diver: SWF(24), Glenveagh Gardens, Donegal,
 Bob Aldwell: SWF(1), Salthill Gardens, Donegal, 9/9  



Marsh Fritillary

Marsh Fritillary

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary larvae, (2 nests, one larva appeared to be feeding), Ballydoogan, E. Galway, 29/1/06

 Ken Bond: MF larvae/webs, in Molinia grassland,
 Nagle Mountains, Cork, 17/3/05

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary larvae (19 larval nests), Knuttery, East Cork, 4/3

 Frank Smyth: MF larvae, scattered at St John's
 Point, Donegal, 19/4 

 Ken Bond: 2 larval exuviae, Rinroe, SW Lough
 Bunny, Clare, 29/4

 Ken Bond: MF larvae (most solitary, final instar), 
 Craggard, nr Barefield, Clare, 16/4;  


 Ken Bond: MF final-instar larvae, Ballydoogan
 Bog, nr  Loughrea, Galway, 30/4;  
 MF, Craggard, nr Barefield, Clare, 30/4

 B Aldwell & D Nash: 
 Marsh Fritillary
(2), St Johns Point, Donegal, 31/5/06;
 MF(197+), Cruit Island, Donegal, 1/6
 Deirdre Hardiman: MF(3), Oakfield, Galway,4/6; 
(8+), Moyascragh, Galway, 5/6

 Ken Bond: MF larvae(2), Knockbrack, N. Cork,

 Ken Bond: MF(1), Ardnacloon, Co Roscommon, 5/6


 Adrian Phelan: MF(8), nr Kilnaboy, Burren, Clare, 5/6

 Deirdre Hardiman: Marsh Fritillary(30+), Lullymore, Kildare,

 Kevin Hannan: MF(3) Kilnaboy-Boston Area, Burren,
 Clare, 5/6

 Ken Bond: MF, Lough Carra, Mayo, 11/6 

 Ken Bond: MF(63 over about 250m transect) Lough
 O’Flynn, Co Roscommon, 6/6
 Ian Rippey: MF(16-20) Rinroe Marsh, S Lough
 Bunny, Co. Clare, 15/6; MF(1) Coolorta, NW of
 Lough Bunny, Co. Clare 15/6. 
 Ken Bond: MF(1), Ardnacloon, Co Roscommon, 5/6;
 MF(63), Lough O’Flynn [M57], Co Roscommon, 6/6 
 [over about 250m transect in about
 60 min, nectaring mainly on Cirsium dissectum, one
 on Potentilla erecta]
 Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: MF(3), Derrydrouel nr
 Dungloe, 11/6;

 Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: 
 MF(4), Knocklahard, Mayo, 18/6 

 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, 
 S&G Jeffcoate: MF, Caher Valley, N Clare; 
 MF, Commons South, Clare. 6-9th/6
 Maurice Simms: MF(7), Sheskinmore(G69),
 Donegal, 19/6, 
 (first report from this site for c.5 years).
 Frank Smyth: MF, Kildoney Point [G86] & [H28],
 Donegal, (two new 10 km square records), c10/6; 
 MF(4), S of  Rock Hill, nr  Ballintra, Donegal, (new
 site), 11/6

 Maurice Simms: MF larvae,   Sheskinmore,
 Donegal, c26/8.

 Ken Bond: MF(larval 45 webs), North Cork (site 
 not cited), c.10/10

 Bob Aldwell: 
 MF(202) in 15 mins, attracted to sea pinks, up to
 ten MF on a bunch. Cruit Island, Donegal, 13/6; 
 MF(28) at site1, & MF(344), widely spread across
 site2. Glashagh, Donegal, 14/6 
 Kevin Hannan: MF(20+), Rinroe Pond, Burren,
 Clare, 14/6; MF(13), R292945, Clare, 14/6

 Ken Bond: MF larval webs(4), Cragard North, near
MF larval webs(2), Bunnow Marsh, near
 Ennis. Clare 28/8

 Ken Bond: MF(79) larval webs, Knockbrack, North
 Cork, 28/9






Speckled Wood

Speckled Wood

 Frank Smyth: Speckled Wood(2), Murvagh Woods, Donegal, 
; SpW(1), Needles, Howth,

 Steve Wing: Speckled Wood(1), Cape Clear Bird Observatory,
SpW(1), Cape Clear Bird Observatory, Cork, 27/3; 
 SpW(4), Cape Clear Bird Observatory, Cork, 10/4;
 SpW(1), Cape Clear Bird Observatory, Cork, 18/4

 David Cooke: SpW(2), Douglas, Cork, 22/4

 Angus Tyner: SpW(1), Ashford, Wicklow, 25/4

 D Hardiman: SpW(3+), Burren, Clare, 2/4

 Ken Bond: SpW(1), Sunday's Well, Cork,  25/4 &

 David Cooke: SpW(1), Garretstown wood, Cork,

 Geoff Hunt:  SpW(3), Tarbert, Kerry, 28/4

 Maurice Simms: SpW, Eden, L. Kiltoorish, Rosbeg,

 Caroline Mhic Daeid: SpW(1), Moynalty, Kells,
 Meath, 15/4

 Frank Smyth: SpW, Knader, Ballyshannon, 19/4

 Frank Smyth: SpW(9), Bailey, Howth, Dublin, 5/5

 Ken Bond: SpW, Lurga, nr Tubber, Galway, 16/4

 David Dillon: SpW(6), Rogerstown, Dublin, 7/5

 Ken Bond: SpW, Sunday's Well,  Cork City, 21/4  

 Peter Doyle: SpW(1), Killiney, Dublin, 7/5

 D Hardiman: SpW(6), Bohernabreena, Co. Dublin;
 SpW(1), Brittas, Co. Dublin, 10/5  

 David Nash: SpW, Royal Canal, Moyvalley, Offaly, 

 Frank Smyth: SpW(14), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 

 Noel Keogh: SpW(3), Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin, 11/5   Eamonn McGlinchey: SpW, Glencar, Letterkenny,
 Brian Danaher: SpW(3), Newcastle Rd. Wicklow, 11/5

 Angus Tyner: SpW(3), Blackditch, Newcastle,
 Wicklow, 10/5

 Niall T Keogh: SpW(3), Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 11/5

 Tina Aughney: SpW, Portumna Forest Park, Galway,

 Maurice Simms: SpW(12), Adderwal Glen, Donegal,

 Frank Smyth: SpW(5), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5 

 B Aldwell and F Smyth: SpW(widespread in small
 numbers), Donegal, 9-13/5

 Ken Bond: SpW(2), Knockbrack, N. Cork, 31/5

 B Aldwell & D Nash: SpW(2), Bonny Glen,
 Clooney; Donegal, 27/5;
 SpW(1), Cleengort Lane. Donegal, 27/5; 
 SpW(2), north of Malin Town, Donegal, 29/5

 D Hardiman & D Nash: SpW, Clooncoose, Burren,
 Clare, 11/6

 Frank Smyth: SpW(3), Bailey, Howth, 31/5; 
 SW(4), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,1/6

 D Hardiman & D Nash: SpW, Clooniff, Moycullen,
 Galway, 11/6

 Paul Walsh: SpW(7), Brownstown Head; SpW(1)
 Gortnalaght Wood, nr Lemybrien, Waterford,11/6
  Adrian Phelan: SpW, Lullymore, Kildare, c.11/6 
 Geoff Hunt & Shanagolden NS: SpW, Aughinish
 Island, Limerick, 2/6
  Brian Nelson: SpW, Lough Derg, Scarriff, Clare,13/6
 Kevin Hannan: SpW(12), Kilnaboy-Boston Area,
 Burren, Clare, 5/6;
 SpW(2), Annaholty, Limerick/Tipperary, 6/6
  Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: SpW(2), Derrydrouel nr
  Dungloe, 11/6;
 Bob Aldwell: SpW, Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 6/6   Ian Rippey:
  SpW(1), gravel pit, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, 13/6; 
  SpW(1), Gort, Co. Galway, 13/6; 
  SpW(1), Quakerstown; (4), Rinnamona;  SpW(1),
  Clooncoose. Co. Clare, 14/6; 
  SpW(1), Templebannagh; SpW(c.6), Rinnamona; 
  SpW(2), Ballard; SpW(1), Coolorta; SpW(1),
  Drumadeevna. Co. Clare, 15/6;
 Kevin Hannan: SpW(20+), Burren, Co.Clare, 22/6
 Paul Walsh: SpW(4), Brownstown Head,
 Waterford, 17/6; SpW(5+), nr Monavullagh
 Mountains, Waterford, 25/6 
 David Nash: SpW, Annagh Bog, N. Tipperary,
 25/6; SpW(5), Sharavogue Bog, Offaly, 25/6
 Deirdre Hardiman: SpW(10+), Island Golf Club,
 Donabate, Co.Dublin, 1/7

 Ian Rippey:
 SpW(2), disused limestone quarry, N of 
 Thomastown, Kilkenny, 16/6; 
 SpW(3-4), disused quarry, Ballymoon, Co.Carlow, 
 SpW(1), Glenbough, Curracloe;
 SpW(1), Ballyroe lake; SpW(2) Raven Dune, 
 Co. Wexford, 17/6

 Angus Tyner: SpW(3), Bolger's Cottate, Upper
 Lake Glendalough; SpW(2), Upper Lake Carpark,
 Glenddalough. Wicklow, 11/7
 D Hardiman & D Nash: SpW(6), Glenmalure,
 Wicklow, 7/8
 Paul Walsh: SpW(3), Brownstown Hd,  Waterford,

 Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: 
 SpW(6), Knocklahard, Mayo, 18/6

 Liam Feeney: SpW(1), brown field site, 
 nr Donabate, Dublin, 27/8
 Bob Aldwell: SpW(1) ovipositing, Irishtown, Dublin,
 18/6; SpW(1), Dalkey, Dublin, 18/6  
 Kevin Hannan: SpW(50+), Grand Canal, Limerick,

 Ian Rippey: SpW(5-6), Knockananna Bog; 
 SpW(3), Holdenstown Bog, Co. Wicklow, 18/6;
 SpW(1), Cloghbally Bog, Mullagh, Co. Cavan, 19/6

 Don Hodgers: SpW(2), Mill St, Dundalk, Co Louth,
 31/8; SpW(3), Ganderstown Beach, Co Louth, 3/9
 Deirdre Hardiman: 
  SpW(2), Bog Meadow,  Enniskerry, Wicklow, 5/9;
  SpW(10+), Milford,  Carlow, 9/9; 
  SpW(4), Warrington, Kilkenny, 9/9;
 SpW(10), Knockadrinna, Kilkenny, 10/9
 Brian Hodkinson & Geoff Hunt et al: 
 SpW, Castleconnell Bog, Tipperary, 19/6
 David Nash: SpW, Girley Bog, nr. Athboy, Meath,
 Bob Aldwell: SpW(2), Killiney, Dublin, 19/9  Frank Smyth & Family: SpW(7), Cliff walk (Needles),
 Howth, 19/6
 Kevin Hannan: SpW(c.20), Coolorta, Burren, Clare,
 Deirdre Hardiman: SpW(15+), Hugginstown Fen,
 Kilkenny, 27/6
 Frank Smyth: SpW(3), Ceanncor Rd, Howth, Co.
 Dublin, 2/10; SpW(1), Red Rock, Howth, 22/10
 B Aldwell and D Nash: SpW, Donegal, 30/6-5/7
 Ken Bond: SpW(1), Distillery Fields, Cork City, 7/11  D Hardiman & D Nash: SpW(many), Garryland, Gort, 
 Galway, 11/7 
   Deirdre Hardiman: SpW(many), Cratloe Wood, Co.
 Clare, 13/7
   Deirdre Hardiman: SpW(4), Deerpark, south Co.
 Dublin, 21/7
   David Cooke: SpW(several), Dunderrow Wood near
 Kinsale, 22/7
   BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 SpW(4+), Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 6/8; 
 SpW, nr Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 
   Niall Keogh: SpW(numerous), Jigginstown, Naas,
 Kildare, 16/8,
   D Hardiman & D Nash: SpW(10), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8
   Frank Smyth: SpW(20+), The Baily,  Howth, Dublin,
 5/9; SpW(28), The Baily, Howth, Dublin,13/9
   B Aldwell & D Nash: SpW(3), Irishtown, Dublin, 18/9 
   B Aldwell & D Nash: SpW(5+), The Needles, Howth,
 Dublin, 18/9;
   Niall & Noel Keogh: SpW(a few), Hook Head,
 Wexford, 25/9
   Frank Smyth: SpW(5), Red Rock, Sutton, 27/9;
 (5), Needles, Howth, Dublin, 5/10.
   Geoff Hunt: SpW, Glenstal Abbey, Limerick, 16/10 
   Betty French: SpW(1), Carrigbyrne, Nr. Campile,
 Wexford, 15/12

Wall Brown

Wall Brown

Pol Cormacain: Wall Brown(1), Gortahork/Errigal, Donegal, 20/4/06

Frank Smyth: Wall Brown, The Needles, Howth,Dublin, 25/4/05

 David Cooke: WB(1), Dursey Island, Cork, 29/4

David Cooke: WB(2), Dursey island, 30/4,
(1), Doolieve wood,nr Carrigaline, Cork, 4/5

 Frank Smyth: WB(2), Needles, Howth, 7/5

David Nash: WB(2/3), Irishtown, Dublin, 4/5 

 Noel Keogh: WB(4), Irishtown Nature Park,
 Dublin, 11/5

Frank Smyth: WB(4), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 10/5 

 B Aldwell and F Smyth: WB(1), St John’s Point,
 Donegal, 13/5

Ken Bond: WB(2), Creggaun, NE Galway, 11/5.

 Maurice Simms: WB(1), Adderwal Glen, 11/5; 
 WB(1), O'Boyle's Island.  Donegal, 13/5

David Cooke: WB, Dursey Island, Cork, 14/5 

 George McDermott: WB(4+), Lenane Head (C24),
 Inishowen, Donegal, 21/5

Frank Smyth: WB(2), St John's Point, Donegal, 15/5 

 David Cooke: WB(3), Doolieve wood near
 Carrigaline,  Co. Cork, 26/5

Geoff Hunt: WB(4), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5 

 B Aldwell & D Nash: WB(2), Sheskinmore; 
 WB(4), Pound Lake. Donegal, 27/5; 
 WB(2), Lenan Strand, Donegal, 29/5; 
 WB(2), Kilbeg. Donegal, 31/5
 Frank Smyth: WB(1), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5

 Deirdre Hardiman; WB(1), Lullymore, Kildare, 6/6 

 Freddie Walsh: WB(6), Clooncoose, Burren, Clare,

Ken Bond: WB(1) Letterkelly, W. Clare R17, 7/6

 Deirdre Hardiman: WB(3), Portrane, Dublin, 1/6  Ken Bond: WB, Ballindooly, NE of Galway
 City, 10/6
 Frank Smyth: WB(3), Bailey, Howth, Dublin 31/5;
 WB(1), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,1/6
 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: WB, nr
 Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 
 N T & N Keogh: WB(1), Carnsore, Wexford, 4/6  D.Hardiman: WB(4), Irishtown, Co.Dublin, 7/8
 Deirdre Hardiman: WB(4), Poolagh, Galway, 4/6  Freddie Walsh: WB(4), nr Kilmore Quay,
 Wexford, 7/8
 Kevin Hannan: WB(12), nr Dunbeg Golf Clubhouse,
 Clare, 4/6; WB(6), Kilnaboy-Boston Area, Burren,
 Clare, 5/6
 Tony Murray: WB(3+), Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford,
 Josephine O'Donnell: WB(1), Gortahork, Donegal,  
 Ian Rippey: WB, Co. Westmeath and the Burren,
 Co.Clare, 4-11/09 
 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, S&Gail
 Jeffcoate: WB east end Clooncoose, Co Clare.
 Frank Smyth: WB(4), The Baily, Howth, Dublin, 5/9;
 WB(3), The Baily, Howth, Dublin, 13/9
 Ken Bond: WB(1), Lettergesh, Co Galway, 7/6;
 WB(1), Tullymore, Co Galway, 7/6; 
 WB(1), Courhoor Lough, 7/6; 
 WB(1), Boolard, Co Galway, 7/6; 
 WB(1), Lahinch, Co Clare, 9/6
 Bob Aldwell: WB(2), Aranmore, Donegal, 13/6  
 David Cooke: WB(1), Dursey Island, Cork, 16/6  
 Freddie Walsh: WB(4), Ballyteigue Burrows,
 Wexford, 7/8
 Ken Bond: WB(4), Ardnaglug, Roscommon, 6/8  
 Butterfly Conservation Meeting:
 WB(4), Gortatober, Glencorrib, Mayo, 6/8
 Sandy Alcorn: WB(1), Kilult,(B93), Donegal, 21/8  
 D Hodgers & E Flynn: WB(1), Howth, Dublin, 26/8;
 WB(2), Clogher Head, Louth, 27/8
 Kevin Hannan: WB(2), Green Road, The Burren, 
 Clare, 9/9
 Ian Rippey: WB(1m, faded), Breeole,
 Taghmaconnell, Roscommon, 10/9 



 David Cooke: Grayling(2), Dursey Island, Cork, 26/6/06

 Eamonn McGlinchey: Grayling, Mullaghduff, The Rosses,

 Ken Bond: G, Robert's Head, Cork, 9/7

D Hardiman & D Nash: G(10+), Inisheer, Aran Islands, Galway, 10/7  

 Deirdre Hardiman: G(15+), Bray Head (South), Co Wicklow, 19/7

Deirdre Hardiman: G(6+), Ballyeighter, Clare, 11/7

 Kevin Hannan: G(7), the Burren, Co.Clare,

David Nash: G(4+), Corballis, Dublin, 15/7

 Bob Aldwell: G(1), Kilbeg, Donegal, 23/7; 
 G(1), Malinbeg, Donegal, 26/7

Michael Salter: G(1+),  Rush, Dublin, c.20/7

 Butterfly Conservation Meeting:
 G(1), nr Corranelistrum, Galway, 5/8;
 G(1), Gortatober, Glencorrib, Mayo, 6/8

Frank Smyth: G(12), Howth, Dublin, 27/7

 Freddie Walsh: G(12), Ballyteigue Burrows,
 Wexford, 7/8

 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 G(10+), Lough Bunny, Clare, 6/8; nr Kilcorkan, Co
 Clare, 7/8  

 Frank Smyth: G(2), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin, 14/8

 D Hodgers & E Flynn: G(2), Howth, Dublin, 26/8

 Bob Aldwell: G, Glencolumcille, Co. Donegal, (new
 10km site), c26/8

 Ian Rippey: 
 G(1-2), Kilcorkan, Boston, Clare, 5/9;
 G(1), Ballyeighter Wood , Clare, 5/9; 
 G(c.5), Derreenrickard Lake, S Kerry, 7/9;
 G(2-3), Lough Inchiquin S Kerry, 7/9

 Ian Rippey: G(small number), the Burren, Co.Clare;
 Co. Waterford; Co.Wexford; Co.Wicklow. 4-11/09 







 Ken Bond: Gatekeeper(1), Robert's Head, Cork,

 David Cooke: Gatekeeper(many), Inishannon,  

 David Cooke: Gatekeeper, Ballyfeard, Cork,15/7

 David Cooke: (many), Dunderrow Wood near  
 Kinsale, Cork, 22/7

 Ken Bond: Gatekeeper(8), Ballyconnigar Wood
 [T13], Wexford, 16/7
 Paul Walsh: Gatekeeper(3), near Kilmeaden Pools,
 22/7; Gatekeeper(4), Coolrattin near Knockaderry
 Reservoir, Waterford, 22/7
 David Cooke: Gatekeeper(many), Russel Hill, near
 Brinny, Co.Cork, 24/7
 David Cooke: Gk(many), Dunderrow, Kinsale,
 Cork, 8/8; 
 Gk(many), Skanagore, nr Innishshannon, 8/8; 
 Gk(many), Garretstown Wood, nr Kinsale, Cork,
 Ian Rippey: Gk(3m), Derrynane Bay, S Kerry, 7/9;
 Gk(2-3 m&f), Derreenrickard Lake, S Kerry, 7/9 



Meadow Brown

Meadow Brown

 David Nash: Meadow Brown(2), Esker Hills, W of
 Tyrellpass,  Co Westmeath, 

David Nash; Meadow Brown(c.5), Gormanston, Meath, 10/6/05

 Freddie Walsh: MB(6), Ballytiegue Burrow, Kilmore
 Quay, Wexford, 10/6

Brian Nelson; MB, Doo Lough, Muckross, Killarney National Park, 12/6 

 Paul Hillis: MB(2) Lough Funshunagh, Roscommon,

Ken Bond: MB(1), Cloonoo East, nr Loughrea, 13/6 

 Deirdre Hardiman: MB(3), Cloonaherna, Co.Clare,

Angus Tyner: MB, Ashford, Wicklow, 17/6 

 Ken Bond: MB, Kenmare, Kerry, 14/6 

Ian Rippey:
 MB(3-4), disused limestone quarry, N of  
 Thomastown, Kilkenny, 16/6; 
 MB(1 or 2) at Raven Dunes, near Curracloe,
 Wexford, 17/6;
 MB(1) Buckroney dunes, Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow,
 MB(1) Cloghbally Bog, Mullagh, Co. Cavan 19/6;
 MB(1) N shore, Lough Derravarragh, Castlepollard, 
 Co. Westmeath 19/6

 David Cooke: MB(2), Garrettstown wood near
 Kinsale, Co.Cork, 15/6
 Kevin Hannan: MB(1), R686601, Limerick, 16/6
 Geoff Hunt: MB, Tullig, Abbeyfeale. Limerick, 17/6
 Kevin Hannan: MB(20+), Smithstown, Shannon,
 Clare, 22/6
 Paul Walsh: MB(2), disused quarry, nr Clashmore,
 Waterford, 25/6
 David Nash, MB, Girley Bog, nr. Athboy, Meath, 19/6
 David Nash: MB, Annagh Bog, N. Tipperary, 25/6;  
 MB(2), Sharavogue Bog, Offaly, 25/6

David Cooke: MB, Dursey Island, Cork, 25/6

 David Cooke: MB(5), Dursey Island, Cork, 23-26/6

Angus Tyner: MB(10+), Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6

 Deirdre Hardiman: MB(6+), Island Golf Club,
 Donabate, Co.Dublin, 1/7
 DNFC: MB(50+): North Bull Island, Dublin, 26/6
 DNFC: MB, Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin, 1/7

Deirdre Hardiman: MB(4), Hugginstown Fen,
Kilkenny, 27/6

 Fred Walsh: MB(8), Old Railway Station, Kilinick,
 Co.Wexford, 1/7
 B Aldwell and D Nash: MB, Donegal, June 30-July 5
 D Hardiman & D Nash: MB(10+), Skerries,
 Co.Dublin, 2/7
 D Hardiman & D Nash: MB(20+), Inisheer, Aran
 Islands, Galway, 10/7 
 Bob Aldwell: MB(50+), Ringsend/Irishtown, 5/7;
 MB(6), Kilcoole, Wicklow, 7/7
  D Hardiman & D Nash: MB(many), Garryland, Gort, 
 Galway, 11/7 
 David Dillon: MB(110++), Sluice Marsh,
 Portmarnock, Dublin, 7/7
 Deirdre Hardiman: MB(4), Cratloe Wood, Co. Clare, 
 Kevin Hannan: MB(many), Maughan Fort,
 Newmarket-on-Fergus, Clare, 9/7
 Deirdre Hardiman: MB(numerous), Ballyeighter, Co. 
 Clare, 11/7
 Fred Walsh: MB(30), laneway near Waterford
 Airport, 16/7; 
 MB(numerous),  Ballagh, Wexford, 15/7;
  MB(numerous), Castlemorris Wood, Kilkenny,
 Adrian Phelan: MB(10+),  Phoenix Park, Dublin, 15/7
 Ian Rippey: MB (30), sand dunes, Baltray, Co. Louth, 16/7
 Ian Rippey: MB, Termonfeckin, Louth, 16/7 
 D Hardiman & D Nash: MB(4), Glenmalure, Wicklow,
 Deirdre Hardiman: (numerous), Sth Mooghaun
 Wood, Co.Clare, 14/7 
 Freddie Walsh: MB(100+ faded), Ballyteigue
 Burrows, Wexford, 7/8
 Deirdre Hardiman: MB(numerous), Mooghaun Wood,
 (near Ringfort), Co. Clare, 16/7
 Maurice Simms: MB(120), Sheskinmore, Donegal,
 David Cooke: MB (several), Dunderrow Wood near
 Kinsale, 22/7
 Paul Walsh: MB(1), Tragumna area, Co.Cork, 6/9  BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 MB, Lough Bunny, Clare, 6/8; 
 MB(c.10), Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 6/8; 
 MB, nr Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8
 Ian Rippey: 
 MB(1 faded), Derreenrickard Lake, S Kerry, 7/9;
 MB(2), Inch Dunes S, S Kerry, 8/9; 
 MB(1-2), Castlegregory Dunes, S Kerry, 8/9;
 MB(3-4, several in good condition) Ardaneer,
 Foynes, Limerick, 9/9; 
 MB (c.4), Esker at Bunthulla, N0231, Offaly, 10/9;
 MB(1-2), Castlesampson Esker, Roscommon, 10/9;
 MB(8), Breeole, Taghmaconnell, Roscommon,10/9  
 Freddie Walsh: MB(100+), nr Kilmore  Quay,
 Wexford, 7/8 
 Niall Keogh: MB(numerous), Jigginstown, Naas,
 Kildare, 16/8
 D Hardiman & D Nash: MB(2), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8
 Bob Aldwell: 
 MB(1), Magheraclogher, Donegal, 10/9; 
 MB(6), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 11/9; 
 MB(4), Dooey, Donegal, 11/9
 Deirdre Hardiman: MB(1), Bog Meadow, Enniskerry,
 Wicklow, 18/9



 Geoff Hunt: Ringlet(1), Tullig, Abbeyfeale,

 Angus Tyner: Ringlet(2),  Ashford, Wicklow,

 Kevin Hannan: R(8), Burren, Smithstown, Shannon,
 Clare, 22/6

 Angus Tyner: R(10+), Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6

  Paul Walsh: R(2), disused quarry, nr Clashmore,
 Waterford, 25/6

 Deirdre Hardiman: R(15+) Hugginstown Fen,
 Kilkenny, 27/6

 David Nash: R(5), Sharavogue Bog, Offaly, 25/6

 Adrian Phelan: R(many), Girley Bog, Co Meath, 26/6

 Deirdre Hardiman: R(3), Island Golf Club,
 Donabate, Co.Dublin, 1/7

 B Aldwell and D Nash: R, Donegal, 30 June-5 July 

 DNFC: R, Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin, 1/7

 David Cooke: R, Inishannon, Cork, 10/7

 Fred Walsh: R(20), Old Railway Station, Kilinick,
 Co.Wexford, 1/7

 Angus Tyner: R(c.130), Cronykeery, Wicklow, 9/7

 D Hardiman & D Nash: R(10+), Skerries, Co.Dublin,
 D Hardiman & D Nash: R(1), Inisheer, Aran Islands,
 Galway, 10/7
 Bob Aldwell: Ringlet(50+), Ringsend/Irishtown,
 Dublin, 5/7
 D Hardiman & D Nash: R(many), Garryland, Gort, 
 Galway, 11/7
 David Dillon: R(613++), Sluice Marsh, Portmarnock,
 Dublin, 7/7
 Deirdre Hardiman: 
 R(numerous), Ballyeighter, Co.Clare, 11/7; 
 R(many), Cratloe Wood, Co. Clare, 13/7
 Angus Tyner: R(20), Bolger's Cottate, Upper Lake
 Glendalough, 11/7
 Sandy Alcorn: R(several), Tory Island, Donegal, 
 Adrian Phelan: R(20+),  Phoenix Park, Dublin, 15/7
 Frank Smyth: R, Glen Lough River Valley, Donegal,
 Ian Rippey: R, sand dunes, Baltray, Co. Louth, 16/7
 Ian Rippey: R(2+), Termonfeckin, Co.Louth, 16/7
 Paddy McCrossan: R(numerous), Doagh Isle,
 Donegal, (C45), July 15/7
 Deirdre Hardiman: R(20+), Tyrrelspass, 
 Westmeath, 13/7; 
 R(4), Ballynagard, Clare, 14/7; 
R(3), Ballynacally, Clare,14/7; 
 R(plentiful), Ballyduneen, Clare, 14/7; 
 R(plentiful), Glenfane Woods, Kilkenny, 16/7; 
 R(plentiful), Thomastown, Kilkenny, 16/7
 Deirdre Hardiman: R(numerous), Sth Mooghaun
 Wood, Co.Clare, 14/7; R(numerous), Mooghaun Wood, (near Ringfort), Co. Clare, 16/7
 David Cooke: R(several), Dunderrow Wood near
 Kinsale, 22/7
 Deirdre Hardiman: R(10+), Bray Head (South), Co
 Wicklow, 19/7
 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 R, Lough Bunny, Clare, 6/8; 
 R(4+), Ballyeighter Wood, Clare; 
 R, nr Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8
 Paul Walsh: 
 R(20), near Kilclooney Forest, Waterford 2/7;
 R(7), Ballyshunnock Reservoir, Waterford, 9/7; 
 R(1), Kilmeaden Pools, Waterford, 9/7;
 R(4), Ardmore Head, Waterford, 13/7;
 R(2), Curraghtaggart, Waterford, 16/7;
 R(1), Coolrattin near Knockaderry Reservoir,
 Waterford, 22/7; 
 R(7), near Kilmeaden Pools, Waterford, 22/7;
 R(2), Goish Bridge near Aglish, Waterford, 23/7  
 Tony Murray: R, Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford, 10/8
 Bob Aldwell: 
 R(1), Sth of Grousehall, Donegal, 22/7;
 R(2), Malinbeg, Donegal, 23/7; 
 R(2), Kilbeg, Donegal, 23/7;  
 R(10+), Meenanarwa, Donegal, 24/7; 
 R(10+), Meenaleenaghan, Donegal, 24/7; 
 R(10+), Curraghamoan, Donegal, 24/7; 
 R(10+), Derries, Donegal, 24/7; 
 R(3), Doochary-Lough Barra road, Donegal, 25/7;
 R, Curraghamoan, Donegal, 25/7;
 R(10+), Cloghroe, Donegal, 25/7;
 R(7), Steeple, Donegal, 25/7;
 R(1), Meenaneary, Donegal, 26/7; 
 R(1), S of Glen Head, Donegal, 26/7; 
 R(2), Port an Chaisleain, Donegal, 27/7; 
 R(2), Cleengort Lane, Donegal, 27/7
 David Dillon: Ringlet (few), Turvey, Donabate,
 Dublin, 30/7
 D Hardiman & D Nash: R(3), Glenmalure, Wicklow,
 Liam Feeney: R(1), brown field site, nr Donabate,
 Dublin, 27/8

Small Heath

Small Heath

 Deirdre Hardiman: Small Heath(4), Portrane, Co.

 Deirdre Hardiman: Small Heath(8+), Lullymore, 

 Frank Smyth: SH(1), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,1/6

 David Nash: SH(3+), Rush, Dublin, 8/6

 Geoff Hunt & Shanagolden NS: SH, Aughinish
 Island, Limerick, 2/6

 D Hardiman & D Nash: SH(4), Clooncoose, Burren, 
 Clare, 11/6

 N T & N Keogh: SH(2), Carnsore, Wexford, 4/6

 Adrian Phelan: SH, Lullymore, Kildare, c.11/6

 Adrian Phelan: SH(3), nr Kilnaboy, Burren, Clare,

 Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: SH(6), Derrydrouel nr
 Dungloe, 11/6

 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, S&Gail
 Jeffcoate: SH, widespread but in low numbers,
 Burren Co Clare. 6-9th/6

 B Aldwell, F Smyth & E McGlinchey: SH(8),
 Irivinestown Lough, Donegal, 12/6

 Deirdre Hardiman: SH(6), Aughinish, Limerick, 7/6;
 SH(3), Ballyeighter. Co. Clare, 8/6; 
 SH(3), Gortlecka, Clare,8/6; 
 SH(2), Coolorta, Clare, 9/6;

 Ken Bond: SH(1) grassland nr Ardrahan, SE Galway,

 Ken Bond: SH(16), Rocklands, nr Oranmore,  
 SE Galway; SH(4), Cloonoo East, nr Loughrea, 13/6
 Ken Bond: SH(6), Clorhane, Offaly, 5/6; 
 SH(2), Lough Fergus, Co Roscommon, 6/6; 
 SH(3), Lough O’Flynn, Co Roscommon, 6/6; 
 SH(1), Aughrus More, Co Galway, 7/6; 
 SH(1), Clooncoose (Burren), Clare, 8/6; 
 SH(3), Lahinch, Co Clare, 9/6

 Ian Rippey:
 SH(1), Quakerstown, near Boston; 
 SH(1), Rinnamona NE of Kilnaboy;
 SH(2), Clooncoose near Kilnaboy;
 SH(1), Rinroe Marsh near Lough Bunny,  
 Co. Clare, 14/6

 Frank Smyth: SH, Kildoney Point, Donegal, c10/6

 Ian Rippey:
 SH(3), Templebannagh SE of Lough Bunny;
 SH(c.8), Rinroe Marsh S of Lough Bunny;
 SH(3), Coolorta, NW of Lough Bunny, 
 Co. Clare, 15/6

 Freddie Walsh: SH(1), Ballytiegue Burrow, Kilmore
 Quay, Wexford, 10/6
 Kevin Hannan: SH(1), Burren (R39), 11/6  Ian Rippey:
 SH(c.20), Raven Dunes near Curracloe, Wexford,  
 SH(8-10), Buckroney dunes at Brittas Bay, Co.  
 Wicklow, 17/6; 
 SH(2), Knockananna Bog, Co. Wicklow, 18/6
 Bob Aldwell: SH(9), Aranmore, Donegal, 13/6;
 Mating pair, Cruit Island, Donegal, 13/6; SH(12),
 Glashagh, 14/6; SH(20+), Glenree, Donegal, 15/6
 Ken Bond: SH(1), Gortugullane (N slope of
 Mangerton); & SH(1), Kenmare, Kerry 14/6
 Angus Tyner: SH(c.10), Clonmannon, Wicklow,
 DNFC: SH(50+), North Bull Island, Dublin, 26/6
 David Cooke: SH(2), Garrettstown wood near
 Kinsale, Co.Cork, 15/6
 B Aldwell and D Nash: SH, Donegal, June 30-July 5
 D Hardiman & D Nash: SH(10+), Inisheer, Aran
 Islands, Galway, 10/7 
 Kevin Hannan: SH(40-50), Rinroe Pond, Burren,
 Clare, 14/6; SH(11), R292945, Clare, 14/6; 
 SH(8), Caher Upper, Clare, 14/6
 Deirdre Hardiman: (10+), Ballyeighter, Co. Clare,
  Kevin Hannan: SH(2), Burren, Co.Clare, 22/6

 Ian Rippey: SH(~12), sand dunes, Baltray, Co.
 Louth, 16/7

 Paul Walsh: SH(2), nr Monavullagh Mountains,
 Waterford, 25/6; SH(1), disused quarry, nr
 Clashmore, Waterford, 25/6; SH(1), Brownstown
 Head, Waterford, 17/6
 Ian Rippey: SH(1), Termonfeckin, Co.Louth, 16/7
 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 SH(4+), Lough Bunny, Clare, 6/8
 David Nash: SH, Mongan's Bog, Offaly, 25/6  Freddie Walsh: SH(5), nr Kilmore Quay, Wexford, 
 Deirdre Hardiman: SH(10+), Island Golf Club,
 Donabate, Co.Dublin, 1/7
 Tony Murray: SH, Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford,
 Fred Walsh: SH(1), laneway near Waterford
 Airport, 16/7
 Ian Rippey: SH(1), the Burren, Co.Clare, 4-11/09
 Paul Walsh: SH(1), near Kilclooney Forest,
 Waterford, 2/7; 
 SH(1), near Kilmeaden Pools, Waterford, 22/7
 Kevin Hannan: Small Heath(100+), the Burren,
 Co.Clare, 25/7
 Brian Nelson: SH(2), Ower, Lough Corrib, Galway,
 7-8/8; SH, Oughterard, Galway. 7-8/8
 Liam Feeney: SH(1), brown field site, nr Donabate,
 Dublin, 27/8
 Ian Rippey: 
 SH, Ballymore, Ballinderreen, SE Galway, 4/9; 
 SH(1-3), Castlesampson Esker, Roscommon, 10/9;
 SH(1), Breeole, Taghmaconnell, Roscommon, 10/9 

Large Heath

Large Heath

 Kevin Hannan: Large Heath(16), Annaholty,

 Brian Hodkinson: Large Heath(3), Annaholty Bog, Tipperary,

 Geoff Hunt: LH(1), Castleconnell Bog, Limerick,

 D Hardiman & D Nash: LH(10+), Clooniff, Moycullen,
 Galway, 11/6

 Ken Bond: LH(3), Gerah Bridge, NW Kenmare,14/6;
 LH(4), Shannera LowerKerry,14/6

 David Nash: LH(2), nr Mountrath, Laois, 18/6

 Kevin Hannan: LH(2), R696631, Limerick 16/6

 Brian Hodkinson & Geoff Hunt et al: 
 LH, Castleconnell Bog, Tipperary, 19/6

 David Nash: LH(10+), Mongan's Bog, Offaly, 25/6;
 LH(10+), Annagh Bog, N. Tipperary, 25/6;
 LH(10+), Sharavogue Bog, Offaly, 25/6

 Brian Hodkinson: LH(c.8), Coolderry Bog, Tipperary,

 Dermot Breen: LH(3), Glenveagh, 27/6; 
 LH(10+), Glenveagh Park, Donegal, 26/6

 David Nash: LH(20+), Girley Bog, nr. Athboy, Meath, 19/6

 David Nash: LH(1), Annagh, Birr, Tipperary, 17/7

 Geoff Hunt: LH, Toohana (Q93) and Dysert(Q83)
  marshes nr Ballyduff, Kerry, 19/6


 Ian Rippey: LH(15-20), Dowdstown Bog, Kells, Co.
 Meath 19/6

   Ken Bond: 
 LH(1), Coolquane Plantation, Cork, 21/6; 
 LH(2), Crushnacon nr Watergrasshill, Cork, 22/6;  
 LH(9), Knockacullata Plantation & adjacent
 grassland, Cork, 22/6; 
 LH(2), Coolea Crossroads, Cork, 22/6
   John Cromie: LH(10+), Lough Mourne(H09),   
 Donegal, 23/6
   Adrian Phelan: LH(many), Girley Bog, Co Meath,
   B Aldwell and D Nash: LH, Donegal, June 30-July5
   David Nash: LH(3+), Raheenmore Bog, Offaly, 13/7






Clouded Yellow 

Clouded Yellow

 Chris Wilson: Clouded Yellow(1), Raven Nature

  Paul Walsh: Clouded Yellow(1), Glengarriff  
 Wood, Cork, 

 Freddie Walsh: CY(1), Ballytiegue Burrow, Kilmore
 Quay, Wexford, 10/6/06

 Freddie Walsh: CY(7, 1f), nr Kilmore Quay,
 Wexford, 7/8

 Paul Walsh: CY(1), Gortnalaght Wood, nr
 Lemybrien, Waterford, 11/6

 Tony Murray: CY(1), Rosslare, 8/8;  
 CY(3), Ballyteigue Burrow, 10/8; 
 CY(1), Tacumshin,  Wexford, 10/8. 

 Noel Keogh: CY(1) Lingstown, "High Car Park",
 Wexford, 11/6;
 CY(1) Paradise Quarry Pond, Tacumshim Lake
 area. Wexford, 11/6

 Angus Tyner: CY(1), Ashford, Co.Wicklow, 6/9 &

 Colm Ronayne: CY(1), Skerries, Dublin, 11/6

 Helen Cloney: CY(2), Cahore, Wexford, 22/9 

 Caroline Mhic Daeid & Toby Hodd:
 CY(1) roadside, nr Glan Lough, W of Sneem;
 CY(1) roadside, crossroads E of L. Yganavan; 
 CY(1) roadside, bank of R. Laune, Killorglin. 
 Co. Kerry, 14/6
 Joe Adamson: CY(1), Hook Head, Wexford, 22/10
 Frank Smyth: CY(1), Howth Station, Dublin, 15/6


 Ken Bond: CY(1), Shronahirree More, N of Glencar,
 Kerry, 14/6; CY(1), Mossy Bed nr Nad, Cork, 15/6
 Steve Christmas: CY(1), Lady's Lake, Wexford,
 Aisling nic an tSithigh: CY(1), Inismeain,
 Co.Galway, 21-25/6
 Paul Walsh: CY(1), nr Monavullagh Mountains,
 Waterford, 25/6
 David Cooke: CY(1), E side of Dursey, 17/6
 CY(1), Hilltown, Carrigaline, Cork, 28/6
 Terry Tedstone:(1), Lisfannon(C32), Donegal, 
 DNFC: CY(1) ovipositing on white clover),
 Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin, 1/7
 Fred Walsh: CY(2), Old Railway Station, Kilinick,
 Co.Wexford, 1/7
 Tony Murray: CL(2), Ballyteige NNR, Wexford, 4/7  
 Bob Aldwell: CY(1f v faded), Kilcoole, Wicklow, 7/7  
 David Dillon: CY(1), Sluice Marsh, Portmarnock,
 Dublin, 7/7
 Frank Smyth, CY(1 faded),  Rossnowlagh Lr, 
 Donegal, 17/7
  Paul Walsh: CY(1), Goish Bridge near Aglish,
 Waterford, 23/7


 David Cooke: CY(1), Knoppoge Wood, near  
 Kilbrittain, Cork, 17/7; 
 CY(1), Russel Hill, near Brinny, Co.Cork, 24/7
 Freddie Walsh: CY(50, helice 8), Ballyteigue
 Burrows, Wexford, 7/8
 Sean Geraty: 
 CY(1), the Raven  Nature Reserve, Wexford, 2/8;
 CY(1), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 14/8 
 D Hodgers & E Flynn: CY(1), Clogher Head, Louth,
 Danny Gillespie: CY(1), Tawny, Kilcar (G67),
 Donegal, 27/8
 Paul Walsh: CY(6), Brownstown Hd, Waterford,
 12/8; CY(3), Rathmoylan, Waterford, 13/8; 
 CY(1), Brownstown Hd, Waterford, 26/8;
 CY(6), Inchydoney Isd, Cork, 29/8
 Kevin Hannan: CY(2), Grand Canal, Limerick, 2/9    
 Inishowen Wildlife Club members: CY(5), Blanket
 Nook, Donegal, 2/9 
 Don Hodgers: CY(1), Ganderstown Beach, Co
 Louth, 3/9
 Dermot McLaughlin: CY(4), Lisfannan, Donegal,
 Bob Aldwell: CY(4), Inver Dunes [sheltered coastal
 dunes at G8207 7728], Donegal, 9/9
 Ian Rippey: 
 CY(2), Enagh West, Kilmurry, Clare, 5/9; 
 CY(c.15, 2 "helice"), Rossbehy Dunes, S Kerry,
 CY, Waterville Dunes, S Kerry, 7/9; 
 CY, Kildreelig, S Kerry, 7/9; 
 CY(1), Emlaghdreenagh, S Kerry, 7/9; 
 CY(1), Roadside nr Waterville, S Kerry, 7/9;
 CY(2-3), W. of Caherdaniel, S Kerry, 7/9; 
 CY(7), Derrynane Dunes, S Kerry, 7/9; 
 CY(3-4), Derrynane Bay, S Kerry, 7/9; 
 CY(1), Skehanagh Derreens, S Kerry, 7/9; 
 CY(1), Derreennamucklagh, Sneem, S Kerry, 7/9;
 CY(c.6, 1-2 "helice"), Derreenrickard Lake, 
 S Kerry, 7/9; 
 CY(c.5), Kenmare, S Kerry, 7/9; 
 CY(2), Inch Dunes N, S Kerry, 8/9; 
 CY(c.8, 1 "helice"), Inch Dunes S, S Kerry, 8/9;
 CY(1), Tullig, Inch, S Kerry, 8/9; 
 CY(3), Castlegregory Dunes, S Kerry, 8/9; 
 CY(2), Dohyle Lough, Rathkeale, Limerick, 9/9;
 CY(5), Aughinish E., Barrigone Limerick, 9/9;
 CY(3), Aughinish W., Barrigone, Limerick, 9/9;
 CY(1), Craggs, Barrigone, Limerick, 9/9; 
 CY(2), Ardaneer, Foynes,Limerick, 9/9; 
 CY(1), Esker at Bunthulla, Offaly, 10/9;
 Con & Máire Breen: CY, Inis Meáin, Aran Islands,
 Galway, 21/9
 Breffni Martin
 CY(2), Cape Clear Island, Cork, 30/9; 
 CY(1), Galley Head, Cork, 1/10; 
 CY("several"), around Ballycotton, Cork, 1/10
 Bob Aldwell: CY(2-3, fresh), Kilmichael Dunes,
 Wexford, 13/10
 Kevin Hannan: CY(1), Newmarket-on-Fergus,
 Clare, 1/11
 Sean Geraty: CY(1), North Slubs, Wexford, 4/11  

Red Admiral

Red Admiral

 Emer Magee: Red Admiral(1), Derkmore,
 Lettermacward, W Donegal,

 David Cooke: Red Admiral, Dursey Island, Cork,

 Pat Whelan: RA(1), Glengarriff, W.Cork, 29/1

 Niall Keogh: Lingstown, Tacumshin Lake, Wexford, 

 Trevor Connolly: RA(1), Newcastle, Wicklow, 17/2

 Angus Tyner:(1), Blackditch, Newcastle, Wicklow 

 Noel Keogh & Hugh Delaney: RA(1), Blackturf
 Landing,  Raven Wood, Wexford, 1/4

 Frank Smyth: (1), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5 

 Frank Smyth: RA(1), Bailey, Howth, Dublin, 5/5

 Niall Keogh: Kilcoole,18/6 & Glenamlure, Wicklow, 

 Peter Doyle: RA(1), Killiney, Dublin, 7/5

 David Nash: (2-3), Balbriggan, Dublin, 20/6

 Noel Keogh: RA(1), Irishtown Nature Park,

 Frank Smyth & Family: (3), Dart Station, Howth, 1
 8/6 & (3), Cliff walk (Needles) Howth, 19/6

 Angus Tyner: RA(1), Ashford, Wicklow, 9/5; 
 (RA1), Three Rock Wood, Dublin, 10/5; 
 RA(1), Ballyvolan,  Newcastle, Wicklow, 11/5
  Paul Walsh: (3), Brownstown Head, Waterford,
 Paul Walsh: 
 RA(1), Ballygarran/Lissahane, Waterford; 
 RA(2), Brownstown Head, Waterford, 11/6

 Frank Smyth & Family: (2), Claremount Strand,  
 Sutton, Dublin 20/6 

 Frank Smyth: RA(1), Howth Station, Dublin, 15/6

 Helen Cloney: Red Admiral, Caim, Wexford, 
 (1) 19/6, (3) 21/6

 Bob Aldwell:(1), Castle Avenue, Dalkey, Dublin,

 David Cooke: Dursey Island, Cork, 25/6

 Geoffrey Hunt: RA(1), Aughinish Nature Reserve,

 Angus Tyner: (1), Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6 

 Frank Smyth: RA(2), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,1/6

 Eimer Magee: (1), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 26/6

 Emer Magee: RA(2), Croaghanirwore, Blue Stacks,  Donegal, 2/6

 Deirdre Hardiman: (1), Kilmacannogue, Wicklow, 

 N T & N Keogh: RA(1), Great Saltee, Wexford, 4/6   B Aldwell and D Nash: Donegal, 30 June -5 July 
 Maurice Simms: RA(4), Crowey Head, nr Dungloe;
 RA(3), Crohan's Hill, nr Lifford. Donegal, 3/6-5/6
 Angus Tyner, (2), Cronykeery, Wicklow, 9/7
 George McDermott: RA(1), Inch Island, Donegal,
 D Hardiman & D Nash: (1), Inisheer, Aran Islands,
 Galway, 10/7 
 Kevin Hannan: RA(1), Kilbaha, Clare, 4/6; 
 RA(1), Carrrigaholt, Clare, 4/6
 Deirdre Hardiman: (1), Mooghaun Wood, (near
 Ringfort), Co. Clare, 16/7.
 Emmet Johnston: RA(many), Ininshtrahull Island,
 Donegal, 7/6
 Deirdre Hardiman: (1), Deerpark, Sth Co.
 Dublin, 21/7
 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, S&Gail
 RA, Killeglan grassland, CoRoscommon; 
 RA, Poulnabrone, Co Clare; 
 RA, Black Head, Co Clare.  6-9th/6
 David Cooke: (1), Dunderrow Wood near Kinsale,
 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: nr
 Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 
  Sandy Alcorn: RA(20+), Inishbofin Island,
 Donegal, 9/6; RA(many), Inishmeane(B72);  
 RA, Inishirrer(B73) Islands, West Donegal, 7/6;
 Niall Keogh: (1), Jigginstown, Naas, Kildare, 8/8, 
 Tony Murray: (1), Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford,
 Ken Bond: RA(1), Drumalough, Co. Roscommon,
 6/6; RA(1), Erriff Bridge, Mayo, 7/6; 
 RA(1), Poulnabrone (Burren), Clare, 8/6; 
 RA(1), S.of Miltown Malbay, Clare, 9/6
 Ian Rippey: (many), Co.Westnmeath, Co.Clare,
 Co.Waterford and Co.Wexford, 4-11/09 
 Angus Tyner: (many), Ashford, Wicklow, 12/9
 David Cooke: RA(2), Garrettstown wood near
 Kinsale, Co.Cork, 15/6
 Frank Smyth: (1), 5/9 & (6), 13/9, The Baily,
 Howth, Dublin
 Paul Walsh: RA(1), Ram Head, Waterford, 14/6;  RA(1), Grallagh, Waterford, 16/6; 
 RA(3), Brownstown Head, Waterford, 17/6; 
 RA(1), Killone, nr Knockaderry, Waterford, 17/6; 
 D Nash & D Hardiman: (1), Sandymount, Dublin,
 DNFC: RA larvae, Irishtown Nature Park,
 Dublin, 1/7
 B Aldwell & D Nash: (3+), Irishtown, Dublin, 18/9
 Tony Murray: RA(1), Ballyteige NNR, Wexford, 4/7  B Aldwell & D Nash: (5+), The Needles, Howth,
 Dublin, 18/9
 Ken Bond: RA(6), Gortigrenane, Cork, 9/7  Deirdre Hardiman: (4+), Bog Meadow, Enniskerry,
 Wicklow, 18/9
 Ken Bond: RA(1), Cahore Point, Wexford, 15/7;
 RA(7), Ballyvaldon, Wexford, 15/7; 
 RA(2), Ballyconnigar Wood, Wexford, 16/7; 
 RA(4), Ballymackesy Wood, Clonroche, Wexford, 
 16/7; RA (1), Pass of the Plumes, Laois, 17/7 
 H. Cloney: (several), Cahore, Wexford, 22/ 
 Niall & Noel Keogh: (>50), Hook Head, Wexford,
 Deirdre Hardiman: RA(1), Herbert Park, Dublin,18/7   Bob Aldwell: (1), Blackrock, Dublin, 5/10. 
 David Dillon: RA(35), Turvey, Donabate, Dublin,
 Frank Smyth: (8), St. Fintan's Park, Sutton, 27/9;
 (11), Needles, Howth, Dublin, 5/10.
 Paddy McCrossan: RA(50+),  Ballyargus, Donegal,
 Niall Keogh, Peter Doyle, Harry Hussey and Shane
 Farrell: (2), Schull, Cork, 13/10
 Liam Feeney: RA(15), brown field site, 
 nr Donabate, Dublin, 27/8
 Frank Smyth: (1), Sutton, Dublin, 14/10
 Ethna Diver: RA(50+), Glenveagh Gardens,
 Donegal, 8/9
 Geoff Hunt: Glenstal Abbey, Limerick, 16/10 
 Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral(1), Killiney, Dublin, 19/9  Bob Aldwell: (1), Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 13/10;
 (1+), Ringsend, Dublin, 20/10;
 (2) on nettles, Rocks Park, Blackrock,Dublin,30/10;
 (1), Rocks' Park, Blackrock, Dublin, 1/11. 
 Frank Smyth: 
 RA(5), Ceanncor Rd, Howth, Co. Dublin, 2/10; 
 RA(5), Red Rock. Howth, Co. Dublin, 2/10
 Kate Hennessey: RA(1), Goodwin Gardens, Kells,
 Kilkenny, 14/10
 Ken Bond: Cork City, 8/11
 David Cooke: RA(2), Murragh, Dunmanway, West
 Cork, 20/10
 Ian Rippey: Red Admiral, Churchtown & elsewhere,
 Wexford,  9/11
 Kevin Hannan: RA(2), Plassey, Limerick, 15/10;
 RA(2), near Newmarket-on-Fergus, Clare, 22/10
 Kevin Hannan: (1), University of Limerick, 13/11
 Frank Smyth: RA(16), Needles, Howth, Dublin,
 21/10; RA(8), Red Rock, Howth, 22/10
 Brian Hodginson:(1), Rock of Dunamase, Laois,
 Bob Aldwell: 
 RA(1), Rock's Park, Blackrock, Dublin,  26/10;
 RA(1), Newtownpark Ave. Blackrock, Dublin,
 RA(1), Newtownpark Avenue, Dublin, 30/10;
 RA(1), Rock's Park, Blackrock, Dublin, 30/10
 Dublin Naturalists' Field Club:(1), Red Rock, Howth,
 Dublin, 19/11

 Frank & Joan Smyth:(1), Red Rock, Howth; 20/11

 Kevin Hannan: RA(3), Newmarket-on-Fergus,
 Clare, 1/11
 Frank & Joan Smyth: Red Admiral(1), Needles, 
 Howth, Dublin, 21/11
 Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(7) & Ova, Howth Head,
 Dublin, 3/11
 [Female observed egg laying on both 3/11 & 4/11]
 Niamh Lennon:(1), Ballinteer Shopping Centre, 
 Dublin, 9/12
 Chris Wilson: RA(1), Wexford Wildlife Reserve,
Frank Smyth: (1),Needles, Howth Head, Dublin,
 Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: 
ova(30+), mostly green but some darkening; 
 RA 1st instar
larvae(10+). Cliff path, nr
 Ceanncorr Road, Howth, Dublin, 14/11
 S & J Reynolds:(1), W.Glendalough, Wicklow,11/12
 Tom Kelly: RA(1), Sunday's Well, Cork City, 20/11  Frank Smyth: (1), Howth Head, Dublin, 7/11
 Angus Tyner: RA(1), Cronykeery, Ashford,
 Wicklow, 26/11
 Ken Bond:Red Admiral, Cork City, 8/11
 Bob Aldwell: RA(1), Blackrock, Dublin, 5/12  Ian Rippey:Churchtown & elsewhere, Wexford, 9/11
 Frank Smyth: RA(1); RA ova(15); RA larval
tents(4). Needles, Howth, Dublin, 8/12
 Brian Hodginson:(1), Rock of Dunamase,Laois,17/11
   Kevin Hannan: (1), University of Limerick, 13/11
   DNFC:(1), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin, 19/11
   Niamh Lennon:(1),Ballinteer Shopping Centre,
 Dublin, 9/12
   S & J Reynolds:(1), W.Glendalough, Wicklow, 11/12
   Frank Smyth:(1),Needles,Howth Head, Dublin,11/12
   Geoff Hunt:Aughinish, Limerick, 24/12

Painted Lady

Painted Lady

 Helen Cloney & family: 
 Painted Lady
(1), Caim, Wexford, 2/4/06;  PL(4), Enniscorthy, Wexford, 3/4

 Steve Wing: Painted Lady(1) Cape Clear Bird
 Observatory, Cork,

 David Cooke: PL(1), Belgooly, Cork, 4/4

 Pat Whelan: PL, Glengarriff Wood, W.Cork, 4/4

 Ken Bond: PL(1) Mullinabro House (just N of 
 Waterford City), Kilkenny, 4/4

 Ken Bond: PL, near Killimor Co. Galway 2/5

 Raymond Fulton: PL(1), nr Clifden, Galway, 27/4

 Niall Keogh: PL(1) Kilcoole,Wicklow, 29/5 
 PL(1) Killoughter, Wicklow, 29/5

 Frank Smyth: PL(1), Bailey, Howth, Dublin, 5/5; 
 PL(8), Claremont Beach, Howth, Dublin, 7/5

 Frank Smyth & Family: PL, Blanchardstown 
 Roundabout, Dublin, 17/6; 
 PL, Howth golf course, Dublin, 18/6

 Peter Doyle: PL(1), Killiney, Dublin, 7/5

 B Aldwell and D Nash: PL, Donegal, 30 June -5 July 

 Liz Sheppard: PL(1), nr Raphoe, 8/5

 Geoff Hunt: PL(1), Skelligs Rock, Kerry, 9/7

 David Nash: PL(1), Royal Canal, Moyvalley,

 D Hardiman & D Nash: (1), Inisheer, Aran Islands, 
 Galway, 10/7

 Angus Tyner: PL(1), Ballyvolan, Newcastle,
 Wicklow, 11/5

 Maurice Simms: PL(1), Eden, nr Rosbeg, Co Donegal,

 Brian Danaher: PL(1), Kilcoole, Wicklow, 11/5

 Bob Aldwell: PL larvae from several 10 km sites in 
 Co Donegal - Glencolumcille, Dungloe, Buncrana and
 north of Malin at Lagg,  c26/8

 B Aldwell and F Smyth: PL(1), Oughig, Donegal,
 Paul Walsh: PL(7), Gortnalaght Wood, 
 Nth Lemybrien, Waterford, 11/6
 Bob Aldwell: PL(1), Blackrock, Co. Dublin, 1/9
 Paul Walsh: PL(3), Ballygarran/Lissahane,
 PL(4), Brownstown Head, Waterford, 11/6
 D Nash & D Hardiman: PL(1), Sydney Parade
 Station, Dublin, 8/9
 Frank Smyth: PL(1) Howth Station, Dublin, 15/6  Ian Rippey: PL(1), Co. Westnmeath; 
 PL( 1), Co. Clare,  PL(2), Co. Waterford; 
 PL( 1), Co. Wexford, 4-11/09 
 Bob Aldwell: PL(2), Vico Road, Dalkey, Dublin, 19/5  H. Cloney: PL(several), Cahore, Wexford, 22/9 
 Angus Tyner: PL(3), Killoughter;
PL(1), 5 mile point. Co. Wicklow, 27/5
 Niall Keogh, Brian Porter, John and Stan Nugent:
 PL(1), Kilbaha, Loop Head, Clare, 23/9
 George McDermott: PL(2), Buncrana, Donegal, 1/6  Frank Smyth: PL(1), Red Rock, Sutton, 27/9;
 PL(1), Needles, Howth, Dublin, 5/10
 N T & N Keogh: PL(2), Great Saltee, Wexford, 4/6   
 Maurice Simms: PL(1), Aderwaal Glen; 
 PL(4), Crowey Head, nr Dungloe; 
 (2), Crohan's Hill, nr Lifford.  Donegal. 3/6-5/6
 Kevin Hannan: PL(1), Poulasherry, Clare, 4/6;
PL(2), Kilnaboy-Boston Area, Burren, Clare, 5/6
 Emmet Johnston: PL(many), Ininshtrahull Island,
 Donegal, 7/6
 B Nelson, M Hughes, K Bond, B&L Gomes, S&Gail
 PL, singles at Castlesampson, Co. Roscommon; 
 PL, Killeglan grassland, Co.Roscommon;
 PL, Caher valley, N Clare. 6-9th/6
 Sandy Alcorn: PL(15+), Inishbofin Island,
 Donegal, 9/6; PL(many), Inishmeane & Inishirrer
 Islands, West Donegal, 7/6
 Ken Bond: (1), Sugarloaf Hill, Co Roscommon, 5/6;
 (1), Kilrush Wood, Clare, 9/6
 Ethna Diver: PL(6), Bundoran, Donegal, 10/6  
 Ken Bond: PL(2), Kenmare, Kerry, 14/6; 
 (1), Mossy Bed nr Nad, Cork, 15/6
 David Cooke: PL(4), Garrettstown wood near
 Kinsale, Co.Cork, 15/6
 Kevin Hannan: PL(1), Smithstown, Shannon,
 Clare, 22/6
 Paul Walsh: PL(3), Brownstown Head,
 Waterford, 17/6; PL(4), Killone, nr Knockaderry,
 Waterford, 17/6
 DNFC: PL larvae, Irishtown Nature Park,
 Dublin, 1/7
 Tony Murray: PL(2), Great Skellig, Kerry, 2/7;
 Painted Lady(1), Ballyteige NNR, Wexford, 4/7
 Ken Bond: PL(1), Gortigrenane, Cork, 9/7  
 Ken Bond: PL(1), Greystones (Rathdown), 
 Wicklow, 13/7; 
 PL(1), Ballyvaldon, Wexford, 15/7; 
 PL(2), Ballyconnigar Wood, Wexford, 16/7
 Deirdre Hardiman: PL(1), Bray Head (South),
 Wicklow, 19/7;

  PL larvae (numerous), cliff walk Donabate to
 Portrane, Dublin, 21/7
 David Dillon: PL (52), Turvey, Donabate, Dublin,
 Freddie Walsh: PL(60), Ballyteigue Burrows,
 Wexford, 7/8
 D Hodgers & E Flynn: PL(2), Howth, Dublin, 26/8;
 PL(7), Clogher Head, Louth, 27/8
 Don Hodgers: PL(4), Ganderstown Beach, Co
 Louth, 3/9
 Ian Rippey: 
 PL(1+), Newtown, Gort, SE Galway, 3/9; 
 PL(1), Ballymore, Ballinderreen, SE Galway, 4/9;
 PL(1), Kilcorkan, Boston, Clare, 5/9; 
 PL(1), Ardaun Lough, Kilkishen, Clare, 5/9  

 PL(1), Dohyle Lough, Rathkeale, Limerick, 9/9;
 PL(4), Aughinish, Barrigone Limerick, 9/9; 
 PL(1), Blackwater Railway, Offaly, 10/9; 
 PL(1), East end of Mongan Bog, Offaly, 10/9;
 PL(1), Breeole, Taghmaconnell, Roscommon, 10/9
 Bob Aldwell: PL(2), Killiney, Dublin, 19/9  
 Frank Smyth: PL(1), Ceanncor Rd, Howth, Co.
 Dublin, 2/10
 Ken Bond: PL(1), Buckroney Fen, nr Brittas bay,
 Wicklow, 14/10
 Kevin Hannan: PL(1), Plassey, Limerick, 15/10  
 Frank Smyth: PL(3), Red Rock, Howth, 22/10  




Previous confirmed records in RoI:

  • Elizabeth Keogh, The Raven, Wexford, 17/8/2000

  • Robert Pocock, Gartan, Donegal,

  • N J Donnithorne, Muckalee, Kilkenny, 13/9/2002

  • Frank Smyth, Sutton, Dublin,  

  • M Sheehy Skeffington, Terenure, Dublin, --/9/2003

  • Kieran Fahy: Comma (non-hutchinsoni), 
    Churchtown Graveyard, (near Carne), South






Matt Murphy: Monarch(1), Sherkin Island, Cork, 20/10/05


Michael O'Keefe: (1), Baltimore, Cork, 30/10/05


Camberwell Beauty

Camberwell Beauty







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