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Butterfly Phenology Archives 2005 & 2004

Below are some of the records and observations etc. by species:
All are adult butterfly records unless stated otherwise.

hesperidae     Pieridae     lycaenidae     nymphalidae     satyridae     mIGRANTS

 Indigenous species



Dingy Skipper

Dingy Skipper

Maurice Simms: Dingy Skipper(1), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 14/5/05

Geoff Hunt: Dingy Skipper, Aughinish Island, Limerick, 8/5/04

Ken Bond: Dingy Skipper(1), on bare peat, Peatland’s Park (N22), Offaly, 14/5/05

Geoff Hunt: DS, Creeves, Limerick, 8/5 

Michael Quirke: DS(a few), Annacotty, Limerick, 14/5/05

Frank Smyth: DS, Murvagh, Donegal, 17/5 

Frank Smyth:: DS(9),Rockhill, Ballintra, 15/5

Geoff Hunt: DS, Rathkeale, Limerick, c. 18/5

Geoff Hunt: DS(30), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5 

Ken Bond: DS, Ennis & Newmarket-on-Fergus, Clare, 21/5

Ralph & Liz Sheppard: DS, Burren, Clare (Glen of Clab & Cathair Chomain), 14/5 & 15/5 

Frank Smyth: DS(60-70++), Quarry nr Ballintra, Donegal,  c.22/5 

Frank Smyth: DS, Dromore, Donegal, 21/5 

Geoff Hunt: DS(20+), Aughinish Island, Limerick, 

Robert Northridge: DS, Morerah, Leitrim, 21/5

Ken Bond:  DS, Lough Rosroe, Ennis (Bunnow Marsh, 
link-road site), Burren (Fahee N), Clare

Deirdre Hardiman: DS(15+), Lullymore, Kildare, 6/6 

Ken Bond: DS, Hurney's Point (L. Corrib W shore); 16 at Ower (N. of Moycullen); Turloughcor (S of Headford), Galway (W & NE)

 Michael Salter: DS(many), Clooncoose, Clare, 6/6
 Ken Bond: DS(2), Mullagh, nr Barrigone, Limerick,

Ken Bond: DS, Dringeen Eighter (L. Mask), Mayo (E)

Ken Bond: DS(7), Hurney’s Point, nr Moycullen, W. Galway, 9/6

Alec Copland: DS, Turraun, Offaly, 5/6

 Ken Bond, DS(2), Ballindooly, NE of
 Galway City, 10/6

 Michael Quirke: DS(a few), Annacotty, Limerick, 

D Hardiman & D Nash: DS(many), Clooncoose, Burren, Clare, 11/6


 Ken Bond: DS, Lough Carra, nr Partry,  (E & W
 Mayo), 11/6


Ken Bond: DS, nr large limestone quarry, Cong, E. Mayo, 11/6


 Adrian Phelan: Lullymore, Kildare, c.11/6


 D Hardiman & D Nash: DS(1), nr
 Laghtyshaughnessey, Galway, 12/6 


 Ken Bond: DS(2), Rocklands, nr Oranmore, SE  
 Galway, 13/6


 Ian Rippey: 
DS(1), Rinnamona, NE of Kilnaboy, Co. Clare 14/6;
 DS(1), Clooncoose, Kilnaboy, Co. Clare 14/6;
 DS(3-4), Rinroe Marsh, S of Lough Bunny, Co.  
 Clare, 15/6;
 DS(1), Coolorta, NW of Lough Bunny 15/6;
 DS(1), (New county record), disused limestone
 quarry N of Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny 16/6










 Wood White

Wood White

 Ken Bond: Wood White near Killimor Co. Galway

Gordon D'Arcy: Wood White, Killeenaran, Kilcolgan, Galway, 25/4/04

 Eamonn McGlinchey: Glencar, Letterkenny, 13/5

Frank Smyth: WW, Knader Wood, Ballyshannon, Donegal, 8/5

 Brian Hodkinson: WW, Annaholty, Birdhill, Tipperary,

Frank Smyth: WW(2), Rosnowlagh, Donegal, 15/5 

 Michael Quirke: WW(plenitful), Annacotty, Limerick,

Deirdre Hardiman & D Nash: WW, Portrane Burrow, Dublin, 16/5

 Frank Smyth: WW(1), Dromore, Donegal, 16/5 

Chris Wilson: WW, Raven, Wexford, (24) 17/5  ....

 Geoff Hunt: WW(6), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5

Ian Rippey: WW(3+ ), Co Clare 4/8 

 Tina Aughney: WW(3), Portumna Forest Park, 
 Galway,  14/5 


 B Aldwell & D Nash: WW(1), Dalkey Quarry, Co 
 Dublin, 29/5


 David Nash: WW(6+): Clonsilla, Dublin, 29/5


 Deirdre Hardiman: WW(6), Lullymore, Kildare, 6/6


 Brian Hodkinson: WW(many), Annaholty Bog, 
 Tipperary, 6/6/05


 Brian Nelson: WW, Pallas Lake, Offaly, 9/6


 Ken Bond: WW, Coolagh & Ballindooly 
 Hill, both NE of Galway City, 10/6


 D Hardiman & D Nash: WW(1), Clooniff, Moycullen,
 Galway, 11/6


 D Hardiman & D Nash, WW(many), Clooncoose, 
 Burren, Clare,11/6 


 Brian Nelson: WW, Doo Lough, Muckross, Killarney
 National Park, 12/6


 Brian Nelson, WW, Lough Derg, Scarriff, Clare, 13/6


 B Aldwell & F Smyth, WW, (2), Pettigo, 11/6


 Ken Bond: WW(7),  Lough Carra, nr Partry (E & W
 Mayo), 11/6


 Ken Bond: WW(4), Lavally, between  Ardrahan and
 Craughwell, SE Galway, 13/6


 Ian Rippey: 
 WW(1), Rinnamona, NE of Kilnaboy, Co. Clare,
 WW(1), Templebannagh,  SE of Lough Bunny, Co.  
 Clare, 15/6; 
 WW(4), roadside, Coolorta, NW of Lough Bunny,Co. 
 Clare, 15/6; 
 WW(1 male), Drumadeevna, Co. Clare, 15/6





 Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: WW, Knocklahard,
 Mayo, 18/6


 Bob Aldwell: WW(6), Dalkey, Dublin, 18/6


 Ian Rippey:
 WW(1-2), disused gravel pit, Monklands 
 Industrial Estate, Athlone, Rosccommon, 13/6;
 WW(3-4), disused limestone quarry, N of
 Thomastown, Kilkenny 16/6;  
 WW(c.8), Raven Dunes, Curracloe, Wexford
 WW(1+), roadside at Dowdstown Bog, Kells, 
 Meath, 19/6 






 David Nash: WW(c.6), Girlay Bog, nr. Athboy, Meath,


 Angus Tyner: WW, Ashford, Wicklow, 19/6 


 Ken Bond: 
 WW(1), Leptidea reali confirmed, Heathlawn Bog,  
 Cork, -/5; 
 WW(5), Knocknaskagh & (2) Rahan Mtn, Cork, 19/6;
 WW(1), Knocacullata Plantation, Cork, 22/6




 Deirdre Hardiman: WW(10+), Hugginstown Fen,
 Kilkenny, 27/6


 Ian Rippey: Wood White, Ballyeighter Wood,
 Clare, 2/8


 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 WW(1m,1f), Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 6/8 & 
 WW, nr Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 


 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: WW, nr
 Kilcorkan, Co Clare; WW, Knockaunroe, Co Clare,






 Geoff Hunt: Brimstone(2), Adare, Limerick, 

 Fiona Devery: Brimstone, Golen Grove, Birr, 

 D Hardiman: B(15+), Burren, Clare, 2/4

 Geoff Hunt: B, Rathkeale, Limerick, 7/4

 Robert Northridge: B(1), nr Aglish,Tipperary 2/4

 David Cooke: B, Kilcooley nr Urlingford,  Tipperary, 

 Robert Northridge: B(2), east of Banagher, Offaly, 

 Michael Quirke: B, Mullaghmore, Clare, 12/4

 Ken Bond: Craggard, B, nr Barefield, Clare, 16/4; 

 Brian Gaffney: B, nr Shannonbridge, Offaly, 16/4

 Ken Bond: Clooncat, Clare [R28], 1/5; 
 Cloonoolia North, SE of Woodford,  Galway, 2/5; 
 Rosturra Wood, nr Woodford, Galway, 2/5. 

 Gordon D'Arcy: B, The Burren (Carron), Clare, 24/4

 Geoff Hunt: (1), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5 

 Alex Copland: B, Portumna Forest Park, Galway,

 Tina Aughney: B(many), Portumna Forest Park,
 Galway, 14/5 

 Alex Copland: B(4), Portumna Forest Park, Galway, 

 Deirdre Hardiman: B(1), Lullymore, Kildare, 6/6 

 Ian Rippey: B(52+ ), Co Clare & Co  Galway 4/8, 
 Mayo, Tipperary &  Roscommon 8-15/8 

 Ken Bond: Brimstone ovipositing on R. catharticus, 
 Hurney’s Point, nr Moycullen, W. Galway, 9/6



 Ian Rippey: B(1, probably female), Rinnamona,
 NE of Kilnaboy, Co. Clare 14/6


 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: 
 B, Lough Bunny, Co Clare, 7/8 & nr Kilcorkan, Co
 Clare, 7/8 


 Adrian Phelan: B(20), Dromore Woods, Clare, 8/8


 D Hardiman & D Nash: B(1), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8


 Ian Rippey: B(some in the Burren
 including double figures at 1 site), C. Clare,




 Large White

 Large White

Angus Tyner: Large White, JFK Arboretum, New Ross, Wexford, 29/4/05

DNFC: Large White, Corballis, Dublin, 24/4/04

Frank Smyth: LW(2), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 10/5 

Frank Smyth: Howth, Dublin, 28/4

Eamonn McGlinchey: LW(2), Glencar, Letterkenny, 13/5 

D Hardiman: Sand Pits, Wicklow, 26/5

Frank Smyth: LW(1), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5 

Ian Rippey: (52+) , Clare, Galway, Tipperary, Laois, Kilkrnny, Offaly, Roscommon & Westmeath, 10-15/8

David Nash: LW, Rush, Dublin, 8/6

Ken Bond: LW, Lough Carra, nr Partry (E & W Mayo), 11/6

Cape Clear Observatory (BirdWatch Ireland), 8/10

Angus Tyner: LW, Ashford, Wicklow, 17/6 


Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: LW, Roundstone,  
Galway, 18/6


 Ian Rippey: 
 LW(1-2), disused gravel pit, Monklands Industrial  
 Estate, Athlone, Co Westmeath, 13/6; 
 (2 male), small wooded area, Ballard S of Lough
 Bunny, Co. Clare, 15/6;
 LW(1), disused limestone quarry, N of Thomastown, 
 Co. Kilkenny 16/6;
 LW(1), Whitegate crossroads, Virginia & (1), near 
 Cloghbally Bog, Mullagh, Co Cavan, 19/6




 David Nash: LW, Girley Bog, nr. Athboy,
 Meath, 19/6


 B Aldwell and D Nash: LW larvae, Donegal, 
 June 30-July 5


 Angus Tyner: LW(5), Cronykeery, Wicklow,


 D Hardiman & D Nash: LW(5), Inisheer, Aran
 Islands, Galway, 10/7 


 Deirdre Hardiman: LW(1), Sth Mooghaun Wood,
 Co.Clare, 14/7 


 Adrian Phelan: (3), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 15/7


 Deirdre Hardiman: LW(1), roadside near Mooghaun
 Ringfort, Co. Clare, 16/7.


 David Cooke: Dunderrow Wood near Kinsale, 22/7


 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: LW, nr
 Kilcorkan, Co.Clare, 7/8; LW, (Holistic Centre),
 Ballyeighter, Co.Clare, 7/8 


 Niall Keogh: LW(numerous), Jigginstown, Naas,
 Kildare, 16/8  


 D Hardiman & D Nash: LW(1), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8


 Frank Smyth: LW(8), 5/9 & LW(1), 13/9, The Baily,
 Howth, Dublin,


 B Aldwell & D Nash: LW(1), The Needles, Howth,
 Dublin, 18/9;


 Niall & Noel Keogh: LW(1), Hook Head, Wexford,

 Bob Aldwell: LW(1), Blackrock, Dublin, 5/10

 George McDermott: LW larvae in a garden,
 Buncrana, Donegal, 30/10

Small White

Small White

 Angus Tyner; Small White, Kilcroney, Wicklow,

 Michael Fox: Small White, Drinagh, Cork, 29/3/04

 Frank Smyth: SW(1), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 10/5

 Angus Tyner: SW, Cronykeery nr Ashford, Wicklow,

 Eamonn McGlinchey: SW(1), Glencar, Letterkenny,

 Chris Wilson: SW, Lady's Island, Wexford, 8/4

 Frank Smyth: SW(3), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5 

 Cape Clear Observatory, Cork, 12/4

 David Nash: SW, Rush, Dublin, 8/6

 Frank Smyth: SW, Howth, Dublin, 28/4

 Ian Rippey: SW(Possibly 1 or 2), small wooded         
 area, Ballard, S of Lough Bunny, Co. Clare, 15/6;
 SW(1), disused limestone quarry N of
 Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny 16/6;
 SW(1), Caim, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford 16/6; 

 David Nash: SW, Irishtown, Dublin, 1/5

 Ian Rippey: SW, (41+), Longford, Roscommon,
 Clare, Galway,  Mayo, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Laois, 
 Offaly, W'meath, 2-14 /8

 David Nash: SW, Girlay Bog, nr. Athboy, Meath,


 Angus Tyner: SW, Ashford, Wicklow, 17/6 & 19/6 


 Frank Smyth & Family: SW(2), Cliff walk (Needles)
 Howth, 19/6 & SW(2), Claremount Strand, Sutton, 
 Dublin 20/6



 Angus Tyner: SW(c.6), Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6


 B Aldwell and D Nash: SW, butterflies & larvae,  
Donegal, June 30-July 5


 Angus Tyner, SW(1), Cronykeery, Wicklow,


 Ian Rippey: SW(~4), Termonfeckin, Louth, 16/7 


 Deirdre Hardiman: SW(2), Mooghaun
 Ringfort, Co. Clare, 16/7.


 Deirdre Hardiman: SW(4), Mooghaun Wood, (near
 Ringfort), Co. Clare, 16/7.


 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: SW, nr
 Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 


 D Nash & D Hardiman: SW, Gormanstown, Meath, 


 Frank Smyth: SW(2), The Baily, Howth, Dublin, 5/9


 B Aldwell & D Nash: SW(2+), Irishtown, Dublin, 18/9


 B Aldwell & D Nash: SW(1+), The Needles, Howth,
 Dublin, 18/9;


 Deirdre Hardiman: SW(2), Bog Meadow, Enniskerry,
 Wicklow, 18/9


 Bob Aldwell: SW(1), Blackrock, Dublin, 5/10




 Green-veined White

Green-veined White

 Angus Tyner: Green-veined White(2), Kilcroney,

 Brian Hodkinson: Green-veined White, Anaholty, 

 Steve Wing: GVW, Cape Clear Bird Observatory, 
 Cork 12/4

 GVW, Cape Clear Observatory, Cork, 12/4

 Frank Smyth: GVW(7), Murvagh, Donegal

 Geoff Hunt: GVW, Tarbert, Kerry, 12/4

 Eamonn McGlinchey: Glencar, Letterkenny, 13/5 

 Craig Ayers: GVW, Lettermore, Donegal, 15/4

 Angus Tyner: GVW(15+), Blackditch, Newcastle,
 Wicklow, 10/5 

 Angus Tyner: GVW, Kilcroney, Wicklow, 15/4

 Eamonn McGlinchey: GVW, Glencar, Letterkenny,

 David Cooke: GVW, Dursey Isl, Cork, 16/4

 Geoff Hunt: GVW(3), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5 

 DHardiman: GVW, Kippure, Kilbride & Russelstown, 
 Wicklow 26/5

 Tina Aughney: GVW, Portumna Forest Park,
 Galway,  14/5

 Ian Rippey: GVW(352+), Longford, Roscommon, 
 Clare, Galway, Mayo, Tipperary,  Kilkenny, Laois,
 W'meath, Offaly, 2-15/8

 Ken Bond: GVW(several), Knockbrack, N. Cork, 31/5

 Deirdre Hardiman: GVW(1), Lullymore, Kildare, 6/6 


 Brian Nelson: GVW, nr Galway's Bridge, Kerry, 10/6 


 B Aldwell & F Smyth: GVW(2), Pettigo, 11/6


 B Aldwell, F Smyth & E McGlinchey: GVW(3), 
 Irivinestown Lough, Donegal, 12/6 


 Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: GVW(1),
 Knocklahard,Mayo, 18/6


 Ian Rippey: GVW(1), Rinroe Marsh & GVW(1)
 Ballard, S ofLough Bunny, Co. Clare, 15/6;
 GVW(1 faded), Cloroge More, Co. Wexford, 16/6;
 GVW(1), Knockananna Bog & (2-3) at Holdenstown 
 Bog near Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow 18/6




 B Aldwell and D Nash: GVW, Donegal, June 30-July 5


 Angus Tyner: GVW(4), Cronykeery, Wicklow, 


 Deirdre Hardiman: GVW(3), Ballyeighter, Co. Clare,


 Deirdre Hardiman: GVW(15+), Cratloe Wood, Co.
 Clare, 13/7;


 Deirdre Hardiman: GVW(10+), Sth Mooghaun Wood,
 Co.Clare, 14/7 


 Deirdre Hardiman: GVW(>5), Mooghaun Ringfort,  
 Co.Clare, 16/7.


 David Cooke: GVW, Dunderrow Wood near Kinsale, 


 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: GVW, 
 nr Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 


 Adrian Phelan: GVW(3), Dromore Woods, Clare, 8/8


 Niall Keogh: GVW(numerous), Jigginstown, Naas, 
 Kildare, 16/8


 D Hardiman & D Nash: (2), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8


 D Nash & D Hardiman:(2)Gormanstown, Meath,






 Michael Quirke: Orange Tip(1), Murroe, Limerick,

 OT, Cape Clear Observatory, Cork, 11/4/04

 Oran O'Sullivan: OT, Blackditch Wood, Newcastle, 
 Wicklow, 15/4

 Geoff Hunt: OT, Tarbert, Kerry, 12/4/

 Frank Smyth: OTs widespread in south Donegal; 
 OT(4) Murvagh, Donegal, 19/4

 David Cooke: OT, Dunboywood, Castletownbere, 
 Cork,  15/4 

 Ken Bond: OT, raggard, nr Barefield, Clare, 16/4;

 Craig Ayers: OT, Lettermore, Donegal, 16/4

 Ken Bond: OT, Lyre, nr Banteer, Cork, 20/4

 Tom Gittings: OT, nr Kanturk, Cork, 16/4 

 Niall Mac Coitir: OT, Swords, Dublin, 4/5

 D Hardiman: Russelstown (15), Kippure (20+), 
 Wicklow, 27/5

 Ken Bond: OT, males, females and ova on 
 Cardamine pratensis, Islandmore Bog, near Gort, 
 Co Galway, 30/4 

 D Hardiman: (40+), Brittas, Co Dublin,  27/5


 D Hardiman: OT, (6), Bohernabreena, & 
 OT(1), Brittas  Co. Dublin, 10/5  


 Frank Smyth: OT(3), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin,


 Eamonn McGlinchey: OT, Glencar, Letterkenny, 13/5


 Angus Tyner: OT(15 + many ova), Blackditch,
 Newcastle, Wicklow, 10/5


 Ken Bond: OT, at G60 and N47, 12/5.
 New 10 km records for OT.


 Tina Aughney: OT, Portumna Forest Park, Galway, 14/5


 Frank Smyth: OT(1), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5 


 Ken Bond: OT(2 males) & ova about to hatch, on 
 C.pratensis, Knockbrack, N. Cork, 31/5


 Brian Nelson: OT, nr Galway's Bridge, Kerry, 10/6 


 Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: OT, Pettigo, 11/6


 B Aldwell, F Smyth & E McGlinchey: 
 OT(6), Irivinestown Lough, Donegal, 12/6


 Angus Tyner: OT, Ashford, Wicklow, 17/6 


 Ian Rippey: larva on Ladys Smock, Poulroe, 
 S of Lough Bunny, Co. Clare, 15/6;
 OT(1 male), Ballylusk, Co. Wicklow, 18/6



 B Aldwell and D Nash: OT larvae, Donegal, 
 June 30-July 5






Green Hairstreak

Green Hairstreak

Frank Smyth: Green Hairstreak, nr Ballyshannon, Donegal, 22/4/05

 Bob Aldwell: Green Hairstreak, Muckros Head, 

Tina Aughney: GH, Killyconny Bog, Cavan, 27/4

 Bob Aldwell: Ballynarry, N of Buncrana, Donegal,

Ken Bond: GH, near Killimor Co. Galway 2/5

Geoff Hunt: GH(12), Toohana nr Ballyduff, Kerry,  2/5 

Alex Copland: GH(1), Ashton's Callows, North Tipperary, 25/4

John Cromie: GH, 3 locations, Ardara/Glenties, Donegal,  c.8/5

Ken Bond: GH on E. slopes of Mt Brandon, Kerry, 10/5 

Brian Hodkinson: GH, Annaholty, Tipperary, c.16/5

Maurice Simms: GH, Adderwal Glen(B80), 10/5 &  14/5, & GH, Glendowan(C01), along Lough Barra-Doocchary road, 16/5;  

David Nash: GH(30+), Tyrrellspass, Westmeath, 17/5

John Cromie: GH, NW of Crolly, Donegal, 1/5

Terry Tedstone: GH(50+), The Illies, Inishowen, Donegal, [Inishowen Wildlife Club], 21/5  


Brian Nelson: GH(1), nr Galway's Bridge, Kerry, 10/6 


Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: GH, Derrydrouel nr
Dungloe, 11/6;


Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: GH, Lough
Nalawney,Galway, 19/6


Geoff Hunt: GH, Toohana (Q93) & 
GH, Dysert(Q83) marshes nr Ballyduff, Kerry, 19/6


David Cooke: GH(30+), Dursey Island, Cork, 25/6




Brown Hairstreak

Brown Hairstreak

Ken Bond:  Brown Hairstreak eggs, Lough Corrib, Galway, 24/1;
(6) Brown Hairstreak
eggs, The Commons of Carney, Borrisokane, Tipperary,  19/2

 David Nash: Brown Hairstreak, Burren, Co Clare

Ian Rippey: BH(15-27), Clare, Galway, Mayo, Tipperary 3-9/8;

Ian Rippey: Brown Hairstreak, nr Gort, Galway, and several sites in the Burren. 2/8/05

Ian Rippey: BH(11-15), Galway & Clare, 6-7/9  & 
BH(1) Borrisokane, Tipperary, 8/9

BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: 
BH(2f), Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 6/8; 
BH, Ballyeighter Wood,  & 
BH, Lough Bunny, Co Clare, 7/8


Adrian Phelan: BH(1), Dromore Woods, Clare, 8/8


Fred Walsh: BH(>3) Brown Hairstreaks, Cooloorta,
Co.Clare, 27/8


D Hardiman & D Nash: BH(2), Brigit's Garden,
Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8


Ian Rippey: BH(small numbers), SE Galway, Clare BHand BH, North Tipperary, 4-11/09 




Purple Hairstreak

Purple Hairstreak

 Ian Rippey: Purple Hairstreak, St. John's Wood, 
 and Derryled Wood, Roscommon,

 David Nash: Purple Hairstreak, Burren, Clare

BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: Ballyeighter Wood, Ballyeighter, Co Clare, 7/8 

 Ian Rippey: PH(18-36), Roscommon, Clare, Galway 
 & PH Tipperary 2-10/8

Pat Brennan: (3+), Grove Wood, Fethard, Tipperary, 7/8


Ian Rippey: (1), Abbeyleix Estate, Laois. New
(vice-)county record, 11/8 


Ian Rippey: c.6 at one site in SE Galway and 2 at
one site in Co. Clare, 4-11/09 



Small Copper

Small Copper

  Ken Bond: Small Copper, near Killimor, Co. 

 Frank Smyth: Small Copper(3), Murvagh, Donegal,

 Frank Smyth: SC(1), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 

Frank Smyth: SC, Inver Dunes, Donegal, 15/5

 Maurice Simms: SC(3), Sheskinmore, Donegal,

George McDermott: SC, Cashel-na-Cor,  Buncrana,
Donegal, 16/5

 Frank Smyth: SC(17), Inver Dunes, 16/5

Chris Wilson: SC, Raven, Wexford, 17/5

 Ken Bond: SC(1), Knockbrack, N. Cork, 31/5 

 David Nash: SC, Tyrrellspass, Westmeath, 17/5

 Ken Bond: SC, Mauricemills, Clare, 7/6

 Geoff Hunt: SC, Rathekeale, Limerick, c.18/5 ...

 Ken Bond: SC, Luimnagh, nr Headford, NE
 Galway, 10/6

 D Hardiman: SC, Sand Pits & Kippure, Wicklow 26/5
 & 25/6

D Hardiman & D Nash: SC(1), Clooniff, Moycullen, 
Galway, 11/6

 D Hardiman: Brittas, Co Dublin, 7/6

 Adrian Phelan: SC, Lullymore, Kildare, c.11/6

 Ian Rippey: (79+), Roscommon , Clare , Galway, 
 Mayo, Tipperary, Laois, Offaly, Westmeath 2-15/8 

 Ian Rippey: SC(1 faded), Ballymahon, Co. 
 Longford on 13/6

 Deirdre Hardiman: SC(1 worn), Corbally, 
 Co.Dublin, 16/6

 Cape Clear Observatory (BirdWatch Ireland):  30/9, 15/10, 16/10, 20/10 

 Deirdre Hardiman: SC(1), Cloonaherna, Co.Clare, 15/7 


 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: 
 SC(1), Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 6/8; 
 SC, nr Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8


 Freddie Walsh: SC(5), nr Kilmore Quay, Wexford, 


 Tony Murray, SC, Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford, 


 Niall Keogh: SC(1), Jigginstown, Naas, Kildare, 


 D Hardiman & D Nash: SC(2), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8


 Tom Cooney: SC(1), Timahoe, Co. Laois, 30/8


 Frank Smyth: SC(3), 5/9 & (1 larva), 13/9;
 SC, The Baily, Howth, Dublin,


 Deirdre Hardiman:  SC(1), Bog Meadow, 
 Enniskerry, Wicklow, 18/9


 Niall Keogh & Brian Porter: SC(1), Fodry, Loop   
 Head, Clare, 22/9; 

 Niall Keogh, Peter Doyle, Harry Hussey & Shane
 Farrell: SC(1), slightly ragged Small Copper,
 Schull, Cork, 13/10

Small Blue

Small Blue

Maurice Simms: Small Blue(1), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 14/5/05

Frank Smyth: Small Blue(~6 adults), St John's Point, Donegal, 15/5/04 

Frank Smyth, (6), St John's Point, Donegal, 15/5

Frank Smyth: SB(1), Quarry nr Ballintra, Donegal, c.22/5 

Frank Smyth, (2+), Port, Inver, 16/5

Geoff Hunt: SB(12+), Aughinish Island, Limerick,  22/5 

Geoff Hunt: SB(15), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5

Ken Bond: SB(c.12), Castlegregory, Kerry, 3/6

Colm Ronayne: SB(3), Ballast Pit, Skerries, Dublin, 26/5

David Nash: SB, Portrane, Dublin (c.100), 6/6

Robert Northridge: SB(15+), St. John's Point, Donegal, c.29/5


Ken Bond: SB(20), Mullagh, nr Barrigone,  
Limerick, 6/6 


David Nash: SB(8+), Rush, Dublin, 8/6


Ken Bond: SB, Cong, Mayo, 11/6 


Adrian Phelan: SB, Lullymore, Kildare, c.11/6


 Ian Rippey: SB(c.7), disused gravel pit, 
 Monklands Industrial Estate, Athlone, Co. 
 Roscommon, 13/6; 
 SB(1), Coolorta, NW Lough Bunny Co. Clare,
 SB(c.15) Raven Dunes, Curracloe, Co. Wexford
SB 17/6






Common Blue

Common Blue

 Alex Copland: Common Blue(1), Ashton's  
 Callows, North Tipperary,

 Geoff Hunt: Common Blue, Creeves, Limerick,

 David Cooke: CB, Dursey Island, Cork, 14/5 

 Chris Wilson: CB(160), Raven, Wexford,  17/5

 Geoff Hunt: CB(4), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5 

 David Nash: CB, Portmarnock & Corballis, Dublin, 

 Colm Ronayne: CB(many), Ballast Pit,  
 Skerries, Dublin, 26/5 

 D Hardiman: CB, Blessington and Russelstown, 
 Wicklow 5/6  

 David Nash: CB(150+), Gormanston, Meath, 26/5 

 D Hardiman: CB(30+), SCDGA, Brittas, Co Dublin,

 Frank Smyth: (1), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5 

 Ian Rippey: CB(69+), Roscommon, Clare, Galway,
 Tipperary, Laois, Offaly, Westmeath, 2-15/8

 Ken Bond: CB(43), Mullagh, nr Barrigone,
 Limerick, 6/6


 David Nash: CB, Rush, Dublin, 8/6


 Ken Bond: CB(5), Hurney’s Point, nr  Moycullen, 
 W. Galway, 9/6


 D Hardiman & D Nash: CB(many), Clooncoose,  
 Burren, Clare, 11/6 


 D Hardiman & D Nash: CB(2), Clooniff, Moycullen,
 Galway, 11/6


 D Hardiman & D Nash: CB(2), 
 nr Laghtyshaughnessey, Galway, 12/6 


 Ken Bond: CB(2), Rocklands, nr Oranmore, 
 SE Galway, 13/6


 Ian Rippey:
 CB(8-10), disused gravel pit, Athlone, Co. 
 Westmeath, 13/6;
 CB(6-8), Rinnamona; (2), Clooncoose, Co. Clare, 
 CB(1), Templebannagh; (3-4), Rinroe Marsh; 
 CB( 4-5), Coolorta, Co. Clare 15/6;
 CB(c.12), limestone quarry, N of Thomastown, 
 Co. Kilkenny, 16/6;
 CB(3-4), disused quarry, Ballymoon, Co. Carlow, 








 Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: CB(1 fresh),
 Knocklahard, Mayo, 18/6


 Bob Aldwell: CB, Irishtown, Dublin, 18/6


 Ian Rippey:
 CB(30-40), Raven Dunes, Co. Wexford, 17/6;
 CB(8-10), Buckroney dunes, Brittas Bay, Co. 
 Wicklow, 17/6;
 CB(1 male), Knockananna Bog, Co. Wicklow,
 CB(25+) north shore of Lough Derravarragh, Co.
 Westmeath, 19/6;  






 Angus Tyner: CB(c.10), Clonmannon, Wicklow,


 Frank Smyth & Family: 
 CB, Dart Station, Howth, 18/6 & 
 CB(2), Claremount Strand, Sutton,  Dublin 20/6



 David Cooke: CB, Dursey Island, Cork, 25/6


 Angus Tyner: CB(3), Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6


 DNFC: CB(50+), North Bull Island, Dublin, 26/6


 Ken Bond: CB(1) Knockcullata Plantation, Cork,


 Deirdre Hardiman: CB(1) Hugginstown Fen, 
 27/6; (2), Knockadrina Woods, Kilkenny, 28/6 


 B Aldwell and D Nash: CB, Donegal, June 30-
 July 5


 Angus Tyner: CB(1), Cronykeery, Wicklow,


 D Hardiman & D Nash: CB(1), Inisheer, 
 Aran Islands, Galway, 10/7; 


 Deirdre Hardiman: CB(4), Ballyeighter, Co.Clare, 


 Ian Rippey: CB(1f), Termonfeckin, Co.Louth,


 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 CB, Knockaunroe, Co Clare, 7/8 


 D.Hardiman: CB(8), Irishtown, Co.Dublin 7/8


 Freddie Walsh: CB(20), nr Kilmore Quay, Wexford,


 Tony Murray: CB, Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford, 


 D Hardiman & D Nash: CB(1), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8


 Ian Rippey: CB(many), 4-11/09 


 Frank Smyth: CB(4), 5/9 & CB(1), 13/9, The
 Baily, Howth, Dublin,


 D Nash & D Hardiman: CB(50+), Gormanstown,
 Meath, 3/9


 Deirdre Hardiman: CB(1), Bog Meadow,
 Enniskerry, Wicklow, 18/9




Holly Blue

Holly Blue

 Frank Smith: Holly Blue(2), Sutton, Dublin; 
Holly Blue(2), Howth, Dublin, 2/4/05 

 Niamh Lennon: Holly Blue, Rathmines, Dublin,

 David Cooke: (3), garden, Douglas, Cork, 2/4 

David Nash: Irishtown, Dublin, 12/4

 D Hardiman: (1), Burren, Clare, 2/4

David Cooke: Douglas, Cork, 12/4

 Frank Smyth: (7), Knader Wood, East of 
 Ballyshannon, Donegal, 21/4

Jervis Good: Riverstick, Cork,16/4

 Ralph Sheppard: (20), Ard na Mona, L Eske,  
 Donegal, 22/4 

Evelyn Moorkens: Rathfarnham, Dublin, 18/4

 Ken Bond: (3), Sunday's Well,  Cork City 

Fiona Smyth: Baldoyle, Dublin, 19/04

 Niall Mac Coitir: Swords, Dublin, 4/5

Widespread in Dublin, 23-25/4

 Ken Bond: (1 Male), Rosturra Wood, near  
 Woodford, Co Galway 1/5; (2), Heathlawn 
 Wood, near Killimor, Co Galway, 1/5; (1), North 
 Cork, W69, [new square record], 7/5. 

Coilin MacLochlainn: 20-30, Phibsboro, Dublin 24 & 25/4

Anne Reid: Castleknock, Dublin, 25/4

 David Nash:(2/3), Irishtown, Dublin, 4/5

Oran O'Sullivan: Black, Wicklow, 28/4

 D Hardiman: (1), Bohernabreena,Co. Dublin,10/5 

Bob Aldwell: Knader Wood, E of Ballyshannon, 29/4

 Frank Smyth: Holly Blue(10), Cliff Walk, Howth,
 Dublin, 10/5 

Ralph Sheppard: nr Cottian Wood, S of Kilmacrenan, Donegal, 1/5

 Angus Tyner: (3), Blackditch, Newcastle,  
 Wicklow, 10/5

Ken Bond: Clydagh Br., Glen of Aherlow & Ballagh, Slievenamuck, S. Tipperary, 1/5

 Maurice Simms: Holly Blue, Adderwal Glen(B80),
 10/5 & 14/5, 

Maurice Simms: Doochary, Donegal, 1/5

 Frank Smyth: (2), Ardnamona, 16/5

Frank Smyth: Knader Wood, Ballyshannon, Donegal, 8/5

 Frank Smyth: (3), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5

Ken Bond: Turkstown, near Fiddown, Co Kilkenny, 28/7, Ballykeeffe Nature Reserve, Co Kilkenny,  5/8/04

 Brian Nelson: nr Galway's Bridge, Kerry, 10/6

 Adrian Phelan: (1), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 15/7

Ian Rippey: (8+), Galway, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Laois, 9-11/8

 Ian Rippey:Holly Blue, Coolburnet Hill, Kildare, 

Kevin Collins: Thurles, Co. Tipperary, 19/8.

 Gerry Sharkey:(1) Drumcondra and (2) at
 different sites, Finglas, Co.Dublin. 

Bob Aldwell: Blackrock, Dublin, 23/9

 Pat Brennan: (2), Grove Wood, Fethard,  
 Tipperary, 7/8

Frank Smyth: Howth, Dublin, 24/9

 Niall Keogh: (numerous), Jigginstown, Naas, 
 Kildare, 16/8, 

Bob Aldwell: Seapoint, Dublin, 4/10, (3rd generation),

 Ian Rippey: (1), near Balbriggan in North Co. 
 Dublin on 11/09  

Bob Aldwell: Blackrock, Dublin, 13/11

 D Nash & D Hardiman:(1), Iveagh Gardens,  
 Dublin, 2/9 


 Frank Smyth: (2) 5/9 & (4) 13/9, The Baily,  
 Howth, Dublin,


 B Aldwell & D Nash: (1), The Needles, Howth,
 Dublin, 18/9;


 B Aldwell & D Nash: Holly Blue larvae, (10+),
 Blackrock, Dublin, 18/9

 Bob Aldwell: (1+) (3rd generation), Brighton Vale,
 Monkstown, Dublin, 25/9
 Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue larvae seen on ivy in the
 Blackrock area of Dublin, 2/10
 Frank Smyth: (1), Sutton, Dublin, 14/10; 
 (1), Baldoyle, Dublin,  15/10
 Margaret Finn: (3), Seapoint Avenue,
 Monkstown, Blackrock, Co Dublin, 2/10;
  (2) at Seapoint Avenue, Blackrock,
 Co. Dublin, 15/10 
 David Nash: (1), Serpentine Avenue,
 Ballsbridge, Dublin, 23/10
 Bob Aldwell: (3), Seapoint, Dublin, 26/10;
 Fresh Holly Blue(1) beside Blackrock RC Church,
 Dublin & Male Holly Blue, Seapoint Avenue,  
 Blackrock, Dublin, 1/11; 
 (2-3), Seapoint, Dublin, 2/11; 
 (1 male), Seapoint, Dublin, 20/11.
 Jim O'Connor: (1), Castleknock, Dublin, 6/11  



Small Tortoiseshell

Small Tortoiseshell

 Bob Aldwell: Small Tortoiseshell(2), Blackrock, Dublin, 4/2/05

David Nash: Small Tortoiseshell, College Street, Dublin, 16/2/04

 Ken Bond: (1), nr Carrigaline, Cork, 5/2.

Derek Scott: Dursey Island, Cork, 18/2

 David Nash: (1), Tullamore, Offaly, 16/2.

Cape Clear Observatory, Cork, 11/3

 Chris Wilson: (2), North Slob, Wexford, 10/3

Brian Hodkinson: Birdhill, Tipperary, 7/3

 John Tyner: (1), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 13/3.

Frank Smyth: Howth, 24/3-12/4

 Angus Tyner: nr Ashford, Wicklow, (2) 17/3 &  
 (5) 18/3

Lesley Malone: Clontarf, Dublin, 17/3 ...

 Frank Smyth: Sutton/Howth, Dublin, 18/3

D Hardiman: Brittas, Co Dublin, 5/6

 D Hardiman: (1), Burren, Clare, 2/4

DNFC: freshly emerged,  Irishtown, Dublin, 19/6

 Steve Wing: Cape Clear Bird Observatory, Cork

Ian Rippey: (about 38), Longford, Roscommon, Clare, Galway, Mayo, Tipperary, Laois , Offaly, Westmeath 2-15/8

 Ken Bond: (2): Craggard, nr Barefield, Clare,16/4

 Ken Bond: (4) Sunday's Well, Cork City

Bob Aldwell & Helen Cloney: (2), Caim, Wexford, 8/10

 Frank Smyth:(4), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 10/5

Cape Clear Observatory (BirdWatch Ireland), (30) 31/9 to (1)17/10  and 31/10

 Angus Tyner: (3), Blackditch, Newcastle, 
 Wicklow, 10/5


 Bob Aldwell: larvae in two groups on different 
 clumps of nettles, Blackrock, Dublin, 12/5


 Brian Hodkinson & Geoff Hunt et al: (1 fresh), 
 Castleconnell Bog, Tipperary, 19/6


 Bob Aldwell: Small Tortoiseshell (fresh),
 Blackrock, Dublin, 18/6


 Angus Tyner: (4 fresh), Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6


 B Aldwell and D Nash: butterflies & larvae,
 Donegal, June 30-July 5


 Angus Tyner, (5), Cronykeery, Wicklow,


 D Hardiman & D Nash: (6+), Inisheer, Aran
 Islands, Galway, 10/7 


 Ian Rippey: (1), sand dunes, Baltray, Co. Louth,


 Deirdre Hardiman: (8), Cloonaherna, Co.Clare,


 Deirdre Hardiman: (2), Quin Abbey, Co. Clare,


 David Cooke: (1), Dunderrow Wood near Kinsale,


 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 (Holistic Centre), Ballyeighter, Co Clare,


 Adrian Phelan: (2), Dromore Woods, Clare, 8/8


 Niall Keogh: (numerous), Jigginstown, Naas,
 Kildare, 16/8


 D Hardiman & D Nash: (2), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8


 D Nash & D Hardiman: Gormanstown, Meath, 3/9


 Ian Rippey: (many), with up to 30 seen at one
 site in Co. Waterford. 4-11/09 


 Angus Tyner: (many), Ashford, Wicklow, 12/9


 Frank Smyth: (4), 5/9 & (1), 13/9, The Baily,
 Howth, Dublin,


 Deirdre Hardiman: (>30), Bog Meadow,  
 Enniskerry, Wicklow, 18/9


 H Cloney: (>70), Cahore, Wexford, 22/9   

 Niall Keogh, Peter Doyle, Harry Hussey & Shane
 Farrell: Small Tortoiseshell (1), Schull, 


 Bob Aldwell: (1), Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 13/10


 Frank & Joan Smyth: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Red
 Rock, Howth; 20/11


 Anthony Mooney:(1), Bryanstown, Maynooth, 
 Kildare, 10/12


 Geoff Hunt: University of Limerick, Limerick, 




Noel Keogh: (1) River Dodder, Lansdowne, Dublin, 10/3/05

Waterford Wildlife: Comeragh Mountains, 16/1/04

Chris Wilson: Raven Wood, Curracloe, Wexford, 12/3

Frank Smyth: St John's Point, Donegal, 3/3

Angus Tyner: nr Ashford, Wicklow, 
(2) 16/3, (1) 17/3 & (1) 18/3

Anne Reid: Howth Head, 7/3

Joan Smyth: Howth Golf Club, Dublin, 16/3

Cape Clear Observatory, Cork, 11/3

Frank Smyth: Sutton/Howth, Dublin, 18/3

Clodagh Murphy: (2), St Mullen's Carlow, 29/3 

Steve Wing: Cape Clear Bird Observatory, Cork 25/3(2), 30/3(8)

Chris Wilson:  North Slob, Co Wexford 31/3

D Hardiman: (1), Burren, Clare, 2/4

DNFC, (3-4): Furry Glen, Phoenix Park,  3/4 

Frank Smyth: (3), Knader, Ballyshannon, Donegal, 19/4

Brian Hodkinson: Anaholty, Tipperary, 11/4

Ken Bond: (3), Craggard, nr Barefield, Clare, 16/4 

Michael Quirke: Mullaghmore, Clare, 12/4

D Hardiman: (1), Brittas, Co. Dublin,10/5 

Annie Sage, Ballydehob, Cork, 12/4

Frank Smyth: Peacock(6), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 10/5 

David Cooke, Dunboywood, Castletownbere, Cork, 15/4

Eamonn McGlinchey: Glencar, Letterkenny, 13/5 

Craig Ayers: Lettermore, Donegal, 16/4

Angus Tyner: (~6), Blackditch, Newcastle, Wicklow, 10/5

Ian Rippey: (344+), Longford, Roscommon, Galway, Clare, Mayo, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Laois, Offaly, W'meath 2-15/8

Geoff Hunt: (4), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5

Robert Northridge: (1 v.worn), St. John's Point, Donegal, c.29/5

Alyn Walsh: Great Saltee, 31/10

Ken Bond: (2), Knockbrack, N. Cork, 31/5 

Chris Wilson:  North Slobs, Wexford, 9/11

D Hardiman & D Nash: (1 v.worn), Clooncoose, Burren, Clare, 11/6

Cape Clear Observatory (BirdWatch Ireland), Peacock, (6), 31/9 and 31/10

Brian Nelson: Doo Lough, Muckross, Killarney National Park, Kerry, 10/6


 Ken Bond: (v.worn), Hurney’s Point, nr  
 Moycullen, W.Galway, 9/6


 Angus Tyner: Peacock, Ashford, Wicklow, 17/6 


 Deirdre Hardiman: Hugginstown Fen, Kilkenny,


 B Aldwell and D Nash: larvae, Donegal, 
 June 30-July 5


 David Cooke: (2), Dunderrow Wood near Kinsale,


 Adrian Phelan: (8), Dromore Woods, Clare, 8/8


 Tony Murray: (1), Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford,


 Niall Keogh: (numerous), Jigginstown, Naas,
 Kildare, 16/8,


 D Hardiman & D Nash: (3), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8


 D Nash & D Hardiman: (several), Gormanstown,
 Meath, 3/9


 Angus Tyner: (1), Ashford, Wicklow, 12/9

 John Cromie: (2), foothills of Blue Stack
 Mountains, Donegal, 13/10
 Frank Smyth: (1), Sutton, Dublin, 14/10  
 Ken Bond: (1), SE of Charleville, N Cork, 5/11  

Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Pearl-bordered Fritillary

 Michael Salter: (2), Clooncoose, Clare, 6/6/05

 John Earley: Mullaghmore, Clare, 24/5/04

 D Hardiman & D Nash: (4+), Clooncoose, Burren,
 Clare, 11/6

 Darrel Watts: Carran, Clare, 15/6/04

 Freddie Walshe: (1), Burren, Clare, 26/6 

 Vincent McLoughlin: (4), Mullaghmore, Burren, 
 Clare, 19/6 



Dark Green Fritillary

Dark Green Fritillary

Ian Rippey: 1(fresh male), Buckroney near Brittas Bay, Wicklow, 17/6/05

Vincent McLoughlin: (2), Fanor,  Clare, 12/6/04

David Cooke: Dark Green Fritillary(1),  Dursey Island, Cork, 25/6

Ian Rippey: (1), Rinnamona north of Kilnaboy, Clare, 15/6 

Maurice Simms: Sheskinmore, Donegal, (1) 25/6 & (5) 26/6

Ian Rippey; Ballyeighter Wood nr Corofin (1m), Clare, 16/6

Terry Tedstone: (2+), Lagg nr Malin, Donegal, 26/6

Ian Rippey: Coolorta N of Corofin(1), Clare, 16/6

B Aldwell and D Nash: Donegal, June 30-July 5

Ian Rippey: (1), Green Road, Clooncoose, N of Kilnaboy, Clare, 16/6.

 D Hardiman & D Nash: (2), Inisheer, Aran Islands,
 Galway, 10/7 

Darrel Watts: mid-June.

Maurice Simms: (150), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 11/7

Ian Rippey: (1), Coolorta, Co. Clare 4/8

Ian Rippey: (4-5), sand dunes, Baltray, Louth, 16/7


 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: nr
 Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 


 Freddie Walsh: (20), nr Kilmore Quay, Wexford,


 Tony Murray: (2+), Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford,


 Niall Keogh: (1), Jigginstown, Naas, Kildare, 16/8,




SiLver-washed Fritillary

SiLver-washed Fritillary

 David Cooke: Silver-washed Fritillary(1), 
 Skanagore Wood near Inishannon, Co.Cork,

 Vincent McLoughlin: Silver-washed Fritillary(2),
 Mullaghmore, Clare,

 David Cooke: SWF(many), Inishannon, Cork, 10/7 

 D Hardiman: SWF(1), Enniskerry,Wicklow, 5/07 
 & SWF(30+), Garryrickin Wood, Kilkenny, 22/7

 Angus Tyner: SWF(c.5), Nun's Cross, Ashford, Wicklow, 11/7

 Ian Rippey: SWF(112-122), Galway, Clare, Mayo, 
 Tipperary, Kilkenny, Laois, W'meath 3-13/8

D Hardiman & D Nash: SWF(2), Garryland, Gort, Galway, 11/7


 Deirdre Hardiman: SWF(>31), Cratloe Wood, Co.
 Clare, 13/7;


 Deirdre Hardiman: SWF(>18), Sth Mooghaun
 Wood, Co.Clare,14/7 


 Deirdre Hardiman: SWF(7), Deerpark Nth. Co.
 Clare, 15/7; SWF(1), Cloonaherna, Co.Clare,  15/7


 Adrian Phelan: SWF(4), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 15/7


 Deirdre Hardiman: SWF(>30), Mooghaun Ringfort,
 Co. Clare;  SWF(5) at adjavent roadside


 Deirdre Hardiman: SWF(14), Mooghaun Wood,
 (near Ringfort), Co.Clare, 16/7.


 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: 
 SWF, nr Kilcorkan, Co.Clare & SWF, Ballyeighter
 Wood, Co.Clare, 7/8


 Adrian Phelan: SWF(4), Dromore Woods, Clare,


 Pat Brennan: SWF(c.5), Grove Wood, Fethard,
 Tipperary, 7/8


 Bob Aldwell: SWF, nr Crolly, Co. Donegal, (new
 10km site), c26/8


 D Hardiman & D Nash: SWF(2), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8


 Ian Rippey: SWF(1), Burren, Co.Clare, 4-11/09 




Marsh Fritillary

Marsh Fritillary

 Ken Bond: MF larvae/webs in Molinia grassland, 
Nagle Mountains, Cork, 17/3/05

 Ken Bond: MF larvae, Ballydoogan Bog, SE Galway,

 Frank Smyth: MF larvae, scattered at St John's 
 Point, Donegal, 19/4 

 IPCC: MF larvae, Lullymore, Kildare,  21-22/3

 Ken Bond: MF larvae (most solitary, final instar),
Craggard, nr Barefield, Clare, 16/4;  

 Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: MF larvae
 (x100), Bunduff, Sligo, 4/4 

 Ken Bond: MF final-instar larvae, Ballydoogan
 Bog, nr  Loughrea, Galway, 30/4;
 MF, Craggard, nr Barefield, Clare, 30/4

 Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: larvae (70), St. Johns
 Point, Donegal, 6/4 

 Ken Bond: MF larvae(2), Knockbrack, N. Cork,

 Bob Aldwell: larvae, Cruit Island & St John's Point,
 Donegal, w/e 1/5

 Deirdre Hardiman: Marsh Fritillary(30+),
 Lullymore, Kildare,

 Bob Aldwell: Marsh Fritillary, St John's Point, 

 Ken Bond: MF, Lough Carra; Mayo, 11/6 

 Ken Bond: MF, Ennis, Clare, 21/5

 Ian Rippey: MF(16-20) Rinroe Marsh, S Lough
 Bunny, 15/6; MF(1) Coolorta, NW of Lough Bunny,
 Co. Clare 15/6. 

 Frank Smyth: MF(20), Bunduff Lake, Sligo, 25/5

 Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: MF(3), Derrydrouel nr 
 Dungloe, 11/6;

 John Cromie: MF, NW of Crolly, Donegal, 1/6

 Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: MF(4), 
 Knocklahard, Mayo, 18/6 

 Brian Hodkinson: MF(1), Annaholty,
 Limerick/Tipperary, 6/6

 Maurice Simms: MF(7), Sheskinmore(G69), 
 Donegal, 19/6, (first report from this site for c.5

 Jesmond Harding: MF, Lullymore, Kildare, 6/6

 Maurice Simms: MF larvae Sheskinmore, Donegal,

 C Wilson: MF(12), Cappamurra Bog, Dundrum,
 Tipperary, 5/6 

 Ken Bond: MF(45 webs), North Cork (site not
 cited), c.10/10

 Bob Aldwell: MF(6), SW of Dungloe, Donegal, 8/6, 

 Stephen McCormack: MF(1), just NE of Athenry,
 Galway, c.17/6, 





Speckled Wood

Speckled Wood

 Steve Wing: Speckled Wood(1), 25/3/05;
 SpW(1), 27/3, SpW(4),10/4; SpW(1), 18/4.
 Cape Clear Observatory, Cork, 

 BirdWatch Ireland: Speckled Wood, Cape Clear
 Observatory, Cork,

 D Hardiman: SpW(3+), Burren, Clare, 2/4

 Michael Quirke: SpW, Glenstal Abbey, Limerick, 4/4

 David Cooke: SpW(1), Garretstown wood, Cork,

 David Cooke: SpW, Douglas, Cork, 12/4

 Maurice Simms: SpW, Eden, L. Kiltoorish, Rosbeg,
 Donegal, 1/4 

 Frank Smyth: SpW, Howth, 12/4

 Frank Smyth: SpW, Knader, Ballyshannon, 19/4

 Geoff Hunt: SpW, Tarbert, Kerry, 12/4

 Ken Bond: SpW, Lurga, nr Tubber, Galway, 16/4

 Annie Sage: SpW, Ballydehob, Cork, 12/4

 Ken Bond: SpW, Sunday's Well,  Cork City, 21/4  

 Angus Tyner: SpW, Kilcroney, Wicklow, 16/4

 D Hardiman: SpW(6), Bohernabreena; & 
 SpW(1), Brittas, Co. Dublin,10/5  

 D Hardiman: SpW, Kippure, Wicklow, 27/5

 Frank Smyth: SpW(14), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin,

 Ian Rippey: SpW(112+), Roscommon, Clare, Galway, 
 Mayo, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Laois, Westmeath, Offaly

 Eamonn McGlinchey: SpW, Glencar, Letterkenny,

 Angus Tyner: SpW(3), Blackditch, Newcastle,
 Wicklow, 10/5

 Bob Aldwell & Helen Cloney: SpW, Caim, Wexford,

 Tina Aughney: SpW, Portumna Forest Park,
 Galway, 14/5

 BirdWatch Ireland: SpW(10), Cape Clear
 Observatory, 30/9 

 Frank Smyth: SpW(5), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5 


 Ken Bond: SpW(2), Knockbrack, N. Cork, 31/5


 D Hardiman & D Nash: SpW, Clooncoose, Burren,
 Clare, 11/6


 D Hardiman & D Nash: SpW, Clooniff, Moycullen,
 Galway, 11/6


 Adrian Phelan: SpW, Lullymore, Kildare, c.11/6   
 Brian Nelson: SpW, Lough Derg, Scarriff,
 Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: SpW(2), Derrydrouel
 nr Dungloe, 11/6;
 Ian Rippey:
 (SpW1), gravel pit, Athlone, Co. Westmeath,
 SpW(1), Gort, Co. Galway, 13/6; 
 SpW(1), Quakerstown; (4), Rinnamona; 
 SpW(1), Clooncoose,  Co. Clare,14/6; 
 SpW(1), Templebannagh; (c.6), Rinnamona; 
 SpW(2), Ballard; SpW(1), Coolorta; SpW(1),
 Drumadeevna, Co. Clare, 15/6;

 Ian Rippey:
 SpW(2), disused limestone quarry, N of
 Thomastown, Kilkenny, 16/6; 
 SpW(3-4), disused quarry, Ballymoon, Co.Carlow, 
 SpW(1), Glenbough, Curracloe; SpW(1), Ballyroe
 lake; SpW(2) Raven Dune, Curracloe. 
 Co. Wexford, 17/6


 Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: SpW(6),
 Knocklahard, Mayo, 18/6


 Bob Aldwell: Speckled Wood, one ovipositing,
 Irishtown, Dublin, 18/6 & (1), Dalkey, Dublin,

 Ian Rippey:
 (5-6), Knockananna Bog; (3), Holdenstown Bog,  
 Co. Wicklow, 18/6;
 (1), Cloghbally Bog, Mullagh, Co. Cavan, 19/6

 Brian Hodkinson & Geoff Hunt et al: Castleconnell
 Bog, Tipperary, 19/6
 David Nash: Girley Bog, nr. Athboy, Meath, 19/6  
 Frank Smyth & Family: (7), Cliff walk (Needles),
 Howth, 19/6
 Angus Tyner: (20+), Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6  
 Deirdre Hardiman: (15+) Hugginstown Fen,
 Kilkenny, 27/6
 B Aldwell and D Nash: Donegal, June 30-July 5  
 D Hardiman & D Nash: (many), Garryland, Gort, 
 Galway, 11/7 
 Deirdre Hardiman: (many), Cratloe Wood, Co.
 Clare, 13/7
 Deirdre Hardiman: Speckled Wood(4), Deerpark,
 South Co. Dublin, 21/7
 David Cooke: (several), Dunderrow Wood near
 Kinsale, 22/7
 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 (4+), Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 6/8 ; nr Kilcorkan,
 Co Clare, 7/8 
 Niall Keogh: (numerous), Jigginstown, Naas,
 Kildare, 16/8,
 D Hardiman & D Nash: (10), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8
 Frank Smyth: (20+), 5/9 & (28), 13/9, The Baily,
 Howth, Dublin,
 B Aldwell & D Nash: (3), Irishtown, Dublin, 18/9   
 B Aldwell & D Nash: (5+), The Needles, Howth,
 Dublin, 18/9;
 Niall & Noel Keogh:(a few), Hook Head, Wexford,
 Frank Smyth:(5), Red Rock, Sutton, 27/9;
 (5), Needles, Howth, Dublin, 5/10.
 Geoff Hunt: Glenstal Abbey, Limerick, 16/10   
 Betty French:(1), Carrigbyrne, Nr. Campile,
 Wexford, 15/12

Wall Brown

Wall Brown

 Frank Smyth: Wall Brown, The Needles, Howth,

 David Nash: Wall Brown, Howth Head, Dublin,

 David Cooke: WB(2), Dursey island, 30/4,
 (1), Doolieve wood,nr Carrigaline, Cork, 4/5

 Frank Smyth: WB, Howth, Dublin 27/4

 David Nash: WB(2/3), Irishtown, Dublin, 4/5 

 Geoff Hunt: WB, Aughinish Island, Limerick, 8/5

 Frank Smyth: WBl(4), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 

 Deirdre Hardiman: WB(10+), Irishtown, Dublin, 10/5 

 Ken Bond: WB(2), Creggaun, NE Galway, 11/5.

 Pól Cormacáin: WB, Bloody Foreland, Donegal, c.8/5

 David Cooke: WB, Dursey Island, Cork, 14/5 

 Deirdre Hardiman & D Nash: WB, Portrane Burrow, 
 Dublin, 16/5

 Frank Smyth: WB(2), St John's Point, Donegal, 15/5 

 D Hardiman: WB, Russelstown & Blessington, Co 
 Wicklow & Brittas, Co Dublin, 5/6

 Geoff Hunt: WB(4), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5 

 Ian Rippey: WB(62+), Clare, West Galway, East 
 Mayo, Laois, Offaly, Westmeath, Roscommon,

 Frank Smyth: WB(1), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5

 Deirdre Hardiman: WB(1), Lullymore, Kildare, 6/6 

 Cape Clear Observatory (BirdWatch Ireland):
 WB(4), 30/9

Ken Bond: WB(1), Letterkelly, W. Clare R17, 7/6


 Ken Bond: WB, Ballindooly, NE of Galway
 City, 10/6
 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: WB,
 nr Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 
 D.Hardiman: WB(4), Irishtown, Co.Dublin, 7/8  
 Freddie Walsh:WB(4), nr Kilmore Quay,
 Wexford, 7/8
 Tony Murray: WB(3+), Ballyteigue Burrow, 
 Wexford, 10/8
 Ian Rippey: WB, Co. Westmeath and the Burren,
 Co.Clare, 4-11/09 
 Frank Smyth: WB(4), 5/9 & WB(3), 13/9, The
 Baily, Howth, Dublin, 



 Eamonn McGlinchey: Grayling, Mullaghduff, The
 Rosses, Donegal,

 Alex Copland: Grayling(1), nr Ballinasloe, Galway,

 D Hardiman & D Nash: G(10+), Inisheer, Aran
 Islands, Galway, 10/7  

 Ian Rippey: G, Co Roscommom, 14/6

Deirdre Hardiman: G(6+), Ballyeighter, Clare, 11/7

 Eimer Magee: G, West Donegal 12/7

David Nash: G(4+), Corballis, Dublin, 15/7

 Kevin Collins: G, South Tipperary, 27/7

Michael Salter: G(1+),  Rush, Dublin, c.20/7

 Ian Rippey: G(75+), Roscommon, Clare, West
 Galway, East Mayo, Offaly, 2-15/8

Frank Smyth: G(12), Howth, Dublin, 27/7


 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 G(10+), Lough Bunny, Clare, 6/8; nr Kilcorkan, Co
 Clare, 7/8  
 Bob Aldwell: G, Glencolumcille, Co. Donegal, (new
 10km site), c26/8
 Ian Rippey: G(small number), the Burren, Co.Clare;
 Co. Waterford; Co.Wexford; Co.Wicklow. 4-11/09 



 David Cooke: Gk(many), Inishannon, Cork,

 David Cooke: Gk, Russell Hall, nr Crossbury, Cork,

 David Cooke: Gk(many), Dunderrow Wood near  
 Kinsale, 22/7

 Ken Bond: Gk, Riverstick, Cork, 24/7


 David Cooke: Gk(many), Garretstown Wood,
 Kinsale, Cork, 13/8




Meadow Brown

Meadow Brown

 David Nash: MB(c.5), Gormanston, Meath,

 Alex Copland: MB(1), Portumna, Galway, 24/5/04

 Brian Nelson: MB, Doo Lough, Muckross, Killarney 
 National Park, 12/6 

 David Nash: MB(3), Portmarnock, Dublin, 8/6

 Ken Bond: MB(1), Cloonoo East, nr Loughrea, 13/6 

 Bob Aldwell, David Nash: MB, nr Pettigo, Donegal,

 Angus Tyner: MB, Ashford, Wicklow, 17/6 

 Bob Aldwell, David Nash et al: MB, Murvagh,
 Donegal, 12/6

 Ian Rippey:
 MB(3-4), disused limestone quarry, N of  
 Thomastown, Kilkenny, 16/6; 
 MB(1 or 2) at Raven Dunes, near Curracloe,
 Wexford, 17/6;
 MB(1) Buckroney dunes, Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow,
 MB(1) Cloghbally Bog, Mullagh, Co. Cavan 19/6;
 MB(1) N shore, Lough Derravarragh,
 Castlepollard,  Co. Westmeath 19/6

 Alex Copland: MB(1), Ashton Callows, Tipperary, 

 Angus Tyner: MB(9), Kilcroney, Wicklow, 13/6, etc.
 Ian Rippey: MB(255+), Roscommon, Clare,
 Galway, Mayo, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Laois, 
 Westemeath, Offaly, 2-15/8
 David Nash: MB, Girley Bog, nr. Athboy, Meath,


 David Cooke: MB, ursey Island, Cork, 25/6


 Angus Tyner: MB(10+), Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6

 DNFC:  MB 50+): North Bull Island, Dublin, 26/6


 Deirdre Hardiman: MB(4), Hugginstown Fen,
 Kilkenny, 27/6

 B Aldwell and D Nash: MB, Donegal, June 30-July 5  
 D Hardiman & D Nash: MB(20+), Inisheer, Aran
 Islands, Galway, 10/7 
  D Hardiman & D Nash: MB(many), Garryland, 
 Gort, Galway, 11/7 
 Deirdre Hardiman: MB(4), Cratloe Wood, Co.
 Clare, 13/7
 Deirdre Hardiman: MB(numerous), Ballyeighter,
 Co. Clare, 11/7
 Adrian Phelan: MB(10+),  Phoenix Park, Dublin,
 Ian Rippey: MB(30), sand dunes, Baltray, Co.
 Louth, 16/7
 Ian Rippey: MB, Termonfeckin, Louth, 16/7   
 Deirdre Hardiman: MB(numerous), Sth Mooghaun
 Wood, Co.Clare, 14/7 
 Deirdre Hardiman: MB(numerous), Mooghaun
 Wood, (near Ringfort), Co. Clare, 16/7.
 David Cooke: MB(several), Dunderrow Wood near
 Kinsale, 22/7
 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 MB, Lough Bunny, Clare, 6/8; MB(C.10),
 Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 6/8; MB, nr Kilcorkan, Co
 Clare, 7/8  
 Freddie Walsh: MB(100+), nr Kilmore
 Quay, Wexford, 7/8 
 Niall Keogh: (numerous), Jigginstown, Naas,
 Kildare, 16/8
 D Hardiman & D Nash: (2), Brigit's Garden,
 Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8
 Deirdre Hardiman:  (1), Bog Meadow, Enniskerry,
 Wicklow, 18/9



 Angus Tyner: Ringlet(2),  Ashford, Wicklow,

Tom Shevlin: Ringlet(1), Tacumshin, Wexford, 12/6/04

Angus Tyner: R(10+), Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6

Angus Tyner: R(1), Kilcroney, Wicklow, 13/6,

Deirdre Hardiman: R(15+) Hugginstown Fen,
Kilkenny, 27/6 

Deirdre Hardiman: R(6), Kilfane, Kilkenny, 14/6

Adrian Phelan: R(many), Girley Bog, Co Meath, 26/6

Bob Aldwell & David Nash: R, Longford, 15/6 etc.

B Aldwell and D Nash: R, Donegal, June 30-July 5 

D Hardiman: R, Kippure Estate, Wicklow, 25/6

David Cooke: R, Inishannon, Cork, 10/7 

Ian Rippey: R(115+), Roscommon, Galway, Clare, Mayo,  North Tipperary, Laois, 2-15/8

Angus Tyner: R(c.130), Cronykeery, Wicklow, 9/7 


 D Hardiman & D Nash: R(1), Inisheer, Aran Islands,
 Galway, 10/7 
 D Hardiman & D Nash: R(many), Garryland, Gort, 
 Galway, 11/7 
 Deirdre Hardiman: R(many), Cratloe Wood, Co.
 Clare, 13/7
 Deirdre Hardiman: R(numerous), Ballyeighter, Co. 
 Clare, 11/7
 Adrian Phelan: R(20+),  Phoenix Park, Dublin, 15/7  
 Ian Rippey: R, sand dunes, Baltray, Co. Louth, 16/7  
 Ian Rippey: R(2+), Termonfeckin, Co.Louth, 16/7  
 Deirdre Hardiman: R(numerous), Sth Mooghaun
 Wood, Co.Clare, 14/7 
 Deirdre Hardiman: R(numerous), Mooghaun Wood,
 (near Ringfort), Co. Clare, 16/7.
 David Cooke: R(several), Dunderrow Wood near
 Kinsale, 22/7
 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey:
 R, Lough Bunny, Clare, 6/8; R(4+), Ballyeighter
 Wood, Clare; R, nr Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 
 Tony Murray: R, Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford,

Small Heath

Small Heath

Deirdre Hardiman: Small Heath(8+), Lullymore, Kildare, 6/6/05

 D Hardiman & D Nash: Small Heath, Portrane 
 Burrow, Dublin,

David Nash: (3+), Rush, Dublin, 8/6

David Nash & Colm Ronayne, Corballis, Dublin, 18/5

D Hardiman & D Nash, (4), Clooncoose, Burren, Clare, 11/6

Geoff Hunt, (2), Aughinish Island, Limerick, 22/5

Adrian Phelan, Lullymore, Kildare, c.11/6

Frank Smyth, Howth Head, Dublin, 27/5

Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth, (6), Derrydrouel nr Dungloe, 11/6

DNFC, (many), North Bull Island, Dublin, 29/5 

B Aldwell, F Smyth & E McGlinchey, Small Heath(8), Irivinestown Lough, Donegal, 12/6

D Hardiman, (50+), Kippure Estate, Wicklow, 25/6

Ken Bond, (1) grassland nr Ardrahan, SE Galway, 8/6

Ian Rippey (70+), Roscommon, Clare, Galway, Mayo, Tipperary, Laois, Offaly, 2-14/8

Ken Bond, (16), Rocklands, nr Oranmore, SE Galway, & (4), Cloonoo East, nr Loughrea, 13/6


Ian Rippey:
 (1), Quakerstown, near Boston; 
 (1), Rinnamona NE of Kilnaboy;
 (2), Clooncoose near Kilnaboy;
 (1), Rinroe Marsh near Lough Bunny,  
 Co. Clare, 14/6

 Ian Rippey:
 (3), Templebannagh SE of Lough Bunny;
 (c.8), Rinroe Marsh S of Lough Bunny;
 (3), Coolorta, NW of Lough Bunny, 
 Co. Clare, 15/6;

 Ian Rippey:
 (c.20), Raven Dunes near Curracloe, Wexford,  
 (8-10), Buckroney dunes at Brittas Bay, Co.  
 Wicklow, 17/6; 
 (2), Knockananna Bog, Co. Wicklow, 18/6

 Angus Tyner, (c.10), Clonmannon, Wicklow,
 DNFC: (50+), North Bull Island, Dublin, 26/6  
 B Aldwell and D Nash: Donegal, June 30-July 5  
 D Hardiman & D Nash: (10+), Inisheer, Aran
 Islands, Galway, 10/7 
 Deirdre Hardiman: (10+), Ballyeighter, Co. Clare,
 Ian Rippey: (~12), sand dunes, Baltray, Co.
 Louth, 16/7
 Ian Rippey: (1), Termonfeckin, Co.Louth, 16/7  
 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: (4+),
 Lough Bunny, Clare, 6/8
 Freddie Walsh: (5), nr Kilmore Quay, Wexford, 7/8  
 Tony Murray: Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford, 10/8  
 Ian Rippey: (1), the Burren, Co.Clare, 4-11/09   

Large Heath

Large Heath

 Brian Hodkinson: Large Heath(3), Annaholty Bog,

 Brian Hodkinson: Large Heath(14), Annaholty, 

 D Hardiman & D Nash: LH(10+), Clooniff,
 Moycullen,  Galway, 11/6  

 Frank Smyth: Rowantree Hill, Donegal, 12/6

David Nash: LH(2), nr Mountrath, Laois, 18/6

 Alex Copland: (12), Ashton Callows, Tipperary,  12/6

Brian Hodkinson & Geoff Hunt et al: LH, Castleconnell Bog, Tipperary, 19/6

 Frank Smyth: (5), S of Castlefinn, Donegal, 14/6

Brian Hodkinson: (c.8), Coolderry Bog, Tipperary, 19/6

 Frank Smyth: Monegal Bog, Donegal, 14/6

David Nash: (20+), Girley Bog, nr. Athboy, Meath, 19/6

 David Nash: (10+), Tyrellspass, Westmeath, 16/6

Geoff Hunt: Toohana (Q93) and Dysert(Q83)  marshes nr Ballyduff, Kerry, 19/6 

 Geoff Hunt: Shronowen bog, west of Listowel, 
 Kerry, Q94, R03, R04, 20/6

Ian Rippey: (15-20), Dowdstown Bog, Kells, Co. Meath 19/6


 Ken Bond: 
 (1), Coolquane Plantation, Cork, 21/6; 
 (2), Crushnacon nr Watergrasshill, Cork, 22/6;  
 (9), Knockacullata Plantation & adjacent
 grassland, Cork, 22/6; 
 (2), Coolea Crossroads, Cork, 22/6
 John Cromie: (10+), Lough Mourne(H09),   
 Donegal, 23/6
 Adrian Phelan: (many), Girley Bog, Co Meath,
 B Aldwell and D Nash: Donegal, June 30-July 5  
 David Nash: (3+), Raheenmore Bog, Offaly, 13/7  






Clouded Yellow

Clouded Yellow

 Paul Walsh: Clouded Yellow(1), Glengarriff
 Wood, Cork,

 Chris Wilson: Clouded Yellow, Raven Nature
 Reserve, Wexford,

 Freddie Walsh: Clouded Yellows(7, 1f), nr Kilmore 
 Quay, Wexford, 7/8

Chris Wilson: Raven Nature Reserve, (2+), 17/5 

 Tony Murray: Clouded Yellow(1), Rosslare, 8/8;  
 (3), Ballyteigue Burrow, 10/8; (1), Tacumshin, 
 Wexford, 10/8. 

Deirdre Hardiman: (1+), Knockadrina, Kilkenny, 14/6, 

 Angus Tyner:  (1), Clouded Yellow, Ashford,
 Co.Wicklow, 6/9 & 12/9

David Cooke: Clouded Yellow (1),  Garretstown Wood, Kinsale, Cork, 13/8

 Helen Cloney: (2), Cahore, Wexford, 22/9 

Ian Rippey: (1) near Lough Skeardeen, Co. Clare (1), Portumna Forest, Galway  8/9 
(10) over wide area of Ballyteigue dunes near 
Kilmore Quay, Wexford, 9/9

 Joe Adamson: (1), Hook Head, Wexford, 22/10


Cape Clear Observatory (BirdWatch Ireland): Clouded Yellow, 8/10




Red Admiral

Red Admiral

 David Cooke: Red Admiral, Dursey Island, Cork,

 Red Admiral, Cape Clear Observatory, Cork,

 Niall Keogh: Lingstown, Tacumshin Lake,
 Wexford, 28/3

 RA, Cape Clear Observatory, Cork, 22/4

 Angus Tyner:(1), Blackditch, Newcastle, Wicklow 

 Mary Carson: Loughnahinch, Tipperary, 27/4

 Frank Smyth: (1), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5 

 Oran O'Sullivan: Black, Wicklow, 28/4

 Niall Keogh: Kilcoole,18/6 & Glenamlure, Wicklow, 

 Frank Smyth: Murvagh, Donegal, 17/5 

 David Nash: (2-3), Balbriggan, Dublin, 20/6

 Paddy O'Donnell: (1), Glenties, W Donegal, c.17/5 

 Frank Smyth & Family: (3), Dart Station, Howth, 1
 8/6 & (3), Cliff walk (Needles) Howth, 19/6

 D Hardiman: Kippure Estate, Wicklow, 25/6

  Paul Walsh: (3), Brownstown Head, Waterford,

 Ian Rippey: (5), Clare, Galway, Tipperary, 
 Roscommon , 4-15/8

 Frank Smyth & Family: (2), Claremount Strand,  
 Sutton, Dublin 20/6 

 Wateford Wildlife:  Waterford City, 5/10. 

 Helen Cloney: Red Admiral, Caim, Wexford, 
 (1) 19/6, (3) 21/6. 

 Cape Clear Observatory: (BirdWatch Ireland), 
 RA(10), 31/9 and 31/10

 David Cooke: Dursey Island, Cork, 25/6 

 Chris Wilson:  North Slobs, Wexford, 3/11.

 Angus Tyner: (1), Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6 

 Frank Smyth: RA(1), Ceannchor, Howth 
 Head,  Dublin, 25/11 & 26/11.

 Eimer Magee: (1), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 26/6


 Deirdre Hardiman: (1), Kilmacannogue, Wicklow, 

  B Aldwell and D Nash: Donegal, June 30-July 5  
  Angus Tyner, (2), Cronykeery, Wicklow, 9/7   
  D Hardiman & D Nash: (1), Inisheer, Aran Islands,
  Galway, 10/7 
  Deirdre Hardiman: (1), Mooghaun Wood, (near
  Ringfort), Co. Clare, 16/7.
  Deirdre Hardiman: (1), Deerpark, Sth Co.
  Dublin, 21/7
 David Cooke: (1), Dunderrow Wood near Kinsale,
 BCNI Burren Field Meeting led by Ian Rippey: nr
 Kilcorkan, Co Clare, 7/8 
 Niall Keogh: (1), Jigginstown, Naas, Kildare, 8/8,  
 Tony Murray: (1), Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford,
 Ian Rippey: (many), Co.Westnmeath, Co.Clare,
 Co.Waterford and Co.Wexford, 4-11/09 
 Angus Tyner: (many), Ashford, Wicklow, 12/9  
 Frank Smyth: (1), 5/9 & (6), 13/9, The Baily,
 Howth, Dublin,
 D Nash & D Hardiman: (1), Sandymount, Dublin,
 B Aldwell & D Nash: (3+), Irishtown, Dublin, 18/9  
 B Aldwell & D Nash: (5+), The Needles, Howth,
 Dublin, 18/9;
 Deirdre Hardiman: (4+), Bog Meadow, Enniskerry,
 Wicklow, 18/9
 Niall & Noel Keogh: (>50), Hook Head, Wexford,
 Bob Aldwell: (1), Blackrock, Dublin, 5/10.  
 Frank Smyth: (8), St. Fintan's Park, Sutton, 27/9;
 (11), Needles, Howth, Dublin, 5/10.
 Niall Keogh, Peter Doyle, Harry Hussey and Shane
 Farrell: (2), Schull, Cork, 13/10
 Frank Smyth: (1), Sutton, Dublin, 14/10  
 Geoff Hunt: Glenstal Abbey, Limerick, 16/10   
 Bob Aldwell: (1), Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 13/10;
 (1+), Ringsend, Dublin, 20/10;
 (2) on nettles, Rocks Park, Blackrock,Dublin,
 (1), Rocks' Park, Blackrock, Dublin, 1/11.
 Ken Bond: Cork City, 8/11  
 Ian Rippey: Red Admiral, Churchtown & elsewhere,
 Wexford,  9/11
 Kevin Hannan: (1), University of Limerick, 13/11  
 Brian Hodginson:(1), Rock of Dunamase, Laois,
 Dublin Naturalists' Field Club:(1), Red Rock, 
 Howth, Dublin, 19/11
 Frank & Joan Smyth:(1), Red Rock, Howth; 20/11  

 Frank & Joan Smyth: Red Admiral(1), Needles, 
 Howth, Dublin, 21/11 

 Niamh Lennon:(1), Ballinteer Shopping Centre, 
 Dublin, 9/12
 Frank Smyth: (1),Needles, Howth Head, Dublin,
 S & J Reynolds: (1), W. Glendalough, Wicklow,
 H. Cloney: (several), Cahore, Wexford, 22/9   
 Geoff Hunt: Aughinish, Limerick, 24/12  

Painted Lady

Painted Lady

Steve Wing: Painted Lady(1) Cape Clear Bird Observatory, Cork  30/3/05

Derek Scott: Painted Lady, Dursey Isl. Cork, 16/2/04 & 17/2

Pat Whelan: Glengarriff Wood, W.Cork, 4/4

Helen Cloney: Ballyteigue, Wexford, 19/2

Ken Bond: near Killimor Co. Galway 2/5

Tom Shevlin: (1), Tacumshin, Wexford, 5/6.

Niall Keogh: (1) Kilcoole & (1) Killoughter, Wicklow, 29/5  

Brian Hodkinson: (2), Annaholty, Limerick/Tipperary, 6/6

Frank Smyth & Family: Blanchardstown Roundabout, 17/6 & Howth golf course 18/6; 

Angus Tyner: (4), Cronykeery nr Ashford, Wicklow, 7/6, 

 B Aldwell and D Nash: Donegal, June 30-July 5

Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: (2), Brittas, Dublin &  (2) Lullymore, Kildare, 7/6

Geoff Hunt: (1), Skelligs Rock, Kerry, 9/7

Tina Aughney: (1), Broad Boyne Bridge, Meath, 7/6,

D Hardiman & D Nash: (1), Inisheer, Aran Islands, Galway, 10/7 

Ian Rippey (24+): Tipperary, Laois, Offaly,
Westmeath, Roscommon, 9-15/8

Maurice Simms: (1), Eden, nr Rosbeg, Co Donegal, c26/8

Cape Clear Observatory (BirdWatch Ireland), 1/9 & 31/10

Bob Aldwell: Painted Lady larvae from several 10 km sites in Co Donegal - Glencolumcille, Dungloe, Buncrana and north of Malin at Lagg,  c26/8


 Bob Aldwell: (1), Blackrock, Co. Dublin, 1/9


 D Nash & D Hardiman: (1), Sydney Parade Station,
 Dublin, 8/9


 Ian Rippey: 1 in Co. Westnmeath, 1 in Co. Clare, 
 2 in Co. Waterford and 1 in Co. Wexford, 4-11/09 


 H. Cloney: (several), Cahore, Wexford, 22/9 


 Niall Keogh, Brian Porter, John and Stan Nugent:
 (1), Kilbaha, Loop Head, Clare, 23/9


 Frank Smyth:(1), Red Rock, Sutton, 27/9;
 (1), Needles, Howth, Dublin, 5/10.







 Kieran Fahy: Comma (non-hutchinsoni), 
 Churchtown Graveyard, (near Carne), South

Previous confirmed records in RoI:


  • Elizabeth Keogh, The Raven, Wexford, 17/8/2000



  • Robert Pocock, Gartan, Donegal, 17/8/2001



  • N J Donnithorne, Muckalee, Kilkenny, 13/9/2002



  • Frank Smyth, Sutton, Dublin, 27/3/03


  • M Sheehy Skeffington, Terenure, Dublin, --/9/2003






 Matt Murphy: Monarch(1), Sherkin Island, Cork,


 Michael O'Keefe: (1), Baltimore, Cork, 30/10/05



Camberwell Beauty

Camberwell Beauty






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