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Painted Lady © DHardiman
Painted Lady © DHardiman

As you will see below 2009 has been a very exceptional year for Painted Ladies [Vanessa cardui] with an extremely successful breeding season in the Atlas Mountains in North Africa. There is also an associated influx of Large Whites, Red Admirals, Clouded Yellows and Silver Y's across Europe

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PAINTED LADY REPORTS from around the country


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A short summary of what is going on from Tom Brereton (BC UK):



Some news from Constanti Stefanescu in Spain:

    Yes, I was in Morocco by the end of March and was able to locate a massive emergence area of V. cardui, with an estimated number of 150000 pupae in a meadow of only 1,8 ha. I'm working on a MS with details on this source area, levels of parasitism, etc. I'll certainly send you the MS once ready. This was in the Souss valley, not very far from Agadir (south of the Atlas mountains).

    Immediately after, Painted Ladies started to arrive in Catalonia and the whole of Spain. There has been massive waves of migrants since then, mainly coinciding with depressions crossing the Mediterranean area. I had never seen something similar, and certainly BMS counts will show this with all detail.

    First migrants started to arrive in the first week of April. Since then, egg-laying has been a common phenomenon and now there are big larvae on thistles and mallows everywhere... the numbers are really spectacular! Some very fresh butterflies are becoming to be seen - so, local emergence has started already... and will continue for one month or so. In the Balearic Islands there are reports of huge concentrations of larvae, going for pupation ca. 2 weeks ago. So, there is NOW the first wave of local emergences in all this area (including Spain)... and these are the butterflies you're starting to notice moving to the north.

    I expect huge numbers of migrants for the next 4 weeks or more - probably, all this is related to the abnormal rainy winter in north Africa, which attained levels unrecorded in the last 30 years

Butterfly Conservation Europe





What to look out for on thistle

Painted Lady ova  © D Hardiman   Painted Lady ova  © D Hardiman

Painted lady eggs on upper side of Thistle. Newly laid eggs are white/green in colour, changing to black prior to hatching. 
Eggs may also be laid on many other foodplants including Common Nettle and Mallows.


Painted Lady caterpillar in larval web   © D Hardiman Painted Lady caterpillar   © D Hardiman

     Painted Lady caterpillar feeding in larval web on thistle        and     final instar caterpillar after leaving web          


Painted Lady caterpillar   © D Hardiman Painted Lady caterpillar   © D Hardiman 

Painted Lady caterpillar feeding on thistle 


J-shaped larva of Painted Lady   © D Hardiman Painted Lady Pupa   © D Hardiman

J-shaped larva beginning to pupate               and        pupa with last moulted skin (exuvia) visible


Painted Lady   © D Hardiman Painted Lady   © D Hardiman

Painted Lady butterfly nectaring


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