Guide to the Butterflies of Ireland


A Guide to the Butterflies of Ireland

A Guide to the Butterflies of Ireland was stimulated by the need for a simple publication to help to identify butterflies in the field, or for display as a wall chart. 

Revised in 2010 to include the Essex Skipper and updated Time of Flight Chart

The Chart when folded is 180 mm x 297 mm in size and opens out into three panels.

Side one has 69 full coloured illustrations of butterflies from the original paintings by Richard Lewington the well known butterfly illustrator.          

The butterflies are grouped together as "browns", "blues" etc. The 28 resident Irish butterflies are shown and views of underwing of both male and female when there is a significant difference in appearance.
The three most frequent immigrants are also included.

Side two has a ' Time of Flight Chart ' which gives guidance on the time of year when the butterfly exists in the adult stage and an indication of the number of broods in a season. In additional basic information on how widespread the species is, the food plant(s) of its caterpillar and other pertinent information.

Erratum: incorrect spelling of Small Tortoiseshell

Note: Reαl's Wood White has been renamed as the Cryptic Wood White Leptidea juvernica



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