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Butterfly Records 2010


Jim Wilson: Red Admiral(1), Rushbrooke, Cobh, Cork, E (H5), 26/11;
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Rushbrooke, 24/11

Oscar Merne: Red Admiral(1), Castebellingham, Louth, 19/11

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1), the Needles, Howth, Dublin, 18/11
Also 5 fresh looking eggs nearby. This is the fifth consecutive November where egg laying has occurred on this specific clump of nettles.

Aubrey Fennell: Red Admiral(1), Thornville, Palatine, Carlow (H13), 17/11
[Resting among leaves in pasture]

Mary & Brian Foley: Small Tortoiseshell, Coolcotts, Wexford, 7/11 & 14/11; Red Admiral, Ballyfinogue, Wexford, 7/11

Frank & Joan Smyth: Red Admiral(1), basking in ivy, The Needles, Howth, Dublin, 14/11; Red Admiral(1), Bayside Dart Station, Dublin, 4/11


Frank Smyth:  Red Admiral(4), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Speckled Wood(1), 20/10;  Red Admiral(2), Cliff Path, Howth, Dublin 30/10; Marsh Fritillary(19 webs), Kildoney Donegal, 23/10

Michael Gray: Red Admiral(1), Rathfarnham, Dublin (H21), 27/10

Geoff Hunt: Red Admiral(2), Clouded Yellow(1), Craggane Strand, Rosscarberry, Cork W, 24/10

John A Power: Small Copper(1), Bandon Rugby Club, Cork, W (H3), 24/10

J A Power, J J Cahill & B Sheridan: Large White(1), Red Admiral(6), Speckled Wood(1), SmallTortoiseshell(1), Ballyvoyle, Waterford (H6), 20/10

Boyd family & David Nash: Red Admiral(1), Drogheda, Louth (VC22), 23/10

Brian Danaher: Red Admiral(1), Shankill, Dublin (H21), 20/10;
Red Admiral(2), Blackditch Reserve, Wicklow, 21/10

John Fogarty: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Aughnagomaun, Horse & Jockey, Thurles, Tipperary S (H7), 20/10
[Basking near ivy covered wall at 2 pm very warm sheltered part of garden]

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(3), Painted Lady(1), Howth Head, Dublin, 16/10
[Painted Lady behaving like a new arrival]

Eamonn O'Donnell: Clouded Yellow(10), Red Admiral(1000++), Painted Lady(3), Cape Clear Island, Cork, c. 13/10 
[Also a range of interesting migrant moths reported. dn]

Tony Miller: Small Copper(1), on the north side of the Sheeps Head Peninsula, Cork, 15/10

Freddie & Margaret Walsh: Clouded Yellow(1), Large White(1), Small Copper(4), Common Blue(1), Red Admiral(5), Speckled Wood(1), The Raven, Wexford (H12), 15/10
[1 female Clouded Yellow; 1 male Common Blue]

John Fogarty: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(1), Clouded Yellow(1), Aughnagomaun, Horse & Jockey,Thurles, Tipperary,12/10
[All on Buddleja weyerana]

Paul M Walsh: Red Admiral(22), Large White(1), 11/10; Red Admiral14), 8/10; Red Admiral(23), Painted Lady(1), Small Copper(3), Speckled Wood(3), 3/10;
Brownstown Head, Waterford (H6)

Willie Brennan: Holly Blue(2), Red Admiral(1), Drimnagh Castle, Dublin, 11/10;
Holly Blue(1), Drimnagh Castle, 29/9

John Fogarty: Speckled Wood(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Brimstone(1), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 11/10

David Nash: Red Admiral(1), Nutley Park; Red Admiral(2), Sydney Parade Station, Donnybrook, Dublin, 11/10
[Basking on or near ivy @ c. 9:00 h]

John Lynch: Clouded Yellow(1), Red Admiral(1), The Waist, Cape Clear Island, Cork, W, 8/10      
Clouded Yellow Photograph 
[Female clouded yellow found in an exhausted state by the roadside between the Youth Hostel and the Waist, Cape Clear. Gale force SE winds and a large arrival of migrant birds. (First fully confirmed CY report for 2010. DN]  

Brian Danaher: Speckled Wood(1), Shankill, Dublin, 9/10

Michael Gray: Speckled Wood(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Red Admiral(1), Davidstown, Enniscorthy, Wexford (H12), 8/10;

Speckled Wood(2), Red Admiral(1), Marshalstown, Enniscorthy, Wexford (H12), 7/10


Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1 larva on ivy buds, plus signs of others), nr Dalkey Quarry; Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(4), Dalkey Hill; Red Admiral(2), Sorrento Park; Red Admiral(1), nr Dalkey Station; Red Admiral(1), Knocknacree Road, Dalkey, Dublin, 6/10

Frank Smyth: Speckled Wood(8), Red Admiral(6), Large White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Cliff Path, Howth, 6/10

Michael Gray: Small White(1), Speckled Wood(3), Davidstown, Enniscorthy, Wexford (H12), 5/10;

Speckled Wood(5), Comma(1), Borodale, Enniscorthy, Wexford (H12), 5/10
[Comma in good condition, basking in a sheltered corner of the field at Borodale in warm sunny but very windy conditions]

Ken Bond: Small Tortoiseshell(4), Marsh Fritillary(148 webs), Knuttery, Cork, E (H5), 3/10
[Marsh Fritillary: 148 larval webs (154 in 2006; 97 in 2009)];
Speckled Wood(1), Cork City (Sunday's Well), Cork, Mid (H4), 5/10

John Fogarty: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(5), Red Admiral(1), Knocknanuss, Horse &Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 5/10

Brian Danaher: Speckled Wood(1), Shankill, Dublin, 5/10

Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral(1), Knocknacree Road; Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(1), Sorrento Park; Large White(1), Small White(1), nr nasturtiums, Vico Road; Holly Blue(1 larva) on ivy buds, nr Dalkey Station, Dalkey, Dublin, 1/10

Liz Sheppard: Green-veined White(5), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Carnowen, Raphoe, Donegal, 26/9;    

Bob Aldwell & Ethna Diver: Meadow Brown(2), Marsh Fritillary(12+ webs), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 26/9;
Small Copper(1), nr Kiltoorish Lake, Rosbeg, Donegal, 26/9

Bob Aldwell & Anne Barton: Speckled Wood(1),  Eden, Rosbeg, Donegal, 26/9;
Common Blue(1), Green-veined White(2), Peacock(5), Small Tortoiseshell(7), Speckled Wood(6), Murvagh, Donegal, 27/9 

Bob Aldwell: Small White(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(1), Large White(20 larvae - half grown and full grown), Bundoran West End Allotments, Donegal, 27/9

George McDermott: Peacock(2), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Speckled Wood(1), Buncrana, Donegal, 26/9;
Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Speckled Wood(1), Buncrana, Donegal, 27/9 

Ian McCambridge: Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Stranorlar, Donegal, 28/9;
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Stranolar, Donegal, 1/10 

Richard McCafferty: Green-veined White(2), nr Glenties, Donegal, 29/9  

Con O'Donnell: Small Tortoiseshell(2), Greencastle, Donegal, 1/10

Freddie & Margaret Walsh: Red Admiral(17), Speckled Wood(6), Small White(2), Small Tortoisehell(1), Common Blue(1),  Small Copper(3), The Raven, Wexford, 1/10
[Small Copper freshly emerged: one with blue spots - ab. caeruleopunctata]


Michael Gray: Small Tortoiseshell(21), Speckled Wood(13), Red Admiral(2), Marlay Park, Dublin (H21), 27/9

Ken Bond: Large White(1), Cork City (Sunday's Well), Cork, Mid (H4), 28/9; 

Small Tortoiseshell(1), Marsh Fritillary(7 webs), Oggal, Cavan (H30), 26/9
[Marsh Fritillary:  extensive areas of Devil's-bit Scabious nearby suggest that the population of MF is likely to be considerable.];

Brimstone(2), Green-veined White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Speckled Wood(3), St John's Wood, Roscommon (H25), 24/9;

Marsh Fritillary(4 webs), Bearnafunshion, Clare (H9), 23/9
[Formerly called "Craggard North"); population stable here after construction of nearby section of N18]

Joan Miller: Holly Blue(1), Glasnevin, Dublin, 26/9
[3rd generation, presumably]

David Nash & Deirdre Hardiman: Red Admiral(2), Speckled Wood(2), Cape Clear Island, Cork, 26/9

Small Copper(3), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Speckled Wood(6), Sherkin Island, Cork, 25/9

Paul Walsh: Red Admiral(14), Brownstown Head, Waterford (H6), 26/9

Chris Wilson: Red Admiral(7), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(18), Comma(1), The Raven Nature Reserve, Wexford, 24/9

Christian Osthoff: Marsh Fritillary(3 webs), Lattone, Cavan (H30), 24/9

Michael Gray: Large White(1), O'Connell Bridge, Dublin, 22/9;

Small Tortoiseshell(22), Small White(5), Speckled Wood(1), Small Copper(1), Grayling(1), Brittas Bay, Wicklow (H20), 26/9
[Also Large White larvae (lots) feeding on Sea Rocket on the beach.]

John Fogarty: Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Speckled Wood(7), Knocknanuss, Horse &Jockey, Thurles, Tipperary S (H7), 23/9

Freddie & Margaret Walsh: Large White(1), Small White(10), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(4), Red Admiral(7), Painted Lady(1), Small Tortoiseshell(68), Speckled Wood(12), Small Heath(1), Raven, Wexford (H12), 20/9;

Large White(1), Small White(4), Small Copper(4), Common Blue(1), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Grayling(8), Meadow Brown(2), Ballyteigue, Wexford (H12), 21/9

Christian Osthoff: Marsh Fritillary(1 web), Drummin, Wicklow (H20), 20/9
[Just the one web here but it is very under grazed with encroaching rhododendron.] 

Michael Mullet: Common Blue(2), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Grayling(2), Ballinoulart, Wexford (H12), 20/9;

Small Tortoiseshell(9), Arklow Rock, Wicklow (H20), 20/9;

Small Tortoiseshell(22), Small White(1), Ravens Nature Reserve, Wexford (H12), 18/9

Ken Bond: Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Marsh Fritillary(61 webs), Knockbrack, Cork; 

Green-veined White(1), Speckled Wood(1), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Marsh Fritillary(169 webs), Knockacullata, Cork, E (H5)
[Marsh Fritillary: 169 webs counted on 19 & 20 Sept.; far more than in 2009, but inculding a previously overlooked section of the site]


Ian Rippey: Records for May & August/5th September 2010  »»»

John Fogarty: Small Tortoiseshell(24), Speckled Wood(9), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 16/9
[Also 9 Marsh Fritillary webs 20-25 larva per web. Web count up from 2 last year.]

John J Cahill: Small Tortoiseshell(12), Painted Lady(1), Helvick, Waterford (H6), 16/9
[Time 15:45,  Painted Lady flew in from sea. Wind SW 1/2, cool, sunny, Cloud 6/8 octants.]

Ken Bond

Roger Goodwillie: Painted Lady(1), Lavistown, Kilkenny (H11), 10/9; 
Brimstone(1), Discovery Park, Castlecomer, Kilkenny, 12/9

Marta Gimena: Small Tortoiseshell(c.60), garden in Killiney, Dublin, 10/9-12/9

Brian Danaher: Small Tortoiseshell(6), garden, Shankill, Dublin (H21), 11/9

Christian Osthoff & Faith Wilson
Marsh Fritillary(20 webs), Barnameelia, Wicklow (H20), 
[Scattered over a large area of revegetated cut over bog.];
Marsh Fritillary(10 webs), Highpark Upper, Wicklow (H20), 11/9

Ken Bond, Maurice Hughes & Brian Nelson: Marsh Fritillary(25 webs), Clooncoose, Clare (H9), 11/9

Jesmond Harding, Maurice Hughes & Brian Nelson: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(1), Marsh Fritillary(22 webs, Meadow Brown(1), Parknabinnia, Clare (H9), 11/9

Jesmond Harding, Ken Bond & Ann Mullen: Common Blue(1), Wall Brown(1), Marsh Fritillary(54 webs), Fahee North/Termon, Clare (H9), 11/9

Roger Goodwillie: Painted Lady(1), Lavistown, , Kilkenny (H11), 10/9

Dermot McLaughlin: Painted Lady - one at each of the following sites in Donegal - Buncrana, 8/9; Carrigart, 9/9, Dunree, 10/9, 

Jim Wilson: Large White(8), Small White(20), Red Admiral(7), Green-veined White(1), Painted Lady(1), Small Tortoiseshell(100), Speckled Wood(5), Rushbrooke Railway Station, Cobh, Cork, 9/9

Jennifer Costello: Red Admiral(7), Small White(2), Speckled Wood(2), Shankill Park, Dublin (H21), 9/9

Ralph Sheppard: Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(2), Blanket Nook, Donegal, E (H34), 9/9

Jesmond Harding: Small Tortoiseshell(39), Peacock(1), Mulhussey, Meath (H22), 8/9

Bob Aldwell: Donegal Report for August 2010  »»»

Michael Gray: Small Tortoiseshell(5), Large White(1), Speckled Wood(1), Rathfarnham, Dublin (H21), 7/9

Geoff Hunt:
Speckled Wood(4), Large White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1),  Green-veined White(2), Liscarrol, Cork, 4/9;
Small Tortoiseshell(11), Common Blue(13), Speckled Wood(6), Green-veined White(5), Ballyhea lake, Cork , 4/9;
Small Tortoiseshell(12), Speckled Wood(6), Green-veined White(2), Large White(2),  Charleville, Cork, 4/9;
Small Tortoiseshell(30), Speckled Wood(6), Green-veined White(4), Large White(2),  Lough Gur, Limerick, 4/9


Jesmond Harding: Brimstone(1), Large White(1), Green-veined White(1), Small Copper(1), Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(1), Small Tortoiseshell(224), Peacock(9), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(3), Lullybeg, Kildare (H19), 3/9

Ian Rippey: Purple Hairstreak(c.30), Lough Carra, Kerry, 2/9

Chris Wilson et al: Common Blue(56), Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Speckled Wood(31), Small Copper(1), Red Admiral(2), The Raven, Wexford, 2/9

Meadow Brown(18), Grayling(1), Common Blue(26), Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford, 2/9

Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral(5), Blackrock, 1/9; Holly Blue(1), Large White(1), Speckled Wood(1), Blackrock, 2/9

Jennifer Costello: Speckled Wood(4), Shankhill Park, Dublin (H21), 2/9

Joe Duane: Green-veined White(1), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(8), Speckled Wood(3), Wall Brown(3), Richmond esker, Clonbeirn, Galway, 1/9

John Fogarty: Brimstone(5), Peacock(7), Small Tortoiseshell(23), Common Blue(1), Speckled Wood(8), Meadow Brown(1), Red Admiral(3), Large White(4), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 31/8
[Also 6 Marsh Fritillary webs at Knocknanuss; 5 webs at Derryville, Littleton, on 30/8]

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary(23 larval webs), Green-veined White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(2), Knockawarriga, Mullaghareirk Mts, Limerick (H08), 31/8;

Small Tortoiseshell(c.30), Red Admiral(2), Peacock(1), Marsh Fritillary(30 larval webs), Monee East, Nagles Mts, Cork, E (H5), 31/8;

Green-veined White(4), Common Blue(27), Small Copper(1), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Speckled Wood(1), Barrack Plantation, Bottle Hill, Cork, E (H5), 28/8

Peacock(c.20), Small Tortoiseshell(7), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Marsh Fritillary(5 arval webs), Mountallen, Roscommon (H25), 25/8
[SWF and all Small Tortoiseshells and Peacocks on white-flowered Buddleja]

Lynda McCann: Peacock(4), Small Tortoiseshell(8), Brimstone(13), Speckled Wood(12), Large White(3), Small White(8), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Small Copper(1), Kilberry, Athy, Kildare (H19), 31/8

Michael Bell: Peacock(1), Meadow Brown(4), Small Heath(2), Small Copper(2), Strandhill dunes, Sligo (H28), 31/8

Chris Wilson et al: Small Copper(3), Small Tortoiseshell(10), Red Admiral(8), Common Blue(92), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Large White(4), Green-veined White(3), Small Copper(1), Peacock(2), Speckled Wood(4), The Raven, Wexford, 20/8

John Fogarty: Common Blue(2), Small Tortoiseshell(12), Painted Lady(1), Peacock(7), SpeckledWood(6), Brimstone(7), Large White(2), Red Admiral(2), Meadow Brown(2), Marsh Fritillary(2 small webs) Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 30/8;
Marsh Fritillary(5 webs), Derryville bog, Tippearary, 29/8

Michael Bell: Brimstone(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Speckled Wood(3), Lough Key, Roscommon (H25), 30/8

Christian Osthoff and Faith Wilson: Marsh Fritillary(3 webs), Small Copper(4), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Carriggower bog, Wicklow (H20), 29/8
[Last reported from this square 30 years ago in 1980. Not reported from the county since 1986]

Freddie & Margaret Walsh: Large White(6), Small White(8), Green-veined White(1), Small Copper(2), Common Blue(20), Red Admiral(2), Painted Lady(3), Small Tortoiseshell(400+), Peacock(2), Speckled Wood(1), Wall Brown(10), Grayling(100+), Meadow Brown (40 - 6 mating pairs), Ballyteigue, Wexford (H12), 27/8;
[SmT feeding mainly on Fleabane]

Common Blue(20), Red Admiral(4), Speckled Wood(10), Peacock(1), Meadow Brown(20), Small Tortoiseshell(1000+) The Raven, Wexford (H12), 28/8
[SmT mainly basking on sand]


John A Power, Mick Cowming Snr, Bernie Sheridan, Bob Wheeler:
Painted Lady(1), Small Tortoiseshell(188), Red Admiral(10), Speckled Wood(89), Large White(4), Small White(8), Peacock(5), Silver-washed Fritillary(5), Wall Brown(4), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(1), Ballymacart/ B Upper, Waterford, 28/8

Joe Duane: Marsh Fritillary(1 web), Cloonascragh, Galway, 27/8

Christian Osthoff: Wall Brown(1), Ballydowling, Wicklow (H20, 27/8

Lynda McCann: Speckled Wood(8), Brimstone(6), Small White(3), Large White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(20), Peacock(8), Painted Lady(2), Bog Lane, Kilberry, Athy, Kildare (H19), 27/8

Fintan Ryan: Small Tortoiseshell(60), Red Admiral(4), Painted Lady(2), Peacock(2), Small Whites(2), Large White(1), Bog Lane, Borris, Carlow, 27/8
[On white Buddleja...]

James Noonan: Purple Hairstreak(3), Holly Blue(1), Killiney Hill, Dublin, 27/8
[Concrete platform top of steps near druid's chair]

Sean Geraty:
Wall Brown(1), Silver strand, Mayo, 24/8:
Red admiral(6), Peacock(11), Small Tortoiseshell(26), Westport House, Mayo, 25/8;
Small Copper(2), Roonagh, Mayo , 26/8;
Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Belclare, Westport, Mayo, 26/8;
Red Admiral(5), Peacock(7), Glaise Phadraig cemetery, near Murrisk, Mayo, 26/8

Alec Silke: Peacock(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Ringlet(2), Small Tortoiseshell(17), Red Admiral(1), Brimstone(1), Large White(11), Small White(3), Rathleague House
Laois (H14), 26/8

Coilin MacLochlainn: Wall Brown (13),  Small Copper(2+), Red Admiral (1+), Small Tortoiseshell (2+), Meadow Brown (3+), Large White 1+), Laragh East townland, Co Wicklow, 26/8

John Fogarty: Brimstone(7), Large White(5), Common Blue(3), Red Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(12), Peacock(8), Speckled Wood(2), Meadow Brown(4), Knocknanuss,Hores & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 26/8
[Brimsones were mainly males all together on Knapweed; Common Blues- 2 females both ovipositing on clovers]

Michael Bell: Dark Green Fritillary(1), Grayling(1), Common Blue(3), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Meadow Brown(10), Bunduff, Sligo (H28), 26/8

Jesmond Harding: Brimstone(14), Small White(2), Green-veined White(2), Small Copper(2), Common Blue(12), Red Admiral(8), SmallTortoiseshell(119), Peacock(33), Silver-washedFritillary(1), SpeckledWood(4), Meadow Brown(8), Lullybeg, Kildare (H19), 26/8

Jennifer Costello: Red Admiral(2), Large White(4), Speckled Wood(2), Shankhill Park, Dublin (H21), 26/8

Patrick McCann: Red Admiral(5), Russborough House, Wicklow (H20), 25/8

Jesmond Harding: Large White(5), Small White(2), Green-veined White(2), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(1), Red Admiral(6), Small Tortoiseshell(34), Peacock(2), Speckled Wood(1), 
Mulhussey, Meath (H22), 25/8

David O'Flynn:
Large White(4), Small White(2), Clonee, Dublin (H21), 24/8
[A mix of Large White and Small White, judging by the caterpillars. I have seen quite a few adults around the garden over the past month, and have decided to sacrifice my cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli plants to them for this year. All of the plants are absolutely covered in caterpillars at the moment.]

Tom Tarpey: 200+ Small Tortoiseshell(200+), Peacock(1), Common Blue(1), Ballinvally, Redcross, Wicklow, 22/8;
Common Blue(3), Large White(2), Wall Brown(1), Ross, Kilbaha, Clare on 24/8

John A. Power, Mick Cowming Snr & Bernie Sheridan: Small Tortoiseshell(4), Red Admiral(2), Green-veined White(1), Purple Hairstreak(2), Speckled Wood(8), Colligans Wood, Dungarvan, Waterford, 24/8

Brian Danaher: Small Tortoiseshell(5), Shankill, Dublin, 22/8
[Humming Bird Hawkmoth x3 feeding Buddleja]


Thomas Moran: Red Admiral(4), Painted Lady(15), Green-veined White(4), Grange, Fourmilehouse, Kilbride parish, Roscommon (H25), 22/8

John A Power & Barry Power: Small Copper(7), Small Tortoiseshell(50), Speckled Wood(22), Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(2), Peacock(9), Common Blue(12), Green-veined White(9), Small White(6),  Knocknmaona, nr Mount Stuart, Waterford(H6), 22/8

Adrian Phelan: Painted Lady(1), Common Blue(3), Meadow Brown(5), Wall Brown(10), Small White(5), Speckled Wood(6), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Peacock(1), Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin (H21), 22/8

Sean & Joe Geraty: Wall Brown(6), Small Copper(1), Dooniver, Strand; Grayling(1), Atlantic Drive, Achill Island, Mayo, 21/8

John A Power & Bernie Sheridan: Speckled Wood(28), Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Small Copper(3), Green-veined White(4), Large White(6), Small White(7), Wall Brown(18), Red Admiral(2), Painted Lady(1), Common Blue(5), Small Tortoiseshell(9), Ballymacart, Waterford (H6), 21/8

John A Power: Green-veined White(34), Large White(12), Small White(9), Small Tortoiseshell(27), Speckled Wood(38), Peacock(1), Meadow Brown(1), Brickey Canal, Waterford (H6), 21/8

Geoff Hunt:

Michael Gray: Small Copper(1), Rathfarnham, Dublin (H21), 22/8;
Grayling(1), Small Heath(2), Small White(3), Green-veined White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Meadow Brown(80), Common Blue(70), North Bull Island, Dublin, 21/8

Jesmond Harding:
Small Tortoiseshell(7), Peacock(2), Speckled Wood(10), Wall Brown(2), Lullymore, Kildare (H19), 21/8
[All butterflies seen on track leading to the IPCC reserve on cutaway bog.];
Small White(2), Brimstone(1), Small Copper(4), Common Blue(4), Small Tortoiseshell(31), Peacock(4), Speckled Wood(5), Wall Brown(1), Meadow Brown(4), Lullybeg, Kildare, 21/8 

per Bob Aldwell: Small Tortoiseshell(100+), Caim, Enniscorthy (Helen Cloney); Small Tortoiseshell(120+), Cam, Enniscorthy (Dorothy Smallwood); Small Tortoiseshell(100+), Crossabeg (Nuala Browne), Wexford, 20/8;

Small Tortoiseshell (1st instar - 3rd generation?), Rock's Park, Blackrock, Dublin, 21/8

John  Fogarty: Brimstone(6), Small Tortoiseshell(40), Red Admiral(10), Painted Lady(6), Peacock(25), Meadow Brown(4), Speckled Wood(3), Large White(3), Small White(4), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 20/8
[All feeding on Knapweed on path through bog plantation.]


Jesmond Harding: Large White(5), Small White(5), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(21), Peacock(2), Mulhussey, Meath (H22), 20/8
[Butterflies were seen nectaring on Common Knapweed and Devil's-bit Scabious.]

O'Haire family: Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Red Admiral(2), Peacock(2), Speckled Wood(8), Barrett's Tavern lane, Kilclooney, Portnoo, Donegal, W (H35), 17/8

Bob Aldwell, Frank Smyth & Ethna Diver:
Essex Skipper(5), Common Blue, Sinnotstown;
Silver-washed Fritillary, Red Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(8), Ferrycarrig, Wexford;
Common Blue(100+), Small Tortoiseshell(10), Essex Skipper(4), Red Admiral(2 larvae), Killinick Station;
Common Blue(500+), Gatekeeper(4), Small Tortoiseshell, Silver-washed Fritillary(2+), Small Heath(2), The Raven Nature Reserve;
Purple Hairstreak(2), Killoughrum Wood, Wexford, 17/8

Nuala Browne: Comma(1+), Crossabeg, daily from 24th July to c.14th August, Crossabeg, Wexford;
Large White(20), Silver-washed Fritillary(3+), Red Admiral(40+), Small Tortoiseshell(47+), Painted Lady(3), Peacock(6), Crossabeg, Wexford, 17/8 [per Bob Aldwell]

Michael Mullett:
Small White(3), Common Blue(7), Small Tortoiseshell(18), Peacock(1), South Beach, Arklow, Wicklow (H20), 17/8;
Small White(4), Green-veined White(3), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(7), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Peacock(13), Silver-washed Fritillary(8), Meadow Brown(5), Speckled Wood(20), Clara Nature Reserve, Wicklow (H20), 17/8

Sean Geraty: Purple Hairstreak(2), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 17/8

Niamh Lennon: Purple Hairstreak(1f - deceased), Glendalough, Wicklow, 16/8

Bob Aldwell et al.: Green-veined White(3), Small Copper(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Donaghmore, Carrickmacross, Monaghan (H32), 16/8

Geoff Hunt:
Silver-washed fritillary(5), Green-veined white(6), speckled wood(4), Peacock(3), Meadow Brown(3), Lord Brandon's cottage, Kerry;
Dark Green Fritillary(1), Holly Blue(1), nr Lough Beg, Kerry
6 red admiral(6), Peacock(4) [one was being eaten by a spotted flycatcher], Small Tortoiseshell(1), Green-veined White(4), Meadow Brown(4), Large White(1), Gap of Dunloe, Kerry;
Peacock(4), Meadow Brown(4), Red Admiral(2), Green-veined White(3), Black Valley, Kerry, 15/8

A Power & Barry Power:
Gatekeeper(18), Meadow Brown(7), Common Blue(8), Red Admiral(4), Small White(7), Small Tortoiseshell(18), Green-veined White(10), Speckled Wood(6), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Ballyscanlon nr Fenor, Waterford (H6), 15/8;
Gatekeeper(2), Common Blue(30), Red  Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(11), LargeWhite(3), Green-veined White(10), Carrigvantry Reservoir, Waterford, Waterford (H6), 15/8;
Small Tortoiseshell(40), Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Large White(15), Small White(9), Green-veinedWhite(10), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(1), Peacock(2), Ballyvoile, Waterford (H6), 15/8;
Common Blue(45), Large White(9), Small White(12), Green-veined White(4), Speckled Wood(2), Small Tortoiseshell(7), Peacock(1), Ballinacourty, Waterford (H6), 15/8

John Fogarty: Small Tortoiseshell(27), Speckled Wood(2), Red Admiral(4), Large White(2), Peacock(3), Aughnagomaun, Horse & Jockey,Thurles, Tipperary S (H7), 15/8
[All feeding on Buddleja weyeriana in garden 23 C at 2 pm. Best number of butterflies in this bush since 2006 when I had 72.]

Edward Delaney: Comma(1), Small Tortoiseshell(7), nr Lock Gate, St Mullins, Carlow (H13), 15/8
[Feeding together on thistles]

Michael Bell: Small Copper(4), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(1), Lough Erril, Leitrim (H29), 15/8

Aline & Oisin Morrison: Common Blue(9), Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Meadow Brown(16), Small Tortoiseshell(35), Peacock(21), Large White(13), Small White(6), Green-veined White(10), Speckled Wood(15), Brimstone(6), Small Copper(5), Wall Brown(2), Red Admiral(2), Thonabrucky bog, Bushy Park, Galway.Galway, 15/8


Michael Gray:
Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(2), Peacock(14), Small Tortoiseshell(18), Silver-washed Fritillary(5), Small Copper(5), Large White(4), Small White(5), Green-veined White(16), Holly Blue(4), Common Blue(20), Speckled Wood(12), Meadow Brown(6), Ringlet(2), Old Bawn/Bohernabreena lakes, Dublin, 15/8;
Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Peacock(5), Speckled Wood(8), Green-veined White(8), Common Blue(5), Bohernabreena lakes-neighbouring 10k square, Dublin (H21), 15/8

Coilín MacLochlainn:
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Green-veined White(1), Doran's Bridge (Ferns Lower);
Red Admiral(1), Large White(1), Green-veined White(2), Speckled Wood(5), Meadow Brown(2),  Solsborough; 
Small White(1), Green-veined White(1), Small Copper(1), Corbally;
Painted Lady(1), Common Blue(2), Small Copper(1), Speckled Wood(10), Small White(1), Large White(1), Green-veined White(1), Monawilling; 
Large White(1), Painted Lady(2), Ringlet(1), Meadow Brown(1), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Oulart, Wexford, 15/8 

DNFC: Wall Brown(15+), Holly Blue(3), Small Copper(2), Small White, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood(10), Small Tortoiseshell(2+), Ringlet(1), Meadow Brown(5+), Peacock(1+), Howth, Dublin, 15/8

Deirdre Hardiman: Brown Hairstreak(9), Peacock(4), Common Blue(2), Wall Brown(3), Meadow Brown(14), Speckled Wood(1), Small Tortoiseshell(7), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Small White(2), Ballyclery, Galway, 15/8;

Small Copper(5), Peacock(20), Brown Hairstreak(2), Meadow Brown(6), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Grayling(1), Common Blue(1), Speckled Wood(1), Drumnadeevna, Clare, 15/8

John Power & Bernie Sheridan: Brown Hairstreak(3), Wall Brown(1) Gortlecka, Clare (H9), 14/8;
Meadow Brown(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(4), Small Copper(1), Green-veined White(1), Dromore Wood, Clare (H9), 14/8;
Small Tortoiseshell(3), Painted Lady(4), Small White(6), Meadow Brown(1), Green-veined White(10), Kilmueein Cove, Waterford (H6), 15/8

James Lennon: Brimstone(20), Common Blue(10), Small Copper(4), Silver-washed Fritillary(1, Small Tortoiseshell(2), Peacock(4), Red Admiral (2), Lullymore West, Kildare, 14/7;
Common Blue(20), Wall(2), Peacock(4), Small Copper(4), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Shee Bridge, Allenwood, Kildare, 14/8

Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: Silver-washed Fritillary(4+), Peacock(30+), Meadow Brown(10+), Common Blue(2+), Holly Blue(5), Purple Hairstreak(5), Small Copper(2), Small Tortoiseshell(10+), Large White(5), The Scalp, Enniskerry, Wicklow, 14/8

Jesmond Harding: Brown Hairstreak(29), Gortlecka, Clare (H9), 13/8

Brian Danaher: Small White(15), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Silver Strand, Wicklow (H20), 11/8;
Peacock(1), Large White(20, Shankill, Dublin, 15/8

John Lynch: Grayling(2), Burren National Park, Clare (H9), 14/8;
Brimstone(5), Large White(2), Green-veined White(4), Red Admiral(2), Peacock(4), Silver-washed Fritillary(5), Speckled Wood(2), Ringlet(3), Dromore Wood, Clare (H9), 11/8

Michael Gray: Wall Brown(5), Meadow Brown(10), Speckled Wood(16), Ringlet(3), Green-veined White(22), Small White(3), Large White(2), Peacock(7), Holly Blue(4), Small Copper(2), Small Tortoiseshell, Sandyford hills/foothills, Dublin (H21), 14/8

Michael O'Sullivan: Essex Skipper (60),  Green-veined White(12),  Large White(6),  Common Blue(7),  Small Copper(4),  Small Tortoiseshell(2), Peacock(2), Drinagh, nr Sinnotstown, Wexford (H12), 8/8

Freddie & Margaret Walsh: Essex Skipper(1), The Raven Nature Reserve, Wexford, 6/8; another one on 13/8
[A new site and 10 km record. On shore side of embankment feeding on Ragwort.]

Angus Tyner: Large White(4), Small White(2), Green-veined White(2), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(3), Holly Blue(1), Red Admiral(6), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Peacock(26), Speckled Wood(9), Meadow Brown(2), Cronykeery, Ashford, Wicklow (H20), 11/8

Joe Duane: Small Copper(2), Speckled Wood(12), Peacock(5), Red Admiral(3), Green-veined White(7), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Brimstone(7), Holly Blue(6), Common Blue(2), Meadow Brown(4), Wall Brown(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Large White(3), Small White(2), Sugarloaf hill road, west of Shannonbridge, Roscommon (H25), 10/8
[14 species]

Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Wall Brown(1), Peacock(5), Large White(2), Small White(4), Brimstone(6), Common Blue(8), Meadow Brown(7), Ringlet(1), Green-veined White(3), Wood near Clorhane, Offaly (H18), 10/8


Michael Gray: Small Copper(3), Holly Blue(17), Green-veined White(60), Meadow Brown(22), SmallWhite(2), Peacock(3), Speckled Wood(12), Marlay Park, Dublin (H21),10/8

Jesmond & Andrew Harding: Large White(15), Small White(15), Green-veined White(5), Small Copper(2), Common Blue(15), Holly Blue(17), Peacock(4), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(3), Meadow Brown(2), Louisa Bridge Kildare (H19), 9/8

Christian Osthoff: Painted Lady(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Green-veined White(50), Small White(2), Small Copper(5), Common Blue(6), Red Admiral(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(3), Speckled Wood(8), CarrigmoreWicklow (H20), 9/8

Angus Tyner: Silver-washed Fritillary(8), Red Admiral(5), Peacock(3), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(3), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Ballinanty, Greenan (Maze and Farm Museum), Wicklow (H20), 9/8;
Common Blue(1), Small Copper(1), Large White(1), Knockrath Little (Clara Lara Funpark), Wicklow (H20), 9/8

John Fogarty: Small Copper(3), Speckled Wood(4), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Peacock(6), LargeWhite(5), Red Admiral(6), Brimstone(2), Meadow Brown(3), Ringlet(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 9/8

John Lynch: Large White(4), Green-veined White(3), Small Copper(1), Red Admiral(12), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Peacock(10), Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Speckled Wood(1), Poul Gorm, Clonkeen, Kerry, 9/8
[Feeding on Buddleja bush.]

John A Power & Bernie Sheridan: Painted Lady(1), Small Copper(3), Common Blue(38), Meadow Brown(6), Speckled Wood(3), Green-veined White(100), Small White(2), Loughnagoushee nr Old Parish, Waterford (H6), 8/8;

Gatekeeper(10), Small Copper(3), Large White(6), Small White(4), Meadow Brown(6), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(10), Ringlet(1), Green-veined White(20), Ballyscanalon, nr Fennor, Waterford (H6), 7/8;

Red Admiral(34), Meadow Brown(6), Speckled Wood(13), Painted Lady(1), Small Tortoiseshell(7), Peacock(2), Small Copper(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(7), Common Blue(30), Green-veined White(50), Small White(4), Wall Brown(19), Ballymacart/Ballymacart Upper, Waterford (H6), 8/8
[Comment: A large no. of recently emerged 2nd brood Wall Brown & the largest count of Red Admiral this season]

Coilin MacLochlainn:
Purple Hairstreak (4), Holly Blue (7), Shelton Abbey Wood, Arklow, Wicklow, 8/8
[New site and new 10 km record for Purple Hairstreak]

Meadow Brown (20+), Peacock (4), Small Tortoiseshell (1), Painted Lady (1), Small White (2+), GV White (10+), Large White (3+), Grayling (2), Speckled Wood (10+), Common Blue (50+), Small Heath (1).Arklow Quarry Hill, Wicklow, 8/8

Meadow Brown (300+), Common Blue (50+), Grayling (1), Buckroney Sandhills, Wicklow, 8/8

John Fogarty: Large White(2), Red Admiral(8), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Painted Lady(2), Peacock(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(1), Woodstock House & Garden Inistiogue, Kilkenny (H11), 8/8
[All on one buddleja]

Joe Devlin: Common Blue(4), Wall Brown(1), Small White(15), Green-veined White(5), Meadow Brown(1), Annaloughan, Louth (H31), 8/8

Jesmond Harding: Large White(10), Small White(3), Green-veined White(11), Small Copper(67), Speckled Wood(5), Meadow Brown(2), Mulhussey, Meath (H22), 8/8
[62 of the Small Coppers were seen in a field where 6 were seen on 25th May. Many were feeding on bramble.];
Large White(5), Small White(2), Green-veined White(2), Small Copper(2), Common Blue(1), Holly Blue(2), Painted Lady(1), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(2), Meadow Brown(1), garden @ Mulhussey, Meath (H22), 8/8

Michael Gray: Small White(10), Large White(3), Green-veined White(12), Speckled Wood(7), Red Admiral(1), Peacock(18), Holly Blue(13), Common Blue(18), Meadow Brown(70), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Ringlet(1), Dodder valley park, Dublin (H21), 8/8

Brian Danaher: Meadow Brown(15), Shanganagh Park, Dublin, 8/8; Large White(1), Speckled Wood(1), Shankill (back garden), Dublin (H21), 8/8

David Nash: Brown Hairstreak(12+,1f); Wood White(2-4), Peacock(40+), Meadow Brown(20+), Ringlet(10+), Small Copper(6+), Silver-washed Fritillary(10+), Common Blue(4+), Brimstone(3), Speckled Wood(50+), Ballyeighter-Lisduff, Burren, Clarfe, 7/8

John Lynch & Alan Horan: Small Copper(10, Speckled Wood(1), Gearagh Woodlands, Cork(W), 7/8


John Fogarty:
Peacock(4), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Red Admiral(8), Large White(3), Green-veined White(1), Peacock(3), Aughnagomaun, Horse and Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 7/8
[All feeding on a Buddleia weyeriana(orange flowers) in the garden at 4 pm, 18C];
Speckled Wood(3), Peacock(2), Meadow Brown(2), Red Admiral(3), SmallCopper(2), Green-veined White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Large White(2), Ringlet(1), Knocknanuss, Horse and Jockey Tipperary S (H7), 6/8
[Feeding on bramble and knapweed]

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary(1), Cloontumper, Mayo E (H26), 3/8;
Green-veined White(1), Small Copper(2), Small Heath(1), Marsh Fritillary(17), Cloonoo East, nr Loughrea, Galway S E (H15), 4/8;
Holly Blue(1), Ballydoogan, Galway S E (H15), 4/8;
Green-veined White(1), Small Copper(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Marsh Fritillary(2 webs), Ballydoogan Bog, Galway S E (H15), 4/8
[Only 2 MF larval webs seen in ca. 30 mins; sward height increased over recent years; western part of site not visited.]

Michael Gray: Small White(2), Red Admiral(2), Peacock(1), Rathfarnam Dublin (H21), 4/8

Jesmond & Jane Harding, Michael Jacob:
Marsh Fritillary(13 larval webs), Brimstone(4), Small White(2), Green-veined White(8), Small Copper(2), Common Blue(2), Peacock(3), Silver-washed Fritillary(4), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(18), Ringlet(2), Lullybeg, Kildare (H19), 5/8
[Some MFs were recently hatched and have not eaten the first foodplant, while older larvae had migrated to to feed. Eleven nests faced south and two faced east.]

Bob Aldwell: Donegal July Report    »»»

Ian Rippey: Purple Hairstreak(1) - new site Oughterard, Galway; Brown Hairstreak plentiful on shores of Lough Corrib; large numbers of Silver-washed Fritillary in Annaghdown area to east of Lough; miscellaneous Wood White(1),  Wall Brown(2+), Burren, Clare, 4/8-5/8.

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue:- St Stephen's Green(2), Merrion Square(2), Blackrokc Park(5+), Rock's Park, Blackrock(6+), Lr Newtownpark Avenue(6+), 5/8

Gaggle Comma Reports (summary July): 1 at Eden Vale on 2nd; Artramon on 5th; 1 at Tomshallagh on 23rd.  1 at Raven Nature Reserve on 23rd and 3 at Ferrycarrig on 27th.

Michael Mullett: Small White(20), Green-veined White(2), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(1), RedAdmiral(3), Silver-washed Fritillary(6), Speckled Wood(4), Meadow Brown(4), Ringlet(20), Clara Nature ReserveWicklow (H20), 31/7

Small White(11), Green-veined White(8), Common Blue(8), Red Admiral(2), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(9), Speckled Wood(7), Ringlet(20), Meadow Brown(4), Clara Nature Reserve, Wicklow (H20), 3/8

Meadow Brown(2), Ringlet(4), Ballygannon Wood, Wicklow (H20), 3/8

Elizabeth Kehoe: Comma, Wexford Town, 1/8

Jesmond Harding: Small White(3), Green-veined White(43), Small Copper(2), Common Blue(2), Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(1), Peacock(3), Silver-washed Fritillary(22), Speckled Wood(20), Meadow Brown(10), Ringlet(30), Tuamgraney Woods, Clare (H9), 1/8

Wood White(1), Brimstone(8), Purple Hairstreak(1), Peacock(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(67), Garryland Wood, Galway, 30/7
[Wood White observed laid a single egg on topmost leaf of Tufted Vetch Vicia cracca]

Ian Rippey: Brown Hairstreak, Carney Commons, Tipperary, 1/8;
Purple Hairstreak, Fossa, Kerry & Portumna Forest Park, Galway, 31/7 & 1/8

Michael Gray:
Green-veined White(5),  Meadow Brown(10), Common Blue(5), Small Copper(3), Small White(2), Large White(1), Ballbunion-town end of golf course, Kerry N (H2), 31/7;
Meadow Brown(4), Wall Brown(1), Ballybunion-opposite end of golf course to town
Kerry N (H2), 31/7;
Common Blue(1), Red Admiral(2), Green-veined White(10), Large White(2), Small Copper(1), SpeckledWood(1), Meadow Brown(2), Dingle, Kerry, 1/8;
Common Blue(1), Westbury, Clare (H9), 2/8

Joe Devlin: Large White(1), Small White(10), Green-veined White(4), Meadow Brown(6), Ringlet(2), Common Blue(40), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Loughanmore Giles Quay, Louth (H31), 1/8

Ken Bond: Green-veined White(1), Speckled Wood(1), Large White(1), Peacock(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Holly Blue(1), St John's Wood, Roscommon (H25), 1/8

Green-veined White(2), Meadow Brown(1), Ringlet(1), Small White(1), Small Copper(17), Marsh Fritillary(5 larval webs), Mountallen, Lough Allen, Roscommon (H25), 1/8

Marsh Fritillary(2 larval webs), Cush East Bog, nr Ferbane, Offaly (H18), 30/7

John A Power & Bernie Sheridan: Silver-washed Fritillary(7), Holly Blue(2), Green-veined White(6), Red Admiral(1), Dromana, nr Villierstown, Waterford (H6), 2/8

Bob Aldwell: Holly blue - Newtownpark Avenue(2), Rocks Park(2), Idrone Lane(2 - one laying on ivy blossom), Iodrone Terrace(1 and 4 eggs on ivy), Blackrock Park(1), Brighton Vale(1), Monkstown Avenue(1), Monkstown Road-Albany Avenue corner(10+  eggs), Dublin 1/8


John A Power & Bernie Sheridan: Gatekeeper(11), Large White(4), Small White(3), Ringlet(8), Speckled Wood(3), Green-veined White(9), Meadow Brown(5), Small Copper(1), Ballyscanlon, nr Fennor, Waterford (H6), 31/7

John Casey: Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Dunlewey, Donegal, W (H35), 31/7

Ken Bond:Green-veined White(1), Marsh Fritillary(2 webs), Cush East Bog, nr  Ferbane, Offaly, 30/7 
[2 MF larval webs on cutover bog and bog margin]

Michael Bell: Speckled Wood(1), Green-veined White(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Ringlet(3), Large White(1), Golard, Donegal, E (H34), 29/7

John A Power & Bernie Sheridan: Purple Hairstreak(9), Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Large White(1), Peacock(1), Green-veined White(1), Colligan Woods, Dungarvan, Waterford, (H6), 29/7
[Bright sunny; PHs flying around and landing on upper branches of oak at 18:30 to 19:30 h]

John A Power: Green-veined White(42), Ringlet(9), Meadow Brown(3), Large White(1), Small White(3), Small Copper(2), Peacock(1), Clashback nr Mount Stewart, Dungarvan, Waterford (H6), 29/7;

Green-veined White(31), Red Admiral(2), Ringlet(3), Meadow Brown(3), Brickey Canal. Dungarvan, Waterfrod, 27/7

Brian O'Connor: Essex Skipper(2), Coolcotts, Wexford, 28/7

Jesmond Harding: Brimstone(10), Green-veined White(5), Small Copper(2), Peacock(1), Silver-washedFritillary(15), Speckled Wood(5), Ringlet(3), SBallynastaigGalway, 28/7

Brimstone(10), Large White(1), Green-veined White(5), Purple Hairstreak(2), Peacock(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(20), Speckled Wood(3), Meadow Brown(6), Ringlet(4), Garryland Wood, Galway, 28/7

Wood White(6), Brimstone(1), Green-veined White(2), Brown Hairstreak(22), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Speckled Wood(4), Meadow Brown(10), Common Blue(1), GortleckaClare (H9), 27/4
[All 22 Brown Hairstreaks seen were males. It is probable that females have not emerged yet as this hedge/scrub is used each year by both sexes for basking, feeding, mate-seeking and by females for oviposition.]

Ian Rippey: Small Copper - very numerous in Burren and adjacent areas in Galway; Purple Hairstreak in Garryland, Gort, Galway, 26-28/7

Ken Bond: Large White(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Red Admiral(4), Killavullen, Cork, E (H5), 26/7;
Marsh Fritillary(2 larval webs), Ringlet(1), Ayle Lower Bog, nr Feakle
Clare (H9), 27/7;
Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Speckled Wood(2), Tuamgraney Community Woodland, Clare (H9), 28/7;
Holly Blue(2), Green-veined White(2), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(1), Drummeennagun, nr BroadfordClare (H9), 28/7;
Small White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Red Admiral(4), Killavullen, Cork, E (H5), 29/7

Mary Foley: Green-veined White(7), Red Admiral(1), Woodgraigue, Wexford, 23/7;
Meadow Brown(4), Ringlet(1), Woodgraigue, Wexford, 27/7

Freddie Walsh: Essex Skipper(12), Large White(20), Green-veined White(18), Small Copper(8), Common Blue(10), Red Admiral(18), Painted Lady(9), Small Tortoiseshell(10), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(16), Ringlet(1), Small White(100+), Ballagh, Wexford (H12), 27/7

Michael Bell: Meadow Brown(3), Green-veined White(6), Speckled Wood(2), Small Copper(5), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Ringlet(2), Mountallen, Roscommon (H25), 27/7
Green-veined White(2), Ringlet(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Union Woods, Sligo (H28), 27/7

Michael Gray: Painted Lady(2), Large White(1), Marshalstown, Enniscorthy, Wexford (H12), 26/7

Michael Gray & Rose O Driscoll: Common Blue(60), Small Copper(3), Small White(7), Large White(2), Green-veined White(14), Silver-washed Fritillary(7), Dark Green Fritillary(2), Red Admiral(28), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Small Heath(3), Meadow Brown(18), Ringlet(14), Gatekeeper(15), Speckled Wood(1), Raven Nature Reserve, Wexford (H12), 26/7

Michael Gray:Small White(1), Large White(3), Green-veined White(2), Holly Blue(4), 
Rathfarnam, Dublin (H21), 27/7

John A Power: Holly Blue(1), Red Admiral(12), Large White(1), Kilmurray, Waterford (H6), 24/7;
Green-veined White(1), Ringlet(2), Gatekeeper(1), Ballyscanlon Fennor, Waterford, 26/7

Jesmond & Andrew Harding:Wood White(3), Brimstone(16), Green-veined White(2), Brown Hairstreak(15), Small Copper(2), Common Blue(1), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Peacock(5), Dark Green Fritillary(3), Silver-washed Fritillary(16), Speckled Wood(3), Wall Brown(1) Meadow Browns(22), Ringlet(1), Grayling(1),  Small Heath(2), Gortlecka, Clare (H9), 26/7

Brian Nelson: Wood White(2),  Grayling(5), Meadow Brown(++), Ringlet(++), Red Admiral(1), Peacock(1), Small Heath(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Common Blue (3), Green-veined White(++), Small Copper(2), Rinecaha area north of Muckanagh Lough, Burren, Clare, 24/7

Wood White(5), Green-veined White(++), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Small Copper (1), Meadow Brown(++), Ringlet(++), Castletaylor , Clare, 24/7 

Donegal Report 20-24 July 2010 (Bob Aldwell)   »»»

John Fogarty: Green-veined White(16), Small Copper(3), Peacock(1), Meadow Brown(6), Ringlet(17), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 25/7
[First peacock of summer, also these are the fifth coppers recorded here this year - never saw them before, 19 C and humid, bramble main foodplant not much else on offer.]


Michael Gray: Speckled Wood(13), Green-veined White(23), Small Tortoiseshell(23), Red Admiral(5), Silver-washed Fritillary(6), Holly Blue(4), Small White(3), Ringlet(4), Meadow Brown(16), Small Copper(4), Common Blue(2), Borodale, Enniscorthy, Wexford (H12), 25/7

Michael Gray & Rose O Driscoll: Common Blue(4), Small Copper(10), Green-veined White(24), Meadow Brown(32), Ringlet(43), Red Admiral(4), Small Tortoiseshell(8), Speckled Wood(3), Holly Blue(2), Marshalstown Enniscorthy, Wexford (H12), 25/7

Ian Rippey: Brown Hairstreak(4+), Small Copper(c.30), Ballylennon area, nr Gort, Galway, 25/7;
Purple Hairstreak, Ballyeighter, Clare, 25/7

Michael Gray, Rose and Finn O'Driscoll: Green-veined White(4), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Ringlet(1), Meadow Brown(4), Small White(1), Caim, Wexford (H12), 24/7

Joe Devlin: Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(1), Great Saltee Island, Wexford (H12), 23/7

Micheael Bell: Silver-washed Fritillary(5), Green-veined White(2), Ringlet(1), Lough Key, Roscommon (H25), 23/7

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary(1web), Gortavehy, Ballyhouras, Limerick (H08), 24/7
[Larval web - 1st and /or 2nd instar larvae]

Ringlet(7), Small Copper(1), Ringlet(3), Graig UpperCork, E (H5), 24/7;
Large White(1), Green-veined White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ringlet(1), Gibbonstown, nr Kilmallock, Limerick (H08), 22/7

Michael Gray, Rose &  Finn O'Driscoll: Small Copper(1), Small White(1), Davidstown, Enniscorthy, Wexford (H12), 23/7;
Silver-washed Fritillary(4), Small Copper(1), Green-veined White(40), Meadow Brown(10), Ringlet(32), Small White(1), Red Admiral(1), foot of Mt Leinster, Wexford (H12), 24/7

Small Tortoiseshell(21), Red Admiral(1), Small White(1), Green-veined White(3), Ringlet(3), Meadow Brown(6), Marshalstown, Enniscorthy, Wexford (H12), 23/7

Essex Skipper(117), Meadow Brown(15), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Red Admiral(1), Small White(2), Green-veined White(6), Ringlet(10), Peacock(1), Common Blue(5), Sinnotstown, Wexford, 23/7

Comma(1), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(2), Ringlet(5), Meadow Brown(12), Small White(1), Green-veined White(3), Red Admiral(1), Tomshallagh, Ferns,  Wexford (H12), 23/7

Freddie Walsh: Large White(4), Small White(30), Green-veined White(6), Small Copper(11), Common Blue(80), Red Admiral(12), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Peacock(1), Dark Green Fritillary(5), Silver-washed Fritillary(10), Speckled Wood(2), Gatekeeper(16), Raven, Meadow Brown(25), Ringlet(10), Small Heath(12), The Raven, Wexford (H12), 23/7

John Fogarty: Small White(1), Green-veined White(4), Small Copper(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Meadow Brown(3), Ringlet(12), Knocknanuss,Horse & Jockey,Tipperary S (H7), 23/7

Jesmond & Andrew Harding:  Brimstone(7), Small White(1), Green-veined White(15), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(3), Peacock(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(6), Meadow Brown(20), Ringlet(7), Lullybeg, Kildare (H19), 23/7
[This is the first Lullybeg record of numbers of Silver-washed Fritillaries apart from singletons; planting of violets and exposing existing violets by cutting scrub/thinning trees may be a factor in their appearance.]


Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: Comma(1), Small Copper(very busy egg laying on Sheep's Sorrell), The Raven, Wexford, 23/7

Joe Duane: Green-veined White(20), Meadow Brown(5), Ringlet(14), Suck Valley Way, Ballygar, Galway, 22/7

John Lynch: Green-veined White(10), Brimstone(5), Silver-washed Fritillary(17), Speckled Wood(2), Dromore Wood, Clare (H9), 22/7
[Silver washed fritillaries and the brimstones feeding on bramble flowers. Swf around the visitor centre and with brimstones on the western perimeter of the wood.]

Brian O'Connor: Essex Skipper(15), Kerlogue, Wexford, 20/7

Jesmond Harding: Brimstone(1), Large White(1), Green-veined White(10), Small Copper(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Meadow Brown(17), Ringlet(11), Small Heath(2), Lullybeg, Kildare (H19), 20/7

Sean Geraty: Purple Hairstreak(2), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 20/7;
Purple Hairstreak(6), Phoenix Park, 23/7

Joe Duane: Small White(6), Green-veined White(2), Common Blue(1), Red Admiral(1), Peacock(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(4), Ringlet(30), Meadow Brown(3), Portumna forest Park, Galway, 19/7

John A Power & Bernie Sheridan: Red Admiral(4), Green-veined White(3), Gatekeeper(3), Ringlet(30), Meadow Brown(17), Ballyscanlon Fennor, Waterford (H6), 17/7;
Green-veined White(10), Ringlet(2), Meadow Brown(5), Red Admiral(1), Small White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Ballymacart/Ballymacart Upper, Waterford (H6), 17/7

James Noonan: Gatekeeper, Small Heath, Silver-washed Fritillary(4), Red Admiral, The Raven, Wexford, 17/7 

Freddie Walsh: Dark Green Fritillary(100s), Large White(4), Small White(3), Green-veined White(6), Small Copper(6), Common Blue(2), Red Admiral(4), Painted Lady(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Small Heath(12), Grayling(10), Meadow Brown(80), Ringlet(8), Ballyteigue, Wexford (H12), 17/7 

Bob Aldwell & David Nash: Essex Skipper(50+), Sinnotstown; Essex Skipper(20+), at former Killinick Station; Red Admiral(6+), at variety of locations including Tacumshin, Wexford, 17/7

Jennifer Costello: Large White(2), Red Admiral(1), Shankhill Park, Dublin (H21), 16/7

Adrian Phelan: Holly Blue(1), Meadow Brown(2), Speckled Wood(3), Grangegorman, Dublin(H21), 15/7
[2nd brood Holly Blue]

Donegal Report June 2010 (Bob Aldwell)   »»»

Joe Duane: Green-veined White(6), Small Copper(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Meadow Brown(2), Ringlet(5), Garbally College, Ballinasloe, Galway, 14/7

Christian Osthoff: Purple Hairstreak(1), Carrigmore, Wicklow (H20), 14/7

T & C Haire: Dark Green Fritillary(10), Grayling(3), Sheskinmore, Rosbeg Donegal, Donegal, W (H35), 13/7
[On sheltered dune sides, DGFs flying high and low, Graylings pairing up]

Michael Mullett: Large White(8), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Meadow Brown(15), Ringlet(1), Carnsore, Wexford (H12), 12/7

Freddie Walsh: Large White(3), Small White(1), Green-veined White(8), Common Blue(6), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Dark Green Fritillary(7), Silver-washed Fritillary(4), Speckled Wood(4), Gatekeeper(6), Meadow Brown(20), Ringlet(40), Raven, Wexford (H12), 11/7
[First record in 2009 on 28th June; 19th July in 2008]

Joe Devlin: Dark Green Fritillary(10), Ringlet(12), Meadow Brown(3), Speckled Wood(10), Small Heath(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Slieve Foye Woods, Louth (H31), 11/7


John Fogarty: Small Tortoiseshell(7), Speckled Wood(1), Green-veined White(5), Meadow Brown(11), Small Heath(7), Ringlet(67), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 11/7
[Ringlets very evident today as were whites after lots of rain yesterday most were feeding on bramble,knapweed and thistle].

Michael Bell: Green-veined White(4), Meadow Brown(5), Ringlet(6), Common Blue(2), SpeckledWood(2), Carrowgarve, Mayo W (H27), 11/7:
Small White1Common Blue1Green-veined White2CloonacleighaSligo (H28), 12/7;
Ringlet4Meadow Brown2Green-veined White2Common Blue1Lough TaltSligo (H28);
Meadow Brown10KilgalliganMayo W (H27)F74, 12/7

Mark Wilkes: Comma(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Ashford, Wicklow (H20), 11/7

Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: Green-veined White(4+), Dark Green Fritillary(15+), Meadow Brown(100+), Small Heath(15+), Painted Lady(1 - fresh), Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford, 10/7
[Mating pair of DGF observed in low vegetation for 20+ minutes in very overcast conditions and estimated temperature of 14 degrees; the male then warmed itself by shivering and flew a few metres in tandem; the pair briefly landed away with wings open and again took off together across a ridge and disappeared out of sight]

Bob Aldwell: Peacock, large groups(4) of larvae (three about half grown and one only second instar), Small Tortoiseshell(6+ fresh adults), Ringlet(6), Speckled Wood(2 - one laying), Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 5/7;
larvae(1) fully grown, Rock's Park, Blackrock, 5/7;
Ringlet(6), Meadow Brown(2), Speckled Wood(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock
larva(1) remaining - presumably pupation had already taken place),  
Red Admiral
larva(1) fully grown), Killiney Strand, Dublin, 9/7

Michael Mullett: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(12), Meadow Brown(13), Ringlet(10), SmallHeath(5), Kilmichael/Kilpatrick, Wexford (H12), 29/6;
Large White(1), Common Blue(5), Dark Green Fritillary(50), Meadow Brown(20), Ringlet(15), Small Heath(5), Ballyteige Burrow, Wexford (H12), 5/7;
Common Blue(26), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Meadow Brown(22), Ringlet(20), Small Heath(34), Raven Nature reserve, Wexford (H12), 5/7

Joe Duane: Speckled Wood(1), Small White(1), Meadow Brown(3), Ringlet(12), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Green-veined White(3), Culliagh bog, Ballinasloe, Roscommon (H25), 1/7;
Red Admiral(1), Meadow Brown(20), Ringle(21), Duneeda,Ballinasloe, Galway, 5/7

Michael Bell: Meadow Brown(15), Green-veined White(16), Ringlet(18), Speckled Wood(6), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Addergoole, Galway N E (H17), 5/7:
Meadow Brown(4), Ringlet(2), Small Heath(3), Green-veined White(2), Cloonshanville Bog, Roscommon (H25), 5/7

Freddie Walsh: Essex Skipper(4), Common Blue(3), Meadow Brown(5), Ringlet(6), Killinick Railway Station, Wexford (H12), 4/7

Chris Wilson: Essex Skipper(1+), Sinnotstown, Wexford, 4/7

John Fogarty: Speckled Wood(3), Large White(2), Green-veined White(1), Meadow Brown(34), Small Heath(7), Small Tortoiseshell(12), Killough hill, Thurles, Tipperary S (H7), 3/7
[Dry calcerous ground on edge of large operating quarry lots of wild flowers bedstraws, thistles, willowherb, pyramid orchids, hogweed, centaury, ragwort, oxeye daisies, and brambles to name a few most of this site cleared to facilitate quarrying for new M8.]

Peter Doyle: Silver-washed Fritillary(10+), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 2/7

Michael Bell: Meadow Brown(3), Common Blue(1), Ringlet(10), Sheskin Forest, Mayo W (H27), 2/7

Freddie Walsh: Large White(1), Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(1), Comma(1), Speckled Wood(6), Meadow Brown(4), Ringlet(12), Eden Vale, Wexford (H12), 2/7
[2nd Comma of season. First on 22 April]

Jennifer Costello: Painted Lady(4), Speckled Wood(4), Shankhill Park, Dublin (H21), 2/7

Jesmond Harding:Wood White(1), Green-veined White(2), Common Blue(5), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Speckled Wood(30), Meadow Brown(5), Ringlet(20), Kilternan, Dublin (H21), 29/6
[Wood White was a fresh individual - either a late emergent or second generation];
Wood White(1), Common Blue(2), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Speckled Wood(3), Meadow Brown(2), Ringlet(32), Louisa Bridge, Kildare (H19), 30/6
[Male Wood White was pristine.];
Green-veined White(1), Holly Blue(15 larvae), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(2), Meadow Brown(2), Ringlet(4), Mulhussey, Meath (H22), 30/6
[Holly Blue larvae are dining on berries on variegated holly plants placed on south facing garden patio.]

Michael Bell: Speckled Wood(13), Meadow Brown(8), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Green-veined White(2), Orange-tip(1), Ringlet(2), Killacorraun, Mayo W (H27), 26/6;
Meadow Brown(4), Speckled Wood(14), Ringlet(4), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Derrymannin, Mayo E (H26), 27/6;
Meadow Brown(13), Speckled Wood(20), Ringlet(4), Small Heath(6), Green-veined White(10), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Cloonaddron, by River SuckRoscommon (H25), 29/6;
Orange-tip(2), Common Blue(6), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ringlet(10), Lisaneaville Bog, Roscommon (H25), 29/6


Joe Duane: Marsh Fritillary(1), Green Hairstreak(1), Common Blue(2), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Meadow Brown(10), Ringlet(3), Small Heath(6), Lenafin bog, Galway, 26/6; 
Green-veined White(2), Common Blue(1S), mall Tortoiseshell(2), Common Blue(1), SpeckledWood(7), Meadow Brown(10), Ringlet(2), Meadow Brown(12), Small Heath(6), Large Heath(1), bog east of Atticorra, Roscommon (H25), 25/6

Michael Bell: Meadow Brown(7), Speckled Wood(6), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Common Blue(3), Pollatomish, Mayo W (H27), 25/6

Dermot Breen: Large Heath(7), Grayling(10, Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(2), Dawros More, Galway W (H16), 23/6;
Large Heath(3), Caher, Galway W (H16), 24/6;
Large Heath(2), Meadow Brown(2), Illion, Galway W (H16), 24/6;
Large Heath(15), Shanasheeaun, Galway W (H16), 24/6;
Large Heath(1), Meadow Brown(1), Derrynacleigh, Galway W (H16), 24/6;
Large Heath(1), Salrock, Galway W (H16), 24/6;
Green-veined White(1), Common Blue(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Meadow Brown(2), Large Heath(1), Barnaheskabaunia, Galway W (H16);
Small Tortoiseshell(7), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(5), Ringlet(1), Large Heath(10), Glassillaun, Galway W (H16), 24/6

Aline Morrison: Green-veined White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(11), Speckled Wood(7), Meadow Brown(13), Ringlet(35), Thonabrucky bog, Bushy Park, Galway, 22/6
[Two batches of small tortoiseshell caterpillars. Conditions nice, but windy]

Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: Silver-washed Fritilary(3+), Small Tortoiseshell(10+), Clooniff, Moycullen, Galway, 21/6;
Silver-washed Fritillary(3+), St John's Wood, Leecarrow, Roscommon, 21/6;
Small Tortoiseshell(15+), Esker, Galway, 21/6

Jesmond Harding: Common Blue(10), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Dark Green Fritillary(28), Speckled Wood(3), Meadow Brown(4), Ringlet(2), Small Heath(5), Gortlecka, Clare (H9), 21/6;
Wood White(1), Common Blue(5), Dark Green Fritillary(32), Marsh Fritillary(12), Speckled Wood(1), Small Heath(5), Termon/Fahee North, Clare, 21/6
[Marsh Fritillaries seen were worn with wings showing transparent patches. Most of Dark Green Fritillaries seen were pristine males] 

Ken Bond: Small Blue(11), Small Heath(1), Common Blue(1), Red Admiral(1), O'Brien's Bridge, LahinchClare (H9), 15/6
[Small Blue almost totally confined to area where Kidney Vetch on steep sandy slopes];
Brimstone(1), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Lough Bunny (E. shore), 15/6;
Large Heath(1), Marsh Fritillary(1), Rathclooney Bog, Clare (H9), 16/6;
Green Hairstreak1Speckled Wood(3), Ayle Lower Bog, Clare (H9);
Small Heath(1), Large Heath(1), Marsh Fritillary(3), Curraghsallagh, Roscommon (H25) 19/6;
Wood White(3), Orange-tip(1), Common Blue(3), Green Hairstreak(1), Marsh Fritillary(8), Meadow Brown(1), Lough O'Flynn (E. shore), Roscommon (H25), 19/6
Marsh Fritillary(1), Common Blue(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Kilkeeran, Partry, Mayo E (H26), 20/6;
Common Blue(4), Marsh Fritillary(4), Dringeen Eighter (L. Mask, E. shore), Mayo E (H26), 20/6
Wood White(1), Meadow Brown(1), Speckled Wood(4), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Clonnnamarve, Galway W (H16), 20/6;
Meadow Brown(2), Small Heath(2), Large Heath(3), Francis Gap, (Slieve Aughty), Galway S E (H15)

Eddie Gilligan: Small Heath(26), Speckled Wood(1), Small Tortoiseshell(7), Lugnagun-Sorrel Hill, nr Blessington, Wicklow, Wicklow (H20), 20/6

John Lynch: Small White(25), Large White(4), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Painted Lady(1), Speckled Wood(4), Meadow Brown(6), Ringlet(2), Gearagh Woodland, Cork, 20/6

John Fogarty: Small Blue(1), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Speckled Wood(6), Meadow Brown(13), Clonea carpark beside beach,  Waterford (H6), 20/5

Jesmond & Andrew Harding: Common Blue(1), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Speckled Wood(12), Ringlet(2), Meadow Brown(105), Mulhussey/ Ballymagillin, Meath (H22), 20/6

Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: Grayling(2), Castlesampson, Roscommon, 18/6;
Grayling(1), Coilleach, An Spidéal, Galway, 19/6

Fintan Ryan: Wood White(1), Borris Demesne, Carlow (H13), 19/6

John A Power & Bernie Sheridan: Green-veined White(2), Orange-tip(3), Marsh Fritillary(17), Meadow Brown(1), Killeens, nr Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 19/6

Dermot Breen: Large Heath(20), Glenicmurrin Lough, Galway W (H16), 19/6
[At least 20 seen along a 1km walk across lowland blanket bog];
Large Heath(5), Snauvbo, 14/6;
Small Heath(6), Large Heath(1), Loughaunmore, Kilkieran, Galway W (H16)
[On recently burnt bog]

Brian Danaher: Speckled Wood(2), Shanganagh Park, Dublin, 19/6; Large White(1), Shankill, Dublin, 19/6


Faith Wilson: Small Blue(3), Long Derries SAC just south of Edenderry, Offaly, 16/6 

Joe Duane: Large Heath(3), Derrymullen Bog Galway, 16/6;
Orange-tip(3), Common Blue(15), Marsh Fritillary(2), Speckled Wood(4), Small Heath(10), nr Timard, Galway, 17/6

Jesmond Harding: Dingy Skipper(1), Brimstone(32 larvae), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(11), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Marsh Fritillary(7), Meadow Brown(3), Small Heath(14), Lullybeg, Kildare (H19), 17/6
[Brimstone larvae on two Alder Buckthorn  in open. No larvae were found on these exposed plants in 2009. The Small Tortoiseshell pristine]

Paul Moore: Wood White(4), Meadow Brown(1), Ballyvergan MarshCork, E (H5), 16/6

John Fogarty: Meadow Brown(4), Ringlet(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Wood White(7), Speckled Wood(3), Knocknanuss, Horse & JockeyTipperary S (H7), 16/6
[First Ringlet report on 22/5 in 2009 & 16/6 in 2008. First brood SmT appearing during the past week in small numbers]

J J Cahill (per): Marsh Fritillary between Cannon Hill (SW of Clonmel) and Cahernaleague, Ballinamult, Waterford. 16/6
[Hit windscreen of car along route... First report from the county for many years]

Joe Duane: Peacock(2), Speckled Wood(4), Meadow Brown(2), Garbally wood, Ballinasloe, Galway, 14/6;
Wood White(1), Large White(1), Green-veined White(1), Common Blue(6), Peacock(1), SpeckledWood(7), Small Heath(10), Cranberry Bog, Roscommon (H25), 15/6

Ken Bond:  Green-veined White(1), Meadow Brown(1), Speckled Wood(1), Wall Brown(1), Donsallagh,  East Clare (H9), 14/6;
Small Blue(11), Small Heath(1), Common Blue(1), Red Admiral(1), Lahinch (O'Brien's Bridge), Clare (H9), 14/6
[Small Blue almost totally confined to areas where Kidney Vetch on steep slopes];
Large Heath(3), Marsh Fritillary(1), Speckled Wood(1), Rathclooney Bog, Clare (H9);
Green Hairstreak(2), Speckled Wood(3), Ayle Lower Bog, near Feakle, Clare (H9), 14/6;
Brimstone(3), Common Blue(2), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Wood White(1), Lough Bunny (E. shore), Clare (H9), 15/6

Jesmond Harding: Wood White(4), Green Hairstreak(6), Speckled Wood(2), Large Heath(71), Clara Bog, Offaly, 14/6

John Lynch: Large White(4), Green-veined White(11), Speckled Wood(6), Meadow Brown(1), Toons Wood, Macroom, Cork, 13/6
[All present in a woodland glade of 100 m by 50 m]

Pauline Clerkin: Common Blue(9), Wall Brown(1), Small Blue(1), Inis Mór, Galway, 11/6;
Small Heath, 10/6; Small Tortoiseshell, 12/6

Freddie Walsh: Wall Brown(2), Common Blue(20), Small Heath(20), Small Copper(1), Large White(2), Ratheenmore, Ladys Island, Wexford (H12), 12/6;
Small Tortoisehell(1), Painted Lady(1), Small Heath(6), Speckled Wood(4), Meadow Brown(5), Common Blue(1), Killinick Railway Station, Wexford, 12/6

Jesmond Harding: Brimstone(1), Wood White(1), Common Blue(4), Marsh Fritillary(12), Small Heath(18), Lullybeg, Kildare (H19), 12/6;
Wood White(4), Orange-tip(2), Marsh Fritillary(50), Small Heath(49), Pollardstown Fen, Kildare (H19), 12/6

Angus Tyner: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Large White(1), Small White(1), Speckled Wood(6), MeadowBrown(1), Cronykeery, Ashford, Wicklow (H20), 11/6
[Fresh Small tortoishell about 2 weeks earlier than usual. Loads more Meadow Browns today 12/6, also one on 10/6]

Don Cotton & Jean Dunleavy: Small Heath(37), Marsh fritillary(43), Common Blue(13), Bunduff, Sligo, 6/6;
Large Heath: Doogloon Lough, Achonry, Sligo, 5/6; Balloor nr Cliffony, Leitrim, 7/6; Cloonerco Bog nr Cliffony, Sligo, 11/6 

Geoff Hunt: Marsh Fritillary(1), Speckled Wood(4), Green-veined White(3), Griston Bog near Ballylanders, Limerick, 11/6

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1), Blackrock, Dublin, 11/6

Brian Nelson: Common Blue(3), Wall Brown(1), Speckled Wood(2), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(1), Wood White(1), Meadow Brown(1), Dark Green Fritillary(10+), south of green road (partially reclaimed fields), Burren, Clare, 10/6;
Marsh Fritillary(25+), Small Heath(10+). Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2),
Dark Green Fritillary(several), Common Blue(2), pavement/scrub south of green road, Burren, Clare, 10/6
[MF on Geranium sanguineum]unimproved grassland and low hazel scrub

Lynda McCann: Small Heath(6), Large White(1), Common Blue(1), Slieve League Cliffs, Donegal, W (H35), 10/6;
Small Blue(1), Silver Strand, near Malin Beg, Donegal, W (H35)
[Male, on sandy part of beach]


John Lyons: Small Blue(17), Small Heaths(23), Green-veined White(3), Red Admiral(1), Dunfanaghy, Donegal, 10/6

Sandy Alcorn:  Common Blue(15+), Large White(1), Marsh Fritillary(1), Small Copper(1), Small Heath(20+), Inishfee Upper Island (B71), Donegal, 10/6

Donegal Report:  (compiled by Bob Aldwell)   »»»

John Fogarty: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(2), garden at Aughnagomaun, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 10/6

Michael Bell: Marsh Fritillary(6), Green-veined White(1), Wood White(3), Lough Gara, Sligo (H28), 11/6

David Cooke: Green-veined White(12), Green Hairstreak(40), Small Copper(1), Wall Brown(9), Speckled Wood(1), Red Admiral(1), Common Blue(10), Dursey Island., Cork, W (H3), 6/6;
[Speckled Wood only the second record from Dursey, the first being seen recently]
Meadow Brown(1), Lough Beg, Cork, Mid (H4), 8/6

Paul Lawlor: Common Blue(1), Island View, Knockboy, Waterford City, Waterford (H6), 7/6

Michael O'Sullivan: Dark Green Fritillary(6), Wood White(23), Speckled Wood(19), Common Blue(34), Wall Brown(2), Marsh Fritillary(6), Orange-tip(1), Small Heath(4), 
Holly Blue(1), Dingy Skipper(3), Brimstone(1), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(20), Green-veined Whitge(1), Small White(1), Gortlecka area.Clare (H9), 5/6
[Very warm most of the day, light wind in open areas.]
 ... & Sean Bourke: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(9), Dingy Skipper(2), Speckled Wood(19), Dark Green Fritillary(4), Wood White(12), Wall Brown(1), Common Blue(20), Brimstone(3), Green road, Gortlecka, Clare (H9), 6/6
[Sightings from 08.00 to 13.00. Very warm from 08.15]

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary(1), Small Heath(1), Wood White(3), Knockaroura, near Mallow, Cork, E , 6/6 & 5/6
[New Marsh Fritillary site];
Small Heath(2), Wood White(5), Knockantota South, Cork, Mid (H4), 6/6

Jesmond Harding: Dingy Skipper(2), Wood White(1), Brimstone(1), Orange-tip(1), Common Blue(10), Peacock(2), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2), Dark Green Fritillary(3), Marsh Fritillary(2), Speckled Wood(2), Wall Brown(2), Green-veined White(1), Gortlecka, Clare, 6/6

Common Blue(15), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2), Dark Green Fritillary(3), Wall Brown(1), Gortlecka, Clare (H9), 5/6

Dingy Skipper(4), Wood White(3), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(10), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(10), Marsh Fritillary(53), Wall Brown(2), Termon, Clare (H9), 5/6
[Observed and photographed oviposition by Pearl-bordered Fritillaries on dry moss located near violets and hazel. Oviposition sites are south facing and all egg laying seen occured during bright sunshine. Marsh Fritillary ova discovered on a prominent leaf of a Devil's-bit Scabious plant growing on damp grassland near hazel scrub. Scabious plant chosen faces south and sheltered to the north by Bell Heather. Counted 250 eggs on leaf. Adult Marsh Fritillaries were very active; mating pair found on heather.]

Marsh Fritillary(12), Common Blue(4), Wall Brown(1), Ballard/ Rinroe, Clare (H9), 5/6;

Dingy Skipper(5), Common Blue(10), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(3), Small Heath(4), Rinecaha Clare (H9), 4/6

Dingy Skipper(3), Wood White(5), Common Blue(3), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(15), Marsh Fritillary(41), Wall Brown(1), Termon, Galway, 4/6

David Nash: Large Heath(11), nr Moycullen, Galway, 6/6

Paul Walsh: Painted Lady(4), Speckled Wood(2), Goat Island, near Ardmore, Waterford (H6), 6/6
[Including one PL in from the sea at 8.40 pm]

Michael Bell: Green-veined White(14), Orange-tip(6), Marsh Fritillary(3), Small Copper(3), Bellacorrick, nr. Oweniny river,  Mayo W (H27), 6/6

Geoff Hunt: Wood White(1), Orange-tip(6) , Green -veined White(12), Large White(2), Common Blue(2), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(4), Ratheenagh, 4/6;
Meadow Brown(1), Ballybunion, Kerry, 5/6;
Small Blue(12 - wew site), Speckled Wood(2), Small White, Green-veined White, Cashen River south bank, nr Ballybunion, Kerry, 5/6;
Red Admiral(2), Speckled Wood(2), Kilmore Strand S of Ballyduff , Kerry, 5/6
[First records of MB in 2009 were on 22/4 & 3/5]

Kieran Fahy: Large Heath(2), Green Hairstreak(7), Small Heath(30), Dingy Skipper(1), Clara Bog, Offaly (H18), 5/6

Niamh Roche: Wood White(2), Green-veined White(1), Speckled Wood(3), Starinagh, near Collon, Meath (H22), 5/6

Sean & Joe Geraty: Large Heath(8+), Green Hairstreak(30+), Clara Bog,  Offaly, 5/6

John Fogarty: Orange-tip(4), Small White(7), Small Heath(70+), Marsh Fritillary(4), Speckled Wood(2), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 5/5
[Site severely flooded during winter]

John A Power & Bernie Sheridan: Green-veined White(12), Green Hairstreak(4), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(20, Small Heath(29), Coumaraglin Mountain, Waterford, 5/6

Dara Stanley: Painted Lady(1), Oilseed rape field, TullowCarlow (H13), 4/6

John A Power: Green-veined White(7), Speckled Wood(4), Small Heath(21), Wood White(3), Knocknamonea, nr Mountstuart, Waterford (H6), 4/6

Paul Hillis: Brimstone(1m), Lough Derg, Tipperary, 3/6; 
Wood White(2), Brimstone(1m), just W of Portumna Forest, Park, Galway, 3/6

Frank Smyth: Large Heath(11), Rowantree Hill, Donegal, 3/6
[First record of 2009 was on 3/6]


Angus Tyner: Wall Brown(1), Cronykeery, Ashford, Wicklow (H20), 2/6

Richard McCafferty: Dark Green Fritillary, Glenties, Donegal, 2/6
[First record of 2009 was on 12/6]

John Fogarty: Small Heath(60), Small White(8), Orange-tip(4), Speckled Wood(3), Green-veined White(4), Knocknanuss, Horse & JockeyTipperary S (H7), 3/6
[Three groups of approx 20 small heaths today a bit windy for most butterflies so small numbers, but they stayed close to ground.]

Ken Bond: Wood White(2), Small White(1), Green-veined White(15), Orange-tip(3), Small Copper(2), Marsh Fritillary(26), Speckled Wood(2), Small Heath(12), Monee EastCork, E (H5), 2/6
[OT eggs and larvae on Cardamine pratensis]

John A Power: Wood White(7), Common Blue(1), Ballintaylor, Waterford (H6), 1/6; Wood White(8), Ballinscanlan Lake, Waterford, 1/6

Chris Wilson: Green Hairsteak(1), Wood White(20), Common Blue(78), Small Blue(9), Green-veined White(22), Speckled Wood(3), Small Heath(18), The Raven, Wexford, 31/5
[First Green Hairstreak record from this area]

Freddie Walsh: Wall Brown(20+), Common Blue(100+), Small Heath(30), 
Green-veined White(10), Small Copper(2), Ballyteigue, Wexford, 30/5

Ken Bond: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(1), Small Copper(1), Wood White(7), Small White(1), Orange-tip(2), Castletaylor Galway S E (H15), 30/5

Jesmond Harding: Large White(1), Wood White(29), Green-veined White(26), Small Blue(47), Common Blue(348), Speckled Wood(3) Small Heath(10), Raven, Wexford (H12), 30/5
[mariscolore form of Common Blue sighted. Common Blue observed mating and Small Blue observed ovipositing on Kidney Vetch.]

John Fogarty: Marsh Fritillary(4), Small White(7), Green-veined White(2), Orange-tip(2), Speckled Wood(1), Derryville, Littleton ,Thurles,Tipperary S (H7), 30/5

John A Power & Bernie Sheridan: Wood White(4), Green-veined White(2), Small Blue(18), Common Blue(70), Small Heath(5),  Raven Nature Reserve, Wexford (H12), 30/5

Michael Bell: Red Admiral(1), Orange-tip(12), Speckled Wood(3), Green-veined White(10), Wood White(2), Large White(2), Small White(1), Cloonaddron, by River Suck, Roscommon (H25), 30/5

Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: Common Blue(10, 1) and ova(2), Wood White(30+), Dingy Skipper(20+) and ovum(1), Green-veined White(10), Orange-tip(3), Speckled Wood(1), Moyvalley, Kildare, 30/5
[Common Blue (mariscolore) laying eggs on Lesser Trefoil; Common Blue egg also on Bird's-foot Trefoil. 
Dingy Skipper egg on Bird's-foot Trefoil. 
Wood White pair in courtship ritual]

Eddie Gilligan: Wall Brown(27), Common Blue(9), Small White(3), Inishbofin Island, Galway W (H16), 28-29/5

Ken Bond: Orange-tip(7), Marsh Fritillary(15), Small Heath(2), Monee, Cork, E (H5), 28/5
[OT: also ova and larvae on Lady's Smock]

Jesmond Harding: Green-veined White(2), Small Copper(2), Common Blue(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Wall Brown(4), Ballinascorney, Dublin, 28/5  

David Nixon & Clifford Sharpe: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2), Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 28/5; Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2),  Termon, 30/5

David Cooke: Small Copper(6), Small Heath(9), Green-veined White(8), Small White(2), Speckled Wood(3), Carrigagulla, Cork, 27/5

Bob Aldwell:  Donegal Report, 15-24 May 2010.  »»»

Joe Duane: Wood White(9), Large White(1), Green-veined White(7), Orange-tip(2), Speckled Wood(1), Mountbellew wood, Galway, 27/5

Jesmond & Andrew Harding: Orange-tip(2), Green-veined White(2), Dingy Skipper(6), Speckled Wood(1), Small Heath(4), Marsh Fritillary(36), Lullybeg, Kildare (H19), 26/5;
Green Hairstreak(35), Wood White(4), Green-veined White(1), Common Blue(5), Drehid, Kildare (H19), 26/5

Frank Smyth: Painted Lady, Durnesh Lake, Donegal, 24/5;
Painted Lady, Lions Head, Howth, Dublin, 25/5;
Small Blue(11), Common Blue(4), Small White(2), Sutton Burrow, Dublin, 26/5

Jesmond Harding: Green-veined White(10), Orange-tip(6), Small Copper(6), Speckled Wood(1), Mulhussey, Meath (H22), 25/5

Brian Nelson: Marsh Fritillary(2), Small Heath(1), Green-veined White(50), Orange-tip(10), Wood White(30), Pollardstown Fen, Kildare (H19), 25/5

Rob Wheeldon: Wall Brown(3), Kilnalappa, Galway N E (H17), 25/5

David Nash: Green Hairstreak(1), Wood White(5), Marsh Fritillary(2), nr Rossinver, Leitrim, 24/5;
Dingy Skipper(100+), Small Heath(30+), Monragh Upper, Black Lion, Cavan, 24/5

Michael O'Sullivan: Marsh Fritillary(30), Wood White(20), Green Hairstreak(5), Dingy Skipper(15), Orange-tip(10), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(1), Derrynaflan Bog, Liskeveen, nr Horse & Jockey,Tipperary, 23/5;
Marsh Fritillary(24), Dingy Skipper(18), Wood White(18), Green Hairstreak(1), Common Blue(2), Speckled Wood(2), Orange-tip(10), Green-veined White(2),  24/5

Andrew Harding: Green-veined White(2), Orange-tip(2), Small Copper(1), Holly Blue(2), Speckled Wood(2), Small White(1), Mulhussey, Meath (H22), 23/5

John Lynch: Common Blue(20), Ringaskiddy, Cork, 25/5;
Common Blue(10), Small Blue(7), The Raven,Wexford, 22/5

Michael Bell: Orange-tip(4), Green-veined White(2), Green Hairstreak(3), Marsh Fritillary(1), Aghalour Bog, Roscommon (H25), 25/5


Michael Bell: Green-veined White(9), Dingy Skippe(2), Orange-tip(7), Marsh Fritillary(2), Lough O'Flynn, Roscommon (H25), 24/5

Peter Philips: Green Hairstreak(1), Stormanstown/Glack/Ardee Bog, Louth, 23/5

Ken Bond: Wall Brown(2), Small Copper(1), Speckled Wood(1), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(23), Dingy Skipper(13), Orange-tip(1), Wood White(20), Marsh Fritillary(13), Crughwill, N. of Carran, Clare (H9), 23/5
[Limestone pavement, Molinia patches & calcareous herb-rich flora];

Wood White(9), Speckled Wood(2), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(6), Dingy Skipper(5), Brimstone(1), Orange-tip(1), Cregmore, Galway S E (H15), 23/5
[Open, partly-felled deciduous woodland on limestone outcrops. At the known easterly limit of PBF in Ireland]

Green-veined White(2), Speckled Wood(1),  Green Hairstreak(20), Connemara Nat. Pk, Letterfrack, Galway W (H16), 22/5

ova, Speckled Wood(1), Marsh Fritillary(1), Shannawoneen Wood, Galway W (H16), 21/5
[Orange-tip eggs on Cardamine pratensis]

John Fogarty: Small White(21), Green Hairstreak(8), Orange-tip(7), Green-veined White(5), Small Copper(2), Speckled Wood(7), Marsh Fritillary(1), Peacock(1), Tipperary S (H7), 23/5

Geoff Hunt: Large White(4), Green-veined White(8), Orange Tip(20), Dingy Skipper(4), Common Blue(4), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(6), Wood White(1), Lee's Road wood, Ennis, Co Clare, 23/5

Tom Tarpey: Wood White (2), Green Hairstreak (3), Small White (4), Green-veined White (4), Orange Tip (12), Gooig Bog, Castleconnell, Limerick, 22/5; 
Small Copper (2), Holly Blue (2), Common Blue (6 ), Speckled Wood (3), Large White (2), Small White (7), Green-veined White (9), Orange Tip (20), Plassey Walk, Castletroy, Limerick, 23/5.

Eugenie Regan & Brian Nelson: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(4), Green-veined White(10), Dromore wood nature reserve/Cahermacrea, Clare (H9), 23/5
[This is a new 10 km square and equal the previously known southern limit for the PBF in Ireland]

Ann Mullen: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(30+), Termon/Fahee North, Burren, Clare, 22/5
[Some observed mating]

Angus Tyner: Green Hairstreak(4), Brockagh, Wicklow (H20), 22/5
[Including mating pair, around gorse.] 

Deirdre Hardiman: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Green-veined White(6), Orange Tip ovum(1), Small White(2), Embankment, Tallagh, Dublin, 22/5;
Common Blue(15), Small Copper(1), Dingy Skipper(3), Wall Brown(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(3), Orange Tip(20) &
ova(8), Large White(1), Small White(4), Green-veined White(10), Russelstown disused sand-pit [N958102], Blessington, Wicklow, 22/5;
Green Hairstreak(5), Peacock(1), Orange Tip(3), Green-veined White(5), Military Road, Wicklow, 22/5

Adrian Phelan: Green Hairstreak(42), Wood White(22), Speckled Wood(2), Clara Bog, Offaly, 22/5

Brian Danaher: Small White(10), Green-veined White(12), Orange-tip(6), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Newcastle, Wicklow 22/5; Common Blue(10), Kilcoole, Wicklow, 22/5

Michael Mullett: Small White(7), Holly Blue(5), Speckled Wood(5),
Ballygannon Wood, Wicklow, 22/5; Small White(5), Orange-tip(2), Speckled Wood(8), Holly Blue(1), Clara Vale Nature Reserve, Wicklow, 22/5


John A Power, Bernie Sheridan, John Joe Cahill: Wall Brown(2), Wood White(23), Common Blue(3), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(7), Dingy Skipper(4), Speckled Wood(3), Green-veined White(1), Brimstone(2), The Green Road, Burren NP, Clare, 21/5;
Pearl-bordered Fritillary(4), Wood White(5), Dingy Skipper(3), Green-veined White(1), Speckled Wood(1), Brimstone(7), Gortlecka, Burren NP, Clare, 21/05;
Green-veined White(15), Wood White(15), Orange-tip(20), Cullaun, Burren NP, Clare, 21/5;
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Wall Brown(2), Small White(2), Green-veined White(7), Finvarra Point, Clare, 21/05

Michael Bell: Green Hairstreak(1), Orange-tip(12), Green-veined White(2), Cloonshanville Bog, Roscommon, 21/5

Deirdre Hardiman: Small Blue(50+) & ova(2), Common Blue(35+), Green-veined White(6), Small White(3) & ova(3), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Ballast Pit, Skerries, Dublin, 21/5

Michael Gray, Rose O Driscoll,and Finn O Driscoll: Large White(2), Wood White(3), Green-veined White(11), Small Copper(1), Speckled Wood(4), Small Heath(4), Common Blue(250), Small Blue(8), The Raven Nature Reserve, Wexford, 21/5

Sean & Joe Geraty: Pearl-bordered Fritillary (11+), Wood White(12), Gortlecka, Burren, Clare; Dingy skipper(1), Common Blue(1), Green Road, Burren, Clare, 21/05
Wall Brown( 5), Finvarra Point, Clare, 21/5

Michael Gray: Orange-tip(1), [T 0343], Co. Wexford, 21/5

John A Power & Barry Power: Wood White(1), Green-veined White(100), Orange-tip(20), Green Hairstreak(2), Red Admiral(1),  Speckled Wood(9), Bohadoon Wood, Bohadoon Mtn, Waterford, (H6), 20/5;

John A Power, Barry Power & John Joe Cahill: Green-veined White(20), Orange-tip(10), Green Hairstreak(12), Coumaraglin Mtn, Waterfprd, 20/5
[Habitat consisted of bogland with furze, bilberry and willow. Hairstreaks sitting on bilberry or willow besdie Araglin stream]

Ian Rippey: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2), Caherlough N of Ruan, Clare, 19/5 
[New record for this area/10 km square]

Frank Smyth: Speckled Wood( 16), Wall Brown(13), Green-veined White(3), Small Heath(2), Small White(1), Large White(1), Red Admiral(1), Peacock(1), Howth, Dublin, 19/5  

Jim Lawlor: Dingy Skipper(6), Large White(10), Green-veined White(3), Orange-tip(12), Common Blue(4), Small Copper(2), Small White(4), Holly Blue(3), Russelstown disused sand-pit [N958102], Blessington, Wicklow, 18/5

Ian Rippey: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(3), Ballyeighter Wood (R3493) between Corofin and Lough Bunny, Clare, 17/5 

Bob Aldwell: Marsh Fritillary(10+), Small Copper(7 + mating pair), Small Heath(6), Small Blue(10+), Dunmore, nr Carrickfin, The Rosses, Donegal, 17/5;
Green Hairstreak, nr Malinmore, Donegal, 17/5 
[New 10 km square record for G48]

Michael Mullett: Small White(4), Orange-tip(1), Speckled Wood(3), Ballygannon Wood, Wicklow, 17/5

D Hardiman & D Nash: Dingy Skipper(20), Wood White(10), Green-veined White(12), Orange Tip(5), Small Copper(4), Speckled Wood(20+), Peacock(2), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(10+), Marsh Fritillary(1), Green Rd. Clooncoose, Clare, 16/5
[1st MF records 18/5/2008; 23/5/2009]

Wall Brown(1), Holly Blue(2), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(5), Wood White(4), Green-veined White(10), Green Rd. Gortlecka, Clare, 17/5


John Fogarty: Wood White(5), Green-veined White(4), Orange-tip(12), Small Copper(1), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 17/5;
Orange-tip(11), Small White(7), Speckled Wood(5), Green Hairstreak(2), Green-veined White(9), Knocknanuss, Horse and Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 16/5

David Cooke: Green Hairstreak(5), Common Blue(15), Green-veined White(25), Wall Brown(20), Dursey Island, Cork, W (H3), 16/5

Pat Lenihan: Green Hairstreak(3), Military Road nr Glencree, Wicklow, 16/5

Bob Aldwell: Small Heath, St John's Point, Donegal, 15/5

Michael Gray: Green-veined White(5), Orange-tip(4), Wood White(2), Speckled Wood(4). Holly Blue(2), Westbury/Plessy, Co.s Limerick/Clare, Limerick, 15/5

Michael Bell: Speckled Wood(3), Green-veined White(7), Orange-tip(7), Lisaneaville Bog, Roscommon, 14/05

Chris Wilson: Wexford Records, (14/5)   »»»

Ian Rippey: Green Hairstreak, Clonnagore between Clones and Cavan,  Monaghan, 12/5

Michael Bell: Marsh Fritillary(1 larva), Augaloor Bog, Roscommon (H25), 11/5; 
Green-veined White(5), Orange-tip(3), Belleek Forest, Mayo W, 12/05;
Speckled Wood(1), Union Woods, Sligo, 13/5

Oisín & Aline Morrison: Dingy Skipper(1), Orange-tip(12, 111), Speckled Wood(3), Green-veined White(9), Green Hairstreak(81), Small Tortoiseshel(1), Thonabrucky bog, Bushy Park, Galway, 12/05.
[c. 1 h observation; conditions moderate. 1 female Orange Tip, the first we've seen this year. Large numbers of Green Hairstreaks on the gorse and hawthorn. O&A M.]

Freddie Walsh: Large White(1), Green-veined White(15), Orange-tip(2), Wood White(1), Small Blue(7), Speckled Wood(4), Common Blue(150), Peacock(2), Red Admiral(1), Raven, Wexford (H12),11/5

Eddie Gilligan: Wall Brown, Inishmean, Aran Islands, Galway, 11/05; Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Clooncoose, Burren, Clare, 12/5

Brian Nelson: Green Hairstreak(2), Holly Blue(1), Cashelkeelty, Kerry, 11/5

Chris Wilson: Small Blue(6), The Raven, Wexford, 10/5 & Small Blue(10), 11/5
[2nd and 4th Small Blue report of the season]


John Fogarty: Marsh Fritillary(1 pupa), nr Horse & Jockey, Tipperary, 10/5; 
Dingy Skipper(1), Derryville, Littleton, Tipperary, 10/5

Ken Bond: Wood White(4, Real's Wood White), Ballyguyroe, Cork, E, 08/05;
Orange-tip(19, 18♂1♀), Green-veined White(5), Speckled Wood(3), Scott's Bridge, near Kilbane, Clare, 8/5;
Small Copper(2), Green Hairstreak(1), Green-veined White(5), Orange-tip(7), Speckled Wood(2), Ballymoloney Wood, Clare, 8/5;
Green Hairstreak(1), Orange-tip(4), Green-veined White(2), Holly Blue(1), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(1), Rathclooney, Clare, 9/5;
Brimstone(2♂), Dromore Wood, Clare, 09/5;
ova), Green-veined White(2), Peacock(1), Cahermacrae, Clare, 9/5
[OT eggs on Alliaria (one on leaf!) and on Nasturtium sp. KB.]

T & C Haire: Peacock(1), Dingy Skipper(3), Wall Brown(2), Orange-tip(2), Mullyvea, Rosbeg, Donegal, 9/5;
Green Hairstreak(2), Dawros Head, Rosbeg, Donegal, 8/5

Michael Gray: Green Hairstreak(2), Common Blue(2), Bohernbreena Reservoirs, Dublin, 9/5

Eddie Gilligan: Dingy Skipper(4), Lullymore, Kildare, 9/5

Tom Tarpey: Holly Blue, Glasnevin, Dublin, 3/5;
Common Blue(1), Rathbane, Limerick City, 6/5; Orange-tip, Ballysimon, 6/5; Speckled Wood Monaleen, Limerick, 6/5
Dingy Skipper, Barrigone, Askeaton, Limerick, 7/5;
Green-veined White & Dingy Skipper, Shanagolden, Limerick, 7/5;
Holly Blue, Speckled Wood(2), Small White(2), Ashbrook, Limerick City, 8/5;
Green Hairstreak,  Peacock(5), Speckled Wood(2), Small White(2), Orange-tip(12), Green-veined White(3), nr Ballina, Tipperary,  9/5

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(11), Large White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Rock's Park, Blackrock; 
Holly Blue(4), Orange-tip(2), Speckled Wood(1), gardens in Lr Newtownpark Avenue, Blackrock; Holly Blue(2), Wynberg Park; Holly Blue(1), Alma Road, Monkstown, Dublin, 9/5

Michael Kane: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Small Copper(1), Orange-tip(6), Green-veined White(5), Large White(1), St Patrick's, Kiltegan, Wicklow, 8/5

Michael Mullett:  Green-veined White(4), Orange-tip(2), Holly Blue(1), Peacock(15), Speckled Wood(7), Clara Vale Nature Reserve, Wicklow (H20), 8/5

Adrian Phelan: Green-veined White(2), Orange-tip(3), Holly Blue(3), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(5), Tomies Wood, nr Killarney, Kerry S (H1), 8/5

Ethna Diver: Green Hairstreak(3), Mongorry, nr Raphoe, Donegal, 8/5 
[On bilberry]

John Fogarty: Brimstone(2), Orange-tip(27), Speckled Wood(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Green-veined White(14), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, ThurlesTipperary S (H7), 8/5

Kevin Hannan: Brimstone(3), Orange-tip(3), Speckled Wood(3), Small White(1), Holy island, Lough Derg, Clare, 8/5


Jesmond Harding: Dingy Skipper(5), Wood White(1), Brimstone(4), Green-veined White(20), Orange-tip(20), Speckled Wood(2), Lullybeg, Kildare(H19), 8/5

[2 mating pairs of Green-veined White mobbed by Réal's Wood White. Orange-tip and Green-veined White observed egg-laying. Male Brimstone seen with wings open. JH.]

Frank Smyth: Wood White(4), Rosnowlagh, Donegal, 8/5

Richard McCafferty: Holly Blue(1), Drumnassillagh, Glenties, Donegal, [a new site for HB, sq G89], 03/05; 
Green Hairstreak(50+), Tullyard Rd, Glenties, Donegal, 08/05; 
Speckled Wood(4), Green Hairstreak(12), Glenmacannive, Glenties, Donegal, 8/5

Freddie Walsh: Small Blue(2), Common Blue(30), Green-veined White(1), Raven, Wexford (H12), 4/5
[First record of 2009 on 9/5 - F Walsh]

Ian McCambridge: Small Copper(3),  Inver Dunes, Donegal, 4/5;
Green-veined White(4), Orange-tip(6), Dunwiley, Stranorlar, 7/5

Michael Bell: Green-veined White(3), Orange-tip(2), Feevagh, Roscommon, 05/05; Orange-tip(1), Ballybay, Roscommon, 6/5

Caroline Mhic Daeid: Orange-tip(6), 4 males & 2 females, Roadside bank c1km east of Bailieborough, Cavan, 5/5; Speckled Wood(1), Moynalty, Meath, 5/5

John Fogarty: Marsh Fritillary larva, basking on mollina, Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S, 4/5

Maurice Simms: Holly Blue(4), Ards Forest, nth of Creeslough, Donegal, 03/05

Ken Bond: Holly Blue(1), Cork City (UCC), Cork, 30/4; 
Wood White(1), Speckled Wood(2), Ballyguyroe, Ballyhoura Mts, Cork, E, 3/5
[Real's Wood White, already known from dissected specimens at this site. KB.]

John A Power, Bernie Sheridan, Bob Wheeler: 
Wall Brown(1), Hackettstown, Waterford, 1/5; Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(1), Ring Strand Knockadoon, Cork, 3/5

Michael Bell: Orange-tip(5), Green-veined White(5), Speckled Wood(1), Peacock(1), Ballintrillick Wood, Sligo (H28), 3/5

Michael Gray: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(2), Green-veined White(1), Marshalstown,  Enniscorthy, Wexford, 3/5


Deirdre Hardiman: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2), Dingy Skipper(1), Green-veined White(4), Small White(8), Speckled Wood(3), Orange-tip(6), Peacock(2), nr Clooncoose, Burren, Clare, 3/5
[First PbF in 2009 on 19/5; first DS on 10/5]

George McDermott: green Hairstreak(7), Green-veined White(1),  Orange-tip(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Altahalla, nr Clonmany, Donegal, 2/5

John Fogarty: Green-veined White(6), Orange-tip(17), Speckled Wood(2), Peacock(1), Knocknanuss,Horse & Jockey, Thurles, Tipperary S (H7), 2/5

Jesmond Harding: Dingy Skipper(3), Peacock(1), Gortlecka, Burren, Clare, 2/5

John Fogarty: Green-veined White(6), Orange-tip(11), Speckled Wood(2), SmallTortoiseshell(1), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey,Thurles, Tipperary S (H7), 2/5

Michael Bell: Green Hairstreak(4), Orange-tip(1), Green-veined White(8), Aughalour Bog, Roscommon (H25), 2/5;
Orange-tip(8), Green-veined White(15), Lough Glynn, Roscommon (H25), 2/5
Green-veined White(14), Speckled Wood(2), Orange-tip(2), Gortaganny, Roscommon (H25), 2/5

Sandy Alcorn: Small Tortoiseshell(6), Tory Island, Donegal  01-02/5

George McDermott: Greeen Hairstreak(2), Orange-tip(30), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(1), Lisnagra, Inishowen, Donegal, 1/5 

Frank Smyth & Bob Aldwell: Orange Tip(2), Ferrycarrig; Common Blue(80+, mainly male & pairs), Green-veined White(25), Speckled Wood(3), Holly Blue(2), Orange Tip(1), Peacock(1), The Raven, Wexford, 29/4

Michael Bell: Green-veined White(1), Balie An Luig, Sligo, 29/4

Richard McCafferty: Peacocks(frequent), Green-veined White(small nos) nr Glenties, Donegal, 17-27/4
Holly Blue(2), in a garden, Ardun, Glenties, 16/4; Green Hairstreak(3),Tullyard, Glenties, 26/4

Danny Gillespie: Red Admiral(1), Large White(1), Dactan, Kilcar, Donegal, 26/4

Maurice Simms: Green-veined White(2), Orange Tip(2), Speckled Wood(2), Lifford, Donegal, 26/4

John Fogarty: Orange-tip(9), Green-veined White(3), Brimstone(1), Peacock(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S, 26/04

Chris Huxley: Painted Lady(a few), Belcarra, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, 26/4

Michael Bell: Orange-tip(17), Green-veined White(27), Speckled Wood(5), Loughglynn, Roscommon, 26/4

Eileen O'Donnell: Orange Tip(20+), Greencastle, Donegal, 24-25/4


David Nash: Holly Blue, nr Gorey, Wexford, 23/4; Holly Blue, Drogheda, Louth (per T Boyd), 24/4;
Holly Blue, University College, Belfield, Dublin, 25/4; Holly Blue, Nutley Park, Donnybrook, Dublin, 25/4

Eamonn Mc Glinchey: Marsh Fritillary larvae(10), Bunbeg, Donegal, 20/04; Peacock(1), Glendowan, Donegal, 21/04; Holly Blue(3), Speckled Wood(1), Green-veined White(1), Orange-tip(1), Green Hairstreak(1), Trentagh, Donegal, 24/4

Freddie Walsh: Holly Blue(2), Small Copper(2), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(1), Common Blue(20m +7f), Green-veined White(7), Raven, Wexford (H12), 23/4;
Common Blue(5 male), Small Copper(1), Green-veined White(3), Peacock(1), Raven, Wexford (H12), 20/4
[First Common Blue in 2009 on 19/4; Small Copper on 18/4]

Caroline Mhic Daeid: Orange-tip(1m), Moynalty, Meath (H22), 14/4; Orange-tip(9m), Carnacally,  Crossroads, Meath (H22), 23/4 

John Fogarty: Speckled Wood(1), Green-veined White(3), Orange-tip(2), Aughnagomaun, Horse & Jockey Thurles, Tipperary S (H7), 23/4

Frank Smyth: Holly Blue(1f), Ceannchor Road, Howth, Dublin, 23/4;
Large White(1), Sutton, Dublin, 22/4: Wall Brown(1), Lions Head, Howth, 22/4
[First Large White in 2009 on 25/3]

Frank Smyth:  Speckled Wood(23), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Green-veined White(2), Peacock(2), Comma(1), Howth, Dublin, 21/4 
[Comma near "The Needles"; probably a female. First report of 2009 was also on 22 April - from Wexford]

Ethna Diver: Orange-tip(3), Green-veined White(2), Barnhill, Letterkenny,
Donegal, 22/4;
Green-veined White(5), Knockbrack, Donegal, 24/4

Ian McCambridge: Holly Blue(15), Peacock(1), Orange Tip(1), Green-veined White(c.8), Ardnamona, Donegal, 22/4;
Hollly Blue(10), Green-veined White(10), Ardnamona, Donegal, 19/4

Ken Bond: Brimstone(1), Cullenagh, W. of Crusheen, Clare (H9), 21/4:
Brimstone(2), Green-veined White(2), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(1), Roughan, W. of Kilnaboy, Clare (H9):
Marsh Fritillary larvae(8), Crughwill, N. of Carran, Clare (H9).
[on Molinia on margin of limestone pavement]


Mike Carmody: Holly Blue(2), Dartmouth Square, Ranelagh, Dublin, 21/4;
Red Admiral at Deer Park, Howth, Dublin, 17/4;
Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Cobh, Cork, 5/4

Aline Morrison: Speckled Wood(2), Green Hairstreak(3), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Green-veined White(1), Orange-tip(4), Thonabrucky Bog, Bushy Park, Galway, 20/4

Brian Nelson: Holly Blue(1), Back of Ely Place, Dublin (H21), 20/4
[In overgrown garden with ivy covered wall]

Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: Donegal Report  «««

Jesmond Harding: Brimstone(7), Small White(1), Green-veined White(3), Orange-tip(4), Peacock(4), Lullymore, Kildare (H19), 18/4
[Brimstone was observed and photographed ovipositing on Buckthorn (Rhamnus) and, very unusually, on Holly]

Freddie Walsh: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Green-veined White(2), Ballyteigue Burrows, Wexford (H12), 17/4;
Orange-tip(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(1), Ballinlough Kill, Waterford (H6), 16/4

Irene Hynes: Speckled Wood(1), Newgarden, Lisnagry, Limerick, 17/4
[seen in conservatory]

Bernard King: Peacock(1), Green-veined White(5), Corballis, Kildare (H19), 17/4;
Orange-tip(1), Keelogue, Laois, 17/4

John Fogarty: Brimstone(2), Green-veined White(3), Orange-tip(7), Peacock(1), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Thurles, Tipperary S (H7)

Ken Bond: Holly Blue(1), Castleblagh Wood, Cork, E (H5), 17/4;
Red Admiral(1), Derrainey, nr Whitegate, Clare (H9) 
[worn specimen on dandelion, overwintered?];
Green-veined White(4), Orange-tip(2), Cappanahanagh birchwood, Limerick (H08);
Marsh Fritillary(63 larvae), Cummer bog, E. of Rear Cross, Tipperary N (H10) 
[larvae on Molinia grassland on edge of bog]

David Cooke: Green-veined White(12), Wall Brown(5), Dursey Island.Cork, W (H3), 17/4

Aisling Nic an tSithigh: Brimstone(2), Orange Tip(3), Peacock(1), Specked Wood(5), Wall Brown(2), Inishmeain, Aran Islands, Galway (H09), 17/4
[First sighting in 2009 on 20/4 & on 21/4 in 2008]

Niall T Keogh: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Cabinteely, Dublin (H21), 17/4:
Green-veined White(2), Blackditch East Coast Nature Reserve, Wicklow (H20), 17/4

Frank Smyth: Speckled Wood(13), Howth, Dublin, 17/4

Bob Richardson: Orange-tip(1), Ardaghowen, Sligo (H28), 16/4

Michael Bell: Peacock(1), Union Woods, Sligo (H28), 15/4;
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(3), Orange-tip(2), Sralagagh EastMayo W (H27), 16/4

John Fogarty: Orange-tip(4), Green-veined White(3), Brimstone(2), Peacock(1), Knocknanuss,Horse & Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 15/4
[Orange tips patroling garden,Green-veined whites mating on hellebores]

Sue Shields: Peacock(1), Swan Park, Buncrana, 11/4; 
Green-veined White(2), Straghill; Peacock(1), North Hill; Orange-tip(1), Swan Park, 12/4;
Orange-tip(1), Inch Levels, 13/4;
Green-veined White(1), Peacock(1), Crommie Bay; Small Tortoiseshell(1), Star-of-the-sea Graveyard, 14/4;
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Swan Park, Buncrana, Donegal, 15/4

Graham Clarke: Peacock(1), Cobh, Cork, Cork, E (H5), 14/4

Michael Bell: Green-veined White(1), Ballinapark, Mayo, 14/4  


Tom Tarpey: Small Tortoiseshells at Blackrock, Salthill and Terryland, in Galway on 11/4;
Small White at Monaleen, Limerick on 12/4;
Holly Blue at Ashbrook, Ennis Road, Limerick on 13/4. 

Ethna Diver:  Holly Blue(12), Duntally Wood, Donegal, 13/4;
Green-veined White(1), Gartan, Donegal, 14/4
Fritillary(2 larvae), Irwin's Lake, Donegal, 8/4

David Cooke: Orange-tip(1), Green-veined White(1), Coppeen, Cork, 13/4; 
Holly Blue(1), Douglas, Cork, 13/4

Seán Geraty: Holly Blue(3), Blessington St Park, Dublin, 13/4

Fintan Ryan: Painted Lady(1), Holly Blue(1), by River Dodder, Milltown, Dublin, 13/4
[11oC, sunny, NE wind].  

Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: Green Hairstreak, Keadue Bridge, Donegal, 13/4;
Holly Blue(6), Lough Eske, Donegal, 13/4;
Marsh Fritillary (larvae): Pettigo(H16), West Fanad (Balyheeran C14), Glen(C13), nr Ballybofey (Lough Mourne H09), Donegal

Christine Brown: Peacock(5), garden at Rathmullan, Donegal, 12/4.

Ian McCambridge: Holly Blue(7), Ardnamona, Donegal, 12/4

Maurice Simms: Holly Blue, Aderwaal Glen, Donegal, 12/4

Noel Keogh: Speckled Wood(2), Peacock(2), Irishtown Nature Reserve, Dublin 12/4

John Fogarty: Orange-tip(3), Brimstone(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Knocknanuss, Horse and Jockey, Thurles, Tipperary S, 12/4

Michael Bell: Peacock(2), Sheskin Forest, Mayo, 12/4

David Kennedy: Holly Blue(1), on holly, in garden at edge of golf course, Barn Hill, Donegal, 12/4  

Andrew Harding: Wood White, Cooloorta, Burren, Clare, 11/4

Michael Salter: Holly Blue(1), Kilmacud, Dublin, 11/4
[Devoured by a magpie]

Ken Bond: Holly Blue(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Clooshgereen SW of Oughterard, Galway W, 11/4; Holly Blue(1), Peacock(1), Orange-tip(1), Canrawer, S of Oughterard, Galway W, 11/4; Brimstone(1), Athnockmore, Galway W, 11/4; 
Holly Blue(1), Shanballymore, N of Oughterard, Galway W, 11/4; 
Holly Blue(1), Orange-tip(1), Farravaun, Upr L. Corrib, Galway W, 11/4; 
Green-veined White(1), Loch na nArd Doiriu, bog NNW of Spiddal, Galway W, 12/4; 
Peacock(3), Green-veined White(2), Brimstone(2), Holly Blue(1), Gortachalla (mixed wood N. of Moycullen), Galway W, M2235, 12/4; 
Orange-tip(1), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Barna Wood & Ballagh, Galway W, 12/4; 
Marsh Fritillary(1), larva basking on Molinia, Ower, NW of Moycullen, Galway W (H16), 12/4

Kevin Hannan: Small White(1), Peacock(1), near Finuge bridge, Listowel, Co.Kerry, 10/4.  
Orange Tip (1), Plassey(UL), Limerick, 11/4/; Small White(1), Smithstown, Shannon, Limerick, 12/4

Ralph & Liz Sheppard: Green-veined White(1), Holly Blue(13), Duntally Wood, Creeslough, Donegal, 11/4
Speckled Wood, 8/5; Green-veined White, 9/4; Small Tortoiseshell, Raphoe, 10/4 

Tom Cuffe: Peacock(2), Brimstone(4), Anglingham, Galway N E, 11/4

Bernard King: Holly Blue(1), Churchtown, Dublin 11/4


Jesmond Harding: Peacock(1), Castleknock, Dublin (H21), 11/4;
Green-veined White(1), Brimstone(6), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(4), Lullybeg, Kildare (H19), 11/4;
[Male Brimstone observed puddling (taking mineral salts dissolved in damp soil). 
Two Peacocks battled with each other and a Small Tortoiseshell for territory, on sunlit track near nettles (case of mistaken identity?). Following aerial battle each returned to favoured area of track about 4 metres apart.];

Small Tortoiseshell(4), Peacock(5), Louisa Bridge, Kildare (H19), 11/4;
Small White(1), Mulhussey, Meath (H22), 11/4.
[This male Small White is the result of a partial third brood whose larvae fed in the garden during severe winter conditions.The larval stage that gave rise to this butterfly lasted over 70 days; typically the length of the larval stage is c.20 days.]

George McDermott: Small Tortoiseshell(2), Buncrana, Donegal, 11/4

John Fogarty: Brimstone(2), Red Admiral(1), Peacock(3), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey,Thurles, Tipperary S (H7), 11/4

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1), Booterstown; Small Tortoiseshell(1), Blackrock Park; Holly Blue(1), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Rock's Park, Blackrock, Dublin, 11/4

Judy Bliss: Green-veined White(1), Speckled Wood(1), Small White(1), garden at Rathgory, Rosnakill, Fanad, Donegal, 11/4

Eamonn McGlinchey: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Gortlee Letterkenny, Donegal, 10/4; 
Peacock(1), Holly Blue(1), Barnhill Letterkenny, Donegal, 10/4; 

Green-veined White(1),
Ballyholey, Donegal, 11/4

Michael Mullett: Small Tortoiseshell(7), Ballinafhunsoge, Glenmalure, Wicklow, 10/4; 
Small Tortoiseshell
(5), Mullacor Mountain, Wicklow, 10/4 [One of these near sumit at 650m]; 
Small White(1), South Quay Arklow Wicklow, 11/4

Joe Duane: Brimstone(6), Small Tortoiseshell (4), Derrymullen bog road, Ballinasloe, Galway, 10/4; 
Brimstone(1), near Coosan church, Athlone, Westmeath, 11/4

Don Cotton & Jean Dunleavy: Peacock(4), Orange Tip(1 m), Tawny Bay near Kilcar, Donegal W, 10/4; 
Small Tortoiseshell
(2), Annagghloy, Lough Arrow, Sligo, 11/4.
[There were several 'whites' flying in area but could not get close enough to identify them].

Ian McCambridge: Peacock(3), Murvagh, Donegal, 9/4; Peacock (3), Gaugin Mt, nr Commeen, west of Ballybofey, Donegal, 11/4


Frank Smyth: Small White(1), Peacock(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), cliff path at Ceannchor Rd. Howth, Dublin, 10/4

Dara Fitzpatrick: Peacocks(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Cape Clear, Cork, 10/4

Enda Flynn: Peacock(3),  Mullahattin, Louth (H31), 10/4

Michael Bell: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Shanclogh, Mayo E (H26), 10/4:
Peacock(1), Knockmore, Mayo E (H26), 10/4

Niall T. Keogh: Small Tortoiseshell( 2), Dalkey Avenue, Dalkey, Dublin (H21), 10/4

Tom Tarpey: Small White(1), Robertstown, Foynes, Limerick, 10/4 

Andrew Harding: Brimstone(12), Peacock(10), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Gortlecka, Clare (H9), 10/4

Aubrey Fennell: Peacock(5), Speckled Wood(1), Palatine, Carlow (H13), 10/4

John Fogarty: Orange-tip(1), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Aughnagomaun, Tipperary N (H10), 10/4
[All feeding on purple Aubretia in garden. 
Also 8 Marsh Fritillary caterpillars feeding on Devil's-bit scabious from nests previously recorded at Knocknanuss on 1/3 - numbers thinned, some probably by spiders.]

Joe Devlin: Small Tortoiseshell(2), Tory Island, Donegal, 9/4

Jim Bradley: Brimstone(3), south of Abbeyleix, Laois, 9/4

John Fogarty: Brimstone(1), Knocknanuss, Horse and Jockey, Tipperary S (H7), 9/4

Geoff Hunt: Brimstone(3), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Green-veined White(2), nr Castle Houston, Askeaton, Limerick, 9/4

Don Cotton: Peacock(1), Carrowgavneen, nr Coolaney, Sligo (H28), 9/4

Sean Geraty: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Phoenix Park, Dublin(H21), 7/4; North Circular Road, 9/4


Frank Smyth: Small Tortoiseshell(2), Red Rock, Sutton, 8/4; 
Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ceannchor Road, Howth, 8/4; 
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Howth Dart Station, 9/4

Aubrey Fennell: Orange-tip(1f), Palatine, Carlow (H13), 9/4
[Female flying through garden. Comment: very unusual to see a female in advance of males. First record of 2009 was on 31/3 by Joe Duane]

Albert Nolan: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Barrington's bridge, Cappamore Road, nr Abington village,
Limerick 9/4

Bernard King: Peacock(1), Brimstone(1), Blackwood forest, Kildare, 9/4

Adrian Phelan: Holly Blue(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Grangegorman, Dublin City, 9/4
[First record of 2009 was on 18/3 by Sue White]

Brian Danaher: Peacock(1), Glendalough, Wicklow (H20), 8/4

Therese Keely: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Wicklow gaol, Wicklow (H20), 8/4 ["Inside" goal!]

Derek Nash: Brimstone(1), Fardrum, Athlone, Westmeath, 8/4

Albert Nolan & Timothy Keogh: Green-veined White(1), Cappamore road ne Rearcross village Tipperary, 8/4

Jesmond Harding: Brimstone(8), Small White(1), Peacock(8), Cooloorta, Clare (H9), 7/4
[Female Brimstone observed prospecting for buckthorn on which to lay eggs; buckthorn not yet in leaf.]

Kitty Kelly: Orange-tip(1), Coole, Co. Meath,  7/4

Lucy Nunan: Brimstone(1), Eagle's RockClare (H9), 7/4 
[Sunny conditions, in hazel scrubland.]

Don Cotton & Jean Dunleavy: Green-veined White(1),  Rahaberna nr Rathcormac, Sligo (H28), 7/4
[First record of 2009 was on 25/3 by Joe Duane]

Joe Duane: Small Tortoiseshell(1), very tattered, Duneeda, Ballinasloe, Galway, 7/4

Frank Smyth: Peacock(1), Knather Wood, Donegal, 7/4

Julian Reynolds: Peacock(1), Suburban green space between Brewery Rd and Lawnswood Park, Stillorgan, Dublin (H21), 7/4

Aubrey Fennell: Speckled Wood(1), Palatine, Carlow (H13), 6/4
[Trapped behind window pane and then released outside. How did it get in? First record of 2009 was on 29/3 by Brian Danaher]


Bob Aldwell: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Booterstown, Dublin, 4/4; SmT(1), Rocks Park, Blackrock, 5/5

Tony Murray & Sarah Stapleton: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ferrybank, Wexford, 4/4

Joe Devlin: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Carlingford, Louth, 28/3

Ken Bond: Brimstone(3), Dromore Wood, Clare, 24/03

Albert Nolan: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Railway line nr Tipperary town, Tipperary S (H7), 23/3

Joe Duane: Red Admiral(1), Duneeda, Ballinasloe, Galway, 22/3

Bernard Brewer & Sean McKenna: Brimstone(2), Tullamore, Offaly, 21/3
[First record of 2009 was on 17/3 by Joe Duane]

David Cooke: Painted Lady(5), Dursey Island, Cork, 20/3
[In good condition generally]

Jesmond Harding: Marsh Fritillary(17 larval nests), Lullybeg, Kildare, 20/3
[17 of the 29 larval nests recorded on the site on 26/09/09 have been relocated. Most of the nests unaccounted for were located in densest/tallest sward.]

Ken O'Sullivan: Painted Lady(2), West Dublin, 17/3

Mary Foley: Small Tortoiseshell(2), Coolcotts, Wexford, 15/3

John Fogarty: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Aughnagomaun, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary, 14/3

Niall T Keogh: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Cabinteely, Dublin, 10/3 

Eamonn McGlinchey: Marsh Fritillary (7 webs), Glencoe, Letterkenny, Donegal, 7/3
[One web with caterpillars inside; others tightly grouped outside]

Ethna Diver: Marsh Fritillary (1 larval mass), Irvine's Lough, nr Termon, Donegal, 6/3

Frank Smyth: Marsh Fritillary (7 masses of c.350 larvae), Kildoney, 28/2;
St John's Point (1 mass, c.
30 larvae) & Bonnyglen (G87) (2 masses, 80-100 larvae), Donegal, 1/3
[All basking in masses rather than webs]

John Fogarty: Marsh Fritillary (23 larvae), Knocknanuss, Horse & Jockey, Tipperary, 1/3
[2 nests; some basking and some feeding]

Cóilín MacLochlainn: Red Admiral(1), Killoughrim Forest, Caim, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, 1/3

Jesmond Harding: Marsh Fritillary (694 larvae, in 8 nests), Lullybeg, Kidare, 27/2
[Larvae from 2 nests were fedding; others basking]

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary (c.20 larvae), Cragard North, near Barefield, Clare (H9), 12/2

Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: Purple Hairstreak (2 eggs), Glen-of-the-Downs, Wicklow, 21/2
[Eggs deep in terminal buds on oak branches within a couple of metres off ground]

Jesmond Harding: Brown Hairstreak (22 eggs), Gortlecka, Burren, Clare, 18/2
[South facing hedge/scrub. Mainly 1 egg per blackthorn bush but sometimes 2+. Eggs generally on/adjoining 2009 growth, usually in axil or at base of spine]

Tom Shevlin & Jim Dowdall: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Lady's Island, Wexford, 17/1

End of Butterfly Records 2010

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