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Butterfly Records 2009

All sightings are of adult butterflies (Imagines/Imagoes) unless otherwise indicated..


Jesmond Harding: Small White caterpillars on brassica in garden, Mulhussey, Meath, Nov/Dec '09

[Larva hatching date late October. Tyically in warmer weather larvae pupate after c.20 days].

John Power, Bernie Sheridan & Bob Wheeler: Red Admiral(1), Ballycotton, Cork, 20/11

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1 - basking & egg laying), The Needles, Howth, Dublin, 20/11;
Red Admiral(1 adult + 3 eggs), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin, 15/11

John Power & Bernie Sheridan: Red Admiral(1), Rostellan, Cork, E (H5), 14/11

Eileen Morrison: Red Admiral(1), Cuilmore, Foxford, Co Mayo, 13/11

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1), Ceannchor Road (on ivy); Red Admrial(1), Thormanby Road (flying), Howth, Dublin, 13/11

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1), Brighton Vale, Monkstown, Dublin, 11/11 [latest date 20/11/2005]

Liz Sheppard: Red Admiral(2), Carnowen, Raphoe, Donegal, 10/11 [on 'yellow' buddleja]

Maurice Simms: Red Admiral(2), Lifford, Donegal, 10/11 [on 'yellow' buddleja]

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1 pristine), Ceannchor Road; Painted Lady(1), The Needles; Red Admiral (1 adult + 1 egg), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin, 10/11
[RA(1) and PL nectaring on ivy] 


Brian Danaher: Red Admiral(1), Shankill, Dublin, 8/11

Mary Duggan: Red Admiral(1), Brownstown Head, Waterford (H6), 8/11

Niall T & Noel Keogh: Red Admiral(2x1), Tacumshin Lake & Churchtown, Wexford, 8/11

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(2), Painted Lady(2), Red Rock & Ceannchor Rd, Howth, Dublin, 8/11

Maurice Simms: Red Admiral(1), Lifford, Donegal, 8/11

Katy Duff: Red Admiral(2), Rathnew, Wicklow, 6/11

Maurice Simms: Red Admiral(2), Lifford, Donegal, 5/11 

Frank Smyth: Painted Lady(3) and Red Admiral(2), Ceannchor Rd. Howth, Dublin, 5/11

Tony Murray: Painted Lady(1), Rosslare Harbour, Wexford, 5/11

Sarah Stapleton: Red Admiral(1), Ballinaslaney, Oyelgate, Wexford, 4/11

Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral(4) and Painted Lady(2), Sorrento Park, Dalkey, Dublin, on a sheltered Ivy bank. Two of the RAs were involved in a nuptial chase, 3/11; 
Red Admiral(1) laying
eggs on young nettles and later found 8+ eggs, Vico Rd, Dalkey, Dublin, 3/11;
Painted Lady(2), on low ivy blossoms at top of Torca Rd, Dalkey, Dublin & nearby Red Admiral(1), 3/11.
[12.30h – 13.15h. Weather was sunny but only 10 - 12 degrees with butterflies confined to well sheltered hotspots].

Maurice Simms: Red Admiral(3), Lifford, Donegal, 3/11; 
Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(1), Lifford, Donegal, 4/11

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(4), Painted Lady(1), Ceannchor/The Needles, Howth, Dublin, 3/11;
Red Admiral eggs(4), nr Baily, Howth, 2/11

Paul Walsh: Painted Lady(1), Brownstown Head, Waterford (H6), 1/11

Jesmond Harding: Small White early instar larvae(27), Mulhussey, Meath, 1/11

Bob Aldwell: Records for Donegal for October   »»»

Paul Walsh: Painted Lady(3), Red Admiral(1), Brownstown Head, Waterford, 31/10 


Richard McCafferty: Red Admiral(1), Meenalargan, Glenties, 28/10;
Red Admiral(1), Drumnasillagh, Glenties, 31/10;
Red Admiral(1), Bonny Glen, Clooney, Donegal, 31/10

Maurice Simms: Red Admiral(3), Speckled Wood(3), Lifford, Donegal, 31/10

Brian Danaher: Red Admiral(1), Shanganagh Park, Dublin, 31/10;
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Shankill, Dublin 31/10

Jesmond Harding: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Mulhussey, Meath, 31/10;
Marsh Fritillary
webs(6), Dunshane Common, Kildare , 31/10
[A small number of fourth in-star larvae were basking on the webs, 15 degrees Celsius].

Freddie Walsh: Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(14), The Raven, Wexford, 31/10

Bob Aldwell: Painted Lady(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1 pristine), on ivy covered bank at Sorrento Drive, beside Dalkey Dart Station, Dublin; 
Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(1), basking at Sorrento Park, Dublin;
Painted Lady
larva(2nd instar in web), below Vico Road, Dalkey, Dublin;
Painted Lady(1+) on ivy on sunny cliff, Dalkey Quarry, Dublin;
Painted Lady(1), Ardeeven Road, Dalkey, Dublin.
[The weather was sunny and temperatures 15 -16 degrees, 12.15h to 14.00h. The butterflies were quite active and the PLs were medium in size and rather pale in colour but intact. Probable fresh immigration]

Frank Smyth: Painted Lady(9), Red Admiral(2), Cliff Path, Howth, Dublin; 
Painted Lady(6), Red Admiral(2), Ceannchor Road, Howth, Dublin; 
Painted Lady(3), Red Admiral
larva(final instar), towards the Baily, Howth, Dublin; 
Red Admiral(1+), Red admiral
eggs(15) on ivy, Sutton, Dublin; 
Small White(1), Shielmartin Road, Dublin.

Fintan Ryan: Red Admiral(2), Goresbridge, Carlow (H13), 28/10

Jesmond Harding: Red Admiral(1), Poopluck, Kildare (H19), 28/10

Freddie Walsh: Red Admiral(3), Kennedy Park, Wexford (H12), 24/10;
Painted Lady(3), Ballyharty, Wexford (H12), 26/10

Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: Speckled Wood(1), settled on wild crucifer - Ballymoney Strand, Wexford, 23/10;
ed Admiral(2), Speckled Wood(2), Raven, Wexford, 23/10

Joe Duane: Speckled Wood(1), Derrymullen Bog, Galway, 22/10

DNFC: Red Admiral(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(3), Painted Lady larva(1, final instar) on creeping thistle, below Vico Rd, Dalkey, Dubllin, 17/10

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(4), Speckled Wood(2), Lions Head, Howth, Dublin; 
Red Admiral(4), One Red Admiral
egg laying, The Needles, Howth, Dublin, 17/10 

Freddie Walsh: Small Copper(2), Common Blue(1 female), Red Admiral(5), Painted Lady(3), Speckled Wood(5), Raven, Wexford (H12), 17/10

Robert Northridge: Red Admiral(1), Lough Eske, Donegal, 17/10

Jesmond Harding & Michael Jacob: Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Marsh Fritillary (81 webs in south facing hibernacula), Pollardstown Fen, Kildare (H19), 17/10 [reconfirmation of an 'old' record];
Small Tortoiseshell(2), Mulhussey, Meath, (H22), 17/10, [JH]

Geoff Hunt: Speckled Wood(1), Lough Gur; Red Admiral(1), Newcastle West, Limerick, 14/10;
Meadow Brown(1), Rathasane turlough, Galway, 4/10;


John Lynch: Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(5), Baltimore, Cork, W (H3), 9/10

Bob Aldwell: Speckled Wood(1), Killiney, Dublin, 8/10

Joe Duane: Red Admiral(3), Derrymullen bog, Galway, 5/10:
Speckled Wood(1), Kilclooney graveyard, Ballinasloe, Galway, 7/10

Bob Aldwell: Donegal Records for September  »»»

Bob Aldwell: Painted Lady larvae(10), Dun Laoire, Dublin, 5/10

Helen Cloney: Large White(2), Painted Lady(1), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Caim, Wexford, 4/10

Joe Devlin: Red Admiral(5), Painted Lady(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Speckled Wood(2), Ballagan Point, Louth (H31), 4/10

David Nash & Melinda Lyons: Speckled Wood(2), Glenasmole, Dublin, 4/10

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(10), Speckled Wood(7), Large White(1), cliff path Howth, Dublin;
Red Admiral(4), Sutton, Dublin, 4/10;
Red Admiral (approx. 50 nectaring on ivy), Howth, Dublin, late/9 

David Nash: Speckled Wood(30+), Green-veined White(4+), Red Admiral(3), Redwood Bog, Tipperary, 27/9

Deirdre Hardiman: Common Blue(1), Speckled Wood(4), Carney Commons, 27/9

Jesmond Harding: Common Blue(1), Red Admiral(13), Painted Lady(2), Small Tortoiseshell(9), Marsh Fritillary(29 larval webs), Speckled Wood(4), Meadow Brown(1), Lullybeg, Kildare(H19), 26/9
[29  Marsh Fritillary
larval webs found on the Lullybeg site with six webs counted in an area of habitat that was systematically cleared of willow and birch during 2007-2009. In the previous three years this area held only one or two larval nests.];
Red Admiral(1), Pagestown, Meath, 27/9
[Observed on pupal exuvia on soffit above back door]

Brian Danaher: Painted Lady(1), Shankill, Dublin (H21), 20/9

Jill Crosher: Painted Lady(1), Clogher Head,  Kerry N (H2), 19/9

Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: Common Blue(2), Painted Lady(1), Meadow Brown(1), Green-veined White(3), Speckled Wood(1), Bunduff, Sligo, 13/9;
Marsh Fritillary(20+
larval webs), Cruit Island, Donegal, 14/9;
Marsh Fritillary(2
larval webs), Carney Commons, Tipperary, 19/9

Breffni Martin: Painted Lady(4), Red Admiral(9), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(1), Carlingford, Louth, 15/9

Tony Miller: Roaring Water Bay on 13th Sept. saw many Red Admirals and Small Tortoiseshell flying between the Islands. On East Skeam the ungrazed pasture was covered in many dozens, if not hundreds, of Siver Y's feeding on the Hawkweeds and Scabious, West Cork, 13/9

James Early: Painted Lady(1), Bodenstown graveyard, Sallins, Kildare, 12/9

Derek Scott:  Painted Lady(1), Dursey Island, Cork, 9/9

Invasion of (migrant) Lepidotera on Dursey Island.***
We are now witnessing another invasion of migrant Lepidotera on Dursey Island. The fine weather began on 9 September, when the wind went round to the north-east, and since then we have had wall-to-wall sunshine, light north-easterly or easterly breezes, and temperatures up to 17 or 18 (18.5 today).

The first two Red Admiral arrived in our garden at 10:00 hrs, and then at least 20 moved east through our garden during the afternoon. There must have been at least 50 on the island. Other migrants included three Painted Lady, two Small Tortoiseshell, 10/9;

Numbers of Red Admiral increased to at least 80, including 30 near the west end of the island and 20 in our garden. There were also 16 Painted Lady, three Small Tortoiseshell and 15 Silver Y, mostly at the west end of the island or in our garden, 11/9;

There were now at least 100 Red Admiral, 50 Painted Lady and 12 Small Tortoiseshell on the island, 12/9;

Numbers of Red Admiral,  Painted Lady and Small Tortoiseshell are at least as high as yesterday 13/9.   D Scott*

[ I wonder if this is reverse migration?  i.e. lepidoptera trying to escape from Nama etc. 
There have been reports from previous years of Red Admirals heading out to sea in autumn.


Geoff Hunt: Common Blue(15), Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(10), Small Tortoiseshell(15), Large White(3), Green-veined White(3), Peacock(2), Silver Y moth(120), Ballybunion, Kerry, 13/09;
Painted Lady(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Red Admiral(2), Peacock(2), Speckled Wood(2), Green-veined White(1), Ballynacourty wood, Kilfinnane,  Limerick , 12/09
Silver Y moth (8), Speckled wood(8), NBDC, Waterford, 12/09;
Silver Y moth(200), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Painted Lady(2), Large White(2), Green-veined White(1), Speckled Wood(1), Fiddown, Kilkenny, 12/9;
Small Tortoiseshell(3), Painted Lady(1), Large White(1), Newcastle West, Limerick,  9/9;
Common Blue(2), Speckled Wood(4), Red Admiral(4), Peacock(2), Large White(1),Westfield, Limerick City, 11/09

Jesmond Harding: Small White(1), Green-veined White(2), Speckled Wood(3), 
Marsh Fritillary
larval webs(40), Dunshane Common, Kildare 13/9

Roger Hale: Painted Lady (30+), Newbliss Co. Monaghan and Cootehill, Co. Cavan, 1-13/9

John Joe Cahill, Bernie Sheridan & John Power: Red Admiral(7), Painted Lady(2), Newport East, Waterford, 12/9;
Red Admiral(9), Painted Lady(3), Common Blue(2), Speckled Wood(2), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Callisco Bay, Waterford, 12/9;
Speckled Wood(25), Red Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Painted Lady(5), Ballymacart, Waterford, 12/9; 
Small Tortoiseshell(4), Painted Lady(12), Peacock(1), Large White(7), Small White(2), Green-veined White(2), Speckled Wood(7), Helvic Head, Waterford, 12/9

Tom Tarpey: Speckled Wood(12), Brimstone(8), Small White(3), Brown Hairstreak(2), Gortalecka, Burren, Clare, 11/9; 
Red Admiral(100+), Speckled Wood(50+), Painted Lady(10), Peacock(4), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Small white(2), Wall Brown(1), Mizen Head, Cork, 12/9

Paul Walsh: Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(1), Cork Airport Business Park, Cork, 10/9;
Painted Lady(57), Red Admiral(11), Small Tortoiseshell(14), Common Blue(1), Small White(1), Speckled Wood(8), Brownstown Head, Waterford, 12/9

Bob Aldwell: HB(1), fairly worn female on ivy, Monkstown Rd, Dublin, 9/9;
Red Admiral(2), Painted Lady(1), Alma Rd, Monkstown, Dublin; Large White(1), Painted Lady(6), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Small White(5), Speckled Wood(2), Killiney, Dublin; Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(3), Speckled Wood(1), in garden, Blackrock, Dublin. 12/9

Freddie Walsh: Red Admiral(60), Small Tortoiseshell(30), Speckled Wood(60), Common Blue(25), Painted Lady(25), Raven, Wexford, 10/9; Small Copper(4), Large White(1), Grayling(35), Meadow Brown(20), Ballyteigue, Wexford, 12/9

Con O'Donnell: Peacock(2), Red Admiral(3), Small Copper(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), shore nr Greeencastle Golf Club, Donegal, 11/9; 
Large White(9), Painted Lady(13), Peacock(17), Red Admiral(7), Small Copper(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1 on Veronica), on cliff nr castle at Greencastle, Donegal, 11/9

Bernie Sheridan & John Power: Red Admiral(15), Wall Brown(1), Speckled Wood(15), Painted Lady(4), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Mizen Head, W Cork, 11/9

Deirdre Hardiman: Small Tortoiseshell(30), Painted Lady (1, very faded), Peacock(1), Red Admiral(4), Speckled Wood(20), Small White(6), N of Glenmunder river, Ballyman Glen, Dublin, 11/9

David Nash: Red Admiral(5), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Sydney Parade Avenue, Dublin, 10/9

Geoff Hunt: Small Tortoiseshell(3), Large White(1), Painted Lady(1), Newcastlewest, Limerick, 10/9

Breffni Martin: Large White(8), Red Admiral(85), Peacock(15), Painted Lady(200), Speckled Wood(16), Small Tortoiseshell(50+), Cooley Point, near Carlingford, Louth (H31), 10/9

Ian McCambridge: Speckled Wood(4), Adderwal Glen, nr Doochary, Donegal, 10/9

Richard McCafferty: Peacock(8), Silver-washed Fritillary(6) , Speckled Wood(25), Cleengort, nr Gweebarra Br, Donegal, 7/9; 
Green-veined White(3), Red Admiral(1), Small Copper(6), Glenmacannive, Glenties,  Donegal, 9/9;
Peacock(80+), Red Admiral(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Meenalargan, nr Glenties, Donegal, 10/9

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1f - worn), Monkstown Road; Red Admiral(3), Painted Lady(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(1), Newtownpark Avenue; Red Admiral(1), Holly Blue (12 larvae - mostly final instar), seapoint Avenue, Dublin, 9/9

Jesmond Harding: Green-veined White(3), Brimstone(17), Common Blue(2), Red Admiral(26), Painted Lady(7), Small Tortoiseshell(21), Peacock(76), Speckled Wood(8), MeadowBrown(2),Lullybeg Kildare (H19), 9/9

Jesmond Harding: Small White(1), Green-veined White(2), Brimstone(3), Common Blue(3), SmallCopper(3), Meadow Brown(4), Red Admiral(12), Painted Lady(10), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Peacock(26), Lullybeg, Kildare (H19), 5/9

David Nash: Red Admiral, Painted Lady, Large White, Speckled Wood, National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin, 5/9

John Joe Cahill, Bernie Sheridan: Red Admiral(13), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Speckled Wood(3), Small White(1), Ballymacart, Waterford, 5/9

Freddie Walsh: Grayling(2), Large White(2), Small White(1), Common Blue(30), Painted  Lady(70), Small Tortoiseshell(60), Red Admiral(40), Speckled Wood(50), Raven, Wexford, 5/9

Donal O'Sullivan: Peacock, Inishtrahull, Donegal, 2/9 

Deirdre Hardiman: PL(2), Large White(8), Small White(8), Speckled Wood(6), Meadow Brown(1), Airfield House & Farm, Dundrum, Dublin, 23/8

Brian Danaher: Large White(2), Peacock(1), Green-veined White(2), Shankill, Dublin, 22/8

Joe Devlin: Dark Green Fritillary(4), Peacock(1), Painted Lady(1), Slieve Foye Woods, Louth (H31), 22/8;
Painted Lady(7), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Large White(2), Ballagan Point, Louth (H31), 22/8

John Power & Bernie Sheridan: Large White(2), Small White(2), Red Admiral(3), Green-veined White(7), Speckled Wood(7), Peacock(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Fenor Bog, Waterford, 22/8;
Large White(8), Small White(4), Red Admiral(1), Green-veined White(4), Speckled Wood(3), Peacock(1), Painted Lady(1), Common Blue(1),
Dunhill, Waterford, 22/8;
Painted Lady(10), Large White(3), Green-veined White(2), Ballyvooney Cove Waterford, 22/8;
Large White(2), Red Admiral(10), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Stradbally, Waterford, 22/8

Colm Dunne: Small Tortoiseshell(12), Painted Lady(6), Peacock(6), Red Admiral(4), Dunboyne garden, Meath (H22), 21/8


Tom Cuffe: Common Blue(35), Large White(15), Speckled Wood(10), Wall Brown(45), MeadowBrown(12), Red Admiral(1), Inis Oirr, County Galway (H9), 20/8

Deirdre Hardiman: Painted Lady(2), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Large White(1), garden in Donnybrook, Dublin, 22/8; 
Purple Hairstreak(2), approx. quarter way up The Scalp, on small-medium size oak, left of scree [O 21818 20254], Co. Dublin, 18/8

Tomás & Frances Barrett: Large White(2), Red Admiral(4), Peacock(1), Painted Lady(2), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Hillside Grove, Dunmore Road, Waterford (H6), 17/8

Freddie Walsh: Meadow Brown(1000), Common Blue(100), Small Copper(5), Wall Brown(25), Peacock(1), Large White(3), Painted Lady(35), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Grayling(7), Dark Green Fritillary(3), Ballyteigue, Wexford, 17/8

Brian Danaher: Peacock(1), Large White(3), Small White(1), Shankill, Dublin(H21), 15/8;
[Two Humming Bird Hawk Moths feeding on Valerian, 17/8]

Albert Nolan: Small Copper(1), Painted Lady(9), Green-veined White(5), Small White(5), Large White(9), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Common Blue(4), Tipperary town hills/Quarry, Tipperary S (H7), 15/8

Jesmond Harding: Small White(1), Green-veined White(3), Brown Hairstreak(2), Small Copper(1), Painted Lady(2), Peacock(2), Dark Green Fritillary(14), Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Speckled Wood(4), Wall Brown(3), Grayling(6), Ringlet(1), Meadow Brown(51) including 2 mating pairs, Small Heath(15).
Marsh Fritillary larval webs(33) & Pearl-bordered Fritillary larva(1), found inside dry curled Hazel leaf, Termon, Clare, 13/8

Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: Essex Skipper(20+), Small Copper(3), Common Blue(1), Large White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Small White(1), Red Admiral(1), Sinnotstown, Wexford, 13/8;
Common Blue(200+), Painted Lady(50+), Meadow Brown(30+), Gatekeeper(10+), Grayling(6), Small Heath(3), Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Large White(1), The Raven NNR, Wexford, 13/8;
Painted Lady(9), Large White(6), Small White(6), Red Admiral(4), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Peacock(2), [garden of J & N Browne], Crossabeg, Wexford, 13/8;
Purple Hairstreak(4-6), Killoughrum Wood, Wexford,  [17.45 pm with H Cloney], 13/8;
Small White(3), Painted Ldy(2), Red Admiral, Large White(30+ first instar on Nasturtium), [garden of H Cloney], Caim, Wexford, 13/8 .

Neal Warnock: Wall Brown(4), Rossadillisk near Cleggan, Galway, 13/9

Albert Nolan: Large White(4), Green-veined White(4), St Marys Graveyard, Tipperary town Tipperary S (H7), 13/8;
Peacock(3), Large White(1), Green-veined White(1), Shanballyedmond, Rearcross, Tipperary N (H10), 13/8

Albert Nolan: Painted Lady(1), Green-veined White(4), Large White(1), Speckled Wood, Glenview wildflower park, Tipperary town, Tipperary S (H7), 16/8;
Peacock(1), Green-veined White(2), Meadow Brown(1), Shanballyedmond, Rearcross, Tipperary N (H10), 17/8;
Small Copper(1), Painted Lady(5), Large White(7), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Small White(6), Common Blue(4), Gleesons quarry, Corrogebeg. nr Tipperary town, Tipperary S (H7), 18/8

Jesmond Harding: Wood White(2), Brimstone(4), Large White(1), Small White(1), Green-veined White(1), Brown Hairstreak(9), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(6), Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(15), Peacock(8), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Speckled Woods(c10), Meadow Brown(c15), Ringlet(1), Wall Brown(1f), Grayling(1), Gortlecka, Clare, 12/8
Painted Lady(15), Peacock(15), Grayling(12), Ballyeighter Woods, Clare, 12/8

Albert Nolan: Green-veined White(2), Muingacree hill, Near Rearcross village, Limerick (H08), 12/8

John Power & Bernie Sheridan: Purple Hairstreak(13), Silver-washed Fritillary(4),  Colligan Wood, Dungarvan, Waterford, 11/8

Liz Kehoe, John Kehoe & Chris Wilson: Comma(1), The Raven NNR, Wexford, 9/8

DNFC: Brimstone(6+), Large White(2), Green-veined White(10+), Small Copper(2), Red Admiral(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(10+), Speckled Wood(10+), Grayling(1), Meadow Brown(30+), Ringlet(2+), Small Heath(2), Lough Carra, Mayo, 8/8;
Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Speckled Wood, Lough Cuillinn, Mayo, 9/8;
Purple Hairstreak(1 egg), Lough Conn, nr Pontoon, Mayo, 9/8

Sean Cooke: Common Blue(3), Blackwater garden, Wexford, 9/8

Kevin Hannan: Dark Green Fritillary(1), Silver-washed Fritillery(4), Red Admiral(1), Peacock(2), Small Heath(20), Meadow Brown(50+), Grayling(100+), Brimstone(1), Large White(4), Small White(4), Green-veined White(numerous), Ringlet(2), Speckled Wood(2), Mullaghmore, Clare, 6/8;
Painted Lady(2), Small Copper(2), Peacock(1), Green-veined White(100+), Small White(1), Large White(2), Pallasgreen, Limerick, 7/8;
Small Copper(4), Common Blue(7), Painted Lady(50+), Peacock(6), Speckled Wood(1), Green-veined White(3), Large White(2), Meadow Brown(20), Red Admiral(1),  Plassey  UL,  Clare, 8/9;
Common Blue(5), Small Heath(8), Dark Green Fritillary(3), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Red Admiral(1), Peacock(15), Brimstone(1), Grayling(100+), Green-veined White(3), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(50+), Wall Brown(2), Painted Lady(5), Ringlet(6), between Mullaghmore and Coolarta, Clare, 9/8

Helen Cloney: Painted Lady(12), Red Admiral(10), Small White(100’s), Peacock(3), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Small Copper(1), Caim, Wexford, 8/8

Ian Rippey: Painted Lady(c.150), Brimstone(20), Holly Blue(2), Carney Commons, N Tippeary, 8/8

Geoff Hunt: Brown Hairstreak(3), Brimstone(1), Ringlet(1), Grayling(3), Clooncoose Co.Clare, 8/8 
Brown Hairstreak(2), Grayling(3), Speckled Wood(3), Red Admiral(1), Lough Bunny, Co.Clare, 8/8

John Joe Cahill,  Jim Dowdall, Bernie Sheridan & John Power:
Brimstone(12), Silver-washed Fritillary(20), Brown Hairstreak(4), Peacock(5), Meadow Brown(6), Speckled Wood(2), Green-veined White(5), Dromore Forest Park, Clare, 8/8
Meadow Brown(100), Brimstone(25), Grayling(5), Wood White(10), Small Heath(1), Small Copper(1), Large White(1), Peacock(11), Painted Lady(6), Speckled Wood(1), Ringlet(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(15), Rinnamore Green Road & adjacent meadows, Clare, 8/8
Purple Hairstreak(6), Small White(2), Wood White(1), Holly Blue(9), Speckled Wood(3), Silver-washed Fritillary(22), Peacock(10), Cratlow Wood, Clare, 8/8


Freddie Walsh: Large White(3), Small White(2), Green-veined White(10), Small Copper(3), Common Blue(12), Red Admiral(12), Painted Lady(50), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Comma(1), Peacock(4), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(12), Speckled Wood(12), Grayling(4), Gatekeeper(40), Meadow Brown(30), Ringlet(2), Small Heath(8), Raven, Wexford, 7/8
Large White(1), Small White(1), Green-veined White(5), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(1), Red Admiral(1), Comma(1), Peacock(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Speckled Wood(4), Meadow Brown(2), Eden Vale, Wexford, 7/8

Albert Nolan: Painted Lady(1), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(2), Large White(3), Pine cove, Dunmore east village, Waterford (H6), 6/8;
Common Blue(5), Small White(5), Large White(1), Woodstown strand, nr Dunmore East village, Waterford (H6), 6/8;
Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(2), Speckled Wood(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Green-veined White(1), Path to Harristowns Megalithic tomb, nr Dunmore east village, Waterford (H6), 6/8;

Tony Murray & Sarah Stapleton: Meadow Brown (thousands estimated), Grayling (hundreds estimated), Common Blue(50-100), Painted Lady(2), Small Copper(2), Small Heath(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), during five or six km walk from the Cull Bank to the tip of Ballyteige, Wexford, 6/8

Alan McGuire: Comma(1), garden at Laken, Wexford, 5/8;
Comma(1), roadside Randallsmill, Wexford, 5/8

Bob Aldwell: Small White(200+), Large White(50+), Meadow Brown(12+), Painted Lady(2 + small larvae), Red Admiral(2), Ringlet(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Killiney towards Shankhill along Dublin coast, 5/8;
Holly Blue(6), Blackrock, Dublin, 4/8

Deirdre Hardiman: Purple Hairstreak(8-10), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Ringlet(1), Painted Lady(3), The Scalp, Dublin, 5/8

Tadhg O'Carroll: Comma(1), Painted Lady(several), Small Tortoiseshell(numerous), Collins Ave., Dunmore Rd., Waterford City, Waterford, 5/8

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(6), Blackrock, Co.Dublin, 4/8
Small White(200+) and Large White(50+) nectaring and laying on wild crucifers. Meadow Brown(12+), Painted Lady(2), Painted Lady 2nd instar larva(1), Red Admiral(2), Ringlet(1),
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Killiney coast, south towards Shankil, Dublin, 5/8

Jill Crosher: Painted Lady(1), Ballyferriter, Kerry, 5/8

Haire family: Small Copper(4), Grayling(6), Wall Brown(2), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Sheskinmore, Donegal, W (H35), 4/8

Adrian Phelan: Silver-washed Fritillary(4), Large White(2), Meadow Brown(5), Speckled Wood(1), Furry Glen, Phoenix Park, Dublin (H21), 3/8

Geoff Hunt: Ringlet(3), Meadow Brown(12), Speckled Wood(8), Large White(30), Green-veined White(20), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Holly Blue(2), Silver-washed Fritillary, Ballyengland, nr Askeaton, Limerick, 3/8 
[new 10 km record R35 for HB).

Albert Nolan: Large White(3), Red Admiral(1), Pine cove, Dunmore east village, Waterford (H6), 2/8

Nuala Browne: Comma(3), Painted Lady(>50), Red Admiral(>40), Silver-washed Fritillary(>4), on buddleias in her garden about end of July. Crossabeg, Wexford, Late July/’09.
[see NB's record for 27/7 below]

Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: Purple Hairstreak(5+), Dargle Valley, Enniskerry, Wicklow, 31/7

Ian Rippey: Brown Hairstreak (1f), Kilcorkan, the Burren, Clare; 
Brown Hairstreak(2m), Brimstone(1), Lough Bunny, Clare; 
Brimstone(1f), Holly Blue, nr Holistic Centre, the Burren, Clare. 30/7

Jesmond Harding: Wood White(6), Brimstone(1), Green-veined White(1), Brown Hairstreak(8), Common Blue(1), Peacock(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(5), Ringlet(3), Small Heath(1), Gortlecka, Clare (H9), 30/7;
Wood White(1), Peacock(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Grayling(8), Meadow Brown(1), Small Heath(1), Mullaghmore Mountain, Clare, 30/7

Chris Wilson: Essex Skipper(8), Sinnottstown, Wexford, 29/7;
Large White(7), Green-veined Whtie(7), Common Blue(7), Holly Blue(1), Red Admiral(8), Painted Lady(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(26), Gatekeeper(53), Small Heath(14), Meadow Brown(36), Ringlet(23), The Raven, Wexford, 29/7

Joe Duane: Large White(2), Small White(1), Green-veined White(3), Holly Blue(2), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Speckled Wood(3), Meadow Brown(10), Ringlet(3), Ballinasloe, Galway, 28/7

Niamh Lennon: Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Speckled Wood, Wall Brown(2), Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin, 26/7

Nuala Browne: Comma(2), Crossabeg, Wexford, 27/7 
[see NB's records for late July/'09 above]

Tom Tarpey: Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Large White(3), Small White(20+), Meadow Brown(12), Ringlet(4) at near Bleach Lough, Kildimo, Co. Limerick 27/7


Ian Rippey: Brown Hairstreak(4), Small Copper(7), Silver-washed Fritillary(12), Painted Lady, nr Newtown, W of Gort, Galway, 27/7

Sean Geraty: Purple Hairstreak(3), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 27/7

D Nash & D Hardiman: Large White(1), Painted Lady(1), garden in Donnybrook, Dublin, 24/7; Holly Blue(2), Meadow Brown(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Small White(1), garden in Donnybrook, Dublin, 26/7

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(2), Blackrock, Dublin, 26/7

Jesmond Harding: Green-veined White(10), Brimstone(1), Common Blue(1), Ringlet(7), Meadow Brown(26), Small Heath(3), Lullybeg, Kildare (H19), 24/7;
Green-veined White(19), Common Blue(18), Red Admiral(1), Dark Green Fritillary(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(18), Speckled Wood(1), Gatekeeper(67), Meadow Brown(63), Ringlet(24), Small Heath(27), The Raven, Wexford (H12), 25/7 
[Silver-washed Fritillary observed ovipositing about 20 feet up on pine trunk]

Micheal Gray: Comma, east of Enniscorthy(S9940), Wexford, 25/7

John Joe Cahill, Bernie Sheridan & John A Power: Essex Skipper(25+), Meadow Brown(1), Small White(7), Large white(1), Red Admiral(1), Sinnotstown, Wexford, 25/7 
[In small area of field];
Small Heath(30+), Gatekeeper(100+), Meadow Brown(150+), Common Blue(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(20+), Large White(1), Green-veined White(30+), Ringlet(45+), SmallWhite(6), Painted Lady(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), The Raven NNR, Wexford (H12), 25/7

Niamh Lennon: Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Glendalough, Wicklow, 24/7

Angus Tyner: Small Copper (6), Ringlet (10+), Meadow brown (3), Green-veined White(6), Painted Lady (1 larva on Nettle, plus vacated tents of another larva and one other dead larva. No feeding signs on Creeping or March Thistle), Kippure Estate Kilbride, Wicklow, 24/7

Adrian Phelan: Holly Blue(3), Large White(3), Speckled Wood(5), Meadow Brown(12). Painted Lady(1), Grangegorman, Dublin City, Dublin, 23/07

David Dillon: Holly Blue(1), Portmarnock, Dublin, 23/7

Joe Duane: Wood White(2), Small White(1), Green-veined White(20), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Speckled Wood(6), Meadow Brown(20), Ringlet(3), Ballyvaughan, Clare (H9), 22/7

Michael Gray: Holly Blue, Rathfarnham, Dublin, 20/7

Albert Nolan: Meadow Brown(3), Green-veined White(11), Ringlet(17), Moanvaun hill, nr Doon,  Limerick, 20/7

Tom Cuffe: Small White(5), Silver-washed Fritillary(6), Speckled Wood(2), Ringlet(2), Rusheen Bay/Small Wood, Galway, W(H16), 19/7

Eamonn O'Donnell: Painted Lady(2), Brandon Hil(396 m), Kilkenny, 19/7

Tom Tarpey: Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(1), Large White(1), Green-veined White(4), Avoca, Co.Wicklow; Green-veined White(50+), Blackditch, Greystones. Co.Wicklow, 19/7 

Paul Walsh: Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Ballynahinch CastleGalway, 17/7;
Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(2), Ringlet(4), Brownstown Head, Waterford (H6), 19/7

Nuala Browne: Comma, Crossabeg, Wexford, 18/7

Joe Duane: Common Blue(1), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Meadow Brown(4), Ringlet(10), Duneeda, Galway, 17/7

Brian Hodkinson: Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Resting on Ceanothus bush outside the tax office in City centre, Limerick (H08), 17/7

Joe Duane: Green-veined White(6), Meadow Brown(5), Ringlet(6), Ballygar, Galway, 15/07; 
Green-veined White(20), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(10), Ringlet(50), Suck Valley Way, Galway, 15/7

Deirdre HardimanPurple Hairstreak(6), Glen of the Downs, Wicklow, 15/07
Painted Lady(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Small White(1), garden in Donnybrook, Dublin, 15/7

Albert Nolan: Ringlet(22), Green-veined White(30), Meadow Brown(2), Reardnogy More hill. Near Rearcross village, Tipperary N (H10), 14/7;
Speckled Wood(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ringlet(1), Green-veined White(4), Meadow Brown(5), Castleconnell bog, Limerick (H08), 17/7

Tom Tarpey: Painted Lady(6), Small Tortoiseshell(1), S of Bloody Foreland, Co. Donegal, 14/7

Fintan Ryan: Green-veined White(108), River Barrow between Clashganny and Baile na Greine locks, Carlow (H13), 14/7

Deirdre Hardiman: Grayling(2), Gatekeeper(5), Ringlet(8), Meadow Brown(6), Common Blue(6), Small White(2), Green-veined White(3), Large White(5), Painted Lady(3),  Red Admiral(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(2), the Raven Nature Reserve, Wexford, 13/7


Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral(1), Netownpark Avenue, 11/7; Red Admiral(1), Small White(6), Small Tortoiseshell(1st instar); Painted Lady(6 larvae half grown on creeping thistle and 1 on Burdock (only half the size of most of those on the thistles), Salthill, Dun Laoire, 12/7

Freddie Walsh: Dark Green Fritillary(100++),  Green-veined White (many freshly emerged), Painted Lady larvae on thistle, The Burrow, Ballyteigue, Wexford, 12/7

Tony Murrary & Sarah Stapleton: Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Jamestown, Oylegate, Co. Wexford, 12/7

Joe Devlin: Dark Green Fritillary(4), Painted Lady(3), Speckled Wood(16), Ringlet(6), Meadow Brown(4), Slieve Foye Woods, Louth (H31), 12/7

Chris Wilson: Essex Skipper(1), Sinnottstown, Wexford, 12/7
Small White(1), Green-veined White(27), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(1), Red Admiral(3), Painted Lady(14), Dark-green Fritillary(9), Silver-washed Fritilalry(9), Speckled Wood(4), Grayling(1), Gatekeeper(1), Small Heath(36), Meadow Brown(57), Ringlet(213), The Raven NNR, Wexford, 9/7

Martina Healy: Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Drumkeeran, Leitrim, 10/7

Frank Smyth: Grayling(3), Meadow Brown(42), Ringlet(10), Small White(1), Large White(1), Painted Lady(5), Red Admiral(1), Small Heath(3), Speckled Wood(3), Howth, Dublin, 10/7

Ethna Diver:  Red Admiral(2), Meadow Brown(2), Ringlet(10), Large White(1), Blanket Nook (C31), Donegal, 6/7;
Dark Green Fritillary(28), Ringlet(20+), Meadow Brown(14), Common Blue(12), Large White(2), Murvagh dunes, (G87), Donegal, 7/7
Painte Lady(8), St John's Point, nr Lighthouse (G76), Donegal, 10/7
Red Admiral(5), Ringlet(16), Large White(1),  about half way along peninsula in old garden, St John's Point (G752724), Donegal, 10/7

Bob Aldwell: Small Tortoiseshell(2) & one group of 1st instar larvae; about 12 Painted Lady larvae (2&3 instars) at five different sites on creeping thistles, Rocks Park, Blackrock, Dublin, 7/7;
Ringlet(6+), Small Tortoiseshell(1), and dozens of final instar Peacock larvae, Dalkey Quarry, 8/7:
Painted Lady(1  larva, 2nd instar), Booterstown, Dublin, 9/7

Tony Murray & Sarah Stapleton: Painted Lady(4), Red Admiral(1), Great Saltee Island, Co. Wexford, 9/7

Tom Tarpey: Painted Lady at Dromada, Athea, Co. Limerick, 8/7 
[apparently roosting on a telegraph pole]

Jesmond Harding: Common Blue(4), Dark Green Fritillary(3), Silver-washed Fritillary(4), Meadow Brown(28), Ringlet(32), Small Heath(3), Gortlecka, Clare(H9), 7/7;
Dark Green Fritillary(35), Commons North, Clare, 7/7
Green-veined White(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(12), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(10), 
Ringlet(30), Garryland, Galway, 8/7

Maurice Simms: Dark Green Fritillary(18), Grayling(1), at Sheskinmore, 6/7;
Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Kilcloooney, nr Portnoo, 6/7

Fintan Ryan: Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Peacock(1), Borris, Carlow, 6/7  

Niamh Lennon: Meadow Browns(20+), Painted Lady(3-5), Red Admirals(3), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Inishbofin, Galway, early July
[Many Painted Lady caterpillars feeding on Spear Thistle and Creeping
Thistle, also on Burdock and 1 on Nettle. A variety of butterflies competing for nectar from Privet in abandoned garden].

Richard McCafferty: Dark Green Fritiillary(100+), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 28/6;
Red Admiral(1), garden at Glenties 5/7;  Large Heath(1), Meenalargan, nr Glenties,  5/7

Albert Nolan: Ringlet(117), Green-veined White(61), Meadow Brown(30), Field by Mother Moun; Ringlet(60), Meadow Brown(2), Collaun hill, nr Rearcross village, Limerick, 5/7

Frank Smyth: Ringlet(30), Silver-washed Fritiallry(3), Red Admiral(1), Knader Wood, east of Ballyshannon, 5/7 

Geof Hunt: Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Meadow Brown(8), Ringlet(6), Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(4), Green-veined White(6), Ardrageen Bridge, Cappagh, Co Limerick, 5/7; 
Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(6), Meadow Brown(6), Ringlet(8), Green-veined White(2), Lough Agoule, Ballingarry, Co Limerick, 5/7

John A Power: Small White(1), Painted Lady(5), Meadow Brown(7), Speckled Wood(1), Ringlet(121), Ballyscanlon, Waterford, 4/7;
Ringlet(20), Meadow Brown(8), Green-veined White(1), Speckled Wood(2), Fenor Bog, Waterford, 4/7

Paul Walsh: Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ringlet(6), Meadow Brown(9), Speckled Wood(12), North Comeragh hills, Waterford;
Red Admiral(4), Painted Lady(4), Ringlet(21), Meadow Brown(1), Speckled Wood(3),
Brownstown Head, Waterford. 4/7

Aynia Brennan: Painted Lady(3), Red Admiral(4), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ringlet(1), garden, Magheramore, Wicklow, 4/7


Nollaig and Danny Gillespie: Red Admiral(1), also many Meadow Brown and Ringlet, Dactan, Kilcar (G67), 3/7

Roy Watson: Comma(1), River Valley, Ballyslaney, Wexford, 2/7
[previous Comma report in May]

Angus Tyner: Red Admiral, garden, nr Ashford, Wicklow, 28/6; 
Ringlet(40++), Meadow Brown(6), Common Blue(3), Painted Lady, Small Tortoiseshell, garden, nr Ashford, Wicklow, 30/6

Caroline O'Sullivan: Dark Green Fritillary(1), Red Admiral(3), Marsh Fritillary(1), Inishmore, Aran Islands, Co.Galway(H10), 28/6

Joseph Devlin: Speckled Wood(20), Painted Lady(3), Red Admiral(1), Slieve Foye Woods
Louth (H31), 28/6

Paul Walsh: Painted Lady(3), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Ringlet(7), Speckled Wood(12), Meadow Brown(7), Wood White(7), Ballylinch/Briska area, near Lemybrien, Waterford (H6), 27/6;
Red Admiral(1), Ringlet(13), Brownstown Head, Waterford (H6), 27/6;
Paul Walsh: Painted Lady(4), Red Admiral(1), Ringlet(16), Meadow Brown(4), Wood White(8), near Kilmacthomas, Waterford (H6), 28/6

Freddie Walsh: Gatekeeper(1), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Meadow Brown(40), Small Heath(20), Common Blue(5), Painted Lady(3), Speckled Wood(5), Ringlet(40), Red Admiral(4), Raven, Wexford (H12), 28/6
[Observed many Small Blue eggs on kidney vetch, Gatekeeper seen near Raven Point];

Dark Green Fritillary(150) [1 pair mating], Meadow Brown(30), Common Blue(12), Painted Lady(2), SpeckledWood(2), Green-veined White(1), Ringlet(14), Red Admiral(3), Small Tortoiseshel(4), Ballyteigue Burrows, Wexford (H12), 27/6 

Rodney Daunt: Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Gortigrenane, Minane Bridge, Cork, 27/6

David Nash: Marsh Fritillary(2), Lough Nahinch, Tipperary, N; Large Heath(2), Carraig, Tipperary, N, 27/6

Jesmond Harding: Small White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Speckled Wood(3), Meadow Brown(14), Ringlet(50), Louisa BridgeKildare (H19), 27/6

Tom Tarpey: Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Ringlet(1), Pallaskenry, Limerick,  25/6

John J Cahill: Red Admiral(2), Power's Cross Road, Ballinamult, Waterford; 
Red Admira(4), Helvick, Waterford. 25/06

David Nash: Wood White(1), Red Admiral(2), Speckled Wood(30+), Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 25/06

Rodney Daunt: Small Heath(3),  2 km West of Loughrae on the Galway road.
Galway N E (H17), 24/6

Paul Walsh: Painted Lady(1), Small Heath(1), Speckled Wood(21), Tobernahulla / Knockaniska near Araglin Waterford (H6), 24/6;
Painted Lady(2), Small Heath(1), Green-veined White(1) & Speckled Wood(12) on Tipperary side of border in same area, 24/6

Freddie Walsh: Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Wood White(7), Large White(3), Small Blue(35), Common Blue(8), Red Admiral(1), SpeckledWood(20), Meadow Brown(120), Ringlet(40), Small Heath(80), Raven, Wexford, 23/06/2009

Adrian Phelan: Meadow Brown(1), Painted Lady(1),  Ireland's Eye, Dublin, 23/6

Jesmond Harding: Wood White(1), Common Blue(3), Painted Lady(1), Marsh Fritillary(1), Meadow Brown(3), Ringlet(1), Small Heath(28), Lullybeg, Kildare(H19), 23/6

Frank Smyth: Small Heath(3), Common Blue(5), Meadow Brown(3), Small White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1 v.fresh), 
Peacock(1 worn), Painted Lady(5 larvae c.1 cm), Howth, Dublin, 23/6

Aoife Byrne: Large White(4), Small White(3), Peacock(3), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Speckled Wood(5), Raynaskeeha, Lickey Valley, Waterford, 22/06

Tom Tarpey: Marsh Fritillary(2), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Common Blue(1), nr Carron, Clare, 21/6;
Wood White(1), Bell Harbour, Clare, 21/6;
Ringlet(1), Meadow Browns(3), Coonagh, Limerick, 22/6


Tom Cuffe: Brimstone(1 fresh), Large White(2), Small White(3), Painted Lady(3), Speckled Wood(4), Meadow Brown(7), Anglingham, Galway, 21/6

Albert Nolan: Speckled Wood(3), Green-veined White(1), Painted Lady(1), Cullaun hill, Co Limerick. nr Rearcross village, Limerick (H08), 21/6

Paul Walsh: Painted Lady(1), Meadow Brown(1), Speckled Wood(3), Kilmoylin near Kilmacthomas Waterford (H6), 21/6

Paul Walsh: Painted Lady(5), Speckled Wood(2), Mahon bridge / Kilrossanty area
Waterford (H6), 20/6;
Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(4), Brownstown Head, Waterfrod, 20/6

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1), Newtownpark Avenue, Blackrock, Dublin, 20/6 [Presumed 2nd brood]

Brian Hodkinson: Speckled Wood(60, Green-veined White(3), Painted Lady(1), Reboge canal area, Limerick, 21/6

Joe Duane: Orange-tip(1), Ringlet(1), Derrymullen bog, Ballinasloe, Galway, 21/6

Freddie Walsh: Ringlet(1), Meadow Brown(7), Wall Brown(1), Common Blue(30), Large White(4), Small Heath(60), Painted Lady(8), Green-veined White(4), Red Admiral(1),  Ballyteigue Burrows, Wexford, 20/6;
Ringlet(8), Small Blue(60), Small Heath(65), Painted Lady(5), Green-veined White(2), Common Blue(12), Large White(2), Wood White(3), Meadow Brown(50), The Raven, Wexford, 21/6

Geoff Hunt: Wood White(1), Red Admiral(3), Green-veined White(1), Speckled Wood(4), Ringlet(4), Painted Lady(4), Meadow Brown(1), Large White(3), Ballyagran, Limerick, 20/6

Paddy McCrossan: Dark Green Fritillary [pristine condition]; Meadow Brown, Craigawannia, Inishowen, Donegal, 20/6

Neal Warnock: Large Heath(5), Wood White(2), Green-veined White(1), Ashton's Callow, Tipperary, 20/06  

John A Power: Wood White(3), Meadow Brown(1), Ringlet(1), Mount Stewart, Dungarvan, Waterford, 19/06

Angus Tyner: Small Tortoiseshell(1) fresh, field margin, nr Ashford, Wicklow, 17/6;
Small Tortoiseshell(6) fresh, in garden.  Large White(1f), newly emerged in wood shed, wings not fully dry and struggling to fly. Nr Ashford, Wicklow, 18/6

Meadow Brown(plentiful), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 18/6  

Danny Gillespie: Red Admiral(1), Dactan, Kilcar, Donegal, 16/6

Jesmond Harding: Green-veined White(1), Common Blue(10), Wall Brown(1), Meadow Brown(1), Philipstown, Kildare, 16/06; 
Wood White(2). Green-veined White(1), Orange-tip(1), Marsh Fritillary(167), Small Heath(65), Speckled Wood(50), Dunshane Common, Kildare, 16/06

A very rewarding visit given the numbers of Marsh Fritillaries seen. Most seen nectaring on Meadow Thistle [Cirsium dissectum], some on Lady's Smock [cardamine pratensis].Several females were observed seeking suitable Devil's-bit Scabious leaves [Succisa pratensis] for oviposition. One was observed attempting to lay on a small leaf but the attempt was abandoned after a number of efforts were made to position the abdomen onto the underside of the leaf.

Faith Wilson: Speckled Wood (20), Upper Lough Dan near the Inchavore River
Wicklow, 15/06

Brian Hodkinson: Speckled Wood(5), Reboge, canal area Limerick (H08), 14/6

Roy Thompson: Marsh Fritillary(2), Small Heath(5), Speckled Wood(12), Common Blue(2), Orange-tip(2), Wood White(2), Pollardstown Fen, Kildare, 14/6

Geoff Hunt: Common Blue(1), Large White(2), Small White(2), Wood White(1), Green-veined White(4), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Great Saltee, Wexford, 14/6 [Wood White record first confirmed recent records for offshore island]

Kevin Hannan: Dark Green Fritillary(2), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2), Marsh Fritillary(3), Wood White(6), Dingy Skipper(1), Speckled Wood(20+), Common Blue(3), Red Admiral(1), Commons North,  the Burren( near Cloncoose), Clare, 14/6;
Small Blue(5), Common Blue(10+), Dingy Skipper(1), Caher Lower, nr Fanore, 13/6


Angus Tyner: Ringlet(1), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 13/6;
Meadow Brown(2), Common Blue(1), Painted Lady(10), Speckled Wood(8), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 14/6

John A Power: Small Blue(15), Meadow Brown(1), Common Blue(8), Small Heath(7), Raven Point, Wexford, 13/6

Paul Walshe: Small Heath(4), Wood White(2), Speckled Wood(4), Davmore to Ballykilmurry, near Kilrossanty, Waterford, 14/6

David Cooke: Green Hairstreak(5), Green-veined White(4), Wall Brown(1), Common Blue(3), Dursey Island, Cork, W (H3), 14/6

Richard McNaughton: Small Heath(50), Orange-tip(10), Marsh Fritillary(40), Wood White(4), Peacock(1) Speckled Wood(1), The Commons, Two Mile House, Kildare, 13/6

Chris Wilson: Small Blue(3), Small Heath(35), Meadow Bown(1), Polder, North Slob, Wexford, 13/6

Joe Duane: Dingy Skipper(1), Orange-tip(2), Small Blue(2), Common Blue(2), Painted Lady(4), Speckled Wood(1), New Inn, Galway, 12/6;
Small Blue(1), Common Blue(1), Painted Lady(6), Speckled Wood(1), Duneeda, Ballinasloe, Galway, 12/6

Paul Walshe: Red Admiral(1), Wood White(7), Small White(1), Small Heath(3), Small Copper(1), Common Blue(2), Speckled Wood(10), Green-veined White(1), Garrynagree / Scordaun area, Drum Hills, Waterford (H6), 10/6

Frank Smyth: Painted Lady(3), Marsh Fritillary(3), Large Heath(9), Large White(1), Small Heath(7), Speckled Wood(3), Wood White(3), Green-veined White(1), Rowantree Hill, Donegal, 8/6;
Wood White(1), Painted Lady(8), Meadow Brown(1), Speckled Wood(2), Butlersbridge, Cavan, 8/6

David Nash: Marsh Fritillary(10+), Bunduff, Sligo, 8/6

Caroline Sullivan: Small Blue(1), St. John's Point, Donegal, 07/06

Robert Northridge: Small Blue(2), Small Heath(4), Common Blue(1), Small Copper(1), Dooey Strand, Donegal, 7/6; Small Heath(1), Common Blue(1), Aughros Point, Donegal, 7/6

Tom Tarpey: Large White(2) at Dromcolliher, Limerick, 4/6; 
Small Heath(35), Common Blue(30), Small Blue(12), Painted Ladie(10), Dingy Skipper(6), Wood White(2), Barrigone, Askeaton, Limerick, 5/6;

Green-veined White(12), Speckled Wood(8), Orange Tip(1), Large White(1), Ballyclogh, Askeaton, Limerick, 5/6

Frank Smyth: Large Heath(2), Rowantree Hill, Donegal, 4/6

Caroline Mhic Daeid: Orange-tip(2), Large White(1), Green-veined White(2), Meadow, Meath, 4/6

Faith Wilson: Small Blue(several), Common Blue, Orange-tip, Speckled Wood, Ballymoon Esker, Carlow, 4/6 
[New 'regional record' for SB]

Willie Watts: Orange Tip(1f), Marley Park, Dublin, 3/6

Niall T. Keogh: Large White(1), Green-veined White(1), Orange-tip(2f), Speckled Wood(10), Small Heath(2), Killoughter, Wicklow (H20), 3/6

Joe Duane
Dingy Skipper(3), Wood White(10), Common Blue(1), Painted Lady(9), Small Heath(3), Cranberry bog, Roscommon, 3/6;
Wood White(20), Large White(1) Orange-tip(4), Green Hairstreak(1), Gortnasharvoge, Roscommon, 3/6

Aisling nic an tSithigh: Green-veined White(3) in garden and a number of Small Heath on the cliff top over Dunquin pier in the grasses, Dingle, 2/6

Geoff Hunt: Large White(2), Green-veined White(3), Kilmallock, Limerick, 01/06;  
Orange-tip(3), Speckled Wood(1), Green-veined White(1), Red Admiral(1), Ardpatrick, Limerick, 01/06;
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Grange, Limerick, 2/06


Bob Aldwell:  Common Blue(2), Green-veined White(1), Painted Lady(1 - laying on thistle), Small Copper(1), Small White(2), Dalkey Quarry, 1/6;
Large White(10), Sorrento Park-Vico Road, 1/6; 
Green-veined White(1), Painted Lady(1 small), Speckled Wood(4), Small White(4), Killiney, 2/6;
Holly Blue(2), Large White(1), Painted Lady(1 - apparently seeking laying sites), 2/6;
Common Blue(1), Painted Lady(2), Small White(1), West Pier, Dun Laoighre, 3/6.

Ger O'Donnell: Small Copper, Small Blue(8+),  Small Heath, Ballyconneely, Galway, 2/6

Neal Warnock: Wood White(5), Marsh Fritillary(2), Ashton's Callow, Tipperary N, 2/6

Andrw Byrne: Dingy Skipper(5), Large White(2), Common Blue(5), Small White(1), Corbally, Rinnashark Harbour, Waterford (H6), 2/6

Joe Duane: Wood White(20), Large White(3), Small White(1), Green-veined White(1), Orange-tip(4), Painted Lady(1), Speckled Wood(3), Suck Way, Galway, 2/6;
Green-veined White(1), Ballygar, Galway, 2/6; Wood White(6), Large White(1), Peacock(1), Hollygrove lake., Galway, 2/6

Liam Healy: Marsh Fritillary, Mahanagh, Corry, Drumkeeran, Leitrim, 2/6

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary(7 in c.20 mins), Small Heat, Cloonoo East, nr Loughrea, 1/6
Green Hairstreak(c.10), mainly around bilberry, Derrygoolin South, R69 & R79, Slieve Aughty Mts, SE Galway, 1/6:
Wood White (L. reali): singletons at Foulkescourt Plantation nr Johnsown, Kilkenny, and on bog just east of Lisheen Mines, on Kilkenny-Tipperary border, 31/5;
Wood White(1), bog E. of Lisheen Mines, Kilkenny, 1/6
Wood White (reali/sinapis?) Ennis-Portumna road E. of Tulla, Clare, 2/6

Geof Hunt: Small Blue(30), the golf beach Ballybunion [q82], Co.Kerry, 1/6; 
Small Blue(6), in the adjoining square [q83], Ballybunion, Co.Kerry, 1/6

Declan Feeney: Small Copper(14), Dooey Sand Dunes, Donegal, W (B70), 1/6

Jesmond Harding: Dingy Skipper(2), Wood White(1), Orange-tip(1), Brimstone(1), Common Blue(1), Small Copper(1), Painted Lady(2), Marsh Fritillary(45), Small Heath(8) Lullybeg, Kildare, 1/6

Richard McCafferty: Marsh Fritillary(15-20). Melly's Field, Drumnasillagh, Glenties, 2/6; Meadow Brown(1), Glenmacannive, Glenties, Donegal, 1/6

John A Power: Wood White(3), Ringlet(1), Meadow Brown(1), Mount Stewart, Dungarvan, Waterford, 1/6

Don Conroy: Clouded Yellow(1), Point of Raven, Wexford, 1/6

Coilin MacLochlainn: Wood White(1-2), Small Heath(x100+), Orange-tip(3), Common Blue(x100), Peacock, Small Copper, Green-veined White(++), Speckled Wood(3),  Broadlough, Wicklow

Chris Wilson & Don Conroy: Small Blue(38), The Raven, Wexford, 1/6

Chris Wilson: Small Blue(37), The Raven, Wexford, 31/5

Mary Carson: Orange-tip(1), Red Admiral, Dodder Valley Park, Knocklyon, Dublin, 31/5

Deirdre Hardiman: Marsh Fritillary(6), Peacock(2), Speckled Wood(2), Green-veined White(4), Orange-tip(2), Painted Lady(18+), Wood White(2), Dingy Skipper(2), Wall Brown(1), Green Hairstreak(1), Oakfield, Moycullen, Galway, 31/5

Julie Kendall: Green-veined White(1), Orange-tip(1), Mountain View B&B, Meens, Newmarket , Cork, 31/5

Jesmond Harding: Small White(1), Common Blue(8), Small Blue(14), Painted Lady(4), Wall Brown(1), SmallHeath(1), Portmarnock Dunes, Dublin (H21), 31/5

Freddie Walsh: Wall Brown(12), Common Blue(40), Small Heath(12), Green-veined White(16), Small Copper(16), Large White(1), Ballyteigue, Wexford (H12), 31/5

Brian Hodkinson: Large White(6), Speckled Wood(6), Green-veined White(1),Reboge, Limerick (H08), 31/5

Tom Cuffe:  Brimstone(3), Large White(6), Small White(4), Peacock(3), Wall Brown(4) , Anglingham, Galway, 31/5

Paul Walsh: Red Admiral(7), Common Blue(1), Speckled Wood(2), Green-veined White(1), Brownstown Head, Waterford, 30/5; Common Blue(1), Green-veined White(1), Speckled Wood(2), Brownstown, 31/5

See Painted Lady Migration Reports & Records from around the country. Interesting sightings for May-Nov '09.  


Geoff Hunt: Large White(4), Small Copper(1), Speckled Wood(4), Green-veined White(2), Orange-tip(2), Data Centre, Waterford, 30/05;
Large White(2), Green-veined White(1), Speckled Wood(2), Kilmeadon [s505117], Waterford, 30/05;
Large White(6), Green-veined White(6), Speckled Wood(2), Kilmeadon [s510115], Waterford, 30/05;
Large White(2), Cahir, Tipperary S, 30/05;
Large White(2), Galtee Castle Wood, Limerick, 30/05;
Large White(2), Athea, Limerick, 31/05;
Large White(4), Newcastle West, Limerick, 31/05; 
Large White(8), Green-veined White(4), Common Blue(2), Small Blue(10), Ballybunion, Kerry N [q858406], 31/05;
Large White(12), Green-veined White(6), Common Blue(2), Small Blue(30), Small Heath(10), Ballybunion [q857395], Kerry N (H2), 31/05

Paul Walsh: Red Admiral(7), Common Blue(1), Speckled Wood(2), Green-veined White(1), Brownstown Head, Waterford, 30/5

Sean Geraty: Marsh Fritillary(10), Wood White(4), Dingy Skipper(5), Lullymore, Kildare, 30/5

Deirdre Hardiman: Green Hairstreak(1), Dingy Skipper(3), Marsh Fritillary(2), Roscahill, Galway, 30/5

Brian Nelson: Wood White(1), Orange-tip(1), Green-veined White(5), Raferagh Monaghan, 30/5

Jesmond Harding: Dingy Skipper(5), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(10), Marsh Fritillary(1), 
Wall Brown(2), Fahee North, Clare (H9), 30/5;
Dingy Skipper(15), Wood White(8), Orange-tip(1), Small White(1), Large White(1), Green-veined White(1), Common Blue(3), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2), Wall Brown(4), Small Heath(1), Cuildooish, Ballindereen, Galway, 30/5;
Dingy Skipper(10), Green-veined White(1), Small Blue(6), Small Heath(2), Ballyryan, Clare (H9), 30/5; 
Dingy Skipper(3), Wood White(2), Black Head, near Well, Clare (H9), 30/5;
Green-veined White(1), Marsh Fritillary(2), Ballyteigue Meadows, Lisdoonvarna, Clare (H9), 30/5;
Dingy Skipper(12), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(17), Wall Brown(4), Rinecaha, Clare (H9), 30/5

Freddie Walsh: Small Blue(50), Common Blue(100), Small Copper(1), Red Admiral(3), Peacock(1), Green-veined White(10), Speckled Wood(6), Small Heath(12), Wood White(30), Raven, Wexford (H12), 30/5

Freddie Walsh: Small Copper(3), Common Blue(3), Wood White(10), Large White(1), Small White(3), Red Admiral(1), Green-veined White(3), Speckled Wood(4), Monamintra, Waterford (H6), 29/5

Jesmond Harding: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(1), R39, Clare (H9), 29/5

Niall T. Keogh: Common Blue(2), Kilcoole;
Common Blue (1), Large White(1), Small White(3), Six Mile Point;
Speckled Wood(1), Orange Tip(2m), Green-veined White(1), Five Mile Point Lane;
Painted Lady(1), Vartry Reservoir (Sally's Bridge). 
Wicklow, 29/5

Joe Duane: Large White(2), Green-veined White(6), Lurgan Great (M72), Galway;
Green-veined White(2), Orange-tip(2f), Derryfrench (M71), Galway;
Green-veined White(1), Orange-tip(1f), Pallas Tynagh(M70), Galway, (27/5)

Caroline Sullivan: Green Hairstreak(1), Leahill Bog, Adrigole, Cork, 26/5

Freddie Walsh: Small White(4), Wood White(6), Peacock(1), Derrylacky< Kilkenny (H11), 24/5

Piaras MacLochlainn: Comma(1), Portrane, north side of e Demesne, along the edge of the woodland, Dublin, 24/5


Jesmond Harding: Marsh Fritillary(2), Lullymore West, Kildare(H19);
Wood White(1), Green-veined White(4), Lullymore West, Kildare (H19),

Niall T. Keogh et al: Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(2), Green-veined White(>10), Great Saltee, Wexford, 24/05

Kevin Hannan
: Pearl Bordered Fritillary, Wall Brown, the Burren [M369,013], Clare, 24/5; 
Orange Tip(3), Small White(2), Annacoty,  Co Limerick, 24/5 
[Earlier report of PBF by Ian Rippey, 19/20 May]

Deirdre Hardiman: Dingy Skipper(6), Common Blue(8), Orange tip(>10). Green-veined White(>10), Speckled Wood(2), Ahenny Quarry, Ahenny, Kilkenny/Tipperary, 24/5

Brian Hodkinson: Orange-tip, Green-veined White(4), Large White(1), Reboge, canal area, Limerick, 24/5

Tom TarpeyLarge White(3), Small White(5), Green-veined White(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Kilmeedy to Dromcolliher, Limerick, 23/5; 
Wood Whites(3), Wall Brown(1), Gortlecka, the Burren National Park, Clare, 24/5 

Freddie Walsh: Small Blue(20), Peacock(1), Painted Lady(3), Common Blue(100), Small Copper(1), WoodWhite(20), Green-veined White(10), Small White(2), Raven, Wexford (H12), 23/5

Paul Walsh: Painted Lady(1), Common Blue(1), Speckled Wood(1), Green-veined White(2), Brownstown Head, Waterford (H6), 23/5

Sean Geraty: Dingy Skipper(4), Green-veined White(2), Wood White(1), Speckled Wood(1), Lullymore, Kildare, 23/5

David Cooke:  Small Tortoiseshells(2, worn), Wall Brown, Painted Lady, Green-veined White, Nohoval, Cork, 21/5 

Ian Rippey: Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 19/5:
Pearl-bordered Fritillary(1-2), Kilcorkan, Clare, 20/5

Joe Duane: Wood White(1), Brimstone(3), Small White(1), Green-veined White(2), Orange-tip(1), Green Hairstreak(1), Cloonascragh, Ballinasloe, Galway, 20/5; 
Brimstone(1), Large White(1), Green-veined White(3), Green Hairstreak(1), Path to boathouse on River Suck, Ballinasloe, Galway, 20/5; 
Green-veined White(1), Green Hairstreak(1), canal path, Hymany Way, Ballinasloe, Galway, 20/5

Frank Smyth, Donegal records:
Small Blue(12), Wall Brown(2), Small Heath(2), St John's Pt. 
Small Copper(2), Inver. Dingy Skipper(9), Rockhill. 
Many Orange tip & Green-veined white.
Donegal, 19/5;
Wood White(3), Small White(4) , Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(1), Durnish. 
Wood White(1), Dromore. Wood White(1), Ballintra. 
Wood White(1), Dingy Skipper(1), Large White(1), Murvagh.
Wood White(1), Lisacholly. Wood White(4), Holly Blue(1), Peacock(1), The Mullans.
Wood White(2), Speckled Wood(1), Rowantreehill. Wood White(1), Lr Rossnowlagh. 
Many Orange tip & Green-veined white.
Donegal, 20/5 

Tony Murray: Green Hairstreak(4), Sheheree Bog, Killarney, 19/5

Anneke Vrieling: Orange Tip eggs(22), Abbeyfeale Town park, Limerick, 19/5

Geoff Hunt: Orange-tip(12), Green-veined White(30), Speckled Wood(2), Freemount, Cork, 17/5


Deirdre Hardiman: Orange Tip(1), [S43], Peacock(1), Small Copper(1), Green-veined White(4), Speckled Wood(1), Ahenny, Kilkenny/Tipperary, 12/5; 
Orange Tip(1), OT eggs(4), [S43], Speckled Wood(1), Green-veined White(3), Windgap, Kilkenny, 12/5;
Orange Tip eggs(21), OT larva(1), [S52], Ballyvatheen, Mulinavat, Kilkenny, 14/5; 
Orange Tip eggs(4), [S62], Tulloughter, Kilkenny, 14/5;
Orange Tip eggs(4), [S63], Garrandarragh, Kilkenny, 14/5;
Orange Tip eggs(8), [S72], near Tellarought Bridge, Wexford, 14/5;
Orange Tip eggs(12), [S34], Broadmore, Callan, Kilkenny, 15/5;
Orange Tip eggs(8), [S35], Hillend, Kilkenny, 15/5.

Rodney Daunt: Wall Brown(5), 5km North of Burtonport, W Donegal, 13/5

Donegal Records (per Bob Aldwell):

Inishowen Wildlife Club: Green Hairstreak(12+), Cabry, nr Quigley's Point, 2/5; Green Hairstreak (100++), Ballyargus, 2/5;
Maurice Simms: Green Hairstreak(2), Kilclooney, 9/5; Wall Brown(2), Kiltourisk, Rosbeg, 10/5;
Danny Gillespie: Green Hairstreak, Small Heath, Large White(4), Dactan, Kilcar, 10/5;
Richard Cannon:  Small Copper, Bellcruet, Kincasla, 11/5;
Richard McCafferty; Dingy Skipper(1), Bonnyglen, Portnoo, 11/5;
Eleanor Hort: Green Hairstreak, Mintashesk, 11/5; Green Hairsteak(2), Mintashesk, 12/5 [G68];
Richard McCafferty: Holly Blue(7), Aderwall Glen, 12/5;
Ian McCambridge: Wall Brown(3), St John's Point, 12/5;
Richard McCafferty: Green Hairstreak(18), Glenties [transect], 13/5

Tom Tarpey: Peacock(1), Caherfadda, Kilnaboy, 10/5; 
Holly Blue, Peacock, Orange Tip(3), Green-veined White(4), Carron, Clare, 10/5;
Dingy Skipper, Speckled Wood(4), Large White(3), Wood White(1), Barrigone, Askeaton, Limerick, 11/5; 
Green Hairstreak(1), Green-veined White(4), Gortadroma, Ballyhahill, Limerick, 11/5

Brian Hodkinson: Orange-tip(1), Green-veined White(2), Reboge, canal area, Limerick 2/05; Green-veined White(4), University of Limerick/Shannon Banks, Limerick 10/05; 
Speckled Wood(2), Green-veined White(2), Large White, Reboge, canal area, Limerick, 11/05

Geoff Hunt: Green-veined White, Speckled Wood(1), Green Hairstreak(6), nr Taylor's Cross, Offaly, 11/5;
Brimstone(2), Peacock(2), Speckled Wood(2), Orange-tip(3), Green-veined White(2), Hodson Bay, Roscommon, 11/5;
Orange-tip(20), Green-veined White(30), Large White(6), Wood White(2), Speckled Wood(2), Lough Cloghan, Offaly, 10/5;
Green-veined White(100), Orange-tip(4), Clonmacnoise, Offlay, 10/5

Sean Geraty: Dingy Skipper(1), Lullymore West, Kildare, 10/5
[first record of 2008 on 12/5]

Freddie Walsh: Green-veined White(12), Wall Brown(1), Small Copper(5), Ballyteigue Burrows, Wexford, 10/5

Oisín & Ciaran Morrison: Green-veined White(20), Orange-tip(3), Green Hairstreak(1), Peacock(7), Lettercraffroe Lake, Galway, 10/5

Tom Tarpey: Wood White(3), Large White(1), Small White(1), Green-veined White(32), Orange-tip(5), Holly Blue(1), Speckled Wood(1), Parteen to Kilmore, Clare, 9/5

Robert Northridge: Small Copper(1), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 9/5

Freddie Walsh: Wood White(4), Small White(3), Holly Blue(1), Green-veined White(40), Speckled Wood(4), Painted Lady(2), Common Blue(40m + 20f), Small Blue(1), The Raven NNR, Wexford, 9/5 [1st SB record 10/5/2008]


Niall T. Keogh: Orange-tip(1m), Common Blue(1m), Green-veined White(5),  Broadlough, Wicklow, 3/5; 
Painted Lady(1, in fresh condition), Peacock(2), Speckled Wood(2), Green-veined White(15), Orange-tip(2m), Blackditch, Wicklow, 3/5

Freddie Walsh: Green-veined White(25), Small Copper(9), Painted Lady(1), Ballyteigue, Burrows, Wexford. 3/5

David Nash: Wood White, squares N27 & N37 nr Edgeworthstown; Green Hairstreak(2), Listobit, Edgeworthtown, Longford, 3/5

Enda Flynn: Orange-tip(1), Green-veined White(3), Speckled Wood(7), Peacock(1), 
Slieve Foye Woods, Louth, 2/5

Tom Tarpey: Large White(1), Newcastle West; Small White(2), Adare; Green-veined White(1), Monaleen, Castlttroy, Limerick, 2/5; 
Orange-tip(3), Green-veined White(1), Annacotty, Limerick, 3/5

Anne Kilmer: Green Hairstreak(2), garden,  Killateeaun (Gortmore) Tourmakeady, Mayo, 3/5

Angus Tyner: Holly Blue (1)  nr Ashford, 1/5; Red Admiral (1), Large White (2), Speckled Wood(8), Peacock(1), Green-veined White(1), Small White(1) nr Ashford, Wicklow, 3/5

Freddie Walsh: Speckled Wood (7), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(1), Common Blue(35), Small Copper(1), Orange-tip(4), Green-veined White(20), Small White(3), The Raven, NNR, Wexford, 2/5

Tony Bryant: Speckled Wood(3), Newtown Cove, Tramore, Waterford, 2/5;
Painted Lady(3), Great Newtown Head, Waterford, 24/4; 28/4(1); 2/5(1)

Coilin MacLochlainn: Green Hairstreak(2), Ballycoyle, Glencree,Wicklow, 2/5

David Nash: Green Hairstreak(1), Military Road, nr Glencree, Wicklow, 2/5

Patrick Garvey: Green-veined White(6), Large White(2), Small White(7), Orange-tip(1), Green Hairstreak(57), Speckled Wood(7), Peacock(1),  Raised Bog SAC, Glenamaddy, Galway, 1/5

Frank Smyth: Painted Lady(2), Wall Brown(1), Howth Head, Dublin, 27/4

Frank Smyth: Speckled Wood(27), Wall Brown(2), Large White(1), Small White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Peacock(1), Howth Cliff Walk, Ceannchor Rd. / Baily, Dublin, 25/4. [First Wall Brown in 2008 was on 21/4];
Large White(1), Garden at St Fintan's Sutton, Dublin, 25/4

Marilyn Farrell: Orange-tip, Large White, Glen Minard, Lispole, Kerry, 24/4

Brian Danaher: Orange-tip(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Clonkeen Park, 20/2; Orange-tip(2), Holly Blue(1), Clonkeen Park, Deansgrange, Dublin, 22/4

Patrick Garvey: Green-veined White(2); Small White(3), Green Hairstreak(30), Speckled Wood(1), Peacock(1), Raised Bog SAC, Glenamaddy, Galway, 21/4

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1), Orange-tip(3), Speckled Wood(3), Peacock(3), Green-veined White(17), The Raven NNR, Wexford, 20/4;
Speckled Wood(33), Green-veined White(2), Holly Blue(2), Small White(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Howth Cliffs, 21/4; Peacock(4), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin, 21/4

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(14), Aderwaal Glen, Doochary 18/4 (with Maurice Simms);
Marsh Fritillary (larvae 100+), Glenties, 18/4 (with Richard McCafferty); Green Hairstreak(12+), Tullyard, Glenties, 19/4 (with Richard McCafferty); Marsh Fritillary(c.80 larvae), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 19/4 (with Maurice Simms); Marsh Fritillary (30+ larvae), Derrydruel, 19/4 (with M. Simms);
Marsh Fritillary (250 larvae) at several sites, Cruit Island, Donegal, 20/4 (with R. McCafferty).

Enda Flynn: Peacock(4), Small White(1), Speckled Wood(1), Orange-tip(2m), Green-veined White(3), Mulhattin, Louth, 19/4


Patrick McGurn: Holly Blue(2), Glenveigh National Park, Donegal, 19/4

George McDermott: Green Hairstreak(1), Illies, Buncrana, Donegal, 19/4

Sean Geraty: Peacock(3), Speckled Wood(3), Brimstone(1), Lullymore, Kildare, 19/4

Freddie Walsh: Small Copper(1), Green-veined White(30), Small White(10), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ballyteigue, Burrows, Wexford, 19/4

Tom Cuffe: Brimstone(5), Orange-tip(3), Green-veined White(2), Coole Park, Gort, Galway, 18/4; Brimstone(3), Lydican, Galway, 18/4; Painted Lady(1), Creggan, Galway, 18/4;
Brimstone(2), Orange-tip(5), Small White(3), Speckled Wood(3), Peacock(1), Anglingham, Galway, 19/4

Niall T. Keogh & Noel Keogh: Orange-tip(6+m), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Lingstown Lane, Tachumshin, Lake, Wexford, 19/4; Green-veined White(1), Great Saltee Island, Wexford, 19/4

Don Hodgers: Small Tortoiseshell(2) Orange Tip (1f) Speckled Wood(1), 18/4; Orange Tip(1), Holly Blue(1f), Blackrock Road, Dundalk, 19/4

Jesmond Harding: Brimstone(4), Orange-tip(5), Green-veined White(1), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Lullybeg, Kildare, 18/4;
Orange-tip(including mating pair & egg), Green-veined White(3, including matied female), Large White(1), Holly Blue(1),1 Peacock(1), Louisa Bridge, Leixlip, Kildare, 19/4

Dara Fitzpatrick: Speckled Wood(20), Small White(5) Peacocks(10), Cape Clear Island, Cork, 18/4

Brian Hodkinson: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Orange-tip(1m), Askeaton; Orange-tip(2m), Newcastlewest, Limerick, 18/4

Geoff Hunt: Green-veined White(4), Orange-tip(1), Speckled Wood(1), Wood White(1), Ballyhahill (Square R14), Limerick, 18/04 [New 10 km square for WW]

Tom Tarpey: Holly Blue(1m), Singland, Dublin Road, Limerick; Green Hairstreak(2), Peacock(2), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Speckled Wood(6), Green-veined White(3), Orange-tip(1m), Brimstone(1m), Gooig Bog, Castleconnell, Limerick; Small White(1), Castletroy, Limerick. 18/4

Freddie Walsh: Green-veined White(6), Holly Blue(1), Peacock(2), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Small Copper(1), Small White(6), Orange-tip (4), The Raven, Wexford, 18/4

DNFC: Small White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Sutton, Dublin, 18/4

Angus Tyner: Large White, nr Ashford, 15/4; Small White, Peacock(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 18/4

Martina Healy: Orange Tip(3), Mahanagh, nr Corry, Leitrim, 14/4

Ken Bond: Peacock, Curraghbinny, Cork, 12/4; Orange Tip(1m), Cork City, 14/4

Tom Tarpey: Holly Blue(1), Ringmoylan, Pallaskenry; Green-veined White(1), Ballymartin, Pallaskenry, 13/4; Green-veined White(1), Orange Tip(2), Milltown, Pallaskenry, Limerick, 13/4

Patrick Garvey: Peacock(2), 3/4; Peacock(3), Raised Bog SAC, Glenamaddy, Galway,12/4

Oscar Merne: Orange Tip, Green-veined White, Holly Blue, Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshell, Painted Lady, nr Arklow, Wicklow, 11-12/4  [Very worn Painted Lady, but with the very rapid and powerful flight of a newly arrived migrant]

Enda Flynn: Speckled Wood(2), Green-veined White(2), Hermitage, Louth, 12/4

Jesmond Harding: Speckled Wood(1f), Mulhussey, Meath, 12/4

Aisling Nic an tSithigh: Painted Lady, Large White, Small Tortoiseshell, Inishmean, Aran Islands, 11/4; Brimstone(3), Orange Tip, Inishmean, Aran Islands, Galway (Vice County H9), 12/4


Geoff Hunt: Holly Blue(2), Green-veined White(1), Peacock(1), Mount Trenchard, Foynes, Limerick, 12/4

Brian Hodkinson: Orange Tip, Barrington's Bridge, Limerick, 12/4

Deirdre Hardiman: Orange Tip, at Knocktopher, Gerpoint & Thomastown Quarry, Co Kilkenny, 10/4; Small White(1), Knockadrina, Kilkenny, 10/4; OT(2), Clone wood,  Kilkenny, 11/4; Small Tortoiseshell(1), Castlemorres, Kilkenny, 11/4

Tony Murray & Sarah Stapleton: Orange Tip, Ballynaslaney, Oyelgate, Wexford, 10/4

Niall T & Noel Keogh: Speckled Wood(3), Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin, 2/4; Holly Blue(1), Johnstown, Cabinteely, Dublin, 8/4

Shane Lombard: Holly Blue(2), Rathfarnham, Dublin, c.7/4

Breffni Martin: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ardee Bog, 2/4; Peacock(1), Templetown Beach, Carlingford, Louth, 6/4

Enda Flynn: Peacock(5), Slieve Foye, Carlingford, Louth, 5/4

Evelyn Moorkens: Holly Blue, Rathfarnham, Dublin, 4/4

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1), Merrion Sq, Dublin, 2/4; Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(1), Dalkey, Dublin, 3/4

Frank Smyth: Holly Blue(9), Ardmona; Holly Blue(1), Mullans, Donegal, 2/4

Don Cotton: Holly Blue, Rathberna, Sligo, 2/4

Enda Flynn: Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Riverstown, Co.Louth, 2/4

Tony Murray: Small White(1), Peacock(1), Ballyteige, NNR, Co. Wexford, 2/4

Frank Smyth: Orange Tip(1), Murvagh, Donegal, 2/4; Green-veined White, Rossnowlagh, Donegal, 2/4; Green-veined White(1), Peacock(4), Holly Blue(1), Speckled Wood(1), Mullins, Donegal, 2/4

Freddie Walsh: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Edenvale, Castlebridge, Wexford, 2/4; Peacock(2), Holly Blue(1), Green-veined White(1), The Raven NNR, Wexford, 2/4

Angus Tyner: Small White(1), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 2/4 
[First record of 2008, 7/4,  David Cooke, Cork]

Angus & Zoë Tyner: Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), 31/3; Green-veined White(1), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 1/4 
[First record of 2008, 2/4, Smyth and Aldwell, The Raven]

Fintan Ryan: Painted Lady(1), Ballyteiglea(1), Borris, Carlow(H13), 31/3

Frank Smyth:
Marsh Fritillary, webs(1-2), St John’s Point;
Marsh Fritillary, larvae(500+, in groups of c20), Bonny Glen;
Marsh Fritillary, web(1, with early instar larvae), Trusk Lough (new site), Stranorlar.
all Co.Donegal, 31/3

Niamh Lennon: Holly Blue (1f), Dundrum, Dublin, 30/3

Enda Flynn: Peacock(1), Riverstown Co.Louth, 31/3

Sean Geraty: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Edmundsbury Court, Lucan, Dublin, 30/3; Holly Blue(1), Peacock(1), Northumberland Rd, Dublin, 31/3


Fintan Ryan: Peacock(1),  Small Tortoiseshell(2), Ballyteiglea – Borris, Carlow, 31/3

Joe Duane: Orange Tip(1), Brimstone(4), Peacock(3), Portumna Forrest Park, Galway, 31/3
[First record of 2008, 4/4, Waterford Wildlife]

Brian Danaher: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Shanganagh Park, Shankill, Dublin 29/3

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary larvae (several webs) Ballydoogan Bog, E. of Loughrea, Galway, 24/3; 
Marsh Fritillary webs(~20), most with about 30
larvae, Cloonoo ("Yellow Bog"), W. of Loughrea, Galway, 24/3 

David Cooke: Holly Blue(1), Douglas, 22/3: Peacock(1), Killeens, Cork, 22/3

Michael Cowming & Colum Flynn: Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell, Ardmore, Wateford, 21/3

Frank Smyth: Small Tortoiseshell Red Rock(7); Ceannchor Road Area(3); Howth Dart Stn, Howth(1). Dublin, 21/3

Freddie Walsh: Peacock(1), Ballyteigue, 17/3; Small Tortoiseshell(2), Peacock(1), Raven NNR, Wexford, 21/3

Geoff Hunt: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Clonakilty, Cork, 15/3; Small Tortoiseshell(1), Aughinish, Limerick, 20/3

Sean Geraty: Holly Blue(1), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 20/3

Joe Duane: Peacock(1) Derrymullen Bog, Galway, 19/3

Ian McCambridge: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Stranorlar, Donegal, 19/3

Maurice Simms: Peacock(2), Lifford, Donegal, 19/3

Joe Duane: Brimstone(2), Ballinasloe, Galway, 19/3

Angus Tyner: Peacock(1), 15/3; Small Tortoiseshell(3), 18/3; Red Admiral(1 v. tattered & faded), 19/3.  
All nr Ashford, Wicklow.

Sue White: Peacock(2), Holly Blue(1), Marlay Park Garden, Rathfarnham, Dublin, 18/3
[First HB of 2008 was from Lough Hyne, West Cork, 23/3]

Richard & Margaret McCafferty: Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Glenties, Donegal, 18/3

Pol Cormachain: Small Tortoiseshell(2), Bloody Foreland, Donegal, 18/3; Small Tortoiseshell(1), nr Gweedore, Donegal, 18/3

Sean Geraty: Small Tortoiseshell(4), Peacock(1), Pheonix Park, Dublin, 18/3

Jesmond Harding: Brimstone(1 m); Marsh Fritillary (12 larval webs), Lullybeg, Kildare, 17/3

Joe Duane: Brimstone(1), Derrymullen Bog; Brimstone(1), Ballinasloe, Galway, 17/3

Deirdre Hardiman: Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Bog Meadow, Enniskerry, Wicklow, 17/3

Frank Smyth: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Lions Head, Howth, Dublin, 16/3

Richard McCafferty: Marsh Fritillary(Larvae), Cruit Island & Glenties, Donegal, 10/3;
Peacock(1), Cruit Island, 10/3

Frank Smyth: Marsh Fritillary(300+ larvae), Kildoney, Donegal, 1/3 & 3/3  »»»

Niamh Lennon
Peacock(1), garden nr Dundrum, Dublin, 1/3

Freddie Walsh: Small Tortoiseshell(1), carpark, The Raven NNR, Wexford, 20/2 

Bob Aldwell: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Monkstown, Dublin, 17/2.
[First report from Swords, Co Dublin was on 12/1 in 2008]

End of Butterfly Records 2009

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