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Butterfly Record Archives 2007

Oscar Merne: Red Admiral(1), Bray, Wicklow, 25/12

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1), Ceannchor Rd. Howth, Dublin, 19/12 
[Basking in sunshine, 9 C, 12.30 h]

Niamh Lennon: Red Admiral(1), Westminster Road, Foxrock, Dublin, 10/12

Fred Walsh: Clouded Yellow(1), The Raven, Wexford, 1/12

Ken Bond: Red Admiral(1), Castleblagh Wood, nr Ballyhooley, North Cork, 25/11
[Flying on cloudy morning, temp about +12 C]

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(25+ eggs), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin, 23/11
Clouded Yellow(1), Red Admiral(several egg cases), The Raven, Wexford, 22/11
Red Admiral(1 adult  + 2 eggs), Needles/Baily, Howth, Dublin, 20/11
[Previous latest record for Clouded Yellow was Dursey Island 5 November 2006:- Derek Scott & David Cooke]

David Cooke: Peacock(1), Currabinny Wood, Cork, 21/11

Martina Healy: Red Admiral(1), Mahanagh, Drumkeeran, Leitrim, 22/11

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(3), Ceannchor Rd path to Baily Lighthouse, Howth, 11/10;
Red Admiral(4), between Ceannchor and Baily & Red Admiral(2), The Needles Howth, Dublin, 12/10
[At latter site, one nectaring on Hebe and another egg laying over a period of an hour (5 eggs seen). Temperature 11-12

Brian Danaher: Red Admiral(1), Deansgrange, 9/11; Small Tortoiseshell(1), Loughlinstown, Dublin, 10/11

Freddie Walsh: Clouded Yellow(4), Red Admiral(2), Raven NNR, Wexford, 10/11

Angus Tyner: Red Admiral(1), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 3/11 [In moth light trap]

Deirdre Hardiman: Holly Blue(1), Donnybrook, Dublin, 2/11

Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral(1 nectaring on ivy), White(1 ? Large), Sorrento Terrace, Dalkey;
Holly Blue(10), Brighton Valley and Seapoint Avenue, Monkstown, Dublin, 2/11 [temperature 16+ C]

Kevin Hannan: Speckled Wood(1 fresh), Limerick City; Red Admiral(1), Drumline, Shannon Airport, Clare, 2/11

Geoff Hunt: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Newcastlewest, Limerick, 3/11

Angus Tyner: Red Admiral(1), nr Ashford, 2/11; 
Speckled Wood(1), Large White (larvae on brussels sprouts), nr Ashford, 24/10; 
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Rathnew, Wicklow, 30/10

Ken Bond: Red Admiral(1) on and around ivy, Ballyhoura Mts, N. Cork, 31/10;
Holly Blue(1), Cork City (Sundays Well), 31/10 (obs.: Mark Wilson);
Red Admiral(1), Cork City (Sundays Well), 1/11

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue in Dublin 
Oct 27, 13.00-13.30, Brightonvale/Seapoint Avenue, Sunny/wind S/SE, 17 C, 8+ (incl. 1 mated pair);
Oct 28, 12.15-12.45, Brightonvale, Sunny/wind SW/W, 14 C, 5 (at least 2 females), 1 egg laying;
Oct 29, 13.15-13.45, Brightonvale/Seapoint Avenue, intermittent sun/wind W/NW, 12 C, 2 settled on ivy - 1 in sheltered spot, 1 exposed;
Oct 30, 14.00-14.30, Brightonvale, intermittent sun, SW wind, 15 degrees, one male, Oct, 31, Cloudy,14 C, none seen.      

Ralph & Liz Sheppard: Small Tortoiseshell larvae transplanted from a silage field produced adults which were seen mainly on dandelions, 23/9(33), 25/9(33), 26/9(50), 27/9(84), 28/9(76), 1/10(92), 4/10(84), ... 24/10(6), 25/10(4), Carnone (H238990), Donegal; Painted Lady(1), Carnone, 25-27/9

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary(2 vacated larval nests), Coom, between Carrignavar and Ballyhooley, Cork, 28/10 [New 10 km square north of Cork City]

Geoff Hunt: Red Admiral(3), Curragh Chase, Limerick, 28/10

Paul Walsh: Red Admiral(39), Ardmore Head (X1977), also 9 Helvick Head (X3189), 9 at four other sites between Ardmore and Helvick, and 12 Brownstown Head (X69), all Co Waterford, 4/10. Red Admiral(16), Brownstown Head,  5/10, also 13 there on 6/10, 8 on 7/10, 1 8/10, 18 9/10, 10 10/10, 2 13/10, 5 14/10, 2 20/10, 1 21/10 & 9 24/10. Red Admiral(1), Dunmore East (X6899) & 1, Ballymacaw (X6499), 6/10. No other migrants, just Small Tortoiseshell(1), Paulsworth (X2180), 4/10  & Speckled Wood(1), Brownstown Head, 5/10. [All Co Waterford]

Niall T Keogh & Brian Porter: Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(c.20), Ballycotton, Cork, 23/10
One Hummingbird Hawkmoth at Ballcotton on 23/10 [Also one at Howth Head, Frank Smyth on 24/10]

Holly Blue Report
On 20 October I was in Sorrento Park, Dalkey. The weather was sunny but with a cool SE breeze and 14 degrees. In one sheltered area I saw a HB. When it settled on an ivy leaf and opened its wings, the black wing tips clearly showed it to be a female. Having warmed up, it then began to flutter about and landed on a sprig of unopened ivy buds. It coiled its body around and attempted to lay. In a period of about five minutes it repeated this action twice more on two other sprigs, before flying off. I collected one of the sprigs but could not find an egg. However on returning home, I carefully examined the sprig using a lense and discovered an egg at the base of one of the buds. I have since found three other HB eggs and a small caterpillar along a warm hedge at Seapoint. Again all the eggs are on young unopened ivy buds.
Bob Aldwell

Ken Bond: Holly Blue(2), Red Admiral(2), University Campus, Cork, 19/10; Red Admiral(1), Curraghbinny Wood, Ringaskiddy, Cork, 21/10

Frank Smyth: Holly Blue(1), Red Admiral(3), Ceannchor Road, Howth, Dublin, 19/10

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(11), Monkstown-Seapoint, Dublin, 19/10

Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(41), Speckled Wood(9 very worn), on ivy in woods; Clouded Yellow(4), Common Blue(2), in dunes, Raven, Wexford, 18/10

Bob Aldwell: Details and Summary of Visit to Donegal, September 15 October 15

The relatively mild weather resulted in some butterflies continuing to fly throughout this period

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(4), Monkstown, Dublin, 16/10

Geoff Hunt: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Gooig, Limerick, 13/10; Red Admiral(1), Newcastle West, Limerick, 14/10

Frank Smyth: Wall Brown(1 fresh adult basking, probably female). Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Lion's Head, Howth, 15/10.

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary(6 larval webs some with active larvae), bog east of Horse & Jockey(S15), Tipperary, c.14/10.

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(mating pair, 3rd generation), Monkstown, Dublin, 14/10 [First report of 3rd generation mating pair from Ireland]

Freddie Walsh: Clouded Yellow(15, 1 mating pair, 1 form helice), Common Blue(3), Red Admiral(20), Speckled Wood(6), Painted Lady(1), The Raven, Wexford, 12/10 

Frank Smyth: Small Tortoiseshell(12+), Green-veined White(1), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(1), Murvagh, Donegal, 10/10 [temperature 17+ degrees]

Richard McCafferty: Small Tortoiseshell(5+), Red Admiral(1), Glenties, Donegal, 10/10 [temperature 19 degrees] 

Brian Danaher: Speckled Wood(1), Shankill, Dublin, 7/10

Geoff Hunt: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Red Admiral(1), Lough Gur, Limcerick, 5/10; Small Tortoiseshell(1), Gortnadroma, Ballyhahill, Limerick, 6/10

Freddie Walsh: Red Admiral(14), Speckled Wood(7), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Clouded Yellow(16), The Raven, Wexford, 6/10.

Frank Smyth: Small Copper(3), Speckled Wood(7), Green-veined White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Murvagh; Knader Wood, Large White(1), Knader Wood, Donegal, 28/9;
Small Tortoiseshell(5), Green-veined White(2), Rossnowlagh Lower, Donegal, 1/10

Bob Aldwell: Painted Lady(3, very fresh), Large White(2), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(2), Sorrento Park, Dalkey; Red Admiral(1), Seapoint, Dublin, 22/9

DNFC: Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell, Large White, Small White, Painted Lady, Howth, Dublin, 22/9

Details of Visit to Donegal by Bob Aldwell 6-10 September 2007
The weather was mainly calm due to the presence of a blocking anticyclone off the west coast. This however enabled occasional weak frontal systems to impinge onto the northwest coast. The result was a good deal of cloud each morning but Sept 07 and 10 were beautiful sunny days with temperatures of over 20 degrees C on Sept 07 and up to 17 to 20 degrees on the other days.
...Besides the 11 flying species seen....  [read more]

Brian Danaher: Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Large White(1), back garden, Shankill, Co Dublin, 15/9

David Dillon: Small Tortoiseshell(60+), mostly nectaring on Valerian (Centranthus), between Causeway on North Bull Island and Sutton Cross, Dublin, 10/9

Cathy McMahon: Small Tortoiseshell(c.25) seen "coming from the sea and heading inland" at Portmarnock, Dublin (c. 13.30-14.00 h), 10/9 

DNFC: Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(1), Sutton Stand, Dublin, 8/9

Ian Rippey's Report on Purple Hairstreak for 2-9 September, 2007
[Six new sites and 5 new 10 km records]
Kerry: 3 (1 male identified at SE edge of wood, 2 others seen near roadside) in late afternoon at Graigues Wood near Lough Isknagahiny, a small lake east of Lough Curraun east of Waterville (V5964) on Tuesday 4th September (this seems to be the most westerly known site in Ireland though there are 1 or 2 potential sites even further  west, e.g. the wood on Valentia Island or the wood at Kells some miles east); Probably 4 between 5 pm & 5.30 pm (around 3 separate oak trees near the bridge just west of Lord Brandons Cottage west of Upper Lake, Killarney (V8882), on Wednesday 5th September; I saw a possible one along the river valley to the south-west a little later.

Waterford: 1 or 2 (1 was seen twice, but not far apart so it may have been the same one) at Glenribeen (S0700), 1 in Glenmore at both Coolishall (W994996) and 1 further north at R997001, all from about 5.15 pm onwards in the Lismore-Cappoquin area of the Blackwater Valley, on Thursday 6th September.

Wicklow: 1 at in Tomnafinnoge Wood near Shillelagh (T02137006) at about 12.50 pm (in dull weather) on Sunday 9th September.
[Six new sites and 5 new 10 km records]
Kerry: 3 (1 male identified at SE edge of wood, 2 others seen near roadside) in late afternoon at Graigues Wood near Lough Isknagahiny, a small lake east of Lough Curraun east of Waterville (V5964) on Tuesday 4th September (this seems to be the most westerly known site in Ireland though there are 1 or 2 potential sites even further  west, e.g. the wood on Valentia Island or the wood at Kells some miles east); Probably 4 between 5 pm & 5.30 pm (around 3 separate oak trees near the bridge just west of Lord Brandons Cottage west of Upper Lake, Killarney (V8882), on Wednesday 5th September; I saw a possible one along the river valley to the south-west a little later.

Waterford: 1 or 2 (1 was seen twice, but not far apart so it may have been the same one) at Glenribeen (S0700), 1 in Glenmore at both Coolishall (W994996) and 1 further north at R997001, all from about 5.15 pm onwards in the Lismore-Cappoquin area of the Blackwater Valley, on Thursday 6th September.

Wicklow: 1 at in Tomnafinnoge Wood near Shillelagh (T02137006) at about 12.50 pm (in dull weather) on Sunday 9th September.

Ian Rippey

Chris Wilson: Gatekeeper(4), Ringlet(1), 3/8; 
Common Blue(19), Peacock(3), Speckled Wood(7), Meadow Brown(4), Small Heath(2), 9/8; 
Common Blue(15), Large White(3), Peacock(3), Gatekeeper(3), Meadow Brown(3), 15/8; 
Large White(4), Common Blue(20), Holly Blue(1), Speckled Wood(15), 24/8; 
Common Blue(11), Speckled Wood(16), Gatekeeper(1), 28/8; 
Common Blue(1), Small White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(13), Speckled Wood(24), Meadow Brown(1), Small Heath(1), 3/9; 
Small Tortoiseshell(6), Small Copper(1), Red Admiral(8), Clouded Yellow(1), Common Blue(1), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(8), 5/9.
All the Raven, Co.Wexford

Frank Smyth: Grayling(10-12, mostly f), Common Blue(100+), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Meadow Brown(4), Small White(2), Large White(1), Painted Lady(1), North Bull Island, Dublin, 4/9

Bob Aldwell: Grayling(12+), North Bull Island, Dublin, 31/8

Ken Bond: Purple Hairstreaks(2), Galway's Bridge, Killarney National Park, 30.8.07;
Marsh Fritillary  larval webs(6), Cragard North, near Crusheen, Co Clare, 9.8.07  & Marsh Fritillary, larval webs(23), north of Lissycasey [R26], Clare, 26.8.07;
Gatekeeper(5), Killeady [W56], Co Cork, 26.7.07, Gatekeeper 3, Reenreagh, Seven Heads [W53], Co Cork, 30.7.07, Gatekeeper(1), Inniscarra Lake [W47], Co Cork, 31.7.07, Gatekeeper(2), Bunskellig [V65], West Cork, 1.8.07, Gatekeeper(5), Lauragh [V75], Kerry, 2.8.07;
Grayling(3), Bunskellig (quarry), West Cork, 1.8.07
Grayling(2), Lauragh [V75], Kerry, 2.8.07;
Holly Blue(3) (incl. mating pair), Magheranenagh [R88], N. Tipperary, 4.8.07

David Nash: Small White(3+), Merrion Strand, Dublin, 29/8

Frank Smyth:  Wall Brown(1), Large White(2), Small White(3 - 2 egg laying), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Holly Blue(25), Speckled Wood(14), Meadow Brown(2), Peacock(2), Red Admiral(1), Common Blue(1), Painted Lady(3), Small Copper(1), Howth, Dublin, 29/8; Red Admirals(2+1) egg laying at Ceannchor Road, Howth, 16 & 25/8, respectively.

Faith White: Large White, Speckled Wood, Peacock, Tortoiseshell, Crookedwood, Westmeath, c.31/8; Common Blue, Crookedwood, Westmeath, 23/8 [1st 10 km record].

Brian Danaher: Small Tortoiseshell(3), Speckled Wood(1), Holly Blue(1), Ardgillan Castle & Park, Dublin, 30/7

David Nash: Brimstone(1f), Cameron Island, Lough Derg; Brimstone(2m), Carney Common, Borrisokane, Tipperary, 26/8

Freddie Walsh: Clouded Yellow(3), Meadow Browns(x100), Common Blues(x100), Grayling(30), Small Heath(1), Wall Browns(5), Small Coppers(10), Small Tortoishell(50), Peacock(1), Painted Lady(40), Large Whites(3), Speckled Woods(2), Ballyteigue Burrows, Wexford, 25/8

DNFC: Grayling, Meadow Brown, Holly Blue, Common Blue, Large White, Small White, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Peacock, north-east corner of Howth, Dublin, 25/8

Brian Danaher: Large White(1), Peacock(1), Cabinteely, Dublin, 24/8

Coilin MacLochlainn: Purple Hairstreak(6+), two sightings between 6pm - 7.30pm, sunny sheltered sites at southfacing side of Killiney Hill, Co.Dublin, 22/8; 
Red Admiral, Speckled Wood, Fernhill, Stepaside, Co.Dublin and Glencree/Powerscourt, Co.Wicklow, 23/8

Paul Walsh: Red Admiral(1), Wall Brown(1), Green-veined White(1), Meadow Brown(1) Ram Head, Waterford, 25/7;
Painted Lady, Red Admiral(1), Brownstown Head, Waterford, 28/7;
Red Admiral(11), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Ringlet(1), Meadow Brown(1), Green-veined White(2), nr Carrowgarriff Forest, Waterford, 28/7

Red Admiral(6), Meadow Brown(3), Brownstown Head, Waterford, 29/7;
Red Admiral(6), Peacock(1), Small Copper(8), Common Blue(6), Meadow Brown(5), Speckled Wood(3), Green-veined White(4), Brownstown Head, Waterford, 4/8;
Red Admiral(3), Mine Head, Waterford, 12/8; Red Admiral(1), Kilmurrin Cove, Waterford, 13/8;
Red Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Common Blue(1), Speckled Wood(1), Brownstown Head, Waterford, 19/8

Tony Murray: Clouded Yellow(1), Tacumshin, Wexford, 22/8

Adrian Phelan: Purple Hairstreak(3), Speckled Wood(2), Dargle Valley, near Enniskerry, Wicklow, 19/8

Fred Walsh: Small Copper(1), Gatekeeper(5) Speckled wood(5), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ballyconnigar Wood, Wexford, 19/8;
Common Blue(50+), Small Copper(5), Green-veined White(10), Large White(4), Small Tortoiseshell(20), Peacock(12), Red Admiral(4), Painted Lady(7), Speckled Wood(15), Gatekeeper(6), Grayling(1), the Raven, Wexford, 19/8

Bob Aldwell  & Frank Smith: Common Blue(20+), Green-veined White(1), Large White(1), Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(1), Peacock(6), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Grayling(1), Meadow Brown(6+), Speckled Wood(1), the Raven [T1132 2678], Co.Wexford, 17/8; 
Gatekeeper(1), Small White(2), Green-veined White(2), Peackock(4), Red Admiral(3), Small Copper(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), the Raven [T1104 2593], Co.Wexford, 17/8; 
Further along track Green-veined White, Holly Blue(1), Red Admiral(2-3), Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Speckled Wood(several), the Raven [T1104 2593], Co.Wexford, 17/8; 
Clouded Yellow(1), Common blue(100+), Grayling(1), Gatekeeper(3), Green-veined White(2), Meadow Brown(5), Painted Lady(1), Small Heath(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), the Raven [T1130 2523], Co.Wexford,  17/8

Sean Geraty: Small Copper(1), harbour at Sandycove, Dublin, 12/8; Meadow Brown(30+), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Holly Blue(3), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 15/8; 
Meadow Brown(70), all resting or feeding on Ragwort, Phoenix Park, Dublin, 16/8

Stiof MacAmhalghaidh: Red Admiral(2), Painted Lady(1), 8/8; Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(1), 11/8; Red Admiral(3), Glendalough, Waterford, 15/8

Coilin MacLochlainn: Purple Hairstreak(45), Devils Glen[T2898 & T2499], near Ashford, Co. Wicklow, 12/8
Twenty very active Purple Hairstreak were seen on/around the crown of a tall oak tree during a brief sunny spell, groups of five-eight on other tall oaks. There were showers with sunny spells between sightings.

Stiof MacAmhalghaidh: Red Admiral(2), Painted Lady(1), [S23 16], Co.Wicklow, 8/8

George McDermott:Wall Brown(10+), Dark Green Fritillary(2), Grayling(6), Leenan Strand, Inishowen, Donegal, 7/8

Joe Devlin: Dark Green Fritillary(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Holly Blue(1), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(1), Ringlet(1), Slieve Foyne Woods, Carlingford, Louth, 7/8

Ian Rippey: Purple Hairstreak(1), Garryland Wood, SE Galway, 5/8;
Purple Hairstreak(1) at each of 5 new 10km square sites in Co.Kerry, 29th July-12th Aug '07. (details to follow).

Chris Wilson et al: Grayling(1), sand dunes, Inch, Kerry, 29/7; Holly Blue(3), Dingle Way, Inch, Kerry, 2/8; Holly Blue(5), Silver-washed Fritillary(19), Killarney National Park, Kerry, 3/8

Bob Aldwell: Purple Hairstreak(1 egg), Glen-of-the-Downs, Wicklow, 3/8;
Wall Brown(1), Meadow Brown(20+), Common Blue(6+), Small White(6), Large White(1), Holly Blue(1), Kilcoole, Wicklow, 3/8:
Holly Blue(4), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(1), Blaclrock, Dublin, 3/8

Deirdre Hardiman: Brown Hairstreak(3) [R311 917], Red Admiral(1), Wood White(15+, three puddling together), Small White, Brimstone(8+), Peacock(5+), Meadow Brown(10+), Ringlet(6+), Small Heath(3), Speckled Wood(10+), Grayling(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Lisduff, Clare, 2/8;
Purple Hairstreak(3), Speckled Wood(4), Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 2/8

Mike Quirke: Holly Blue(2), Murroe, Limerick, 31/7

David Dillon: Ringlet(69), Meadow Brown(40), Small Tortoiseshell(9), Speckled Wood(6), Large White(2), Small White(1), Green-veined White(5), Common Blue(7), Holly Blue(1), Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(1), Peacock(1), Portmarnock, Dublin, 30/7 [From transect].

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(14), Blackrock/Booterstown, Dublin, 30/7;
Holly Blue(17), Dalkey, Dublin;  Holly Blue(6), Blackrock/ Monstown, Dublin; Red Admiral(1), Blackrock, Dublin; Peacock, Booterstown, Dublin, 31/7

Bob Aldwell: Highlights, Summary and Details of Visit to Donegal, July 2007

Tony Murray & Dave Daly: *Essex Skipper(2), grassland at Tacumsin[T00], Wexford, 30/7

Deirdre Hardiman

Ian Rippey: Brown Hairstreak(3 m), Newtown, west of Gort, Co.Galway, 29/7;
Purple Hairstreak(2, one male identified), west edge of Gortacarnaun Wood, east of Lough Cutra, SE Galway, 29/7
Purple Hairstreak(
7-9, three males identified), seen in two parts of Ballyeighter Wood, Co.Clare, 30/7

Tom Shevlin: Gatekeeper(10-15), Raven Wood, Wexford, 28/7; 
Essex Skipper(2-3), Lingstown, Tacumshin, Wexford, 29/7

Aidan Kelly: Holly Blue(2), Trinity College, Dublin, 27/7

Joe Duane: Holly Blue(1), Whinning Wood [N054 490], Westmeath, 26/7

David Nash & Ashling McWilliam: Large Heath(1f, in quite good condition), Raheenmore Bog, Offaly, 23/7

David Cooke: Gatekeepers(many), Kilbrittain , Cork, 24/7; Gatekeeper(many), Peacocks(10), Small Tortoiseshells(2), Garrettstown, Cork; Gatekeeper(several), Coachford, Cork, 23/7

Chris Wilson, Jim Goodwin, Roy Watson & Frankie Tennant: 
Essex Skipper(158), Fardystown [T02], Wexford, 24/7

Frankie Tennant: * Essex Skipper(2), grassland at South Slob[T03], Wexford, 24/7

Chris Wilson, Jim Goodwin & Roy Watson: Small Copper(3), grassland, Gardamus [T02], Wexford, 24/7

Fred & Margaret Walsh: Comma(3), Clouded Yellow(5), Grayling(1), the Raven, Wexford, 23/7

Deirdre Hardiman: Holly Blue(2), Small White(1), garden in Donnybrook, Dublin, 16/7; Holly Blue(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), garden in Donnybrook, Dublin, 23/7

Chris & Ann Wilson: Red Admiral(26), clearing in wood, Raven, Wexford, 23/7

Paul Walsh: Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Dooega [L6798], Achill Island, Co Mayo, 18/7; Red Admiral(8), Small Copper(5), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ringlet(3), Meadow Brown(5), Speckled Wood(1), Green-veined White(3), Brownstown Head [X69], Waterford, 22/7

C Wilson, B Aldwell, D Nash & D Hardiman: *Essex Skipper(20+), Peacock(1), Green-veined White(6+), Ringlet(10+), Speckled Wood(1+), Mayglass[T02], Wexford, 22/7

B Aldwell, D Nash, D Hardiman: Holly Blue(1), Large White(2), Ferrycarrig, Wexford, 22/7; Comma(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(10), Red Admiral(10), Peacock[2 adults and many 2nd instar larvae], Green-veined White(10), Ringlet(10), Meadow Brown(10), Gatekeeper((15+), Speckled Wood(1), the Raven, Wexford, 22/7/07;
Gatekeeper(1), Ringlet(1), Ballyconnigar, Blackwater, Wexford, 22/7

Jesmond Harding: Dark Green Fritillary(3), Small Tortoiseshell(10+),  Meadow Brown(20+), Ringlet(20+), Small Heath(5+), Green-veined White(5+), Bettystown/Mornington Co. Meath, 19/7; Green-veined White(1), Dark Green Fritillary(5), Grayling(3), Small Heath(3), Meadow Brown(15+), Ringlet(10+), Mullaghmore, Co. Clare 22/7; 
Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Marsh Fritillary
larval nest(1), Ballydoogan Bog Co. Galway 22/7

Geoff Hunt: Silver-washed Fritillary, Holly Blue, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Large White, Speckled Wood, Killarney, Kerry,14/7;  
Silver-washed Fritillary, Holly Blue, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Speckled Wood, Green-veined White, Ballyseedy, Kerry, 21/7

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary [W79, new record] &  Small Heath, Coolnakilla, on the Glenville-Fermoy road, Co. Cork mid-June; 
Silver-Washed Fritillary(1), Ross River valley [W69, new record], near Kilavullen, N. Cork, 2/7; 
Dark Green Fritillary(several), Carran and southwards to Coolorta (Burren), 14-15/7; 
Holly Blue(1 f), Sundays Well, Cork City, 18/7; 
Red Admiral(1), near Killavullen, North Cork, 2/7 & Red Admiral(2), Sundays Well,  Cork City, 21/7

Brian Danaher: Red Admiral, garden in Shankill, Co Dublin, 21/7

Chris Wilson & Jim Goodwin: *Essex Skipper(3), grassland, Mayglass [T02], Wexford, 19/7

Jim Goodwin & Roy Watson: *Essex Skipper(1), Gardamus [T02], Wexford, 19/7

Joe Devlin: Silver-washed Fritillary(6), Slieve Foy Woods, Carlingford, Co Louth, 19/7

Chris Wilson: Large white(13), Green-veined White(21), Common Blue(11), Holly Blue(1), Red Admiral(2), Peacock(3), Silver-washed Fritillary(11), Speckled Wood(1), Gatekeeper(11), Meadow Brown(8), Small Heath(11), Ringlet(41), the Raven, Co Wexford, 18/7;
Clouded Yellow(1), Polder, North Slob, Wexford; Small Copper(1), garden, Ballinamorragh, Wexford, 19/7

*Chris Wilson, Ann Wilson, Jim Goodwin, Roy Watson:  Essex Skipper(38), Mayglass [T02],

Jim Goodwin: Holly Blue(1), in garden, Mayglass, Wexford, 17/7

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(13), St Stephens Green, Dublin; Holly Blue(6), Merrion Sq. Dublin; Holly Blue(1), Ailesbury Rd. Dublin; Holly Blue(2), Newtownpark Ave, Dublin. 16/7

Brian Danaher: Meadow Brown(10), Speckled Wood(1), Small White(3), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Shanganagh Park, Dublin, 15/7

Adrian Phelan: Silver-washed Fritillary(4), Ringlet(20+), Meadow Brown(5), Furry Glen, Phoenix Park, Dublin, 14/7

Paul Walsh: Red Admiral(1), Camphire (X0692), Co Waterford, 27/6;
Red Admiral(3), Brownstown Head (X6298), 29/6;
Small Heath(1), Ringlet(8), Meadow Brown(2), nr Kilclooney Forest (S3410), Co Waterford, 1/7;
Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Ringlet(1), Meadown Brown(4), south of Lismore(c.X0597), Co Waterford, 7/7;
Small Tortoiseshell(11), Ringlet(1), Meadow Brown(3), Speckled Wood(1), east of Lismore (c.X0698), Co Waterford, 7/7;
Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Ringlet(7), Meadown Brown(1), Knocknacreha/Kilbrack (c.S3216), nr Rathgormuck, Co Waterford, 8/7;
Red Admiral(1), Brownstown Head (X5298), Co Waterford, 8/7;
Ringlet(18), Meadow Brown(3), Speckled Wood(1), east of Mount Melleray (S10), Co Waterford 11/7

David Cooke: Silver Washed Fritillary(3), Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(1), Knoppoge Wood near Kilbrittain, Co Cork, 10/7; Red Admiral(1), Holly Blue(2), Douglas, Cork, 10/7

Cape Clear Bird Observatory (Steve Wing): PL(24), RA(33), SmT(13), LW(7), SmW(11), GvW(1), OT(12), SpW(29), WB(1), CB(1), SH(12), MB(3), R(5), DGF(1), GH(4), Cape Clear Island, Cork [June count]

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(7), Blackrock/Monstown, Dublin 7/7;
Red Admiral(1 adult + 2 larvae), Blackrock, 8/7

Brian O'Connor: Small Tortoiseshell, Meadow brown, Ringlet, Clonegal, Wexford, 1/7

Adrian Phelan: Dark Green Fritillary(2), Ringlet(4), Meadow Brown(4), Grayling(2), Common Blue(3), Small Heath(8), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Monaleen (near Kilnaboy)[R282923], Burren, Clare, 30/6;
Dark Green Fritillary(5), Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Ringlet(3), Meadow Brown(2), Small Heath(6), Common Blue(5), Clooncoose Area[R279949], Burren, Clare, 30/6

Kevin Hannan: Brimstone(1), North Circular Road, Limerick city, 25/6;
Weather windy and showery, Small White(1), Common Blue(11), Speckled Wood(2), Ringlet (widespread), Meadow Brown(50+), Dark Green Fratillery(widespread), Pearl Bordered Fratlllery(1), Small Heath(30+). Cloncoose, the Burren, Clare, 30/6.

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(2), Blackrock, Dublin, 29/6

David Cooke: Dark Green Fritillary(1), Green Hairstreak(2), Dursey Island, west Cork, 23/6,
Dark Green Fritillary(2), Green Hairstreak(4), Dursey Island, west Cork, 27/6

Deirdre Hardiman: Large Heath(5), Small Tortoiseshell(10+), Common Blue(3), Meadow Brown(numerous), Speckled Wood(2), Ringlet(numerous), Girley Bog & hedgerow, Drewstown, Co.Meath, 27/6

Joe Duane: Large Heath(3), Meadow Brown(1), Lenafin bog, Co Galway, 25/6

Frank Smyth: Holly Blue(1 f, 2nd brood) sheltering in a clump of nettles, Howth, Dublin, 25/6;

Paul Walsh: Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(1), Ringlet(3), Brownstown Head [X69], 
Co Waterford, 24/6;
Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(5), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Meadow Brown(1), 
Mothel area [S31], Co Waterford, 24/6;
Painted Lady(1), Speckled Wood(1), Ballydurn area [S4011], nr Kilmacthomas, 
Co Waterford, 24/6;
Red Admiral(3), Small Heath(2), Ringlet(4), Speckled Wood(7), Meadow Brown(3),
Gatekeeper(1), Barranastook forest [c.X1690], Drum Hills, Co Waterford, 23/6/07;
Red Admiral(3), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Ringlet(1), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow
Brown(3), Coolatoor / Aughanorrick area [c.X1693], Co Waterford, 23/6.

Frank Smyth: Grayling(1), Red Admiral(many), Small Tortoiseshell(many), Painted Lady, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Large White, Small White, Small Heath and Speckled Wood, Lion's Head, Howth, Dublin, 24/6

Geoff Hunt: Meadow Brown, Green-veined White, Small Tortoiseshell, Beal, Co Kerry, 17/06; Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Painted Lady. Ashford, Co Limerick 23/6; 
Green Hairstreak(3), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Ringlet(2), Meadow Brown(3), Large White(2), Dysert Marshes near Lixnaw, Co Kerry, 24/6

Geoff Hunt & pupils of Rathkeale NS: Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Curragh Chase[R412492], Co. Limerick, 23/6

Eileen Morrison: Weather sunny/overcast, breezy. Common Blue(1), Speckled Wood(8), Painted Lady(1), Ringlet(1), Small Tortoiseshell(10), Culmore, Foxford, Mayo, 21/6

Sean Geraty: Meadow Brown(39), Ringlet(2), Common Blue(1), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 18/6

IPCC: Large Heath(large population), bog at Mountallen, Co.Roscommon, c18/6; Marsh Fritillary, wet grassland at Mountallen, Co.Roscommon, c18/6

Ian Rippey, Summary of Visit to RoI, 11th-17th June, 2007:
During 11th to 17th June 2007, I recorded Lepidoptera from a number of counties in the Irish Republic (Roscommon, Sligo, Mayo, Galway and Clare).

Weather was warm for the first two days (though there were also brief periods of rain or showers) but it then became cooler so that by Friday 15th it was rather cool (the only day when I did not see any Butterflies, etc), it then warmed up and brightened up slightly. The total number of Butterfly species (17-20, but probably 18) is about the lowest I have seen in June in ROI in recent years...[read more]

Freddie Walsh: Dark Green Fritillary(12), Small Heath(100+),  Common Blue(60), Ringlet(1), Small Copper(2), Small Tortoishell(1),  Meadow Brown(6), Ballyteigue Burrows, Wexford, 17/6

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(7), Painted Lady(2), Ringlet(2), Speckled Wood(4), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Small Heath(2), Red Admiral larvae(4), Ceannchor Rd Howth, Co Dublin, 16/6; 
Red Admiral(8, two ovipositing), Painted Lady(3), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Meadow Brown(4), Small Heath(7), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Speckled wood(2), Red Admiral
larvae and eggs. Also large clump of near full grown Peacock larvae, Baily area, Howth, Co Dublin, 17/6

Paul Walsh: Co.Waterford Records, 5/6 17/6:
Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Common Blue(3), Speckled Wood(1), nr Cappoquin X0899, 5/6/07;
Wood White(2), Speckled Wood(2), Rathgormuck area, 6/6;
Wood White(7), Speckled Wood(6), Glen, nr Kilmacthomas, 7/6;
Small Tortoiseshell(2), Wood White(7), Orange-tip(1m), Ballinlough, nr Kill, 8/6;
Small Tortoiseshell(6), Wood White(3), Orange-tip(1m), Speckled Wood(16), 
Meadown Brown(5), Newport/Ballynatray area, 9/6;
Painted Lady(1), Common Blue(6), Wood White(2), Speckled Wood(2), 
Ardmore & Ram Heads, 9/6;Painted Lady(1), Wood White(1), Speckled Wood(3), Caheruane/Crinalisk, nr Kill, 10/6;
Painted Lady(1), nr Toor Cross Rds, Drum Hills, 13/6; 
Common Blue(10), Speckled Wood(2), Brownstown Head, 5/6; Painted Lady(1), Brownstown Head, 6/6; Red Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Brownstown Head, 8/6; Red Admiral(1), Brownstown Head, 17/6;
Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(2), Speckled Wood(7), Meadow Brown(4), Tower Hill, nr Portlaw, 17/6

Joe Devlin: Painted Lady(19), Red Admiral(9), Small Tortoiseshell(14), Large White(2), Small White(2), between Ballagan Point and Cooley Point, Louth, 17/6

Bob Aldwell, Summary and Details of Visit, 8th13th June, 2007
The weather was exceptionally warm and sunny in early June. A warm very settled spell up to June 11 gave way to more broken weather thereafter. 
Following on the exceptionally fine April and reasonably dry May the result has been that most butterflies have been flying in Donegal in unusually large numbers at least two weeks ahead of their usual flight periods.


Niall T Keogh: Painted Lady(3), Kilcoole, Wicklow, 13/6

Peter Doyle: Large Heath(3), Boora Peat Parklands; Small Heath(3),  Finnamore Lakes. Tullamore, Co Offaly, 13/6

Deirdre Hardiman: Common Blue(6 m&f, 1f ovipositing), Small White(5), Meadow Brown(8+), Speckled Wood(1), Ballyragget, Co Kilkenny, 9/6;
Wood White(15+), Meadow Brown(3), Annagh Wood[N015 080], Co Tipperary, 10/6; 
Speckled Wood(10+), Meadow Brown(10+), Small White(4), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Annagh Callows and laneway 10/6;
Large Heath(15+), Wood White(4), Annagh Bog and adjacent woodland [N006 087], Annagh, Co Tipperary, 10/6;
Large Heath(20+), Speckled Wood(5), Garran Bog[S2058 8367], Co Laois, 11/6;
Large Heath(2), Clonenagh Bog[S38896 94816], Mountrath, Co Laois, 12/6;
Wood White(4), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Common Blue(5 m&f), Meadow Brown(2), Speckled wood(2), Knockadrina Wood, Co Kilkenny, 13/6

Sean Geraty: Meadow Brown(22), Common Blue(3), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 11/6

Ian Rippey: Grayling(2), Castlesampson/Eskerbeg Esker near Athlone, Co. Roscommon [M9440], 11/6/07

Bob Aldwell & David Nash: Ringlet(1), nr Malin, Inishowen, Donegal, 11/6

Jesmond Harding: Small Blue(6), Small Heath, Common Blue, Wood White, Brittas Bay, Wicklow, 6/6;
Small Blue(10+), Common Blue, Small Heath, Wood White(2), Raven Wexford, 6/6;
Marsh Fritillary(12), Small Heath(abundant), Wood White(2), Dunshane Common, Kildare, 7/6;
Marsh Fritillary(20), Small Heath(11), Wood White(7), Orange Tip(1), Brimstone(1), Green-veined White(1), Common Blue(2), Speckled Wood(2), Lullymore West, Kildare, 7/6;

Large Heath(28), Small Heath(5), Wood White(5), Green-veined White(2), Peacock(1), Bellangare Bog, Roscommon, 8/6;
Small Blue(5), Common Blue(20+), Orange Tip(4+), Wood White(4+), Green-veined White(2), Large White(2), Marsh Fritillary(17), Small Heath(15+), Lough O'Flynn(west), Roscommon, 8/6;

Meadow Brown
(1), Lough O'Flynn(west), Roscommon, 8/6;
Marsh Fritillary(6), Small Heath, Lough O'Flynn(east), Roscommon, 11/6;
Large White(1), Green-veined White(1), Small Blue(3), Common Blue(many), Marsh Fritillary(6), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Painted Lady(1), Meadow Brown(2), Small Heath, Large Heath(1), Mullaghmore/Bunduff, Sligo, 11/6;

Geoff Hunt: Small Heath(4), Dingy Skipper, Wood White, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood, Aughinish, Limerick, 3/6;
Small Blue(1), Ballybunion Golf Course, Kerry, 4/6;
Green Hairstreak(15), Toohana nr Ballyduff, Kerry, 4/6;
Orange Tip, Wood White, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood, Common Blue, Small Tortoiseshell, Painted Lady, Barnagh tunnel, Newcastle West, Limerick, 9/6;
Meadow Brown(4),
Painted Lady(1), Speckled Wood(6), Common Blue(6), Green-veined White(3), Small Tortoiseshell(6), railtrack, Newcastle West, Limerick, 9/6;
Speckled Wood, Orange Tip, Green-veined White, Peacock(larvae), Feenagh, Limerick, [with Feenagh Natonal School], 9/6
Small Heath(1), Small Copper(1), Red Admiral(2), Dromada, Athea, Limerick, 10/6

Derek Scott: Red Admiral(1), Dursey Island, Cork, 8/6; Red Admiral(10), Painted Lady(4), Dursey Island, Cork, 9/6; 
"dozens if not 100s" of Red Admirals & Painted Ladies streaming from the south-west, Dursey Island, Cork, 10/6. 

Dark Green Fritillary(5), Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2), Small Blue(1), Clooncoose/Mullaghmore, Clare, 9/6
Large Heath(34), Green Hairstreak(3), north of Costello[L9732], Galway, 10/6 

Niall T. Keogh: Small Heaths(2), Common Blue(1), Red Admiral(1), Large White(1), Killoughter, Co. Wicklow, 7/6;
Wood White(1), Orange-Tip(1), Green-veined Whites(several), Speckled Wood(several), Newcastle Sea Road, Co. Wicklow, 7/6

David Cooke: Clouded Yellow(1), Large White, Green-veined White, Knoppoge Wood near Kilbrittain, Co.Cork, 6/6

Deirdre Hardiman: Small White (5+), Common Blue (5+), Speckled Wood(10+), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Irishtown Nature Reserve, Dublin, 5/6; 
Small Heath(8+), Common Blue(5+), Wall Brown(1), Small White(3), Small Copper(5), meadow adjacent to Slate Quarry [N9918], Kildare, 6/6

Kevin Hannan: Dingy Skipper(6), Wood White(15), Large White(1), Small Heath (>50), Common Blue(6), Small Copper(1), Speckled Wood(1), Peacock(2), Marsh Fritillary(40-50), near Cloncoose [R288946], Co Clare, 5/6

Joe Duane: Marsh Fritillary, Lough O'Flynn, Roscommon, 5/6

Frank Smyth: Small Blue(12), one ovipositing, Common Blue(3), Small White(2), sand dunes along Claremont/Burrow Road, Howth, Co Dublin, 29/5

Joe Duane: Small Blue, near New Inn [quarry, M667277], Co Galway, 28/5; Green Hairstreak, Cloonascragh, near Ballinasloe, Co Galway, 29/5

Martin Smith: Brimstone(4, 2m & 2f), one ovipositing, Inishool Island, SE Lough Corrib, Co. Galway, 21/5; Wall Brown(2), Small Heath(2), Cashel, Fanad Peninsula, Co Donegal, 27/5

Megan Morris: Holly Blue, N of Lismore, Co Waterford, 14/4; Holly Blue, E of Rathdowney, Co Louth, 28/4; Small Blue, W of Ballyconneely, Connemara, Co Galway, 26/5; Marsh Fritillary(3), near Lough Goller, SW of Lisdoonvarna, Co Clare; Green Hairstreek(1), S of Lough Caragh, Co Kerry, 4/6

David Nash: Dingy Skipper(3+), Wood White(c.15), Common Blue(20+), Ahenny Slate Quarries, Cos Kilkenny & Tipperary, 24/5

Tom Tarpey: Green Hairstreak(5), Speckled Wood(2), Green-veined White(4), Orange Tip(2), Peacock(2), Gortadroma, Ballyhahill, Limerick, 21/5

Paul Walshe: Red Admiral(1), Common Blue(3), Speckled Wood(1), Ballyquin beach X2079, Co Waterford, 23/5;
Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(2), Ballydurn S4011, Co Waterford, 20/5; 
Red Admiral(1), Peacock(2), Small Heath(1), Common Blue(1), Speckled Wood(4), Ballyscanlan Hills S5303/S5403, Co Waterford, 19/5; 
Wood White(2), Orange-tip(1), Green-veined White(1), Speckled Wood(1), Fenor Bog S5301, Co Waterford, 19/5; 
Red Admiral(1), Knocknagoppal Wood X1598, Co Waterford, 12/5;
Painted Lady(1), Brownstown Head X69, Co Waterford, 10/5; 
Red Admiral(1), Orange-tip(9), Small White(7), Green-veined White(14), Speckled Wood(9), near Ballynatray X0484, Co Waterford, 5/5. 

Joe Duane: Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Green Rd. Clooncoose, Kilnaboy, Clare, 22/5

Adrian Phelan: Marsh Fritillary(6), Wood White(4), Small Copper(2), Orange Tip(2)(M+F), Dingy Skipper(1), Lullymore West Bog [N 691 263], Co. Kildare, 21/5

Geoff Hunt: Small Blue, Dingy Skipper, Small Heath, Common Blue, Aughinish Nature Reserve, Limerick, 19/5

Joe Duane: Dingy Skipper, Wood White, Cranberry Lake, Roscommon, 21/5

Bob Aldwell & Helen Cloney: Holly Blue(1), Speckled Wood(2), Small White(2), Caim, Wexford, 17/5;
Red Admiral(1), Orange Tip(2), Wood White(1), Ballyhyland, Wexford, 17/5;
Common Blue(4), Peacock(2), Orange Tip(1), Green-veined White(1), Large White(1), Small White(1), Wood White(2), NW of Kiltealy, Wexford, 17/5. 
[At least 500 SmT larvae seen at S831473].

Chris Wilson: Wood White(23), Clouded Yellow(1), Large White(1), Small White(2), Green-veined White(4), Orange Tip(7), Small Blue(5), Common Blue(34), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(6), The Raven, 11/5;
Green-veined White((33), Small Blue(1), Common Blue(59), Orange Tip(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(6), Wood White(12), The Raven, 17/5

Frank Smyth: Marsh Fritillary(8), Bunduff, Sligo, 13/5; Marsh Fritillary(2), Small Heath(6), Small Blue(4), St John's Point, Donegal, 13/5
Dingy Skipper(2), Small Copper(1), Small Blue(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Small Heath(1), Peacock(2), Orange-tp & Green-veined White, Port, Donegal, 13/5;
Green Hairstreak(2), Red Admiral(1) + Orange-tip & Green-veined White, Balligonigan, Donegal, 14/5

Jesmond Harding: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(7), Wood White(1), Dingy Skipper(1), Fahee North, Burren, Clare, 12/5

Roger Macnaughton: Green Hairstreak, NW shore of Lough Corrib, Galway, 12/5

Adrian Phelan: Common Blue(20+), Dingy Skipper(7), Small Blue(1), Small Heath(1), Aughinish Nature Reserve [R 281 524], Co. Limerick, 7/5 

Geoff Hunt:  Small Blue, Ballybunion golf course; Green Hairstreak(2), Small Copper(2 ), Red Admiral(1), Toohana bog near Ballyduff. Co Kerry, 7/5

Chris Wilson: Small Copper(1), Forth Mountain, Wexford, 1/5;
Wood White(4),  Red Admiral, , Holly Blue(7), clearing in wood, the Raven, Wexford, 1/5;
Green Hairstreak(15+), Forth Mountain, Wexford, 1/5;
Clouded Yellow(1), in garden, Ballinamorragh, Wexford, 5/5;
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(4), Holly Blue(5), Green-veined White(12), Red Admiral(1), Wood White(9), Painted Lady(1), clearing in wood, the Raven, Wexford, 7/5

Mike Quirke: Pearl Bordered Fritillary(c.10), Wood White(c.5), Green Road and adjacent hazel scrub, Clooncoose, Clare, 6/5

Joe Devlin & Clifford Sharpe: Small Blue(1), Wall Brown(1), St. Johns Point, Donegal, 5/5 

Deirdre Hardiman: Wall Brown(9), Dingy Skipper(1), Small White(6), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Small Copper(4), Holly Blue(1), Orange Tip(10+), Green-veined White(5), Speckled Wood(3), Slate Quarry & adjacent meadow, Kildare [N9918], 5/5;
Common Blue(8+), Dingy Skipper(1), Wall Brown(4), Green-veined White(10+), Orange Tip(15+),
Russellstown disused Sandpit, Blessington, Co. Wicklow [N959103], 5/5

Geoff Hunt & Milford National School: Small Copper(2), Wood White(8), Red Admiral(1), Orange Tip(12), Speckled Wood(8), Shannon at University of Limerick, 5/5;
Common Blue(2), Speckled Wood(3), Small White(2), Knockderk, South of Loug Gur, Limerick, 5/5 [G Hunt]

Bob Aldwell, Donegal Report 2007: April and early May Donegal Butterfly Summary and Details of Visit of 1-5th May: 

The warm dry weather throughout most of this period resulted in many butterflies flying earlier than usual and in larger numbers than in average years. 

By 5th May, a total of seventeen butterfly species had been reported flying in Donegal:
Dingy Skipper, Green Hairstreak, Green Veined White, Holly Blue, Large White, Orange Tip, Painted Lady, Peacock, Red Admiral, Small Blue, Small Copper, Small Heath, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White, Speckled Wood, Wall Brown and Wood White.....
[read more]

Frank Smith: Holly Blue(4), Main St, Dunshaughlin, Co Meath, 3/5

Sean Geraty: Holly Blue(63), Orange Tip(1), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 2/5 
[along a 1.5 miles of hedgerow]

David Nash: Holly Blue at six sites (1 in Offaly and five in North Tipperary), Dingy Skipper(20+), Carney Common, nr Borrisokane, North Tipperary, 2/5

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1 pristine condition), Small Copper, Wall Brown, Holly Blue, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Howth Head, Dublin, 1/5

Cape Clear Bird Observatory (Steve Wing): 
Sightings from 24/3/07 - 30/4/2007. 
Date of first recording with no. of species seen over the period:
Peacock 22/3 (51); Small Tortoiseshell 24/3 (6); Speckled Wood 24/3 (98); Large White 26/3; 
Holly Blue 2/4 (24); Red Admiral 2/4 (14); Small White 6/4 (8); Painted Lady 8/4 (8); 
Small Copper 15/4 (6); Orange Tip 16/4 (16); Wall Brown 17/4 (1); Green-veined White 21/4 (5);  Common Blue 28/4 (2).

Paul Walsh: Orange-tip(10), Speckled Wood(5), various locations in Rathgormuck/Clonea Power area [S31], Waterford, 28/4; Clouded Yellow(1), Red Admiral(1), Holly Blue(1), Speckled Wood(3), Peacock(1), Brownstown Head [X69], Waterford, 28/4. Red Admiral(2), Speckled Wood(1) , Brownstown, 29/4.

Brian Danaher: Peacock(1), Holly Blue(2), Deansgrange, Dublin, 254; Speckled Wood(1), Shanganagh Park, Dublin, 29/4

Eddie Gilligan & Joseph, Deirdre Hardiman, David Nash: Dingy Skipper(3), Wood White(10+), Orange Tip(10+), Green-veined White, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell(1), Small Copper(1), Speckled Wood, Brimstone(10+), [also Burnet Companion], Lullymore West, Kildare, 29/4 

Jesmond Harding: Dingy Skipper(3), Wood White(2), Brimstone(2); Peacock(4), Orange Tip(3), Speckled Wood(3), Green-veined White(7) [Narrow-bordered Bee Hawkmoth(2), Emperor(3)] Lullymore West, Kildare, 28/4;
Green Hairstreak(1), Orange Tip(12), Green-veined White(12), Peacock(4), Speckled Wood(4) [Narrow-bordered Bee Hawkmoth(2)] Ballinafagh Lake, Kildare,  28/4;
Peacock(4), Orange Tip(4), Green-veined White(2+), Large White, Brimstone(1), Holly Blue(s), nearby, Killinthomas Wood, Kildare, 28/4;
Wood White(3), Holly Blue(3), Louisa Bridge, Kildare, 29/4

Enda Flynn: Holly Blue(3), Speckled wood(2), Peacock(1),Small white(1). Riverstown, Louth, 28/4. Holly Blue(2), Green-veined White(6), Large White(1), Small White(4), Peacock(3), Speckled Wood(6), Orange Tip(10), Mullahattin,Louth. 29/4

Ken Bond: Holly Blue(1), Mallow sugar lagoons, Cork, 22/4 [per Daniel Buckley]; Wood White(3), Nagle Mountains, Cork, 28/4 [c.250 metres]

Kevin Hannan: Brimstones at Kilmaley, Clare; nr Clare Castle, Clare; nr Shannon, Clare; Grand Canal, Limerick. 
Green-veined White(6), Orange-tip(20+), Large White(3), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Speckled Wood(many), Peacock(1), Grand Canal, Limerick. 28/4

Gordon D'Arcy: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2+), Clooncoose, Kilnaboy, Clare, 28/4

Maurice Simms: Red Admiral(3), nr Lifford, Donegal, c.28/4

Inishowen Wildlife Club: Painted Lady(3), Inishowen, Donegal, c.28/4

Frank Smyth: Green Hairstreak(6), Meenagoland [H18, new 10km sq record], Donegal, 27/4; Small Copper(8), Inver, Donegal, 27/4; Wood White(3), Small Blue(1), Wall Brown(1), St John's Point, Donegal, 27/4; Holly Blue(12), Knather Wood, Donegal, 27/4

Joe Duane: Wood White(1), Portumna Forest Park, Galway, 27/4

Frank Smyth: Green Hairstreak(2) at [H19], GH(2) at [H2], GH(3) at [H29], between Ballybofey and south of Liscooly and Castlefinn, Co. Donegal towards the Tyrone border, [three new 10km sq records]. 26/4;
Holly Blue(15+), Ardnamona [G98], Donegal, 26/4;
Green Hairstreak(7), Large White(1) [new 10km sq record], nr Keadew Br. Donegal, 26/4

Angus Tyner: Wood White(1), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 25/4/07
Common Blue
(1 m) in gravel pit, Clonmannon [T3098]; Common Blue(2) beside railway at Killoughter [T3098], Wicklow, 26/4/07
Speckled Wood(15+), Holly Blue (c3 m&f), Small White laying on Brassicas, Peacock(c5), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Orange Tip(3+ m&f), nr Ashford, 26/4;
Large White(2), Peacock(15), Orange Tip(3), Speckled Wood(2), Clonmannon, Wicklow, 26/4; 
GVW(1), Peacock (1), Killoughter, Wicklow, 26/4; 
Holly Blue(1), Small Tortoishell(2), Peacock(3), Orange Tip(2), Specked Wood(6), Kilpedder [O2708], Wicklow, 26/4

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(6+), in rather cloudy conditions, Botanic Gds, Dublin, 25/4

Maurice Simms: Holly Blue(4+), Adderwal Glen, Donegal, 22/4

Geoffrey Hunt: SpW(1), Holly Blue(1) on holly at edge of small wood [Q784153], Spa, Co Kerry, 22/4; Holly Blue(5), Speckled Wood(15), Orange Tip(5), Green-veined White(12), Red Admiral(1), Ballyseedy Wood [Q867124], Kerry, 22/4

Liz Goodyear: Peacock(1), & Clouded Yellow(1), just north of Lumsdin's Bay [S753017], Wexford, 21/4; Holly Blue(1) on ivy clad wall, Fethard Harbour [S805051], Wexford, 22/4

Richard McCafferty: Holly Blue(3), near Green Hills College, nr of Tynon Park, Dublin, 22/4;
Holly Blue(6+), Kimmage Rd. Lower, close to Mount Argus, Dublin, 22/4

Joe Duane: Peacock, Orange Tip & Speckled Wood, Mount Bellew Wood, Galway, 21/4

DNFC: Speckled Wood(many), Peacock, Wall Brown, Red Admiral(pupae), Howth Head, Dublin, 21/4

Geoff Hunt: Speckled Wood, Green-veined White, Holly Blue, Oola National School, Limerick, 20/4 [New Holly Blue record for area]

Chris Wilson: Clouded Yellow(1), 8/4; Clouded Yellow(2), 14/4; Clouded Yellow(2), 20/4. 
The Raven, Co Wexford

Craig Ayres: Holly Blue, Lettermore, Inver, Donegal, 20/4 
[New 10 km record for G88]

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(6), Blackrock-Booterstown, 19/4; Holly Blue, nr Kilcoole Station, Wicklow, 20/4

Deirdre Hardiman: Orange Tip(15+), Green Hairstreak(2), Brimstone(1), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(2), Green-veined White(8+), Truskaun Nagappul, Spiddle, Galway, 18/4;
Green Hairstreak(12+), Peacock(4), Orange Tip(3), road to Polleeny [M205 254], N Foramoyle, Galway, 19/4; 
Holly Blue, Nutley Pk, Dublin, 20/4

Duane Family: Holly Blue, Portumna Forest Park, Galway, 18/4; Holly Blue, Barna, Galway, 19/4
[Humming Bird Howkmoth at same place on 19/4] 

John Lynch: Orange Tip(9), Peacock(2), Speckled Wood(1), Small White(2), Red Admiral(1), Macroom railway line near Cloghduv/Farran, Cork, 18/4        

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(21), Peacock(1), Small Tortoisehell(7), Blackrock, 17/4; Holly Blue also at Killiney & Seapoint, 18/4

Craig Ayres: Green-veined White(1),  Lettermore, Inver, Donegal, 1/4; Speckled Wood(1), Lettermore, Inver, Donegal, 18/4

Sean Geraty:  Holly Blue(16), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Green-veined White(1), Phoenix Park, 18/4 

Paul Whelan: Holly Blue, Cobh, Cork, 17/4         

Alex Copland: Brimstone(4), Green-veined White(3), Orange Tip(6),  Peacock(4),  Speckled Wood(21), Holly Blue(2), Annagh, nr Birr, Tipperary, 17/4

Frank Smyth: Wall Brown(6), Speckled Wood(~30), Holly Blue, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White, The Baily, Howth, Dublin, 17/4

Sean Geraty: Brimstone(2), Finnamore Lakes, Offaly, 12/4; Orange Tip(1), Speckled Wood(3), Holly Blue(1), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 17/4

Kevin Hannan: Orange Tip(2), Speckled Wood(3), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Peacock(1), Small White(3), Grand Canal/University of Limerick, 14/4; Small White(2), Peacock(1), Carrigaholt, Clare, 15/4

Michael Salter: Green Hairstreak(3-4), Orange Tip, Peacock, Monivea, Galway, 15/4 

Declan Doogue: Clouded Yellow(1), Buckroney Sandhills, Brittas Bay, Wicklow, 15/4
[Pristine condition suggesting recent emergence; 2
nd report of season]

Geoff Hunt: Brimstone(1),  Peacock(2), Green-veined White(1), Orange Tip(2), Foynes Wood,  [R25]Limerick, 15/4;  Brimstone, Orange Tip;  Creeves [R24], 15/4; Speckled wood,  Orange Tip(2), Newcastle West[R23], 13/4; Small White(1),  Ballybunion[Q93], Kerry, 15/4

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(6+), Alma Road; Holly Blue(6+), Brighton Vale; Holly Blue(3+), Seapoint Ave; Holly Blue(1), Temple Crescent; Holly Blue(1), Tobernea Terrace; Holly Blue(1), St Vincent's Park. 
Monkstown/Blackrock Area, Dublin, 15/4

Ken Bond

Neil Doherty:  Holly Blue(1), nr Kilmacrenan, Co Donega, 14/4

DNFC: Orange Tip, Speckled Wood, Holly Blue, Peacock, Clara Lara, Wicklow, 14/4 [Niamh Lennon]

David Dillon: Green-veined White(1), Woodlands, Portmarnock, Dublin; Peacock(5), Small Tortoiseshell(4),  Green-veined White(3), Holly Blue(1), Knock Lake, Balrothery, Dublin, 12/4;  Green-veined White(1), Peacock(4), Orange Tip(1), Sluice Marsh, Portmarnock, Dublin, 13/4; Peacock(11), Orange Tip(5m), from Clonaslee to The Cut, Slieve Blooms, Laois, 14/4; Brimstone(2), Black Lion, Co Offaly; Brimstone(5), Holly Blue(1), Orange Tip(4m), Green-veined White(1), Finnamore, Boora, Offaly, 14/4

Angus Tyner: Holly Blue, Orange Tip, nr Ashford, Wicklow, 12/4

Robert Northridge: Peacock(c.20), Green-veined White(6), Speckled Wood(1), Holly Blue(1), Glenveagh(C0202), Donegal, 12/4

Kevin Hannan: Orange Tip(6), Smalll White(5), Small Tortoisehell(11), Grand Canal/Shannon, Limerick, 11/4 

David Dillon: Orange Tip(1 m) Portmarnock Railway Station, Dublin 10/4

Angus Tyner: Brimstone(4), Orange Tip, nr Derrybrien, Galway; Peacock, west of L Cutra, Gort, Galway; Orange Tip(1), nr Ashford, Wicklow(Zo Tyner), 8/4

Frank Smyth: Peacock(19), Speckled Wood(3), Green-veined White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Knather Wood, Ballyshannon, Donegal, 6/4; 
Orange Tip(2), Green-veined White(1), Peacock(4), Speckled Wood(4), Murvagh Wood, Donegal, 8/4;  

Marsh Fritillary larvae(6 single larva & 1 web with 35 larvae), Kildoney Point, Donegal, 8/4

Jesmond Harding: Green-veined White(1), Pagestown, Maynooth, Kildare, 8/4

Freddie Walsh: Orange Tip(4), Speckled Wood(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Holly Blue(2), Peacock(10), Killure nr Waterford Airport, 8/4

Chris Wilson: Holly Blue(1), Clouded Yellow(1), Raven NR, Wexford, 8/4/07
[CY in same location as first sighting on 8th May 2006]

Angus Tyner: Speckled Wood(1), Peacock(2), Killoughter, Wexford,  8/4

Ken Bond: Holly Blue(1), Speckled Wood(2), Muckross, Killarney, 7/4; 
Green Hairstreak
(1), Gearhameen, Kerry, 7/4/07; Holly Blue(1), nr Carrigaline, Cork, 8/4

David Cooke: Holly Blue(4), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Peacock(6), Speckled Wood(1), Donnybrook/ Douglas, Cork, 6-8/4

Brian Danaher: Holly Blue(1), Deansgrange, Dublin, 7/4

Kevin Hannan: Brimstone(1), Small Tortoiseshell(7), Peacock(1), nr University of Limerick, 7/4

David Nash: Brimstone(1), nr Portarlington, Laois; Brimstone(1), Tullamore, Offaly; Brimstone(1), nr Clara Offaly, 5/4; Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(1), Small Tortoiseshell(8+), Irishtown, Dublin, 7/4

Sean Geraty: Peacock(6), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Lough Dan, Wicklow Way, 7/4 

Geoff Hunt: Orange Tip, Carrigkerry, Limerick, 6/4/07;  Brimstone at Curragh Chase, Limerick, 6/4;  Small White(1), Listowel, Kerry, 7/4

Mike Quirke: Holly Blue(1), Speckled Wood(1) and Green-veined White(1), Murroe, Limerick, 6/4/07

David Dillon: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Sluice Marsh, Portmrnock, 24/3; SmallTortoiseshell(1), Woodlands Portmarnock, 28/3; Small Tortoiseshell(1), Rogerstown Inner Estuary(6), 6/4; Large White, Portmarnock, Dublin, 6/4/07

Kevin Hannan: Small Tortoiseshell(16), University of Limerick; Peacock(3), Small Tortoiseshell(2), St Mary' Park, Limerick, 5/4

Ken Bond: Brimstone(12), Dromore Wood, also several along road between Crusheen and Ennis-Scarriff Road, Clare, 4/4; Peacock, Dromore Wood, Ballinruan and Scalpnagowan, Clare, 5/4; Marsh Fritillary larvae (web & solitary larvae), Cragard North, nr Crusheen, Clare, 5/4; Marsh Fritillary larva (web & 1 larva), Slieve Aughtys, Clare, 5/4;  

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1), Sorrento Road, Dublin;  Peacock(2), nr Sorrento Terrace, Dublin; Small Tortoiseshell(3), Speckled Wood(1), Vico Road, Dalkey, Dublin. 4/4 

Deirdre Hardiman, Rachel & Ruth Fernandez: Brimstone(20++), Peacock(15+), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(2), Holly Blue(1), Clooniff, Moycullen, Galway, 4/4

Angus Tyner: Red Admiral(1), Peacock(2), Small White(2), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 4/4

Sean Geraty: Peacock(3), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Holly Blue(1), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 4/4

Paul Walshe: Peacock(1), Brownstown Head [X69], Co Waterford, 1/4; Holly Blue(1), near Boreenmanna Road [W6871], Cork city, 4/4

William Watts: Small Tortoiseshell(6+), Peacock(1), Marley Park, Dublin, 4/4

Michael Cowming: Holly Blue(1), Dungarvan Town, Waterford, 3/4

Andrew Malcolm: Red Admiral(1) & Small Tortoiseshell, 1/4; Peacock(1), nr Lismore (S00), Waterford, 3/4 

John J Cahill: Small Tortoiseshell(4), Glencorrin [X28], nr Ardmore, Waterford, 2/4

Enda Flynn: Small White(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Riverstown, Louth, 2/4

Frank Smyth: Holly Blue(1), Speckled Wood(2), Small Tortoiseshell(6), Peacock(3), Lion's Head, Howth, Dublin, 2/4

Sean Geraty: Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Phoenix Park;  Peacock(1), Hanlons Corner, North Circular Road, Dublin, 2/4

Ken Bond: Small Tortoiseshell (1), Sunday's Well, Cork City, 14/3; Peacock (1), Speckled Wood (1), Sunday's Well, Cork City, 28/3; 
Marsh Fritillary larvae (91 larvae in 3 groups, one web being spun), Knockacullata, Nagles Mts, Co Cork, 31/3; 
Peacock (1), Red Admiral (1), Curraghbinny, Co Cork, 1/4; Peacock (3), Small Tortoiseshell (5), Small White (1), Holly Blue (1), Sunday's Well, Cork
City, 2/4

John Lynch: Brimstone(3), Small Tortoiseshell(2-3), Peacock(1), nr Tubber & Mullaghmore, Clare, 1/4

Geoff Hunt: Brimstone(1), Rathkeale, Limerick, 26/3; Peacock(2), Aughinish, Limerick, 1/4

Stuart Dunlop: Peacock(3), Small Tortoiseshell, nr Raphoe, Donegal, 1/4; 
Small Tortoisehell(2), 1/4

Robert Northridge: Peacock(20+), Mullaghmore, Sligo, 1/4

George McDermott (Donegal): Small Tortoiseshell(6), Buncrana, 31/3; Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(6), Dunree, 31/3; Peacock(1), Cockhill, Buncrana, 1/4; Small Tortosieshell(1), Culdaff Dunes, 1/4

Angus Tyner: Small White(2), 31/3; Peacock(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 1/4

David Nash: Small Tortoiseshell(6+), University College, Belfield, Dublin, 1/4

David Cooke: Holly Blue(1), Peacock(1), Douglas, Cork, 1/4

DNFC Meeting: Peacock(1), Dalkey Quarry; Small Tortoiseshell(1), Vico Road, Dalkey, Dublin, 31/3

Danny Gillespie: Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Kilcar, Donegal, 30/3

Angus Tyner: Small White(1), Cronykeery, Ashford, Wicklow, 29/3/07, [found in polytunnel]. Peacock(1), 24/3, Peacock(2), 25/3, Cronykeery, Ashford, Wicklow.

Paul Walshe: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Cork City, 27/3.

John J Cahill: Small Tortoiseshell, nr Ardmore, 26/3

Josephine O'Donnell: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Crolly, West Donegal, 23/3 & 27/3; 
Small Tortoiseshell(1), 24/3 & Small Tortoiseshell(2), Beltany, West Donegal, 25/3

Akke Simms: Peacock(3), Lifford, Donegal, 27/3

George McDermott: Small
Tortoiseshell(1), Buncrana, Donegal, 26/3

Sean Geraty: Holly Blue(1), Smithfield area, Dublin, 27/3

Frank Smyth: Small Tortoiseshell(6), Peacock(3), Red Admiral(1 + 3 eggs), Howth, Dublin, 26/3

Sean Geraty: Peacock(1), Lucan Dublin, 24/3

Brian Danaher: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Shankill, Dublin, 24/3

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1), Blackrock, Dublin; Small Totoiseshell, Monkstown, Dublin, 24/3

Luke Brady: Peacock(1), Dun Laoighre, Dublin, 24/3

Kevin Hannan: Small Tortoiseshell(2), Smithstown, Clare, 23/3

Alex Copland: Brimstone(1), Ashton's Callows, North Tipperary, 23/3/07

David Nash: Holly Blue(1f), Donnybrook, Dublin, 19/3/07

Brian Porter: Holly Blue(1), Monkstown Farm, Dublin, 14/3/07
[Earliest record report is 13/3/1999].

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1) with some damage to wings, Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(1), Howth Head Dublin, 13/3
[Red Admiral appeared to be laying and 9
eggs were discovered in the vicinity; also 1 larva ~ 2 cm long]

Frank Smyth: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(1), Howth, Dublin, 12/3
[Both in good condition]

Angus Tyner: Peacock(1), Cronykeery, Ashford, Wicklow, 10/3; Red Admiral(1), Cronykeery, Ashford, Wicklow, 10/3 

Frank Smyth: Peacock(1), Howth, Dublin, 7/3
[Nectaring on Hebe; also some Red Admiral larvae]

Bob Aldwell: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Blackrock, Dublin, 7/3
[Pristine condition, nectaring on yellow crucifer]

Sean Geraty: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Lucan, Dublin, 7/3

David Nash: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Tullamore, Offaly, 26/2

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1 tattered + 4 larvae), 18/2; Peacock(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Red Admiral(2 more larvae), 20/2; Red Admiral (1 less tattered), Howth Head, Dublin, 21/2

Niall Keogh: Red Admiral(1), Mullins Hill, Killiney, Dublin, 20/2

Ralph Sheppard: Red Admiral(1),
Mountcharles, Donegal, 17/2

Michael Hirst: Red Admiral(1), Kilcolman, Cork, 2/2; Red Admiral(1), Annes Grove Gardens, Castletownroche, Cork, 17/2

Pat Whelan: Red Admiral(1), Kilcrohane, West Cork, 3/2

Chris Wilson: Speckled Wood(1), Begerin Island, North Slob, Wexford; Small Tortoiseshell (1), nr Curracloe, Wexford; also report from CW of Small Tortoisehell(1), Peacock(1), Duncormick, Wexford - all on 3/2/07
[The earliest/latest previous records in database for SpW have been on March 20th and December 15th]

Hilary Dring: Red Admiral(1), Curraghybinny Wood, Cork, 1/2

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1) & Red Admiral larvae(15), Ceanchor Road, Howth, Dublin, 29/1; 
Red Admiral(1), Howth Summit, Dublin, 29/1;  Red Admiral larvae(2), St Fintan's Road, Howth, Dublin. 29/1

Deirdre Hardiman: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Forramoyle West, Barna, Galway, 24/1

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral larvae(7), [ranging from 0.5 cm. to 1.5cm. Only a few were in tents most curling up on or under the nettle], Howth, Dublin, 15/1

David O'Brien: Red Admiral(1), Marlay Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin, 13/1

John Lynch: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Red Admiral(2), [Humming Bird Hawkmoth(1)], Great Island, Cork, 6/1/07

Iris Park: Red Admiral(1), Grafton Street, Dublin, 5/1/07

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral ova(4) & larva(1, c.1cm), Howth, Dublin, 4/1/07

John Lynch: Small Tortoisehell(1), Macroom, Cork, 1/1/07

End of Butterfly Records 2007

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