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Butterfly Record Archives 2006


Oscar Merne: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ardmore Point, Wicklow, 19/12/06

Dorothy Smallwood: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Lackan, Caim, Enniscorthy, Wexford, 18/12

David Cooke: Peacock(1), Kilbrittain, Cork, 18/12

Derek Scott: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Dursey Island, Cork, 16/12

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1 adult + 15 eggs + 4 larval tents), Needles, Howth, Dublin, 8/12

Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral(1), Blackrock, Dublin, 5/12

Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral(1), Blackrock, Dublin, 2/12

Con O'Donnell: Peacock(1), Greencastle, Donegal, 27/11

Bob Aldwell: Peacock(1), Seapoint, Dublin, 26/11

Angus Tyner: Red Admiral(1), Cronykeery, Ashford, Wicklow, 26/11

Tom Kelly: Red Admiral(1), Sunday's Well, Cork City, 20/11

Ken Bond
: Red Admiral(2), Cork City (Sunday's Well), 16/11


Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: Purple Hairstreak eggs at Glen of the the Downs(5), Glenmalure(1) & Ballygannon Wood(1), Wicklow, c.1/11;
Red Admiral eggs(30+, mostly green but some darkening) and first instar larvae(10+), cliff path, nr Ceanncorr Road, Howth, 14/11

Chris Wilson: Red Admiral(1), Wexford Wildlife Reserve, 13/11; Small Tortoiseshell, 9/11.

Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral(1), Rochestown Avenue, Dun Laoighre, 10/11

Sean Geraty: Red Admiral(1), flying in a private garden, Lucan, Dublin. Weather windy and cold.  11/11

Ken Bond: Red Admiral(1), Killarney National Park, Kerry, 5/11; Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(1), Distillery Fields, Cork City, 7/11 [Latest SpW report of 2005 was on 15/12].

Sean Geraty: Clouded Yellow(1), North Slubs, Wexford, 4/11. [Also report from Chris Wilson on 4/11 that CY were still to be seen in the south-east].

David Cooke: Clouded Yellow, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Painted Lady, Dursey Island, Cork - one of each on 4/11 & 5/11, except for Painted Lady seen on 4/11 only.

Enda Flynn: Red Admiral(1), Riverstown,  Louth, 4/11

David Nash: Red Admiral(1), Donnybrook, Dublin, 4/11

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(7), Howth Head, Dublin, 3/11
[Female observed egg laying on both 3/11 & 4/11]

Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral(1), Monkstown; Holly Blue, Blackrock, Dublin, 1/11

David Cooke: Red Admiral(3), Kilmoney, nr Carrigaline, Cork, 2/11

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(2), Red Rock area; Red Admiral(3), Peacock(1), The Needles, Howth; Red Admiral(1), garden Sutton, Dublin, 1/11


Kevin Hannan: Clouded Yellow(1), Newmarket-on-Fergus, Clare, 29/10; Red Admiral(3), Peacock(1), Newmarket-on-Fergus, Clare, 1/11.  

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1), Seapoint Avenue, Monkstown; Red Admiral(1), Newtownpark, Avenue, Blackrock, Dublin, 29/10; 
Red Admiral(1), Newtownpark Avenue; Holly Blue(3), Monkstown; Red Admiral(1), Rock's Park, Blackrock, Dublin, 30/10. 

Brian Danaher: Painted Lady(2), Sea Road, Newcastel, Wicklow, 24/10

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1), Brighton Vale, Monkstown; Red Admiral(1), Rock's Park, Blackrock, Dublin, 26/10

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue - (1), Newtownpark Avenue; (5 - 3+m), Brighton Vale, Monkstown; (2m + 1f), Seapoint, Dublin, 24/10. [Also seen 2 Listrodomus parasitoids which emerged from pupa - rarely seen in autumn]

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(16), Needles, Howth, Dublin, 21/10 [On ivy, pristine condition]; 
Red Admiral(8), Painted Lady(3), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(1), Red Rock, Howth, 22/10.

Brian Danaher: Red Admiral(1), Shanganagh Park , Shankill, Dublin, 23/6 [6.10 a.m.]

Kevin Hannan: Green-veined White(1), Small Copper(1), Red Admiral(2), Painted Lady(1), Plassey [R598 577], Limerick, Temperature 18oC, 15/10;
Small Copper(1), Red Admiral(2), near Newmarket-on-Fergus [R397 665], Clare, 22/10

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(2), Seapoint Avenue, Blackrock; 
Holly Blue(1), Red Admiral(1), Brighton vale Bridge, Blackrock. 
Balmy & calm with a temperature of at least 16 degrees and short intervals of warm sunshine and cloudy periods. Dublin, 21/10

Andrew Malcolm: Clouded Yellow(4), Red Admiral(4), Ram Head, nr Ardmore, Waterford, 20/10 

Ken Bond: Red Admiral(3), Buckroney Fen, nr Brittas bay, Wicklow, 13/10;
Painted Lady(1), Buckroney Fen, nr Brittas bay, Wicklow, 14/10; 
Marsh Fritillary (3 larval spinnings, in grass or heather (Calluna)), Lissofin, nr Tulla, Co Clare, 15/10; 
Holly Blue(2) & Red Admiral(3), UCC campus, Cork, 20/10

David Cooke:  Red Admiral(2), Murragh, Dunmanway, West Cork, 20/10

Con O'Donnell: Small White(1+), Greencastle, Donegal, 12/10 & 14/10 ;
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Red Admiral(1), Greencastle,  Donegal, c.19/10. 
[per Bob Aldwell]

Brian Danaher:  Red Admiral(2), Shanganagh Park, Shankill, Dublin, 19/10

Kate Hennessey: Red Admiral(1), Goodwin Gardens, Kells, Kilkenny, 14/10

Deirdre Hardiman: Red Admiral(3 fresh), Knockadrina Woods, Kilkenny, 13/10

Bob Aldwell: Clouded Yellow(2-3, fresh), Small Copper(1), Kilmichael Dunes, Wexford, 13/10
[Temp. ~16 deg.]


Paul Walsh: Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(5), 10/10. Clouded Yellow(2), Painted Lady(15), Red Admiral(20), 9/10. Red Admiral(1), 7/10. Red Admiral(1), 5/10. Red Admiral(3), 4/10. Painted Lady(3), Red Admiral(9), 3/10. Clouded Yellow(2), Red Admiral(9), 2/10. Red Admiral(2), 1/10. Red Admiral(1), 27/9. Clouded Yellow(3), Red Admiral(1), 24/9. Painted Lady(3), Red Admiral(4), 17/9. Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(2), 16/9. Red Admiral(1), 15/9, At Brownstown ,Head Waterford.
Red Admiral, Dunmore East, Waterford, 7/10
Monarch(1), Mizen Head, Cork, 1/10 [fide Birds of Ireland News Service phoneline]

Ken Bond: Holly Blue(2), Red Admiral(2), University College Cork, 9/10

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1), Seapoint Avenue, Monkstown, Dublin, 9/10
Note: First of third generation reported this year.

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary (79 larval webs), Knockbrack, North Cork, [this is close to (ca. 1500 m from) the Knockacullata and Knuttery sites already surveyed], 28/9;
Clouded Yellow (5, incl. 1 ab helice) Ballagh, near Tacumshin, Co. Wexford, 4/10; 
Small Copper (2), Ballagh, near Tacumshin, Co. Wexford, 4/10

Deirdre Hardiman: Red Admiral(1), Leeson St. Dublin, 4/10

Kevin Hannan: Speckled Wood(c.20), Coolorta, Burren, Clare, 1/10; Small Tortoiseshell(1), Red Admiral(1), Grand Canal, Limerick, 3/10

Frank Smyth
: Red Admiral(5), Speckled Wood(3), Painted Lady(1), Ceanncor Rd;
Red Admiral(5), Small Copper(1), Red Rock. Howth, Co. Dublin, 2/10

Breffni Martin: Clouded Yellow(2), Cape Clear Island, Cork, 30/9; Clouded Yellow(1), Galley Head, Cork, 1/10; Clouded Yellow("several"), around Ballycotton, Cork, 1/10

Bob Aldwell: Clouded Yellow(1), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(3), Small White(2), Irishtown, Dublin, 29/9

Kevin Hannan: Small Copper(1), Clouded Yellow(1), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Green-veined White(1), Farranfore, Co Kerry, 24/9; 
Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(1), Small tortoiseshell(6), University of Limerick, Limerick, 27/9

Con & Máire Breen: Clouded Yellow, Inis Meáin, Aran Islands, Galway, 21/9

Bob Aldwell: Small Tortoiseshell(4), Painted Lady(2), Speckled Wood(2), Large White(1), Red Admiral(1), Small White(1), [HBHM(1)], Killiney, Dublin, 19/9


Ken Bond:


Summary Report of Visit to Donegal by Bob Aldwell September 9-12 Sept 2006 

Highlights of Visit

 The weather was unusually warm during this visit with daytime highs of 21 –22 degrees but sunshine was limited and there was a strong southerly wind and occasional showers.

September 09 – mainly bright with hazy sunshine and strong southerly winds: afternoon high of about 20 degrees  - Visited Donegal Bay.

 September 10 – weather cloudy and rain until mid-morning then cloudy but then dry with temperature up to 20 degrees – visited the Rosses

September 11 – weather cloudy in morning but sunny from about 4 pm with temperature high of 21 degrees at 5 pm. – visited Naran-Portnoo, Sheskinmore and Dooey, Lettermacaward.

September 12 – cloudy in morning, then sunny from midday with heavy shower in afternoon and high of 22 degrees. Visited Teelin, Kilbeg and Glencolumbkille


General Comments on Donegal

Early September 2006 was exceptionally warm with daytime temperatures often reaching 20 degrees and nighttime lows usually above 10 degrees.  There were also good periods of sunshine on several days. The result was that at favourable sites many butterfly species have been reported flying later in the year than usual and in greater numbers than expected in September. However, such favourable sites are well sheltered and with plentiful sources of nectar such as walled gardens and some dune systems. Green-veined Whites, Large Whites, Peacocks, Red Admirals, Small Tortoiseshells and Speckled Woods have been especially noticeable. Meadow Browns, Small Coppers and Wall Browns have also been reported in a few localities.

The star turn has been the Clouded Yellow, which is a rare migrant visitor to Donegal. The 1974 An Foras Forbartha Provisional Atlas of Irish Butterflies shows just a single record for Donegal prior to that date. Undoubtedly in 1975/76 and especially in 1992 Clouded Yellows were present in Donegal but went unrecorded. This is the second year that the CY has been recorded in Donegal during the current survey (1998-2006) and coincides with the widespread occurrences of the Clouded Yellow in Britain and Ireland. The usual pattern of sightings in these islands is for a small number of the migrant generation to be seen in May/June/early July and if the weather is warm, followed by a much larger native-born generation in late August/September. This native generation will try to breed but usually in Ireland only in sheltered localities in the far south will a few second native generation of CYs be seen in October or even November.
In 2000 two records of the migrant CY generation were reported in Donegal –June 19 at Rosnowlagh and June 29 at Lough Eske. The first 2000 Donegal native generation CY was seen at Glencolumkille on August 13 and the latest one at Murvagh on September
30.  The CY was noted on Tory Island on August 23 and again on Sept 5. An interesting record was an inland sighting of a CY at Letterkenny on Sept 25, 2000. There were no 2000 CY records from east Donegal or Inishowen. Overall the CY was recorded in Donegal on ten 10km squares in 2000.
2006 again had just two sightings of Donegal migrant generation CYs – on June 30 at Lisfannan and on July 17 at Rosnowlagh (very faded specimen). The first 2006 Donegal native generation sighting came from Danny Gillespie at Tawny, Kilcar. From September 2 onwards records came regularly from west Inishowen, with the CY so far recorded on four 10km squares there – C31 (Blanket Nook), C32 (Lisfannan), C33 (Linsfort) and C34 (Lenan) and from east Fanad at Ray (C22) and Rathmullan (C32). Meantime further September Donegal sightings came from the south of the county nr Ballintra (G96) and Inver Dunes (G87). So far the Clouded Yellow has been recorded in Donegal on eight 10km squares in 2006.

What of the future? 3 eggs I got from a dying female in Wicklow on July 7, produced butterflies on August 14, which indicates the time taken for a generation to emerge in Ireland in high summer. In cooler conditions it could take up to 8 weeks and that requires no really cold, wet weather, which would kill the larval stages. Sightings from other Donegal localities may be expected up to early October but any after that will require continued warm weather.

September Painted Ladies in Donegal were few in number, usually occurring in ones and twos.

Remarks on Marsh Fritillary: This year the Devil's-bit Scabious (DBS) is particularly lush in most of Donegal and as it is still in full flower is especially easy to pick out from a distance. At Sheskinmore it is very evident that areas with lots of DBS on dry sandy ground and little other vegetation does not have MFs. The same applies at Magheraclogher and probably more generally. The sites favoured by MFs have lots of tufty grass and sometimes other vegetation such as clover and heather as well as the essential plentiful DBS. Indeed the winter MF larval webs are often attached to grass, or vegetation other than leaves of Devilsbit Scabious. It is to be noted that the larval webs, which remain throughout the winter, are low down close to ground level and are more easily visible when damp after rain. 

Bob Aldwell  17/09/06


IAN RIPPEY: Butterfly species seen each day from 3rd-10th September


Ian Rippey 18th Sept '06


Adrian Phelan: Red Admiral(12),Small Tortoiseshell(6) Painted Lady(1), National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin, 16/9

Frank Smyth: Small Tortoiseshell(16), Painted Lady(7), Red Admiral(6), Small White(3), Speckled Wood(8), Clouded Yellow(2 - one egg-laying on birds's-foot-trefoil), Large White(1), Peacock(1), Grayling(1), Holly Blue(1) [the latter two quite worn], Red Rock, Howth, 15/9

Paul Walsh: Red Admiral(1), Boreenmanna Road, Cork City. 13/9;
Painted Lady(1), Boreenmanna Road, Cork City,12/9; 
Clouded Yellow(5), Painted Lady(6), Red Admiral(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(8), Small White(1), Brownstown Hd, Waterford, 10/9;
Clouded Yellow(1), nr Crookhaven, Cork; 
Red Admiral(1), Galley Head, Cork.9/9;
Clouded Yellow(5), Red Admiral(9), Painted Lady(1), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(21), Speckled Wood(4), Crookhaven/Mizen Head area, Cork, 8/9;

Clouded Yellow(1), Red Admiral(3), Small Tortoiseshell(10), Baltimore; 
Clouded Yellow(1), Lag Bridge (W062291); 
Clouded Yellow(8), Small Tortoiseshell(8), Common Blue(1), Speckled Wood(1), Turk Head peninsula; 
Clouded Yellow(1), Toormore; 
Clouded Yellow(1), Goleen;
Clouded Yellow(9), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(27), Speckled Wood(5), Crookhaven/Mizen Head area.
Co.Cork, 7/9;

Clouded Yellow(3), Red Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(14), Sm White(1), Baltimore; 
Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(12), Peacock(1), Green-veined White(1), Lough Ine; 
Clouded Yellow(3), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Meadow Brown(1), Tragumna area;  
Clouded Yellow(12, including 1 'helice'), Small Tortoiseshell(21), Small White(3), Toehead  Bay; 
Clouded Yellow(4) along Skibbereen-Baltimore road.
Co.Cork, 6/9;

Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(4), Common Blue(1), Small White(1), Brownstown Hd, Waterford, 3/9;
Clouded Yellow(1), nr Youghal bridge, Waterford, 2/9; 
Clouded Yellow(2), Small Tortoiseshell(51), Helvick Hd, Waterford, 2/9;
Clouded Yellow(4), Inchydoney Isd, Cork, 1/9.


Brian Danaher: Red Admiral(1), Large White(2), Speckled Wood(1), Deansgrange, Dublin, 12/9

Kevin Hannan: Brown Hairstreak(5), Red Admiral(1), Peacock(3), Small Tortoiseshell(many), Wall Brown(2), Large White(1), Green-veined White(6). Speckled Wood(many), Brimstone(2), Clouded Yellow(1), [Humming-bird Hawkmoth(2)]; Green Road (r2795), The Burren, Clare, 9/9;
Clouded Yellow(2), Green-veined White(10), nr Killorglin, Kerry, 10/9;
Red Admiral, Green-veined White(many), Small White(many), Limerick, 11/9

Deirdre Hardiman: Red Admiral(3), Painted Lady(1), Small Tortoiseshell(10+), Small White(4+), Common Blue(2), Speckled Wood(2), Bog Meadow, Enniskerry, Wicklow, 5/9;
Speckled Wood(10+), Common Blue(1), Milford, Carlow; Red Admiral(2), Speckled Wood(4), Small White(2), Warrington, Kilkenny. 9/9;
Clouded Yellow(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(10), Green-veined White(1), Small White(15+), Peacock(1), Knockadrinna, Kilkenny; Small Tortoiseshell(1), Small White(2), Dunnamaggin, Kilkenny. 10/9

Liam Feeney: Clouded Yellow(6), Small White(7), Common Blue(3), Holly Blue(2), Red Admiral(10), Painted Lady(1), Small Tortoiseshell(15), Peacock(1), Speckled Wood(20), Meadow brown(2), Donabate, Co.Dublin, 8/9

Cóilín MacLochlainn: Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood [many], Kilteel Wood, [N 9818 2170], Kildare; Holly Blue(1), Rathfarnham, Dublin. 5/9
Clouded Yellow(1), Hellfire Club, Rathfarnham, Dublin (f. Eoin MacLochlainn), 8/9
Red Admiral(2), Speckled Wood(20+) and Common Blue(1 outside the wood), Devil's Glen, Co Wicklow; Holly Blue(1), Dundrum, Dublin. 9/9; 

Eamonn McGlinchey: nr Letterkenny, Donegal, Marsh Fritillary larval web, 9/9 

Frank Smyth: Small Tortoiseshells(24), Rosnowlagh, Donegal,  9/ 9

Ethna Diver: Peacock(60+), Red Admirals( 50+), Silver-washed Fritillaries(24), Small Tortoiseshells(10), Glenveagh Gardens, Donegal, 8/9

Dermot MacLaughlin & Paddy MacCrossan: Clouded Yellow(5), Blanket Nook, Netwowncunningham, 2/5; Clouded Yellow(4), Lisfannan, Donegal, 4/9


Paul Kelly: Clouded Yellow(4), Tachumshin Lake, Wexford, 4/9

Dermot McLaughlin: Clouded Yellows(4), Lisfannan, Donegal, 4/9

Niall T. Keogh, Noel Keogh, Hugh Delaney and Eanna O'Flynn: Clouded Yellows(6+), Tacumshin Lake, Co. Wexford, 3/9

Don Hodgers: Holly Blue(1); Red Admiral(1); Peacock(3); Small White(4); Speckled Wood(2); Small Tortoiseshell (3+). Mill St, Dundalk, Co Louth, 31/8
Clouded Yellow(1); Painted Lady(4); Small Tortoiseshell very numerous; Common Blue(1), Speckled Wood(3); Whites common. Ganderstown Beach, Co Louth, 3/9

Inishowen Wildlife Club members: Clouded Yellows(5), Blanket Nook, Donegal, 2/9 

Kevin Hannan: Small Copper(2), Common Blue(2), Small White(1), near The Bridges of Ross, Clare, 25/8; 
Clouded Yellow(2), Small White(8), Green-veined White(1), Large White(2), Common Blue(3), Speckled Wood(50+), Grand Canal, Limerick, 2/9 

Paul Walsh: Clouded Yellow(2), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(8), Green-veined White(1), Inchydoney Isd, Cork, 29/8;
Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(25), Dunmore East, Waterford, 28/8;
Clouded Yellow(1), Red Admiral(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Common Blue(3), Small Copper(1), Speckled Wood(3), Brownstown Hd, Waterford, 26/8;
Red Admiral(2), Brownstown Hd, Waterford, 19/8;
Clouded Yellow(3), Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(5),  Rathmoylan, Waterford, 13/8;
Clouded Yellow(6), Painted Lady(7), Red Admiral(10), Brownstown Hd, Waterford, 12/8;

Ken Bond: Brimstone(1), Cragard, near Barefield, Clare, 28/8/06
Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Dromore Wood, Clare, 29/8/06
Brown Hairstreak(1), Clooncoose, Burren, 29/8/06
Marsh Fritillary(4 larval webs), Cragard North, near Barefield; Marsh Fritillary(2 larval webs), Bunnow Marsh, near Ennis. Clare 28/8/06.


Summary Report of Visit to Donegal By Bob Aldwell and Frank Smyth 
24-27 August 2006

The weather was very broken with substantial rainfall and limited sunshine. It was also rather windy although temperatures rose to about 17 degrees, except on August 25. Significant numbers of butterflies were only seen at three exceptionally well-sheltered sites.

Butterfly Highlights, Inishowen

August 24: Mainly cloudy-bright with occasional light showers and short sunny periods, temperature of 16-17 degrees. Met Con O’Donnell at Moville. 

August 25: Rain all day – I gave talk on Donegal Butterfly Survey at Dunree Fort, Buncrana. Thanks to the good organisation of Dermot McLaughlin and the members of the Inishowen Wildlife Club, there was an attendance of forty-five. 

August 26: Rain in morning with clearance at midday. Some sunny periods with temperatures up to 16 degrees but also heavy showers and windy. 
Met Karl King, Paddy McCrossan, George McDermott and Dermot McLauglin in Culdaff.

August 27: Sunny to start but torrential downpours from 10.30 –12.30. Gradual brightening in afternoon and up to 17 degrees in the most sheltered spots.


Other Donegal Butterfly Records in last ten days of August 

George McDermott: Peacock(25+),  Small Tortoiseshell(25+), Red Admiral(10+), Painted Lady(5+), Swan Park butterfly garden, Buncrana (C33), with comparable numbers on most buddleias around Buncrana, 17/8

Maurice Simms: SWF(widespread) and Wall Brown, Portnoo area, 18-21/8.
MF webs(3), with 50-100 black shiny larvae in each. Meadow Brown(120) and Small Copper(seen singly), [ no PLs], (G69/G79), Sheskinmore, 20/8

Paddy McCrossan: Peacock (100+), Red Admiral(50+),  Ballyargus (C53) on 19/8

Eamonn McGlinchey: Small Tortoiseshell (20+), Red Admiral (1), Peacocks (40+ at two sites), near Letterkenny, (C11), Donegal, 21/8.

Sandy Alcorn: Wall Brown (1), Kilult,(B93), Donegal, 21/8.

Pol Cormacain: Wall Brown (widespreads), Glaise Chu (B83), Donegal, last week of August.

Ethna Diver: Peacock (large numbers), LW (many), RA (few) in her garden, Donegal, (C20), mid-August

Danny Gillespie: Clouded Yellow(1), Tawny, Kilcar (G67), Donegal, 27/8
[first report of a 2006 late summer Donegal Clouded Yellow].

The small numbers of PLs and CYs up to now appears to reflect the relatively poor weather conditions in August. However, as temperatures have remained high there still may be some more of each if early September is warm and sunny.  

Bob Aldwell   1 Sept 2006


Liam Feeney: Large White(1), Small White(2), Green-veined White(1), Holly Blue(2), Common Blue(5), Small Tortoiseshell(30), Peacock(10), Red Admiral(15), Painted Lady(20), Speckled Wood(1), Wall Brown(2), Meadow Brown(1), Ringlet(1), Small Heath(1), brown field site, nr Donabate, Dublin, 27/8

Paul & Andrea Kelly: Clouded Yellow(1f), Ardcath, Meath, 27/8.

Sean Geraty: Clouded Yellow(2), Red Admiral(1), Phoenix Park, Dublin; Purple Hairstreak(3+), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 17 & 20 July

Don Hodgers & Enda Flynn: Holy Blue(15+), Small Copper(4), Grayling(2), Wall Brown(1), Painted Lady(2), Common Blue(3), Peacock, Small White, Meadow Brown, Howth (Bottle Quay-Glenaveena), Dublin, 26/8; Purple Hairstreak(6) [6-7.30 pm], Clara Lara Nature Reserve, Wicklow, 26/8; 
Clouded Yellow(1), Painted Lady(7), Wall Brown(2), Small Tortoiseshell(100's), Peacock (50+), Meadow Brown, 'Whites', Common Blues(many), Clogher Head, Louth, 27/8.

Cóilín MacLochlainn: Purple Hairstreak(7), Ballygannon Wood, Rathdrum, [7.00pm], 22/8

Brian Danaher: Clouded Yellow(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Kilcoole, Wicklow, 20/8

David Nash: Clouded Yellow(10+, 1 'helice'), Grayling, Small Copper, Meadow Brown, Small White, Green-veined White, Large White, Painted Lady, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Common Blue, Ballinoulart, Wexford, 20/8; Clouded Yellow(4+) plus same species at Roney Point, Wexford, 20/8; Clouded Yellow(2+), Holly Blue(1), Red Admiral(1), Peacock, plus same species, Tara Hill, Wexford, 20/8

Breffni Martin: Clouded Yellow(2), Bellurgan, Co.Louth; Clouded Yellow(1), Whitestown Beach, Co.Louth, 16/8; 
Clouded Yellow(2), Rathcor, Co.Louth, 17/8; 
Clouded Yellow(1), Whitestown Beach, Co.Louth; Painted Lady, Meadow Brown, Wall, Small Copper, Common Blue, Peacock, Large White, Small White, Belurgan, Co.Louth, 21/8


Cóilín MacLochlainn
Purple Hairstreak(24+), Vale of Clara Nature Reserve, Wicklow, 5/8
["1000s were almost certainly present in this very large oakwood (partially mixed) as they were seen in every suitable tree examined. Dead calm, warm evening, all records between 6:30-8:30pm".];
Purple Hairstreak(6), Oldbridge, Lough Dan, Wicklow, 20/8 [7.30pm]; 
Purple Hairstreak(3), Laragh Woods, Wicklow, 20/8 [8.15pm]

Don Hodgers: Clouded Yellow(3-4), Painted Lady(4), Small Copper(7), Red Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(10), Peacock(2), Meadow Brown(2), Common Blue(many), Whites(many), Seapoint, Termonfeckin, Louth, 20/8

Deirdre Hardiman: Clouded Yellow(2), Dunnamaggin, Kilkenny, 19/8

Don Hodgers & Enda Flynn: Clouded Yellow(8+), Wall Brown(2), Small Copper(2), Painted Lady(1), Red Admira(1), Peacock, Common Blue, Small Tortoise-shell, Meadow Brown, Small White, Large White, Rathcor, Louth, 14/8

Bob Aldwell: Clouded Yellow(4), Painted Lady, Wall Brown, Common Blue, Speckled Wood, Irishtown Park, Dublin, 18/8

Shane Lombard: Clouded Yellow(1), Waterstown Park, Dublin, 18/8

Jim Goodwin: Essex Skipper (10) 5/8; Essex Skipper(3), 7/8; Essex Skipper(1), 8/8; Essex Skipper(2),18/8. Co Wexford, 

Frank Smyth: Clouded Yellow(4), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin, 17/8

David Nash: Clouded Yellow(6+), The Raven, Kilmuckridge & Morriscastle, Wexford, 13/8;
Small Tortoiseshell (3 adults, 50++ pupae, 50++ caterpillars), Peacock (c.50 larvae), in field with large clumps of well chewed nettles, Ardcroney, Tipperary, 12/8

Frank Smyth: Common Blue(50), Holly Blue(30), Small Copper(6), Large White(7), Green-veined White(1), Painted Lady(15), Red Admiral(7), Speckled Wood(20), Grayling(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Meadow Brown(5), Peacock(14), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin, 14/8; Wall Brown(2), Painted Lady(12), Red Admiral(5), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(8), Large White(3), Small White(1), Meadow BrownI2), Common Blue(1), Holly Blue(14), Speckled Wood(14), Ceanncor Road/Bailey Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 16/8

Josephine O’Donnell: Red Admiral ( 5), on buddleia at her parents’ garden at Crolly (B81), many other RAs around Gweedore district (B82/B92), Donegal, 16/8


Summary Report of Visit to Donegal by Bob Aldwell August 12-14, 2006

These three days found unfavourable weather conditions with high pressure anchored to the west of Ireland and low pressure stuck in the North Sea and near-Continent. The result in such circumstances is a continual flow of clouds driven by a cold northerly wind with occasional showers and temperatures struggling to reach 15 degrees C. In such conditions, despite the earlier warm weather, butterflies are only likely to be found in Donegal in the most sheltered situations and on south-facing slopes.

Butterfly Highlights

August 12: Gweebarra Estuary – Doochary – Crolly (with Frank Smyth)
Cloudy with a series of light showers throughout the afternoon and temperatures 12-15 degrees.
The objective of the day was to check a number of west Donegal sites for Purple Hairstreaks.


August 13: Ballyneary – Glencolumkille – Malinbeg – Teelin (with Maurice Simms). Cloudy with occasional drizzle and temperature of about 14 degrees. 
Because of poor weather conditions no butterflies were seen. 

August 14: Glenties – Doorian – St John’s Point – Inver. Dunes cloudy with some drizzle but a little warmer at coast with temperatures of about 15 degrees.

The large migrant butterfly invasion in early June, followed by the warm weather in July enabled many butterflies to breed successfully and their offspring are beginning to appear. Given reasonable weather over the next few weeks exceptionally large numbers of butterflies are likely to be seen. Already unusually large numbers of Common Blues, Green-veined Whites and Large Whites have been reported in some areas and Red Admirals are making their appearance together with large numbers of Peacocks. Painted Ladies should soon become increasingly noticeable once more and the chances are good of the scarce Clouded Yellow appearing again.

Bob Aldwell 16/08/06


Sean Geraty: Clouded Yellow(1) in the dunes, the Raven Nature Reserve, Wexford, 2/8;
Clouded Yellow(1), on grassland near the 15 acres area, Phoenix Park, Dublin, 14/8 

Ken Bond: Silver-washed Fritillary(6), Muckross, Killarney, Kerry, 13/8; 
Marsh Fritillary(53 larval webs), Cloghanelgeragh, nr Lyracurmpane, N Kerry, 13/8

Anne Kilmer: Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Clouded Yellow(2+), Peacock(10), Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell(1), Green-veined White, Speckled Wood, Square M06, Mayo, c.12/6
[First record of SWF from this 10 km square. Anne also reports a blackbird who specialises in butterfly snacks]

Paddy McCrossan: Peacock ( 26), Speckled Wood ( 20+), Small Tortoiseshell ( 10+), nr Muff (C42), Donegal, 5/8;
Green-veined White (100+), LargeWhite (100+), Small Tortoiseshell (8), Speckled Wood ( 5), Inch Lake, Donegal, 12/8 

Maurice Simms: Red Admiral on buddleia in his garden, Portnoo (G69), Donegal, 12/8 

Butterfly Conservation Meeting, L. Corrib & L. Carra area: records 5-6 August
(18 species seen and a new site for Purple Hairstreak nr Spiddal)

Dermot & Danny McLaughlin: Green-veined White (1000+), Tortoiseshell (25), Peacock ( 10+), Large White (numerous), Inch Lake, (C32), Donegal, 6/8 

George McDermott: Grayling (3), Five Fingers Strand (C45), Donegal, 5/8 

Ken Bond: Butterfly records 27 July-9 August 2006
(More “important” species & locations only, plus migrants)


Brian Nelson: Galway,  4-8 August 2006

    Portumna, 4th-7th August 

    Oughterard area, 7th-8th August 

    Ower, Lough Corrib, 7th-8th August 

    A small patch of dry, rough grassland with abundant knapweed between the esker 
    ridge and the bog to the north had 11 species: 


David Cooke: Clouded Yellow(2), Dunderrow, Kinsale, 8/8; 
Clouded Yellow(1), Skanagore, nr Innishshannon, Cork, 8/8; 
Clouded Yellow(1 helice) Garretstown Wood, nr Kinsale, 9/8. 
Many Peacock, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell & Gatekeeper at the three sites 8-9/8

Paul Walsh: Clouded Yellow(1), Painted Lady(4), Crosshaven (Cork), 8/8; 
Painted Lady(8), Red Admiral(12), Common Blue(3), Small Copper(1), Speckled Wood(1), Meadow Brown(3), Green-veined White(1+), Brownstown Hd, Waterford, 7/8; 
Painted Lady(1), Brownstown Hd, Waterford, 6/8. 
Clouded Yellow(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Corballymore, (Waterford, X6399), 5/8; 
Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(7),Common Blue(1), Small Copper(1), Meadow Brown(8), Brownstown Hd, Waterford, 5/8; 
Peacock(10), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Small White(1), Belle Lake, Waterford, 5/8;  
Painted Lady(2), inside Skinner UV moth-trap, Brownstown Hd, (Waterford, X69), overnight 4/8.

Brian Danaher: Brimstone, Green-veined White, Large White, Peacock, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Painted Lady, Annaghdown, Lough Corrib, Galway, 4-6/8

Kevin Hannan: Clouded Yellow(1+), Red Admiral(1), Peacock(20+), Common Blue, Small White, Speckled Wood, Large White(3), Green-veined White(3), Small Copper(2 mating), Painted Lady(1), Meadow Brown(4), Ringlet(1), Small White, Small Tortoiseshell(10+), nr University of Limerick, 7/8

Adrian Phelan: Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Holly Blue(1), Meadow Brown(3), Speckled Wood(2), Small White(5), Ballycuggeran, Killaloe, Clare, 4/8;  Peacock(20), Painted Lady(5), Holly Blue(5), Common Blue(1), Meadow Brown(3), Small White, Large White, National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin, 7/8

Freddie Walsh: Clouded Yellow(50, helice 8), Grayling(12), Meadow Brown(100+ faded), Small Copper(4), Common Blue(60), Green-veined White(20 ), Large White(10), Small Tortoiseshell(8), Peacock(6), Painted Lady(60), Dark Green Fritillary(1 faded), Wall Brown(4), Ballyteigue Burrows, Wexford, 7/8

D Hardiman & D Nash: Small Copper(1), Purple Hairstreak(4), Peacock(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Small White(2), Large White(1), Green-veined White(30+), Speckled Wood(6), Meadow Brown(4), Ringlet(3), Glenmalure, Wicklow, 7/8

Adrian Phelan: Peacock(20), Painted Lady(5), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Holly Blue(5), Common Blue(1), Meadow Brown(3), Whites (numerous), National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin, 7/8
Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Holly Blue(1), Meadow Brown(3), Speckled Wood(2), Small White(5), Ballycuggeran near Killaloe, Co Clare, 4/8


Angus Tyner: Common Blue(1), Holly Blue(2), Kilcroney, Ashford, Wicklow, 5/8

D Hardiman & D Nash: Wicklow, Clare and Galway, 3rd August & 24th-30th July.

Paul Walsh: Painted Lady(1), Ram Hd. and Red Admiral(1), Ardmore Hd. Co.Waterford, 2/8;
Painted Lady(13), Red Admiral(4), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(2), Common Blue(5), Small Copper(5), Speckled Wood(1), Ringlet(3), Meadow Brown (51), Green-veined White(2+), Small White(5+), Brownstown Hd. Co.Waterford, 30/7;
Peacock(4), Speckled Wood(4), Meadow Brown(2), Green-veined White(15+), Belle Lake, Co.Waterford, 30/7;
Painted Lady(8), Red Admiral(3), Small Copper(3), Common Blue(2), Ringlet(1), Meadow Brown(33), Green-veined White(3+), Brownstown Hd. Co.Waterford, 29/7.

Angus Tyner: Peacock(c.50), Painted Lady(4), Red Admiral(4), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Meadow Brown(5), Large White(4+), Small White(3+), Green-veined White(1+), Kilcroney, Ashford, Wicklow, 2/8; Clouded Yellow, Kilcroney, Ashford, Wicklow, 29/7. 

Kevin Hannan: Painted Lady, Small copper(1), many Meadow Brown, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood and Small white, Doonass [R653-619], Co.Clare 27/7;
Silver-washed Fritillerys(2), pathway to UL by the Shannon [R598-578]; Red Admirals(3), Peacocks(2)  Small Copper(1), many Green-veined White, Speckled Wood and Small white, nearby meadow, Limerick, 30/7

David Dillon: Red Admiral(35), Painted Lady(52), Peacock(80); Green-veined White(17), Speckled Wood(12), Small White(9), Large White(1), Common Blue(1male), Holly Blue(2). Meadow Brown(many) & Ringlet (few), Turvey, Donabate, Dublin, 30/7


Bob Aldwell: Summary Report of Visit to Donegal, July 22- July 28, 2006
* New 10km sq records

Butterfly Highlights

 July 22–warm but rather cloudy, deteriorating to rain in late afternoon – Pettigoe area (With Frank Smyth)

 July 23– Cloudy bright and warm – North Donegal Bay and Glencolumbkille District.

 July 24– Bright early but occasional heavy showers in afternoon - Meenaveale – Curraghamoan – Creggan - Derries

July 25 – mainly bright, warm and sunny but clouded over at 19.20 at Gweebarra. 

Doochary - Lough Barra - Letterbrick - Cloghan – Stranorlar – Drumkeen - Cloghroe –Steeple – Gweebarra Bridge

 July 26 – Warm and sunny with occasional cloud and one shower - Meeaneary –Glencolumbkille – Glen Head - Malinbeg.

July 27 – warm with intermittent sunshine, mostly at the coast –The Rosses - Gweebarra Bridge - Glenties.

Summary of Main Butterfly Highlights in Donegal in July 2006
July 2006 was exceptionally warm and sunny and followed on from what had been a unusually good June with hundreds of Marsh Fritillaries at Cruit (B71/B72) and Glashagh (B 82/B83) and a huge influx of migrants to Donegal in the first week of June. Major items in July were:

 Bob Aldwell, 31/07/06



David Cooke: Clouded Yellow(1), Gatekeeper(many), Red Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Peacock(5), Common Blue(2), Green-veined White & Small white (many), Ringlet & Meadow Brown (many), Russel Hill, near Brinny, Co.Cork, 24/7;
Peacock(20+), Red Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Holly Blue(1), Speckled Wood(4), Small White & Green-veined White, Currabinny Wood, Carrigaline, Cork, 25/7

Kevin Hannan: Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Peacock(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ringlet & Meadow Brown (abundant), Small Whites & Green-veined (abundant), Curragh Chase, Limerick, 23/7;
Small Copper(1), Small Whites (many), Green-veined White (many), Shannon Fields [R597-580], Limerick city, 24/7;
Silver-washed Fritillary(9), Green-veined White(2), Small White(1), Meadow Brown(4), Cratloe [R495 608], Co.CLare, 25/7;
Grayling(7), Dark Green Fritillary(30-40), Small Heath(100+), Common Blue(10+), Wood White(1), Small White(6), Ringlet & Meadow Brown (abundant), Green-veined White(6), Brimstone(2, both with damaged wings), the Burren [R280 952], Co.Clare, 25/7

Paul Walsh: Butterfllly records, Co.Waterford, 1-23 July 2006

Clouded Yellow(1), Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Ringlet(2), Meadow Brown(2), Small White(12+), Goish Bridge (X1388) near Aglish, 23/7.
Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(1), Brownstown Head (X6298), 23/7.
Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(3), Ringlet(7), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Gatekeeper(3), Small Heath(1), near Kilmeaden Pools (S5107), 22/7.
Gatekeeper(4), Ringlet(1), Meadow Brown(9), Coolrattin near Knockaderry Reservoir (S40), 22/7.
Red Admiral(2), Ballinaspick (X0394) near Tallow, 19/7.
Red Admiral(3), Killahaly Wood (X0894) near Cappoquin, 19/7.
Red Admiral(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Speckled Wood(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Meadow Brown(1), Ballyrafter Wood (X0599) near Lismore, 19/7.
Red Admiral(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(4+), Lowry Bridge/Whitestown (S4114), 16/7.
Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Ringlet(2), Common Blue(1), Meadow Brown(1), Curraghtaggart (S212),16/7.
Red Admiral(2), Painted Lady(1), Brownstown Head, 16/7.
Red Admiral(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(5), Ringlet(24), Meadow Brown(8), Speckled Wood(1), Portlaw/Curraghmore (S41),15/7.
Painted Lady(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Ringlet(4), Ardmore Head (X1977), 13/7.
Red Admiral(1), Hacketstown (X2782) near Mine Head, 13/7.
Red Admiral(5), Meadow Brown(12), Ringlet(1), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Kilmeaden Pools (S5107), 9/7.
Ringlet(7), Meadow Brown(5), Common Blue(1), Ballyshunnock Reservoir (S4509), 9/7.
Red Admiral(1), Brownstown Head, 8/7.
Red Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Meadow Brown(17), Speckled Wood(4), Ringlet(20), Small Heath(1), near Kilclooney Forest (S30/S31), 2/7.
Red Admiral(9), Meadow Brown(6), Brownstown Head, 1/7.


William Brush: Holly Blue (female, laying eggs on ivy), nr Emyvale, Monaghan, 22/7

Ken Bond: Red Admiral(2), Painted Lady(2), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Holly Blue(2), Peacock(2 - fresh brood), Curraghbinny, Cork, 20/7

Kevin Hannan: Wood White(1), Limerick City, 20/7 
[This is 3rd site report for Wood White in past 10 days - also Westmeath & Clare - indicating a second brood emergence]

David Nash: Large Heath(1), Annagh, Birr, Tipperary, 17/7; 
Green Hairstreak(2-3, in good condition), Brimstone(1), Annagh, Tipperary, 17/7; 
Brimstone(1), Moneygall, Offaly, 18/7

Ken Bond

Deirdre Hardiman: Red admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Small White(7), Herbert Park, Dublin,18/7; 
Holly Blue(2), Small White(1), RHK (IMMA), Dublin, 18/7; 
Grayling(15+), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Red Admiral(4), Painted Lady(1), Small White(4), Meadow Brown(40+), Ringlet(10+), Humming-bird Hawk Moth(2), Bray Head (South),19/7; Painted Lady larvae (numerous), cliff walk Donabate to Portrane, 21/7

David Dillon: Holly Blue(4), Portmarnock, Dublin, 18/7;  
Red Admiral(1), Common Blue(1), Meadow Brown(25), Ringlet(c.40), Knock Pond, Balrothery, Dublin, 13/7

David Cooke: Gatekeeper, Ballyfeard, Cork,15/7; 
Clouded Yellow(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Painted Lady(5), Small Copper(1), Knoppoge Wood, near Kilbrittain, Cork, 17/7

Fred Walsh: Silver-washed fritillary(10), Meadow Brown(30), Ringlet(30), Small Heath(1), laneway near Waterford Airport(S627065), 16/7; 
Dark-green fritillary(2), Painted Lady(2), numerous Meadow Brown and Ringlet, Ballagh(T0206), Wexford, 15/7;
Silver-washed Fritillary(40), numerous Meadow Brown and Ringlet, Castlemorris Wood(S4935), Kilkenny, 16/7


Deirdre Hardiman

Kevin Hannan: Silver-washed Fritillary(10), Kildysert(R2456), Clare, 13/7

Ken Bond: Common Blue(2 sites adults & larvae), Small Blue(larvae - Dog's Head & Kilmurvey), Inishmore, Aran Islands, Galway, 5/7; Silver-washed Fritillary(1), nr Minane Bridge, Cork, 9/7; Gatekeeper(1), Grayling, Robert's Head, Cork, 9/7; Red Admiral(6), Painted Lady(1), Gortigrenane, Cork, 9/7

Angus Tyner: Silver-washed Fritillary(3), Speckled Wood(3), Bolger's Cottate,Upper Lake Glendalough; Ringlet(20), Meadow Brown(10), Speckled Wood(2), Upper Lake Carpark, Glenddalough, Wicklow, 11/7

Deirdre Hardiman: Ringlet(8), Meadow Brown(10+), Small Tortoiseshell(15+), Bog Meadow, Wicklow, 10/7; Small Tortoideshell(1), roof garden, Sandyford, Dublin. Small White(1), Dundrum, Dublin. Small Tortoiseshell(2), Nutley Park, Dublin. 11/7    

David Nash: Holly Blue(1), Nutley Park, Donnybrook, Dublin, 10/4

Kevin Hannan: Silver-washed Fritillary(21), Meadow Brown(many), Ringlet(many), Wood White(2), Red Admiral(3), Speckled Wood(2), Maughan Fort, Newmarket-on-Fergus, Clare, 9/7

David Dillon: Ringlet(613++), Meadow Brown(110++), Common Blue(2), Clouded Yellow(1), Large White(1), Sluice Marsh, Portmarnock, Dublin, 7/7

Bob Aldwell: Meadow Brown(50+), Ringlet(50+), Speckled Wood(6), Small White(4), Common Blue(2), Painted Lady(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Ringsend/Irishtown, 5/7; Clouded Yellow(1f v faded), Common Blue(1), Meadow Brown(6), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Kilcoole, Wicklow, 7/7

Tony Murray: Painted Ladies(2), Great Skellig, Kerry, 2/7; Clouded Yellow(2), Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(1), Dark Green Fritillary(numerous), Ballyteige NNR, Wexford, 4/7

D Hardiman & D Nash: Meadow Brown(10+), Ringlet(10+), Small Blue(8 & larva 1), Common Blue(1), Skerries, Co.Dublin; Small White(1), Donnybrook, Dublin, 2/7

Fred Walsh: Clouded Yellow(2), Ringlet(20), Meadow Brown(8), Old Railway Station, Kilinick, Co.Wexford, 1/7

DNFC: Small White, Large White, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Common Blue, Speckled Wood, Red Admiral(larvae), Painted Lady(1 larva), Clouded Yellow(1 ovipositing on white clover), Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin, 1/7

Deirdre Hardiman: Speckled Wood(10+), Meadow Brown(6+), Ringlet(3), Large White(1), Small Heath(10+), Small Blue(4, mostly ragged but one female very fresh), Island Golf Club, Donabate, Co.Dublin, 1/7

Terry Tedstone: Clouded Yellow(1), Lisfannon(C32), Donegal, 30/6

David Cooke: Clouded Yellow(1), Green Hairstreak(8), Common Blue(7), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Grayling(2), Green-veined White(2), Meadow Brown(5), Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(1), Dursey Island, Cork, 23-26/6; Clouded Yellow(1), Hilltown, Carrigaline, Cork, 28/6

Dermot Breen: Large Heath(3), Glenveagh (C02), 27/6; Large Heath(10+), Glenveagh Park(B91), Donegal, 26/6

Aisling nic an tSithigh: Small Blue(mostly tattered), Common Blue(many), Clouded Yellow(1), Inismeain, Co.Galway 21-25/6 


David Nash: Large Heath(10+), Wood White(1), Peacock(larvae), Small Heath, Common Blue, Mongan's Bog,Offaly, 25/6; 
Large Heath(10+), Wood White(1), Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood, Annagh Bog, N. Tipperary, 25/6; 
Large Heath(10+), Wood White(2), Ringlet(5), Meadow Brown(2), Speckled Wood(5), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(larvae), Sharavogue Bog, Offaly, 25/6

Paul Walsh: Clouded Yellow(1), Small Heath(2), Speckled Wood(5+), Bohadoon area (S2402), nr Monavullagh Mountains, 25/6; 
Ringlet(2), Small Heath(1), Meadow Brown(2), Common Blue(3), disused quarry (X1482) nr Clashmore, 25/6; 
Red Admiral(3), Painted Lady(3), Small Heath(1), Common Blue(14), Small Copper(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Speckled Wood(4), Brownstown Head (X69), 17/6; 
Painted Lady(4), Red Admiral(1), Killone (S5004), nr Knockaderry, 17/6; 
Red Admiral (1), Grallagh (X1683), 16/6. Red Admiral (1), Ram Head (X2076), 14/6. 
All Co Wateford.

Kevin Hannan: Painted Lady(1), Meadow Brown(20+), Ringlet(8), Smithstown, Shannon; Wood White(3), Dark Green Fritillary(27), Small Heath(2), Speckled Wood(20+), Common Blue (numerous), Burren, Co.Clare, 22/6

Steve Christmas: Clouded Yellow(1), Lady's Island Lake, Wexford, 21/6

Ian Rippey: Butterfly observations  in Republic of Ireland, 12-18 June 2006 

Species seen (22): Dingy Skipper (Erynnis tages), Wood White (Leptidea sinapis), Real's Wood White (Leptidea reali), Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni), Large White (Pieris brassicae), Small White (Pieris rapae), Green-veined White (Pieris napi), Orange-tip (Anthocharis cardamines), Green Hairstreak (Callophrys rubi), Small Blue (Cupido minimus), Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus), Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta), Painted Lady (Cynthia cardui), Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae), Peacock (Inachis io), Pearl-bordered Fritillary (Boloria selene), Marsh Fritillary (Eurodryas aurinia), Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria), Wall Brown (Lasiommata megera), Meadow Brown (Maniola jurtina), Small Heath (Coenonympha pamphilus), Large Heath (Coenonympha tullia)

Small Copper, Holly Blue, Dark Green Fritillary, Grayling and Ringlet might have been expected, but it may have been too late for the first 2 and too early for the last 2.

Number of butterfly species seen in each vice county, 12-18 June 2006 

                                                                                                                            Ian Rippey


Niall T Keogh & Noel Keogh: Common Blue(6m+1f), Red Admiral(1 fresh), Painted Lady(1 faded, 1 fresh), Speckled Wood(1), Kilcoole, Wicklow, 17/6

Geoff Hunt:Clouded Yellow, Painted Lady, Common Blue, Small White, Speckled Wood, Rathekeale, Limerick, 15/6; 
Painted Lady, Small White, Red Admiral, Griston Bog, Ballylander, Limerick; Clouded Yellow, Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Wood White, Orange Tip, Green-veined White, Large White, Small White, Speckled Wood,
Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Common Blue, Tullig, Abbeyfeale. Limerick, 17/6

David Cooke: Clouded Yellow(1), Red Admiral(2), Wall Brown(1), Green-veined White(2), Green Hairstreak(21), Dursey Island, Cork, 16/6; Clouded Yellow(1), E side of Dursey, 17/6

Kevin Hannan: Marsh Fritillary(20+), Small Heaths(40-50), Common Blue(14), Speckled Wood(5), Brimstone(5), Wood White(2), Rinroe Pond, Burren, Clare, 14/6; 
Brimstone(12), Painted Lady(3), Peacock(4), Red Admiral(1), Common Blue(3), Wood White(3), R315944, Clare, 14/6; 
Marsh Fritillary(13), Common Blue(20+), Small Heath(11), Speckled Wood(1), R292945, Clare, 14/6;  
Small Blue(1), Small Heath(8), Dingy Skipper(2), Wood White(6), (R165-2985), Caher Upper, Clare, 14/6; 
Meadow Brown(1), R686601, Limerick, 16/6; 
Large Heath(2), Painted Lady(2), R696631,Limerick 16/6 


Summary Report of Visit to Donegal by Bob Aldwell, June 13-15 2006

Other recent new Donegal 10km sq records
Alison and Maurice Simms: B60 -  at Dunmore Head on June 11: CB, PL, RA 
Sandy Alcorn: B73 – Innishsirrer Island on June 7: PL and RA 
Con O’Donnell: C64 – Greencastle about June 11: WB 

                                                                                                   Bob Aldwell

David Cooke
: Small Heath(2), Meadow Brown(2), Small Copper(1), Painted Lady(4), Red admiral(2), Large White(3), Speckled Wood(6), Garrettstown wood near Kinsale, Co.Cork, 15/6

Frank Smyth: Clouded Yellow(1), Red Admiral, Painted Lady, Howth Station, Dublin, 15/6

Caroline Mhic Daeid & Rory Hodd: Clouded Yellow(1), roadside, nr Glan Lough, W of Sneem; Clouded Yellow(1), roadside, crossroads E of L. Yganavan; Clouded Yellow(1), roadside, bank of R. Laune, Killorglin. Kerry, 14/6


Ken Bond:Wood White(4 'reali'), Carrigeanon, Boggeragh Mts, Cork, 370 metres, 14/6; 
Wood White(1), Meadow Brown, Kenmare, Kerry, 14/6; 
Large Heath(3), Gerah Bridge, NW Kenmare, 14/6 & Shannera Lower(4), Kerry,14/6; 
Clouded Yellow(1), Shronahirree More, N of Glencar, Kerry, 14/6  & Mossy Bed(1) nr Nad, Cork, 15/6; 
Painted Lady(2), Kenmare, Kerry, 14/6 & Mossy Bed(1), nr Nad, Cork, 15/6; 
Small Heath(1), Gortugullane (N slope of Mangerton & Kenmare(1), Kerry 14/6

Deirdre Hardiman: 4-13 June 2006


Colm Ronayne: Clouded Yellow(1), Skerries, Dublin, 11/6

Con O'Donnell: Dark Green Fritillary(6+), Greencastle Golf Links, Donegal, 11/6

Paul Hillis: Brimstone (1 m), shore of Lough Derg, Tipperary, 10/6; Painted Lady(4) and Meadow Brown(2) Lough Funshunagh, Roscommon, 11/6

Frank Smyth: Marsh Fritillary(4 at new site), Small Copper, Common Blue, Small Heath, Green-veined White, S of Rock Hill, nr Ballintra, Donegal, 11/6

Paul Walsh: Clouded Yellow(1), Painted Lady(7), Wood White(2+), Speckled Wood, Gortnalaght Wood (S31: S3303), nr Lemybrien, Waterford,11/6; 
Painted Lady (3), Red Admiral(1) & Wood White (1), among others, Ballygarran/Lissahane (S40), Waterford, 11/6; 
Painted Lady(4), Red Admiral(2), Common Blue(9), Small Copper(5), Speckled Wood(7), Small White(1+), Brownstown Head (X69), Waterford, 11/6.

Noel Keogh: Clouded Yellow(1), Lingstown, "High Car Park" & (1), Paradise Quarry Pond, Tacumshim Lake area. Wexford, 11/6

Kevin Hannan: Small Heath(1), Common Blue(many), Small White(many), Wood White(4), Painted Lady(3), Dingy Skipper(1), Burren (R39), 11/6

Geoff Hunt: Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(1), Speckled Wood(6), Common Blue(15), Small White(3), Large White(1), Westfields, Limerick City, 10/6; 
Large Heath(1), Painted Lady(1), Common Blue(3), Castleconnell Bog, Limerick, 10/6

Freddie Walsh: Clouded Yellow(1), Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(3), Small Copper(2), Meadow Brown(6), Common Blue, Small Heath, Ballytiegue Burrow, Kilmore Quay, Wexford, 10/6

Tom Ennis: Peacock(c.5), Red Admiral(c.5), Painted Lady(1), Clouded Yellow(1), Great Saltee, Wexford, 10/6

Ethna Diver: Painted Lady(6), Bundoran, Donegal, 10/6

Bob Aldwell: Painted Lady(2), Small Whites(6), Common Blue(2), Green-veined White(1), Orange Tip(1), Kilcoole, Wicklow, 10/6; 
Marsh Fritillary two new 10 km square records (G86  & H28) for Donegal - At Kildoney Point(G86), there were also Small Heath, Large White, Painted Lady, Red Admiral and Green-veined White [Frank Smyth]. Large Whites may also be part of migrant influx to the north-west.

Sandy Alcorn:Painted Lady(many), Red Admiral(many), Inishmeane(B72) and Inishirrer(B73) Islands, West Donegal, 7/6; 
Painted Lady(15+), Red Admiral(20+), Inishbofin Island(B83), Donegal, 9/6 


Ken Bond: 3-9th June 2006


Brian Nelson, Maurice Hughes, Ken Bond, Bob & Liz Gomes, Stephen & Gail Jeffcoate:
Burren 6-9th
June 2006

David Nash: Dingy Skipper(3+), Painted Lady(2), Meadow Brown(2), Esker Hills, W of Tyrellpass, 9/6


Marsh Fritillary & Migants in Donegal

David Nash: Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(2), nr Edenderry, 8/6

Emmet Johnston: Painted Lady & Red Admiral ("by the dozen"), Ininshtrahull Island, Donegal, 7/6

Bob Aldwell: Wood White(6), Orange Tip, Peacock, Speckled Wood, Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 6/6

Kevin Hannan:Wall Brown(12), Common Blue(20+), nr Dunbeg golf clubhouse, Clare, 4/6; 
Peacock(1), Red Admiral(1), Large White(4), Green-veined White(2), Carrrigaholt, Clare, 4/6; Small White(4), Painted Lady(1), Poulasherry, Clare, 4/6;
Red Admiral(1), Kilbaha, Clare, 4/6; 
Common Blue(40), Marsh Fritillary(3), Peacok(2), Painted Lady(2), Large White(8), Speckled Wood(12), Wood White(30+), Green-veined White(10), Dingy Skipper(1), Wall Brown(6), Brimstone(30+), Kilnaboy-Boston Area, Burren, Clare, 5/6; 
Large Heath
(16), Green Hairstreak(2), Common Blue(1), Speckled Wood(2), Green-veined White(1), Annaholty, Limerick/Tipperary, 6/6

Adrian Phelan: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2), Marsh Fritillary(8), Common Blue(1), Small Heath(3), nr Kilnaboy, Burren, Clare, 5/6

Josephine O'Donnell: Wall Brown(1), Gortahork, Donegal, 5/6

George McDermott: Painted Lady(2), Buncrana, 1/6; Red Admiral(1), Peacock (laying eggs), Inch Island, Donegal, 5/6

Maurice Simms: Painted Lady(1), Aderwaal Glen; Painted Lady(4), Red Admiral(4), Crowey Head, nr Dungloe; Crohan's Hill, nr Lifford, Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(3). Donegal, 3/6-5/6
[All in pristine condition indicating recent arrival - any more reports from elsewhere in country indicating direction of arrival?]

N T & N Keogh: Painted Lady(2), Red Admiral(1 faded/worn), Green-veined White(many), Great Saltee, Wexford, 4/6; 
Small Heath(2), Small Copper(2), Wall Brown(1), Carnsore, Wexford, 4/6

Emer Magee:Red Admiral(2), Croaghanirwore, Blue Stacks, Donegal, 2/6

Geoff Hunt & Shanagolden NS : Dingy Skipper, Small Blue, Common Blue, Speckled Wood, Small Heath, Wood White, Green-veined White, Aughinish Island, Limerick, 2/6

Geoff Hunt & Veroncia Santorum: Green Hairstreak(2), Carrigkerry Bog, West Limerick, 2/6 [first record from this area]

Freddie Walsh: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(4), Dingy Skipper(20+), numerous 'Small Whites', Peacock(6), Wall Brown(6), Clooncoose, Burren, Clare, 30/5; 

Green Hairstreak(12+), Common Blue(1), Shronowen Bog, Kerry, 31/5


Summary Report of Visit to Donegal by Bob Aldwell and David Nash
May 26- June 1 2006  [
* New 10km sq  records]

Butterfly Highlights 
1. 14 flying species  (DS, GH, GVW, LW, MF, OT, P, SB, SC, SH, SmT, SpW, SW, WB)
2. Dingy Skippers seen on four 10km sqs
3. Holly Blue and Wall Brown confirmed as present on Inishowen (new in 2006)
4. Large numbers of Marsh Fritillaries (200+) seen on Cruit Island on May 31.
5. Nine new 10km sq records 

Bob Aldwell 3 June 2006


Frank Smyth: Common Blue(2), Holly Blue(3), Peacock(5), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Speckled Wood(3), Large White(2), Small White(2), Green-veined White(1), Wall Brown(3), Bailey, 31/5; 
Small Heath(1), Small Copper(7), Common Blue(3), Holly Blue(3), Red Admiral(2), Peacock(8), Speckled Wood(4), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Large White(2), Small White(1), Green-veined White(2), Orange Tip(3), Wall Brown(1), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin,1/6

Deirdre Hardiman
: Small Heath(4), Wall Brown(3), Small White(1), Green-veined White(8+) and Orange Tip (10+m, 2f), Portrane, Co Dublin, 1/6 

Ralph & Liz Sheppard: Green-veined White(10), Orange Tip(1), Lisnagra; Green-veined White(5), Vance's Point; Green-veined White(1), Drung; Small Copper(1), Green Hairstreak(2), Doon; Inishowen, Donegal, 28/5 

Ken Bond
: Small Copper(3), Brimstone(2), Wood White(2), Dromore Wood, Clare, 28/5; Wood White, Brimstone(4), Peacock(1 worn), Lough Cullaunyheeda, Clare, 29/5; 
Wood White, Carran, The Burren, 29/5; 
Dingy Skipper(6), Wood White(4), Clooncose, The Burren, Clare, 29/5

Geoffrey Hunt: Small Blue(1), Aughinish Nature Reserve, 18/5; 
Dingy Skipper(1), Red Admiral(1), Common Blue(8), Aughinish Nature Reserve, 28/5

Angus Tyner: Common Blue(1), Painted Lady(3), Killoughter; Small Copper(1), 6 mile point; Painted Lady(1), 5 mile point; Peacock(2), Holly Blue(2), Orange Tip (c6), East Coast Nature Reserve. Co.Wicklow, 27/5

David Cooke: Small Copper(1), Wall Brown(3) and Large White(1), Doolieve wood near Carrigaline, Co. Cork, 26/5

Kevin Hannan: Green Hairstreak(3), Orange Tip(2), Derryfada Bog, Clare, 25/5

Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral(1), Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 24/5

George McDermott: Wall Brown(4+), Lenane Head(C24), Inishowen, Donegal, 21/5
[This species is already know from the same 10 km square in Fanad - the other side of Lough Swilly - but this is the first report for Inishowen Peninsula ...] 

Bob Aldwell: Painted Lady(2), Vico Road; Holly Blue(2), Sorrento Terrace; Red Admiral(1), Castle Avenue, Dalkey, Dublin, 19/5

Emer Magee: Green Hairstreak, Meenacarn, south of Dungloe, Donegal, 17/5

Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: Small Blue(6), St. John's Point, Donegal, 13/5

Maurice Simms: Green Hairstreak(6), Green-veined White(9+), Holly Blue(8), Orange Tip(8), Peacock(5), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Speckled Wood(12), Wall Brown(1), Adderwal Glen, 11/5; Wall Brown(1), O'Boyle's Island, Donegal, 13/5

Kevin Hannan: Green Hairstreak (c.30), Annaholty Bog, Tipperary, 11/5 & 12/5

Brian Danaher: (1)Painted Lady, (2)Peacock, Kilcoole, Wicklow, 11/5; 
(3)Orange Tip, (1)Speckled Wood, Newcastle Rd. leading to beach, 11/5;
(1)Large White, Shankill, Co.Dublin, 12/5

Noel Keogh: Wall Brown(4), Orange Tip(6), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Red Admiral(1),  Speckled  Wood(3), Green-veined White(2), Irishtown Nature Park, Dublin, 11/5

Niall T Keogh: Holly Blue(5+), Peacock(2), Speckled Wood(3), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 11/5

Angus Tyner:Red Admiral(1), Ashford, Wicklow, 9/5; Red Admiral(1), Three Rock Wood, Dublin, 10/5; Painted Lady(1), Peacock(4), Orange Tip(5), Green-veined White(3), Ballyvolan, Newcastle, Wicklow, 11/5

Sean O Gaoithin: Holly Blue, Glenveagh Gardens, Donegal, 10 & 11/5 


Visit to Donegal by Bob Aldwell and Frank Smyth May 9-13, 2006:
13 flying species as below, only GH, GVW, OT, P and SpW were anyway widespread and sometimes numerous. Six new 10km sqs for GH (*).

David Nash: Dingy Skipper(1), Wood White(1), Painted Lady(1), Peacock(1), Green-veined White, Orange Tip & Speckled Wood, Royal Canal, Moyvalley, Offaly,10/5

Liz Sheppard: Painted Lady(1), nr Raphoe, Donegal, 8/5

Peter Doyle: Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Speckled Wood, Holly Blue(many), Killiney,  Dublin,7/5


Frank Smyth: Painted Lady(8), Claremont Beach, Howth, Dublin, 7/5 [mostly on Dandelion]; Wall Brown(2), Needles, Howth, 7/5

David Dillon: Holly Blue(5), Portmarnock, Dublin, 7/5; 
Holly Blue(9), Green-veined White(8), Orange Tip(13m + 8f)), Speckled Wood(6), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Small White(3), Peacock(1), Rogerstown, Dublin, 7/5

Inishowen Wildlife Club:Green Hairstreak(40+), Ballyargus, Inishowen, Donegal, 6/5 [new 10 km record, per Paddy McCrossan]

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(1), [both in pristine condition], Holly Blue(7), Speckled Wood(9), Peacock(4), Orange Tip(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Bailey, Howth, Dublin, 5/5

Deirdre Hardiman: Holly Blue(2), Small White(2), Peacock(6), Orange Tip(1), Corballis, Dublin, 5/5

Paul Hillis: Holly Blue(1-2), Goatstown, Dublin, 25/4 & 1/5

Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: Peacock (1), Green Hairstreak (2), Tyrrells Pass, Co Westmeath, 1/5

Ken Bond: Holly Blue, Peacock, Island Wood, Newmarket, Cork, 27/4; 
Peacock, Derrymore Strand, Dingle Peninsula, Kerry & Tullabrack Lough, nr Kilrush, Clare, 28/4; 
Brimstone, Ballyvaughan, Deelin Beg & Perfumery, Burren, Clare, 29/4; 
Marsh Fritillary(2 larval exuviae), Rinroe, SW Lough Bunny, Clare, 29/4; 
Orange Tip(2 eggs, white), Bawnmore, N of Macroom, Cork, 30/4

David Cooke: Wall Brown(1), Small Copper(1), Green Hairstreak(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Green-veined White(several), Dursey Island, Cork, 29/4

Frank Smyth: Green Hairstreak(4), south of Barnesmore Gap, Donegal, 
[new 10 km record for H08], 29/4]

Caroline Mhic Daeid: Speckled Wood(1), Moynalty, Kells, Meath, 15/4; 
Green-veined White(2), Fyanstown, Kells, Meath, 21/4; 
Holly Blue(2), Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin, 22/4[with G Sharkey & D Doogue]; 
Holly Blue(1), Mullagh-Virginia Road, Cavan, 28/4; 
Brimstone, E of Lough Key, Roscommon, 28/4

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(3), Merrion Square, Dublin; Holly Blue(6), Stephens Green, Dublin, 27/4; 
Holly Blue(2), Dargle Road, Bray, Wicklow, 28/4

Frank Smyth: Holly Blue(15), Ardnamona, Lough Eske; Holly Blue(1), Knader, Ballyshannon, Donegal, 28/4

Geoff Hunt: Orange Tip(2), Brimstone(1), Curragh Chase, Limerick, 23/4; 
Holly Blue(2), Orange Tip(4), Small White(2), Green-veined White(3), Speckled Wood (3), Tarbert, Kerry,  [new 10 km record for HB in R04], 28/4.

Deirdre Hardiman: Holly Blue(1), Shelbourne Rd. Dublin, 26/4;  
Peacock(3), Green-veined White(1), Holly Blue(1), Egg shell of Purple Hairstreak on oak, Glenmalure, Wicklow, 27/4.

Raymond Fulton: Painted Lady(1), nr Clifden, Galway, 27/4 [per I Rippey]

Ken Bond: Speckled Wood(1), Sunday's Well, Cork 25/4 & 27/4; 
Small Tortoiseshell(1) and Large White(1), ovipositing on  oil-seed rape, Sunday's Well, Cork, 27/4


Frank Smyth's observation of a Holly Blue Butterfly in his garden on 25/4:

Bob Aldwell comments:  

Angus Tyner: Orange Tip(1), Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White, Ashford, Co Wicklow, 21/4; 
Green-veined White(1), Speckled Wood(1), Holly Blue(2), 25/4;  Small White(c4), Ashford, Co Wicklow, 22-25/4. 

Cóilín MacLochlainn: Peacock(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Holly Blue(2), Fitsimons Wood, Sandyford, Dublin, 24/4

D Nash & D Hardiman: Peacock(c.25), Holly Blue(4), Glen of the Downs, Wicklow, 24/4

Derek Scott: Green Hairstreak(2), Holly Blue(3-4), Green-veined White, Small Tortoiseshell(1), Dursey Island, Cork, 23/4
Painted Lady, Dursey Island, 5/4 (per D Scott).

Ken Bond: Green-veined White (1), Peacock(5), Doon Loug, E. Clare;
Brimstone (1), Ballyscanlan, Clare. (1), Inchicronana Lough, Clare. 
(2 m), Curtaun, Clare. 21/4; 
Small Tortoiseshell (mating), Derry nr Tubber, SE Galway, 21/4;
Green-veined White(1m), Holly Blue(2), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Carrigaline, Cork, 23/4; Peacock(3), Kylenahoory, N Cork, 23/4 

Frank Smyth: Holly Blue(12), Peacock(16), Speckled Wood(12), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Needles, Howth, 21/4; 
Holly Blue(2), Small White(2), Peacock(11), Small Tortoiseshell(8), Sheep Hole, Howth, 23/4

David Cooke: Holly Blue(1), Speckled Wood(2), Douglas, Cork, 22/4

Stephen McCormack: Holly Blue, Sydney Parade, Dublin, 21/4


Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(2), Peacock(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 21/4; Orange Tip(1), Small Tortoiseshell (3), Vico Rd. Dalkey, Dublin, 21/4 

Adrian Phelan: Holly Blue(6), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Grangegorman, Dublin, 21/4

Ken Bond: Small Tortoiseshell(11), Holly Blue(1), Orange Tip(1 m), Small White(1), Sunday's Well, Cork City, 19/4

Niall Keogh
: Holly Blue(1), Cabinteely, Dublin, 14/4; 
Small Tortoiseshell(3), Deansgrange, Dublin, 19/4

Frank Smyth
: Speckled Wood(2), Murvagh Woods, Donegal, 17/4;  
Peacock(3), Knader Wood & Peacock(1), Murvagh Wood, Donegal, 14/4;  
Marsh Fritillary (70+ larvae) - scattered, Rabley Hill, nr St John's Point, Donegal, c.14/4; Holly Blue(1), Speckled Wood(1), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Needles, Howth, 19/4

Brian Hodkinson: Peacock(4), Annaholty, Limerick, 16/4

John Lyons: Peacock(6), Carlingford, Louth, 16/4

Ken Bond: Peacock(1), Inch sand dunes, W Cork, 16/4

Geoff Hunt: Brimstone(1), Peacock(1), Green-veined White(1), Creeves, Limerick, 14/4

Derek Scott: Green-veined White(4), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Dursey, Cork, 15/4

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(4), Seapoint, Monkstown, Dublin, 11/4

Ken Bond: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(1), Cork City (Sunday's Well) 3/4; 
Small Tortoishell(1) Gorteen, nr Dungarvan, Waterford, 4/4; 
Small Tortoiseshell(4), Granny Bridge, Kilkenny (just N of Waterford City); Painted Lady(1) Mullinabro House (just N of Waterford City), Kilkenny, 4/4; 
Small Tortoiseshell(6), Peacock(1), Cork City (Sunday's Well), 5/4


David Cooke: Painted Lady(1), Belgooly, Cork, 4/4 and Peacock, 5/4

Frank Smyth:
Large White(1), Sutton, Dublin, 4/4
Small Tortoiseshell(1) and Peacock (2) at Red Rock, 22/3; 
Peacock (1), Ceanncoir Road near Needles, 22/3; 
Small Tortoiseshell(1), Howth Dart Station, Dublin, 22/3

Angus Tyner:
Small Tortoiseshell(1) &
Small White(1), Ashford, Wicklow, 4/4
- the latter may have emerged from a polytunnel.

Helen Cloney: Painted Lady(1), Caim, Wexford, 2/4
Painted Lady(4), Enniscorthy, 3/4.

W.C. Watts
: Peacock(1), Ballinteer, Dublin, 2/4

Noel Keogh & Hugh Delaney: Red Admiral(1), Blackturf Landing, Raven Wood, Wexford, 1/4 - in tattered condition.

Niall Keogh: Peacock(1), Cabinteely, Dublin, 29/3

Bob Aldwell & David Nash
: Holly Blue(1), Seapoint Avenue, Monkstown, Dublin, 1/4

Dublin Naturalists' Field Club: Purple Hairstreak egg(1), Dalkey, Dublin 25/3

Stuart Dunlop
: Small Tortoiseshell, along river Deele, Donegal, 22/3

Frank Smyth: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(2), Red Rock; Peacock(1), The Needles; Small Tortoiseshell(1), Dart Station - all on Howth Head, 22/3

David Nash:
Purple Hairstreak eggs(3), Glen of the Downs, Wicklow, 18/3

Bill Power: Peacock(1), Woodstock, Kilkenny, 6/3

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary (19 larval nests), Knuttery, East Cork, 4/3

John Ryan
: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Piltown, Kilkenny, 1/3

Ken Bond: Brown Hairstreak, 45 eggs on blackthorn, Dromore Woods, Clare. 18/2

Trevor Connolly: Red Admiral(1), Newcastle, Wicklow, 17/2
[Feeding on Viburnum]

Pat Whelan: Red Admiral(1), Glengarriff, W. Cork, 29/1 [per K. Bond]

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary(2 nests), Ballydoogan, E. Galway, 29/1
[Two small groups on Devil's-bit scabious. At least one larva appeared to be feeding despite heavy frost on vegetation and partially frozen ground]

Emer Magee
: Red Admiral(1), Derkmore, Lettermacward, W. Donegal, 28/1/06 
[In 'pristine' condition].

Derek Scott
: Peacocks, Dursey Island, Cork, 14/1/06 & 21/1

End of Butterfly Records 2006

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