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green hairstreak   <>   callophrys rubi   <>  stiallach uaine


Green Hairstreak on Bilberry, Tyrrells Pass, Westmeath,   DHardiman '06
D Hardiman '06   

Habitat:  The Green Hairstreak is widely distributed throughout Ireland but especially common in the south-west and west on blanket bog and on edges of raised bog.  
It is single brooded
Larval Food Plant:  
                                   Bilberry Vaccinium myrtillus,
                                   Gorse Ulex spp.
                                   Broom Cystius scoparius
                                   Bird's-foot-trefoil Lotus corniculatus
Flight Time:   End of April to July
Hibernation:   Overwinters as a pupa   

The male and female Green Hairstreaks are very similar in appearance with forewing brown and the underside a metalic blue-green. The male has a small oval patch of dark androconial scales on each of the forewings. The tail is very reduced in size in this hairstreak.




Life Cycle of  the Green Hairstreak


The  glassy light-green egg is spheroidal and flattened, with a diameter of  c.0.65 mm.  It is laid singly on 
the flower bud or in the axils of  young leaf shoots of the food plant in May and June.   Its colour darkens
slightly after a few days and hatches in 8-10 days.

  DHardiman 2010


The adult larva is wood-louse shaped, the body being broad and plump becoming flattened at the extremities 
and strongly indented between the segments.  It is green with a dark mediodorsal stripe from which radiate 
oblique lemon yellow markings from the third segment backwards.  A small dorsal gland is present on the 7th 
segment and there are yellow spiracular spots.  The head is shiny brown and partially withdraws into the body 
when at rest.  Larvae can be found from May to mid-July.  It is known to cannibalise other young and mature
larvae of its own species that it encounters.

  DHardiman 2002

Pupation takes place, at the end of July,  beneath its food plant near to the ground under moss and leaves .
It remains there overwintering until the following May.
Whether it lies freely or is supported by a silken girdle is uncertain.

  DHardiman 2002


The adult emerges at the end of April and is in flight until July.

Green Hairstreak on Bilberry, Tyrrells Pass, Westmeath,   DHardiman '06

  DHardiman 2006


Green Hairstreak, Co Wicklow   DHardiman '08

  DHardiman 2008




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