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Butterfly Record Archives 2005

Geoff Hunt: Red Admiral, Aughinish, Limerick, 24/12: Small Tortoiseshell, University of Limerick, 22/12

Eamonn McGlinchey: Peacock, Lisnenan, N of Letterkenny, 19/12

Betty French: Speckled Wood(1), Carrigbyrne, Nr. Campile, Wexford, 15/12

S & J Reynolds: Red Admiral(1), W. Glendalough, Wicklow, 11/12

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1), Needles, Howth Head, Dublin, 11/12

Anthony Mooney: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Bryanstown, Maynooth, Kildare, 10/12

Niamh Lennon: Red Admiral(1), Ballinteer Shopping Centre, Dublin, 9/12

Frank & Joan Smyth: Small Tortoiseshell(1), Red Admiral(1), Red Rock, Howth; 20/11;
Red Admiral(1), Needles, Howth, Dublin, 21/11

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1 male), Seapoint, Dublin, 20/11. [On ivy on garden wall, apparently v. recently emerged from pupa. Temperature nearby was 12 deg. C] 

Dublin Naturalists' Field Club: Red Admiral(1), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin, 19/11

Brian Hodginson: Red Admiral(1), Rock of Dunamase, Laois, 17/11

Kevin Hannan: Red Admiral(1), University of Limerick, 13/11

Ian Rippey
: Red Admiral, Churchtown and elsewhere, Wexford,  9/11
[per Tony Murrary, "in the last few days"]

Ken Bond
: Peacock(1), SE of Charleville, N Cork, 5/11 [per Gavin Fennessy]; Red Admiral, Cork City, 8/11

Frank Smyth
: Red Admiral(1), Howth Head, Dublin, 7/11

Jim O'Connor
: Holly Blue(1), Castleknock, Dublin, 6/11

Gwen Mallin
: Red Admiral(1) and unidentified dark butterfly, nr Glenamaddy, Galway, 5/11

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(2-3), Seapoint, Dublin, 2/11

Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral(1), Rocks' Park, Blackrock, Dublin, 1/11; Fresh Holly Blue(1) beside Blackrock RC Church, Dublin, 1/11; Male Holly Blue, Seapoint Avenue, Blackrock, Dublin, 1/11. 

Michael O'Keefe: Monarch(1), Baltimore, Co. Cork, 30/10/2005. [View photo »» ]

Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral (2) on nettles, Rock Park, Blackrock, Dublin, 30/10

George McDermott: Large White larvae in a garden, Buncrana, Donegal, 30/10

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(3), Seapoint, Dublin, 26/10

David Nash: Holly Blue(1), Serpentine Avenue, Ballsbridge, Dublin, 23/10


Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1), Seapoint Avenue, Dublin, 23/10; Red Admiral(1+), Ringsend, Dublin, 20/10 

Tom Shevlin
: reports a Clouded Yellow (seen by Joe Adamson), Hook Head, Wexford, 22/10

Bob Aldwell
: Holly Blue(5) along Seapoint Avenue (spread over about  200 metres), Dublin,17/10; also two Holly Blue at Seapoint Avenue,15/10 [Margaret Finn]

Geoff Hunt:
  Red Admiral and Speckled Wood, Glenstal Abbey, Limeric
k, 16/10 

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary (45 webs), North Cork (site not cited), c.10/10

Frank Smyth: Holly Blue(1), Peacock(1), Red Admiral(1), Sutton, Dublin, 14/10; Holly Blue(1), Baldoyle, Dublin, 15/10

Bob Aldwell
: Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Dalkey Quarry, Dublin, 13/10

John Cromie:
  Peacocks(2), foothills of Blue Stack Mountains, Donegal, 13/10

Niall Keogh, Peter Doyle, Harry Hussey and Shane Farrell:Small Copper(1) (slightly ragged), Red Admirals(2) & Small Tortoiseshell(1), Schull, Cork, 13/10

rank Smyth: Red Admiral(8), St. Fintan's Park, Sutton, 27/9; Red Admiral(2), Speckled Wood(5), Painted Lady(1), Red Rock, Sutton, 27/9.
Red Admiral(11), Speckled Wood(5), Painted Lady(1), Needles, Howth, Dublin, 5/10.
[All the above were feeding on late flowering ivy.]

Bob Aldwell: Red Admiral, Large White, Small White, Blackrock, Dublin, 5/10. Holly Blue larvae still to be seen on ivy in the Blackrock area of Dublin. 
Holly Blue(3), Seapoint Avenue, Monkstown [report from Mrs. Finn], 2/10; 
Small Tortoiseshell(70+), several Painted Ladies & Red Admirals, Clouded Yellow(2), Cahore, Wexford, 22/9 [report from H. Cloney], 22/9; 

Niall & Noel Keogh
: Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), *Clouded Yellow(1), Lady's Island, Wexford, 2/10 [*Note: recorders had a close look at this insect and report it as a most probable Pale Clouded Yellow]

Bob Aldwell
: Holly Blue(1+) (3rd generation) at Brighton Vale, Monkstown, Dublin, 25/9

Niall Keogh & Brian Porter
: Small Copper(1), Fodry, Loop Head, Clare, 22/9; 

Niall Keogh, Brian Porter, John & Stan Nugent: Painted Lady(1), Kilbaha, Loop Head, Clare, 23/9

Niall & Noel Keogh: Red Admirals(50+), Large White(1), Speckled Wood (a few), Hook Head, Wexford, 25/9

Kieran Fahy: Comma ('non-hutchinsoni') seen at Churchtown Graveyard, (near Carne), South Wexford, 19/9/2005 [One other sighting nr Ballycastle, Co Antrim in April]

Deirdre Hardiman
: Small Tortoiseshell(30+), Red Admiral(4+), Small Copper(1), Meadow Brown(1), Small White(2), Common Blue(1), Bog Meadow, Enniskerry, Wicklow, 18/9

Bob Aldwell & David Nash
: Small White(2+), Red Admiral(3+), Speckled Wood(3), Irishtown, Dublin, 18/9; Large White(1), Small White(1+), Speckled Wood(5+), Red Admiral(5+), Holly Blue(1), The Needles, Howth, Dublin, 18/9; Holly Blue larvae(10+: 3 different forms), Blackrock, Dublin, 18/9

David Nash & Deirdre Hardiman
: Holly Blue(1), Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, 2/9; Common Blue(50+), several Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell. Green-veined White, Small White and Speckled Wood, Gormanstown, Meath, 3/9; Painted Lady(1), Sydney Parade Station, Dublin, 8/9; Red Admiral(1), Sandymount, Dublin, 13/9.

Frank Smyth
: Wall Brown (4), Speckled Wood (20+), Small Copper (3), Common Blue (4), Small Tortoiseshell (4), Large White (8), Small White (2), Red Admiral (1), Holly Blue (2). [One of the SC was laying and 2 of the CBs were mating. Quite a few HB eggs but didn't see any larvae]. The Baily, Howth, Dublin, 5/9; 
Speckled Wood (28), Large White (1), Small Tortoiseshell (1), Red Admiral (6), Wall Brown (3), Holly Blue (4), Common Blue (1), Small Copper (1 Larva), The Baily, Howth, Dublin, 13/9

Angus Tyner
: Clouded Yelow, Peacock, several each of Small Tortoiseshell & Red Admiral, Ashford, Wicklow, 12/9

Ian Rippey
During 4th-11th September 2005 I saw 19 butterfly species in the Republic of
Ireland, only 1 less than during a 2 week period from 1st to 14th August.


Angus Tyner: Clouded Yellow(1), Ashford, Co.Wicklow, 6/9;

Bob Aldwell:  Painted Lady, Blackrock, Dublin; Painted Lady, nr Rosbeg, Donegal 
[M. Simms], 1/9.
Second brood Holly Blue still on the wing in Dublin - also many larvae and some pupa 1/9.

Tom Cooney: Small Copper(1) Timahoe, Co. Laois, 30/8

Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: Brimstone(1), Large White(1), Green-veined White(2), Small Copper(2), Common Blue(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Brown Hairstreak(2), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Peacock(3), Meadow Brown(2), Speckled Wood(10), Brigit's Garden, Roscahill, W. Galway, 29/8

Fred Walsh:  >3 Brown Hairstreaks on the road to Cooloorta, Co. Clare, 27/8

Bob Aldwell has reported Painted Lady larvae from several 10 km sites in the Glencolumcille (G58, G48, G47) and Dungloe(B70) area of  Donegal and  from near Buncrana(C31)  and north of Malin at Lagg(C45).  He has also found a new 10 km square for Grayling near Glencolumcille and for Silver-washed Fritillary nr Crolly(B82). Marsh Fritillary larvae have been seen at Sheskinmore, Donegal [Maurice Simms] - Report 26/8.

Ian Rippey: Purple Hairstreak(1), Abbeyleix Estate, Laois. New (vice-)county record. 11/8.

Niall Keogh:Red Admiral (1 on 8/8), Dark Green Fritillary (1 on 16/8), Small Copper
(1 of the form caeruleopunctata on 16/8), Peacock, Speckled Wood, Holly
Blue, Green-veined White, Large White, Meadow Brown and Small Tortoiseshell
all numerous, Jigginstown, Naas, Kildare

Pat Brennan
: Purple Hairstreak(3+), Holly Blue(2), Silver Washed Fritillary(c.5), Grove Wood, Fethard, Tipperary, 7/8

Tony Murray
: Clouded Yellow(1), Rosslare, 8/8; (3), Ballyteigue Burrow, 10/8; (1), Tacumshin, Wexford, 10/8.
Dark Green Fritillary(2+), Wall Brown(3+), Peacock(1), Red Admiral(1), Common Blue, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Small Copper, Small Heath, Ballyteigue Burrow, Wexford, 10/8

Freddie Walsh: Clouded Yellows(7, 1f), Meadow Brown(100+), Dark Green Fritillary(20), 5 Small Copper(5), Wall Brown(4), Common Blue(20), Small Heath(5), various Whites, nr Kilmore Quay(?Ballyteigue), Wexford, 7/8

Adrian Phelan: Silver-washed Fritillary(4), Meadow Brown(5), Peacock(8), Small Tortoiseshell(2), Brown Hairstreak(1), Brimstone(20), Speckled Wood(3), Green-veined White(3), Dromore Woods, Clare, 8/8

BCNI Burren Field Meeting: Sat 6th & Sun 7th August led by Ian Rippey 

Day 1: was attended by a total of five members. Despite persistent rain, with only brief respite and the absence of sun, eight species were recorded:

Day 2: Seven people attended. 20 Species were found on this date.


Deirdre Hardiman: Wall Brown(4), Common Blue(8), Meadow Brown(>10), Irishtown, Co. Dublin

Gerry Sharkey: In the past week has seen single Holly Blues in Dublin: at the Drumcondra end of Botanic Road; In his Finglas front garden; In Tesco car park, Finglas.

Ian Rippey:  
Brown Hairstreak
, nr Gort, Galway, and several sites in the Burren, 2/8/2005;  
Purple Hairstreak
, St. John's Wood, Roscommon and Derrycrag Wood, Roscommon, 1/8/2005;  Garryland Wood nr Gort, Galway, 3/8; Derrycrag Wood nr Woodford, SE Galway, 5/8; 
Holly Blue, Coolbawn Hill, nr Castledermot, Kildare, 4/8; Wood White, Ballyeighter Wood, Clare, 2/8.

Angus Tyner: Peacock, Ashford, Wicklow, 25/7, 
Holly Blue (several),  Small Tortoiseshell(1), Small Copper(1 fresh)), Green-veined Whites, Speckled Wood(1), Ashford, Wicklow, 27/7

Frank Smyth: Large White(20+), Small White(8), Meadow Brown(20+), Ringlet(7),  Green-veined White(10+), Holly Blue(8), Common Blue(1), Red Admiral(1), Painted Lady(1), Grayling(12), Speckled Wood(2), Small Tortoiseshell(9), Red Rock, Howth, Dublin, 27/7

Jesmond Harding: Marsh Fritillary larvae(several webs), Lullymore, Kildare, c. 23/7

David Cooke: Gatekeeper(many), Peacock(2), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(1), Green-veined White, Large White, Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Specled Wood(several), Dunderrow Wood near Kinsale, Cork, 22/7

David Nash: Silver-washed Fritillary(7+), Monaincha, Roscrea, Tipperary, 16/7;
Silver-washed Fritillary(1), 5-Alley, Tipperary, 16/7; 
Silver-washed Fritillary(4), Kyleomadaun-west, Borrisokane, Tipperary, 17/7;
Holly Blue, numerous sightings from Dublin from 14/7-23/7.

Deirdre Hardiman: 
Silver-washed Fritillary(18+), Green-veined White(10+), Large White(1) & numerous Meadow Brown and Ringlet, South Mooghaun Wood, Clare, 14/7; 
Silver-washed Fritillary (7), Green-veined White, many Meadow Brown and Ringlet, Deerpark Nth. Clare, 15/7; 
Small Tortoiseshell(8), Small Copper(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(1), many Meadow Brown and Green-veind White, most were seen at clearing in wood near ruins of Callaun Hse. and lakeside, Cloonaherna, Clare, 15/7;
Silver-washed Fritillary(>30), Small White(2), Green-veined White(>5), many Meadow Brown and Ringlet, Mooghaun Ringfort, Clare, 16/7. Silver-washed Fritillary(5) and Large White(1) seen at roadside hedgerow en-route to Fort;
Silver-washed Fritillary(14), Red Admiral(1), Small White(4), Green-veined White(6), numerous Meadow Brown & Ringlet in adjacent Mooghaun Wood, Clare, 16/7.
Small Tortoiseshell(2), Meadow Brown and Green-veined White, Quin Abbey, Clare, 16/7;
Red Admiral(1) and Speckled Wood(4), Deerpark, South Dublin, 21/7

Ian Rippey: Dark Green Fritillaries (4-5,1+f), Meadow Browns(30), Small Heaths(~12), Small Tortoiseshell, Ringlets, sand dunes at Baltray, Louth, 16/7; Small Whites(~4), Meadow Browns, Ringlets(2+), Common Blue (1f), Small Heath(1), Termonfeckin, Louth, 16/7 

Adrian Phelan: Ringlet(20+), Meadow Brown(10+), Large White( 3), Holly Blue(1), Silver-washed Fritillary(4), Phoenix Park, Dublin, 15/7

David Nash: Large Heath(3+), Raheenmore Bog, Offaly, 13/7

Deirdre Hardiman: Silver-washed Fritillary(31), Green-veined White(15+), Speckled Wood(many), Meadow Brown(4), Ringlet(many), Cratloe Wood, Co. Clare, 13/7; Common Blue(4), Small Heath(10+), Grayling(6+), Green-veined White(3) & numerous Meadow Brown and Ringlet, Ballyeighter, Clare, 11/7

Maurice Simms: Dark Green Fritillary(150), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 11/7

Geoff Hunt: Painted Lady, Skelligs Rock, Kerry, 9/7. [Geoff claims this as the furthest west record -V248604-  from Ireland!]

Red Admiral: Scattered reports during the past week across the country, and larvae(Bob Aldwell) in Dublin from influx at end of June.

Angus Tyner
: Red Admiral(2), Small Tortoiseshell(5), Large White(5), Green-veined White(4), Small White(1), Ringlet(c.130), Meadow Brown(c.30), Common Blue(10) - farm walk at Ashford, Wicklow, 9/7; Silver-washed Fritillary(5), Nun's Cross, Ashford, Wicklow, 12/7

Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: Large White(5), Common Blue(1), Painted Lady(1), Red Admiral(1), Small Tortoiseshell(6+), Dark Green Fritillary(2), Grayling(10+), Meadow Brown(20+), Ringlet(1), Small Heath(10+), Inisheer, Aran Islands, Galway, 10/7; Silver-washed Fritillary(2), Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Speckled Wood(many), Garryland, Gort, Galway, 11/7

David Cooke:
Gatekeepers(many), Silver-washed Fritillary(many), Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Garretstown Wood, Cork, 10/7/2005; Red Admiral(1), Inishannon, Cork, 10/7

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(several 2nd brood), Blackrock, Dublin, 10/6


Bob Aldwell and David Nash: 
Summary of Visit to Donegal, June 30-July 5, 2005
The primary objective was to examine why the Large Heath has not so far been recorded in the bogs of Inishowen and other areas in North Donegal despite checking these bogs by a number of recorders, including members of the Inishowen Wildlife Club. 

We spent three days in Inishowen and saw most of the bogs. No Large Heaths were seen despite this being their usual flight period in Donegal. Examination of the bogs showed that they were under heavy human impact; mechanical turf cutting, sheep grazing, conifer afforestation and obvious burning of the bog vegetation have combined to leave all the bogs seen as rather dry and with a dominant covering of Deer Grass. In fact it can be said that these north Donegal bogs are of relatively limited areal extent in relation to the density of human population and consequent land use pressures.

In order to compare the Inishowen bogs with those in central Donegal, where the Large Heath is widespread, on the day of July 4 we visited the known Large Heath sites at Lough Barra and the many bogs in the Dungloe district. These bogs appeared wetter and with a much more varied vegetation than those in Inishowen. Around Dungloe moreover the bogs are extensive in area and while there is turf cutting the percentage of bog impacted is much lower than in Inishowen and sheep and conifers are absent. 

Just one worn Large Heath was seen at Lough Barra and a fresh specimen was found east of Errigal at B98 22, which is a new 10km sq record and brings the number of Donegal 10km sqs on which the LH has been recorded since 1998 to 29. The small number seen may reflect the late date for this district as the mid–Donegal LHs had been recorded as flying since about mid-June.

Two suitable areas for Marsh Fritillaries were seen nr Malin Head (C35) and a further potential site nr Buncrana (C33). The Marsh Fritillary has not been recorded on Inishowen in the last twenty years.

Overall we saw:

Deirdre Hardiman: Red Admiral(1), Kilmacannogue, Wicklow, 4/7

David Cooke: Silver-washed Fritillary(1), Skanagore Wood near Inishannon, Co.Cork, 30/6/2005

Ken Bond:
Wood White(3), Common Blue(5), Small Heath(3), Meadow Brown(6), Ringlet(3), Glashaboy South, nr Whitechurch, Cork [W68] (most of these in herb-rich wide plantation rides), 27/6

Marsh Fritillary(15, incl. mating pair), Small Heath (19), Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Speckled Wood, Knockboy, Cork (W69, site where MB larval webs were found in March).

Marsh Fritillary(2), Large Heath(5), also MB, R (& Wood Tiger Moth), Cloghanegleragh [Q92], North Kerry, 28/6 (LH was last seen here in 1990, on the extensive blanket)

Red Admiral(1) and Small Tortoiseshell (freshly emerged), Glenballyma (shale quarry), on Tralee-Listowel road, N. Kerry, 28/6

Michael Salter: Dingy Skipper(3), remains of Esker, Monivea, Galway; Large Heath, bog nr. Monivea, 28/6

Eamonn McGlinchey:  Marsh Fritillary(c.12 over two sites); Small Blue(6 over three sites), many Common Blues & Small Heaths, Cruit Island, Donegal, 28/6;
Grayling(1), Common Blue(20), Large White(1), Small Blue(12+), Small Heath(20+), Mullaghduff, The Rosses, Donegal, 28/6/2005

Adrian Phelan: Many Large Heath and Ringlets, Girley Bog, Co Meath, 26/6

Eimer Magee Red Admiral(1), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 26/6

Freddie Walshe: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(1), Burren, Clare, 26/6

Maurice Simms: Dark Green Fritillary, Sheskinmore, Donegal, 25/6(1), 26/6(5)

Terry Tedstone: Dark Green Fritiallary(2+), Lagg nr Malin, Donegal, 26/6

Deirdre Hardiman: Peacock(1 fresh), Common Blue, Wood White, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Hugginstown Fen, Kilkenny, 27/6

Ken Bond

Paul Walsh: Clouded Yellow(1), Glengarriff Wood, Cork, 26/6/2005; Red Admiral(3), Brownstown Head, Waterford, 19/6

DNFC: Common Blue(50+), Small Heath(50+), Meadow Brown(50+)  North Bull Island, Dublin, 26/6.
[Moths: 6-Spot Burnet, Cinnabar, Satin White(2) & larvae commencing pupation, prob. Yellow-tail larvae (the latter two species on willow), Humming Bird Hawk-moth(1), North Bull Island, Dublin, 26/6].

Angus Tyner: Small Tortoiseshell (4 fresh), Large White(2), Small White(c.6), Red Admiral(1), Meadow Brown(10+), Ringlet(10+), Common Blue(3), Speckled Wood(20+), [Humming Bird Hawk-moth 1], Ashford, Wicklow, 26/6

David Cooke: Green Hairstreaks(30+), Dark Green Fritillary(1), Common Blues, Red Admirals, Meadow Browns, Dursey Island, Cork, 25/6

Ian Rippey reported on 22nd June that he had seen 17 species of butterflies while travelling around Ireland (cf. 25 species at the same time last year):


Maurice Simms: Marsh Fritllary(7), Sheskinmore(G69), Donegal, 19/6, - first report from this site for c.5 years.

John Cromie: Large Heath(10+), Lough Mourne(H09), Donegal, 23/6

Helen Cloney:  Red Admiral, Caim, Wexford, 19/6(1), 21/6(3).

Frank Smyth & Family:Painted Lady, Blanchardstown Roundabout, 17/6; Painted Lady, Howth golf course,18/6; Red Admiral(3), Common Blue, Dart Station, Howth, 18/6; Red Admiral(3), Speckled Wood(7), Small White(2), Cliff walk (Needles) Howth, 19/6; Red Admiral(2), Small White(2), Common Blue(2), Claremount Strand, Sutton,  Dublin 20/6

David Nash: Red Admiral(2-3), Balbriggan, Dublin, 20/6

Geoff Hunt: Large Heath and Green Hairstreak, Toohana (Q93) and Dysert(Q83)  marshes nr Ballyduff, Kerry, 19/6

Brian Hodkinson & Geoff Hunt et al: Large Heath, Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell (fresh), Castleconnell Bog, Tipperary, 19/6

Brian Hodkinson: Large Heath(c.8), Coolderry Bog, Tipperary, 19/6

Angus Tyner: Ringlet(2), Small White, Wood White, Ashford, Wicklow, 19/6/2005; Meadow Brown, Peacock, Orange Tip(m+f), Large White, Small White, Ashford, 17/6; Common blue(c.10), Small Heath(c.10), Clonmannon, Wicklow, c.19/6

David Nash: Large Heath(2), nr Mountrath, Laois, 18/6; Large Heath(20+), Wood White (c.6), Meadow Brown, Large White, Small White, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Girley Bog, nr. Athboy, Meath, 19/6

Brian Nelson & Maurice Hughes: Green Hairstreak, Lough Nalawney,Galway, 19/6; Large White, Roundstone, Galway, 18/6;  Marsh Fritillary(4), Common Blue(1f); Speckled Wood(6), Green-veined White(1); Wood White(prob.'reali'), Knocklahard, Mayo, 18/6

Niall Keogh: Red Admiral, Kilcoole,18/6; Red Admiral, Glenamlure, Wicklow, 19/6

Bob Aldwell: Wood White(6), Speckled Wood(1), Dalkey, 18/6; Speckled Wood (1 laying), Common Blue, Irishtown, 18/6; Small Tortoiseshell(fresh), Blackrock, Dublin, 18/6

Deirdre Hardiman: Small White(2), Large White(3), Speckled Wood(8), Common Blue(5), well worn Small Copper(1), Corballis/Tallagh, Co.Dublin, 16/6; Orange Tip(10), Green-veined White(6), SCGDA, Ballinascorney, Co.Dublin, 16/6

Ken Bond

Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth: Green-veined White(2), Orange Tip, Wood White(2), Pettigo, 11/6; Marsh Fritillary(3), Small Heath(6), Speckled Wood(2), Green Hairstreak, Derrydrouel nr Dungloe, 11/6; Small Heath(8), Orange Tip(6), Green-veined White(3), Irivinestown Lough, Donegal (with E McGlinchey),12/6.

Adrian Phelan: Dingy Skippers, Small Heaths, Small Copper, Common Blues, Speckled Woods, Lullymore, Kildare, c.11/6

Brian Nelson:

Deirdre Hardiman & David Nash: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(4+), Wood White(many), Dingy Skipper, Common Blue, Small Heath, Speckled Wood, Peacock[v. worn], Clooncoose, Burren, Clare, 11/6/2005
Large Heath(10+), Common Blue, Speckled Wood, Small Copper, Wood White, Clooniff, Moycullen, Galway,11/6; 
Dingy Skipper (1) & Common Blue (2), nr Laghtyshaughnessey, Galway, 12/6

Ken Bond: Small Blue, Cong, Mayo; Marsh Fritillary, Lough Carra, Mayo,11/6

Brian Hodkinson: Large Heath(3), Wood White(many), Annaholty Bog, Tipperary, 6/6/2006

David Nash: Meadow Brown(c.5), Gormanston, Meath, 10/6/2005

David Nash: Small Blue(8+), Small Heath(3+), Common Blue, Small white, Large White, Rush, Dublin, 8/6

Michael Salter: Pearl-bordered Fritillary(2), Dingy Skipper(many), Clooncoose, Clare, 6/6/2005.


Deirdre Hardiman: Marsh Fritillary(30+), Dingy Skipper(15+), Small Heath(8+), Green-veined White(1), Wood White(6), Brimstone(1), Wall(1), Lullymore, Kildare, 6/6/2005

David Nash: Painted Lady(1), Tyrrellspass, Westmeath, 3/6; Red Admiral, Donnybrook, Dublin, 5/6; Wood White(1), Gormanston, Meath, 6/6

Ken Bond: A few obs. from 31st May,  Knockbrack, N. Cork (but v.c. E. Cork) - GVW several, OT 2 males + ova on C. pratensis, Peacock (2); SpW (2); Small Copper; MF (2 larvae). I'm even more surprised to see these MF larvae at this late date... OT eggs - some had changed colour and looked about to hatch, but no larvae.  Peacock likewise seems very late for hibernated adults, 31/5.

Niall Keogh: Painted Lady, Kilcoole(1) & Killoughter(1), Wicklow, 29/5 
[First report since 30th March]

David Nash:Wood White(1), Dalkey Quarry (with B. Aldwell); Wood White(6+), Clonsilla, Dublin, 29/5

Robert Northridge: Small Blue(15+), Peacock(1 v.worn), St. John's Point, Donegal, c.29/5

Frank Smyth: Red Admiral(1), Holly Blue(3), Wall Brown(1), Speckled Wood(5), Orang Tip(1), Small White(3), Large White(1), Common Blue(1), Howth Head, Dublin, 25/5

David Nash: Common Blue (150+), Gormanston, Meath, 26/5

Colm Ronayne: Small Blue(3) and Common Blue(many), Ballast Pit, Skerries, Dublin, 26/5

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritllary larvae(c.10), Kilbrack (Knuttery), N. Cork, 24/5 
[One was certainly feeding, most of the others were obviously not.]

Terry Tedstone: Green Hairstreak(50+), The Illies, Inishowen, Donegal, 21/5  
[Inishowen Wildlife Club]

Robert Northridge: Dingy Skipper, Morerah, Leitrim, 21/5

Frank Smyth: Dingy Skipper, Dromore, Donegal, 21/5

Frank Smyth: Small Blue(2+), Port, Inver; Small Copper(17), Inver Dunes; Holly Blue(2), Ardnamona; Wood White(1), Dromore, Donegal, 16/5. 


Geoff Hunt: Small Blue(15), Common Blue(4), Dingy Skipper(30), Wall Brown(4), Peacock(4), Brimstone(1), Wood White(6), Green-veined White(3), Aughinish, Limerick, 15/5

Frank Smyth: Dingy Skipper(9), Rockhill, Ballintra; Small Blue(6), Wall Brown(2), St John's Point, Donegal, 15/5

Ralph & Liz Sheppard: Dingy Skipper, Burren, Clare (Glen of Clab & Cathair Chomain), 14/5 & 15/5

Maurice Simms:Green Hairstreak, Glendowan(C01), along Lough Barra-Doocchary road, 16/5; Green Hairstreak, Holly Blue, Adderwal Glen(B80), 10/5 & 14/5; Small Blue(1), Dingy Skipper(1), Small Copper(3), Sheskinmore, Donegal, 14/5/2005.

Ken Bond: Dingy Skipper(1), on bare peat, Peatland’s Park (N22), Offaly, 14/5/2005;
Marsh Fritillary larvae(2), Ballydoogan Bog, SE Galway, 11/5

Michael Quirke: Wood White(plenitful), Dingy Skipper(a few), Annacotty, Limerick, 14/5/2005

Tina Aughney: Wood White(3) and lots of Brimestone, Orange Tip, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood, Portumna Forest Park, Galway, 14/5

David Cooke: Common Blue, Wall Brown, Dursey Island, Cork, 14/5 

Brian Hodkinson Wood White, Annaholty, Birdhill, Tipperary, 14/5 

Bob Aldwell: Small Tortoiseshell larvae in two groups on different clumps of nettles, Blackrock, Dublin, 12/5

Ken Bond: Green Hairstreak on E. slopes of Mt Brandon, Kerry, 10/5, 10 May; Wall Brown(2), Creggaun, NE Galway, 11/5. *Orange Tip from G60 and N47, 12/5 
[*new 10 km records for OT.]

Eamonn McGlinchey: *Wood White, Large White(2), Small White(1), Orange Tips, Green-veined Whites, Peacocks, Speckled Wood, Glencar, Letterkenny, 13/5
[*New 10 km record for C11]

Angus Tyner: Holly Blue(3), Peacock(~6), Small Tortoiseshell(3), Speckled Wood(3), Orange Tip(15 + many ova), Green-veined White(15+), Blackditch, Newcastle, Wicklow, 10/5; also Red Admiral(1), 11/5.


Frank Smyth:Small Copper(1), Holly Blue(10), Speckled Wood(14), Wall(4), Large White(2), Small White(1), Peacock(6), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Orange Tip(3), Cliff Walk, Howth, Dublin, 10/5 

Alex Copland: Green Hairstreak, Ashton's Callows, 25/4; Common Blue, Ashton's Callows, North Tipperary, 7/5/2005.

Niall Keogh: Painted Lady(1), Large White(1), Speckled Wood(1), Green Veined Whites,Tortoiseshells, east end of Tacumshin Lake, Wexford, 7/5

David Cooke: Wall Browns, Dursey island(2) 30/4; Doolieve Wood(1) nr Carrigaline, Cork, 4/5

David Nash: Holly Blue and Wall Brown(2/3), Irishtown, Dublin, 4/5

Ken Bond 

Niall Mac Coitir: Orange Tip and Holly Blue and Swords, Dublin, 4/5.[The latter appear to be flying around Holly Oak (Quercus ilex)].

Sean O Gaoithin: Holly Blue, Glenveagh Park, Donegal, 27/4

Angus Tyner: 7 species - Orange Tip(11 & many eggs), Greenveined White(2), Large White(1), Holly Blue(2), Peacock(2), Speckled Wood(4), John F Kennedy Arboretum, New Ross, Wexford, 29/4/2005
[New 10 km record for Holly Blue]

Tina Aughney:Green Hairstreak, Killyconny Bog, Cavan, 27/4

[Comma reported from Ballycastle, Antrim (via Trevor Boyd), 25/4]

Frank Smyth: Wall Brown(2), Needles, Howth, Dublin, 25/4/2005

Ken Bond: Holly Blue, Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell, Orange Tip, Peacok, Speckled Wood, Collin's Bog, Abbeyleix, Laois, 25/4

Ralph Sheppard: Holly Blue(20), Ard na Mona, L Eske, Donegal, 22/4

Frank Smyth: Green Hairstreak, nr Ballyshannon, Donegal, 22/4/2005


Ken Bond: Orange-tip, Lyre, nr Banteer, Cork, 20/4(per Pat Whelan);Holly Blue(3), Small Tortoiseshell(4), Speckled Wood, Sunday's Well, Cork City, 21/4

Frank Smyth:Holly Blue(7), Knader Wood, East of Ballyshannon, Donegal, 21/4

Pat Whelan: Painted Lady, Glengarriff Wood, W.Cork, 4/4

Frank Smyth:Orange Tips widespread in south Donegal: Green-veined White(7) and Orange Tip(4) Murvagh; Speckled Wood & Peacock(3), Knader, Ballyshannon; Marsh Fritillary larvae(40+ c.2.5 cm), scattered at St John's Point, 19/4.

Cape Clear Bird Observatory, Cork (Steve Wing):  
Painted Lady
(1), 30/3/2005
Peacock(2) 25/3, P(8) 30/3, P(10) 10/4; 
Green-veined White, 12/4; 

Speckled Wood(1), 25/3/2005, SpW(1) 27/3, SpW(4) 10/4, SpW(1) 18/4; 
Small Tortoiseshell(2/3), 18/4

Maurice Simms: Speckled Wood, Eden, L. Kiltoorish, Rosbeg, Donegal, 1/4 

Ralph Sheppard: Orange Tip, Co. Donegal, c.8/4

Ken Bond:Orange Tip, Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell(2), Peacock (3), Marsh Fritillary larvae (most solitary, final instar),Craggard, nr Barefield, Clare, 16/4; Speckled Wood, Lurga, nr Tubber, Galway, 16/4

Oran O'Sullivan: Orange Tip, Blackditch Wood, Newcastle, Wicklow, 15/4

Frank Smyth:Speckled Wood, Ceanncoir Rd,  Howth, Dublin, 11/4

Ken Bond:Small White, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell, Sunday's Well, Cork, 13/4

David Cooke: Speckled Wood, Garretstown wood, Cork, 12/4

Angus Tyner: Green-veined White(2), Speckled Wood(3), Holly Blue(3-5), Peacock(20+), Small Tortoiseshell(3), nr Ashford, Wicklow, 10/4/2005

Robert Northridge: Brimstone(1), nr Aglish,Tipperary; 
Brimstone(2), E of Banagher, Offaly, 2/4

Michael Quirke: Orange-tip(1), Murroe, Limerick, 2/4/2005

David Nash:Holly Blue(2), University College, Dublin, 3/4

Shane Lombard:Holly Blue(2), Palmerstown, Dublin, 3/4

Angus Tyner: Small White(1/2), Cronykeery, Ashford, Wicklow, 2/4/2005


Deirdre Hardiman: Holly Blue(1), Brimstone(15+), Small tortoiseshell(1), Peacock(2) & Speckled Wood(3+), Burren, Clare, 2/4

Bob Aldwell: Holly Blue(1), Merrion Road, Dublin, 2/4

David Cooke:Holly Blue(3), garden, Douglas, Cork, 2/4 

Frank Smyth: Holly Blue(4), garden in Sutton(2) & at Cliff Walk(2), The Needles, Howth, Dublin - all males, 2/4/2005.

[First 2004 Holly Blue record on 1/4]

Niall Keogh: Red Admiral(1), Lingstown,Tacumshin Lake, Wexford, 28/3. 

David Cooke: Red admiral(1), Dursey island, Cork, 27/3/2005
Small Tortoiseshell, 28/3

[First migrant of season. The first 2004 Red Admiral record was from
 Cape Clear Bird Observatory, Cork on 11/4 ]

Small Tortoiseshell & Peacock: numerous reports

George McDermott: Peacock(1), 23/5; Small Tortoiseshell(1), 26/3; both from Buncrana, Donegal.

Geoff Hunt: Brimstone(2), Adare, Limerick, 19/3/2005

[first 2004 Brimstone record was on 17/3]

Frank Smyth: Reports a "general emergence" of Peacock & Small Tortoiseshell
in the Sutton/Howth, Dublin, 18/3. Spring has sprung!

Angus Tyner: Peacock(2),16/3; Small Tortoiseshell(2), Peacock(1),17/3
Small Tortoiseshell(5), Peacock(1), 18/3. All nr Ashford, Wicklow. 

Ken Bond: Marsh Fritillary larvae/webs, Nagle Mountains Cork, 17/3
- in Molinia grassland.

[First recent record for this area.]


Joan Smyth: Peacock, Howth Golf Club, Dublin, 16/3.

Chris Wilson: Small Tortoiseshell(2), North Slob, Wexford, 10/3;
Peacock, Raven Wood, Curracloe, Wexford, 12/3.

John Tyner: Small Tortoiseshell, nr Ashford, Wicklow, 13/3.

Noel Keogh: Peacock(1) River Dodder, Lansdowne, Dublin, 10/3.

[The first Peacock reports of 2004 were by Wateford Wildlife, on 16/1, Comeragh Mountains, Waterford; 
Frank Smyth, on 3/3, St John's Point, Donegal.]

David Nash: Small Tortoiseshell, Tullamore, Offaly, 16/2.

Ken Bond: Small Tortoiseshell, nr Carrigaline, Cork, 5/2.

Bob Aldwell: Small Tortoiseshell (2), Blackrock, Dublin, 4/2/2005.

End of Butterfly Records 2005

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